Prada Shoes : Epitome of Grace and Beauty

After seasons of showcasing her addicted customers with highly themed and conceptualized collections, Miuccia Prada did a great effort to things that she really loves. It’s been a couple of months since we first seen and feasted those lovely Prada creations for the season.

For her Prada Spring 2013 shoe collection, we can pick such weird shoes and unconventional Prada shoes. You will be amazed by those toe sock and thong shoes that was inspired by a whole lotta Japan-meets-sixties look, Why?  Let those pictures speak for itself.

Those shoes are not conventional to fashion forward people. By browsing their collection and from its ad campaign, we can see a futuristic platform with leather toe socks. The collection is very interesting that for sure a lot of women are eager to try those lovely creations.

Brace yourselves because you are about to be overcome by grace and beauty by the Prada Spring 2013 shoe collection after the jump.




Favorite Men’s Clothing Designers

Not only ladies have fashionable clothing inside their wardrobe especially those designs created by renowned designers in the fashion industry but men do have too.

Designing and developing the top looks for men’s clothing, pants, handbags, shoes and accessories, these fashion designers remain at the top of the fashion industry in terms of men’s clothing. From the classic Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, True Religion, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, all of these top men’s clothing designers are dressing a lot of fashionable men around the fashion arena.

Even the fashion world inclined towards women’s clothing, there is still a vast and complete market for men’s clothing anywhere that can be seen during the fashion week celebration.

Upon the list, do you have a favorite men’s clothing designer that you always end up buying it most of the time?

Favorite Men’s Clothing Designers

1. Giorgio Armani

2. Hugo Boss

3. Gucci

4. Prada

5. Dolce & Gabbana

6. Tom Ford

7. True Religion

8. Burberry

9. Ralph Lauren

10. Calvin Klein

Miu Miu Handbags Take You to the Next Level

Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2013 label was created to capture the fashion impulses of the people with their vibrant collections and a pile of accessories. This brand fashion sister of Prada, upon creating this amazing collection of shoes and Miu Miu handbags introduced the collections made from the beautiful leather handbags with precious details and amazing Miu Miu style.

The leather materials used are famous for its flexibility and vigorous aside from being used for a long period without tampering its characteristics. You have a wide array of colors to choose to fit your style and preference.


This year 2013,  Miu Miu Spring/Summer collections unveiled the season associated with several tones as well as styles enclosed into the elegant and fashionable designing of trendy shoes and handbags. Miuccia Prada presented a complete line up of every girl and boy important accessories for their body.

Miu Miu handbags for Spring/Summer 2013 are the newest living proof of perfect detailing as well as blending of pleasing colors for custom made utilization for one of a kind collection. The collection has several types of shapes, colors and patterns flaunting the high end fashion street style habit of fashionistas.
You can also view the Miu Miu Spring 2013 campaign videos that brought to life with a lineup of stars and models featuring  Martha Hunt, Arizona Muse, Tamara Weijenberg, Malgosia Bela, Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima, and Bette Franke. Each model takes their part in capturing the musing, naughty, and partly undertones of Miu Miu’s print ad campaign.

Ways to Find the Perfect Jeans Style for You

jeans-style.jpgJeans play an important role in any man’s wardrobe. This is the very basic piece to start when you are trying to be on style game. Your jeans must be comfortable and flattering all the time and also consider the occasion which you plan to wear your jeans whether for professional, casual or in both settings.

Shop for Jeans Style that Flatters your Figure

Shopping for a pair of jeans that draws attention to your figure is very important. Find for essential elements that cover up your problem areas.

Try these helpful tips:

  • ·        If you possessed an hourglass figure, pick a wide-legged jean     with a mid-rise and flat front.
  • ·        If you have a pear-shaped figure, stay from tapered legs. Choose for a flare or trouser style jeans.
  • ·       If you have a rectangular figure, find a flare or boot cut jeans. The flare adds curve to your silhouette makes you a girly appearance.
  • ·         If you have a larger mid-section or have an apple –shaped figure, look for a pair of moderate rise jeans.
  • ·       If you have a flat posterior, jeans with higher back pockets is recommended.
  • ·       Jeans with closely positioned lower back pockets are suited if you have a larger back end.
  • ·       If you are petite, try a slim-cut jean. Skinny jeans works better with this type of jean.
  • ·       If you are tall and have a lean figure, opt for a narrow straight-legged or might be flare jeans.
  • ·       Dark wash denim is best if you need a plus size jean.
  • ·      Distressed jeans draw attention to your most part of the body that looks bigger.
  • ·       Pick a classic style of jeans that flatters your body shape and avoid the so called “mom jeans.”

