Barney’s NY with Lady Gaga

The famous singer and performer Lady Gaga  has recently teamed up with Barneys New York for a NY celebrating event.

Barneys New York is a luxury  store renowned for having the most exclusive edit from the world’s top designers, including women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, jewellery, make-up, fragrances, and home decor. To honor the opening of the new flagship Barneys New York in Chelsea, located in the original location of the first ever Barneys, the extravagant singer has been photographed by Bruce Weber for SS2016 campaign. Lady Gaga is seen in her not-so-signature avatar, as she is sporting a minimalist look dressed in denim with shaggy platinum blonde bob and little makeup.

Ideal Blend Of Sophisticated And Stylish Handbags To Rule 2013

The desire of the females to get nothing but the best and adorn the chic look will keep the fashionable trend alive in the coming year. And, this applies to dress, accessories and other essentialities. When it comes to accessories, handbags are the most sought after ones. Apart from being a style statement, these bags house all your essential things.

In the coming year, strapped handbags seem to overtake any other style. But this never means you won’t find zipper ones. The styles, patterns, trends, embellishments etc. will see a pleasurable change in these handbags.

To get nothing but the best, buy only the branded ones like Fendi Resort 2013. These focus on quality and make it a point to provide a masterpiece to their customers.

Red, cream, blue, green, black, grey and every other color is available in the designer handbags’ vast range. You would find an unexpected thing and that is the soothing and beautiful blend of colors. These handbags will also be available in a combination of two or three colors.

The leather bags are your perfect partner whether you are going to your office or a party. Sleek designs, choicest materials, enough space to store your essentialities, different patterns are all the key highlights of the designer collections like Fendi Resort 2013.

When you are going for a party, a sleek leather clutch will be a perfect choice. But when you are heading towards your workplace, carry a sophisticated sequins bag. It would pair perfectly with your business formals and will also make you look fashionable.

But when you are buying these handbags, you have to be sure of your budget. These are pricey ones that do justify their high price with their quality and make. It is suggested not to sacrifice quality for the sake of money.

Before buying these priced, fashionable and designer handbags, research about the dealers. Not every bag you end up seeing is a real one. There are chances of it being a fake one. Brush up your knowledge about the brands and buy a genuine, branded and elegant handbag.




Ferragamo Clutches: Style That A Woman Carries Along

There is no doubt to the fact that women simply cherish their clothes and accessories. Not only that, some are so possessive about their belongings that they simply can’t stand another woman wearing or carrying something that gets more attention and compliments from the others.

And some blessed ones would spend any amount of money on luxury brands to stay ahead of the race. The clothing accessories play a dominant role in crafting the complete body appearance. One such important accessory for woman is the clutch.

There are numerous international brands that offer clutches with myriad designs and texture. One can pick from a wide range of sizes depending upon personal taste and preference. The basic idea behind clutches is to feel free when going outdoors, especially for an evening party or a romantic dinner with hubby or boyfriend.

No lady would like to be disturbed by the nuisance of carrying heavy and big bags when out for fun and entertainment. And they are supposed to compliment the evening dress and get almost the same number of compliments as the former. One of the most renowned brands offering this accessory is the Salvatore Ferragamo. The Ferragamo evening clutches are amongst the most luxurious clutches across the globe.

However, there is a small concern that needs to be taken care of as far as the clutches are concerned. They are not that spacious and you can’t stuff it with cosmetics and other items as you can do with your general big sized bags.

They are supposed to carry the very essential items like money, credit/debit card, mobile phone, lipstick, eye-lasher, etc. That counts for the basic items required for quick final touches to the make-up right before entering the venue. You can’t stuff with the complete kit of cosmetic products.

Evening clutches make up for the complete style statement for any lady. They can be reasonably priced as well as can have sky rocketing prices, all depending upon the brand name and quality of the material used. The gorgeous ladies out there have to decide for themselves.

I would just recommend the husbands and the boyfriends to be more cautious when their love tells them that she is thinking of buying a clutch. On the other hand, they make up for a nice present for the girl of your dreams.




Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

If I ask you one of the favorite warm accessories, your answer will definitely be a pair of sunglasses. No matter, the brand makeup you are using, it doesn’t give the shine you are expecting. In this case, it is your sunglasses able to enhance your personality. Don’t you think so?

As the summer starts, your eyes fix on your favorite celebs’ spring eyewear. Generally, stars prefer high end sunglasses and to meet their demands there are multiple brands available. Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are one of many brands quite famous among celebrities. You can have the brand sunglasses if you are ready spend a little more. Though, they are expensive but are durable and stylish. Each pair of sunglasses of the brand is designed carefully and under the guidance of experts. It is because the brand knows how precious your eyes are for you.

You can buy Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses directly from the brand official website or by the local store that gives guarantee of selling branded wears.  Remember, the brand each collection is exclusive and is not produced in bulk. If you don’t know much about the brand and its authenticity, you can be a subject of purchasing fake sunglasses.  To keep yourself away from a victim of purchasing a fake in the price of real, it’s essential to know how to tell the glasses are real.

