Back to being Flirty and Girly

It has been a long time since I have splurged myself in shopping for tops and skirts. Finally when I have decided that I am bored of all that is my collection, I visited styledrops yet again to find an amazing range of tops from Gucci and Prada.

A white top from Gucci, done almost in lace and sporting a buckled belt at the waist was what I could not keep my eyes away from! A smoky white tee shirt from Gucci was also luring. I tend to fall for the casual yet classy appeal in the Gucci and Prada clothing. This time was no different. I fell for a black pencil skirt from Prada white trying to team up the Gucci top!!

I am in a total mood to pamper and spoil myself in to more of clothing- especially girly wears! So Prada’s white skirts, with frills and pockets, sporting a low waist look, are quite tempting as well. White has that essence of sexiness along with the well etched ethos of the society.

Gucci has an awesome red skirt with black work done on it. The best part of course is that I can wear these both at work and at casual outings! I really cannot wait to wear my white skirts out and check the applauding eyes!

Are you ready to shop yet? Then by all means check the Gucci and Prada ranges at the store without delay!

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