How to Pick the Right Accessories to Transform Your Look

Fashion trends are still whirling around the corner. If you don’t keep what is trendy out there, your style might be outdated and for sure you’ll be out of the fashion list. Try to slap those trendy outfits featured on the latest magazines saying “what’s new, what’s hot” chances are you will end up looking fabulous. how-accessories-can-transform-a-black-dress.jpgYou may have that perfect outfit but it won’t be completed without those perfect accessories. Accessories are one of the most important elements to complete your look. It defines your personality on how you dress up. Sometimes you may end up in a party wearing the same dress, thanks to your accessories it may save you from the embarrassment.

Here are some of the basic pros and cons of your accessories that can definitely transform your look:

Do not Stick to Basic Accessories

This is the most common perceptions that many women tend to do. Accessories such as pendants, bracelets, shoes, handbags, belts, earrings and the like are all about trying out to match your whole appearance. Do not stick to your accessories with the very basic colors and styles. New fashion trends are always in the market every minute and if you want to be up to date with your style, read and watch fashion shows in the magazines or in your fashion channel.

Do not focus to the classic black colored shoes. They are sometimes boring and not a lively color to get more attractive. It is recommended to experiment variety of colors with a simple research what color matches your total outfit from your accessories.

Invest from the Best

If your accessories look old or worn out they tend to ruin your outfit and your effort to do it. It is highly advisable to invest from the best where you can find from your exclusive stores and can last long. It is not your tops or skirts that require attention but it is also the worn out accessories you are carrying.

Plan Your Accessories When Shopping

Like when you opt for shopping for your clothes with fashionable ideas in your mind also shop for accessories that really fit your fashion need everyday. Review your wardrobe and check out what accessories exactly do you need to complete your daily outfit. Carefully plan when shopping for your accessories to save time and money as well as you can have the best investment inside your wardrobe.

Also you can find here the best article on how accessories can transform a black dress to fit an occasion, mood and the kind of image you want to project.

Accessories Every Woman Should Have

Accessories really matter in the world of fashion. Just like clothing, there is endless variety of accessories available in the market today to fit their personality and fashion style.

Every woman has a standard what items they want to accessorize to gain their fashion, style and elegance in their closet. Accessories play a very  important role in  women’s grooming  as it turns them gorgeous and feel great all the time as well as it is the source of her attraction point.

Women can surely create a style statement and heighten her elegance with the right selection of accessories. So prepare yourself with this list of very essential accessories that you can wear in every occasion.


Here are the 10 accessories every woman should have:  (excerpt from

1. Pumps. Whether they have pointy, round, or square toes, these classic heels look smart at work and sexy at night. Always have a black pair.

2. Flats. Simple ballet slippers or skimmers are a more comfortable answer to the all-purpose pump. They’re great for when you’re on the go.

3. Diamonds. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets: No matter what form they come in, these sparkly stones will always shine — even if you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

4. Pearls. A classic, ladylike staple, these lustrous beads, as tidy little earrings or a single or multistrand necklace, always add polish and elegance to your outfit.

5. A structured bag. In a medium size, a sturdy, top-handle leather bag will serve you well every day.

6. A clutch. For evening, it’s essential. A slim, sleek little bag that fits just the necessities is the piece to carry at night.

7. A belt. This piece can turn an ensemble from sloppy to sleek in an instant. It’s a good idea to have multiple waist cinchers — thin, medium, and wide — in your closet.

8. A cocktail ring. Give your evening style a glam punch with a big-stoned bauble. Try bold, colorful stones for added effect.

9. A cuff. A thick bracelet in gold, silver, or enamel is a timeless accent and works day or night.

10. A metal watch. A high-quality, classic timepiece like a tank or a bracelet style — whether gold or stainless steel — will last you a lifetime.

Belts Shopping Ideas for Fashionable Men and Women

Picking the best fashionable belts that compliment your personality is an essential way to help save your time and pocket plus the right belt is an important thing to look great!

What belt ideas do you want to invest? It depends upon your purpose.  Whether you desire to create a fashion statement or add an extra design to your plain outfit, a belt can definitely help you achieve with that statement. Jewelries and other embellishments are optional if you have a belt that surrounds on your sexy waist.  Belts are seem complicated to use if you don’t have a body to compliment just like in the runway models. Belts usually give emphasis to your body and hide the unusual part.