The first and foremost thing is the logo of the brand.

The second thing is the quality of the product.

The third thing is from where you are purchasing it.

These three things are key points to keep in mind if you want to purchase real sunglasses.




Get A Stylish Eyewear With Mdg Sunglasses

Do not be in notion that sunglasses are for summer only. This is one accessory which can change your entire outlook. Though designer sunglasses come with a heavy price tag it is definitely for forefront fashion people. Nowadays everybody talks about Dolce & Gabbana and Madonna present MDG Sunglasses Collection.
This stylish eye gear came into existence due to the collaboration of world famous pop star Madonna and well known fashion brand D& G (Dolce and Gabanna) owners Darmenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna. It would not be wrong to say that she is not just the face of this popular brand but a co-designer. This ad-campaign was shot by Steven Klein in New York and was released in May 2010.

The owners said in an interview, designing a range of eye wear with a famous pop icon is an experience of lifetime. All oversize and wrapped around style is very feminine and sexy pretty much like their clothes. The campaign shows mysterious and sensuous Madonna featured in noir film along with super model and co-star Tyson Ballou.

To get that cinematic feel, the ad was shot with the help of video camera so the snap shorts look likes the reel of a short film. The layout of the print resembles to that of past movies. The complete ad has voyeuristic images liven the essence of pop star-Madonna. She is shrouded in dark glasses so is never fully revealed and looks like a mystery lady. She will be desired, pursued, admired and spied by her viewers.

She has worked with this Italian brand to bring a pair of 6 sunglasses which are already in market. Each of this stylish eyewear has MDG logo and has been produced and distributed by Luxoticca.

You can buy the frames that range between $248 to $298 that are available at Sunglass Hut Location, Dolce and Gabanna stores, and selected optical stores.




Rayban Sunglasses Are A Treat To Human’s Eyes

To protect your eyes from sunlight is one thing but to prevent them from sunlight with fashion is another. Sunglasses or shades are the most important aspect of an individual’s style statement as well, the moment he/she steps out under the open sky.

That’s where the brands come into place. Your eyes are the god’s best gift to you and hence their care should also be done by the best in business. I would recommend my fellow readers the brand that I have been using for years. It has never disappointed me and shall hold the same respect in your hearts as well. I am talking about Rayban sunglasses.

Following are some of my personal picks from Ray ban’s collection of sunglasses. I hope that it would be liked by my readers as well though they can search out for more designs and styles online or by visiting the nearest Ray ban stores.

1.  Code: RB4162 Polarized – these sunglasses are just impeccable in design and overall appearance. It has a ‘Lens Diameter’ of 59 and ‘Nose Bridge Length’ of 15. They are available in Grey-Green and Black colors. You can get your hands on to these sunglasses for about USD 188. Check out for the discount offers at your nearby stores.

2.  Code: RB4148 Caribbean –These spunky looking shades is my second best pick. This one is very reasonably priced at $146. Lens Diameter is 52 and Nose Bridge Length is 22. Available in Grey-Green/Black colors, they are the mix of traditional and modern designs. The woman in your life will really appreciate you wearing this masterpiece.

3.  Code: RB4118 – Women should be eyeing for these shades. In Brown-Havana color, these are of a spectacular design.They are also humbly priced around $161. You will find them worth the money spent. Lens Diameter is 62 and Nose Bridge Length is 17. Women can flaunt it with style and they would definitely gain some stares from the boys walking across.

4.  Code: RB4152 Vagabond Polarized – They are available in Brown Polarized/Havana color for about $200. Though the price can be negotiated with the seller but they seem to be of that much worth. One of my most favorite pick for sunglasses for women.

These are my 4 favorite amongst the current lot that you can find at your nearest Ray ban showrooms. You can also search online for more lucrative offers. Make sure that you get the complimentary Ray Ban original case to keep your shades safe and scratch-free when not in use. Also check out for the authenticity card when buying.




Ways To Tantalize Your Looks With Black Dress

Black is a timeless and a versatile color. But in 2012 it has come back in a new avatar to capture the wardrobe of pretty ladies. With this you can get sober, elegant and stylish look. This is because black makes you look slim and sophisticated.

Do you know that Punks, Emo kids, Goths and New York intellectuals like to wear everything in black? Even today black remains hot favorite among all and it is true that everybody cannot carry themselves in total black look. But avoid wearing different shades of black that removes all elegance of the hue.

The first version of little black dress or LBD as popularly it is known as was created by Coco Chanel in 1926.  It was remarkable way to get noticed and look elegant. Women looked attractive in this with bright accessories and high stilettos.

It is seamless and essential part of a woman’s closet. It looks good in any formal occasion and is available in various styles like spaghetti strap, long sleeves, cap sleeve, one shoulder and myriad of other styles. You can wear this dress in different types of ways.

There were certain rules for this kind of dress. It should necessarily cover your knees. It should not be decorated with details like embroidery, flounces or frills. The cut on the waist should be accurate. If the dress had sleeves it should be narrow without any designs.

