About Men’s Work Bagsand Luggage Choices Of Today

In today’s world, it has become necessary for men to use larger briefcases or work bags to the office. It is also more common now to see progressively fashionable men use shoulder bags which are coined with a more masculine name: the messenger bags. You can find manly different types of carriers for men on http://www.esquire.com/style/best-mens-bags-for-work-and-travel-0212#slide-1.

Today’s men’s fashion accessories have become more attractive and appropriate for the male human species to fit his contemporary image and wardrobe. There are actually 6 main types of bags that men commonly use today. There is the classic briefcase in leather which nowadays usually comes in a softer and lighter frame.

The old classic bags that messengers used to carry are now standard fashionable accessories that young and hip men use. They look best with slick street clothes in urban cities or school campuses. This type of bag was often casual in appearance but has now evolved into something more sophisticated-looking. The holdall bag was designed with the classic duffel bag in mind. This is a great choice for men to take on overnight business trips.

Another good bag to take with you on trips is the camera bag although it does not always have to hold a camera. It is a smaller version of the messenger bag meant to hold important items you can’t do without when you travel such as your passport, a slim digicam,mobile phone, a mini-tablet, and small personal belongings.

Totes are not just for girls these days. A man’s tote bag will look more masculine of course but will have the same features and functions as women’s tote bags. Last but not the least is the men’s newsboy bag which is ideally used by students or travellers who need more storage space. It is casual yet chic and looks a lot like a bulky messenger bag.

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