It was obligatory to dress up with thin black stockings. Necessarily it was required to wear closed finger shoes. You could pair these with the help of large ornaments. Ladies usually carried a classical handbag with a chain.

Here are some ways to wear LBD to get a total black look.

Audrey Hepburn was the first lady to rock this dress with a sparkling pearl set in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Most girls are inspired by this classic style and pair it with fabulous set of pearls. This is a perfect look for any occasion including fancy dinner and formal occasion.

Get a casual look by pairing it with a scarf. Wear bright colors of the season like pinks and teals or go for neutral colors like sand or grey color. The outfit goes perfectly with a pair of flats or broken in boots.

If you get conscious if that little black dress might be bit bland for a party then put some sparkle in your little black dress. Accessorize it with shiny vest to make your black dress from plain to fabulous.




Wedding Guests Styles:What They Should Wear This Season?

Today wedding color combination is all about exploring other possible options than sticking to the traditional ones. People plan from months and days for their D-day. Starting from theme, cake, venue, cards to colors for wedding guests, everything has to be in place.

But the moment you need to choose a wedding color you go crazy because there are so many and end up getting confused. This way you will able to choose your wedding dress which will coordinate with the theme and set up. Things can be bit tricky when you need to choose a particular theme for your guests. This season is all about soft colors for wedding guests.

You can choose some popular colors and coordinate other smart mix and create your own individual mixes. The main idea is to avoid over used colors and go for some fresh colors. It is better to limit your total to three so that you can keep your wedding coordinated as well as elegant.

If you have a summer wedding then  you can go for some soft colors like mint green, lemon yellow, light blue, baby pink and others which are ‘in’ this season.

Summer 2012 is all about pastels and has is trending this season, so the idea is to go choose soft colors for wedding guests. Fashion is all about contrast so after a season of block colors and strong hues, it is season where only opposite colors would be explored. Pastel shades like peach pink and lemon yellow are overarching this season. So ice cream colors and pastels go best this season.

There are many that think pastels to be white wash color because they would have often seen pink with a pair of blue jeans. All you need to do is embrace the trend of 50’s by going for soft colors from head to toe even with your nail paint and accessories. As guests you need to keep certain things in mind like whether it’s a formal affair, afternoon wedding or a destination wedding. Going for right colors is a great way to catch up with latest in fashion.




I really love Jimmy Choo Handbags

Known worldwide for its luxury and aesthetic designs,Jimmy Choo creates high quality designer products in different forms for fashionable people.

Jimmy Choo handbags are always the chic items and a major element of fashion trend that all handbag lovers opt for. It was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in London. Being recognized as one of the top brands that put his name to the glories of success, Jimmy Choo was successfully introduced its Fall/winter 2010 Handbags Collection for H&M. The international glamor and covetable Jimmy Choo handbags are already available to your favorite fashion houses all over the world.The collection is really impressive because this will be dressing men and women from head to toe.

“It was really an honour for us”, said the Tamara Mellon, the Founder and President of Jimmy Choo, “the new collection is full of fun, one-off items with an accessible and glamorous identity made with stylish materials, emphasised with colour and embellishment, aiming to cool and young customers.” While Margareta van den Bosch, the creative advisor at H&M said,” I’m very excited toward the cooperation. Personally, I like the vitality and sexy glamour that their accessories bring, even I tend to match with clean-cut, 80s-inspired clothes. It is also our pleasure to offer amazing shoes with equally amazing clothes to customers.”

I really love Jimmy Choo handbags. They always goes forward and never persuades from any tides of fashion. They always remain from their basic style, a bit more conservative and always with quality workmanship and leather.

Join me in experiencing the choo choo fashion line this season.

Array of Gucci Handbags for Spring/Summer 2010

The luxury brand Gucci has released its new handbags for 2010 spring and summer.
I have seen the Gucci Spring-Summer 2010 handbag collection and several strongest lineup of accessories exhibitions with rapt attention. It seems this is Frida Giannini’s best collection since her era began.

With this array of Gucci handbags, clothing and shoes, I am once again a greatest fan of this iconic label. Gucci could recapture it’s once stellar reputation again if the designer, Frida Giannini will never, ever do the dreadful hippie, disco, flowery designs from her previous collections and will focus more from this clean glam style.

Her latest runway show is truly a genius. It was started with all white and slowly progressed into gray and finally turned into black. There is something that I love in Gucci Spring/Summer handbags. The clutch bags were absolutely neat and clean in a single color of the show. The shoulder bags in smaller form feature a bamboo handle with a little details. The handbag collection have also metal chain and standard shoulder straps ensembles.
The large leather totes are in white Guccisima form with details on front and have double whip leather straps.
The clothing collection have simultaneously minimal and ornamented like the way they describe the handbags as well.

The lean, angular clutches embossed with GG signature are beautifully fashioned out of candy-colored crocodile skin which eyed definitely by most women. Gucci has a texture galore by way of exotic skins of crocodile and python. Bamboo handles and horse bit hardware are being added to complete the look.

This season the Gucci handbag collection was perhaps the most wearable, beautiful handbag collection I’ve ever seen in most runway shows.