There are a wide variety of belts you can opt for shopping.  You can choose either formal or informal types of belt depending on every occasion. Informal belts are far more inexpensive compare to the formal one.  A hemp or cloth belts can fit the bill as well as fitted when wearing shorts and pants.

Always remember when buying a belt, check its tag to determine the size that really fit for you.  Buy a belt bigger than your waist line and also consider its width. For formal belts, the proper width must be 1 or 1 ½ inches while belts with over this width category belong to the casual one. Flat and buckled belts go well with formal dresses while big and flashy buckles are best for casual dresses and party apparels.

Never wear a belt that will overpower your shoes or clothes when it comes to price then never buy a belt that looks cheaper or otherwise it will ruin your outfit.

Color is also one of the important factors when buying a belt. As a rule of thumb, the color should match or compliment your shoes.


Examine your personality when shopping your favorite belts. Belts in styles truly win your day because they are versatile and definitely it will not steal the attention from your outfit.  So go for simple belts in solid colors and with fewer ornaments before planning to buy the trendy styles.

Stay tune for more tips on How to Shop for Belts!

Gucci Sunglasses For A Classy Appearance

Gucci, the name is enough to thrill fashion lovers. They like the brand and love to buy its latest wears. Whether it is a Gucci handbag or shoes, there is a craze among fashion lovers to buy its latest high-end fashionable wears. For many, having a Gucci fashion accessory is a matter of proud. Gucci sunglasses are all time high fashion wears.  They are designed in a way to give proper comfort and style.

The interesting thing about the brand sunglasses is that it is readily available than other accessories of Gucci. Visit well-known online fashion store, you can easily notice specs of Gucci. Though, they are exclusive and expensive. You will have to pay more for the brand specs than other ordinary brands. But some fashion houses like Prada give a tough competition to Gucci in terms of quality and style. Being a real Gucci lover, you should know how to tell authentic Gucci sunglasses.

The first thing that you must not avoid is the quality of the sunglasses. From frame to the lenses, all have great quality. Check the lenses for clarity. Remember, designer glasses provide 100% protection from UVA rays – ultra-violet A and ultra-violet B.

The second thing to must check is the logo of the accessory. Carefully inspect the logo font and the label “made in Italy.” The original logo is beautifully crafted on the glass, you cannot notice a single discoloration on the logo.

Don’t forget to know that Gucci glasses come with the hard case. If the buyer offers ordinary case, it means you are in the process to buy fake sunglasses.

Purchase from the authentic store. Gucci wears are not that are readily available at your nearby shops. Well reputed fashion stores get the opportunity to sell the prestigious brand accessories. These fashion stores have repo to sell authentic glasses.  If you don’t notice well-reputed store in your area that sells Gucci wears, you need to move to the online shops. Buying from online is far better than buying from your local shop.  You may question that you cannot feel the quality if you buy online.

The answer is that here you need to check the authenticity of the website from where you are purchasing. If you are confused with the authenticity, you can directly purchase from Gucci. The official site of the brand will help you fulfill the dream.

Madonna Is Creating A New Fashion Statement With Her MDNA Tour

The MDNA tour that kicked off on May 31st in Tel Aviv has made it too apparent that Madonna never compromises with her fashion statement and that there is no comparison of her fashion choices. Madonna’s MDNA Tour Costumes have been designed by famous designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Jeremy Scott and an impressive list of other designers.

Some of the numbers will have Madonna sporting bras and panties from her line of intimate wears, Truth or Dare. According to stylist and costume designer Arianne Phillips the whole act is like a journey from act 1 to act 4. He also said that it is commendable how Madonna constructs her shows; they are more like theater pieces. Madonna dons her real Gaultier design in the Vogue number. The dress includes white shirt, opera length black gloves, black tie and rigid skeleton corset.

There is unique thing about Madonna’s shows, the large number of outfits she uses and this tour is not an exception. According to Phillips they are carrying 700 pairs of shoes on the tour. Madonna changes her dress 7 to 8 times and the co dancers change up to 15 times depending on dancer. Madonna is also introducing her two kids Marco and Rocco in her performances. Masks make an important part of Madonna’s MDNA Tour Costumes. According to Phillips “The show explores the idea of stripping away layers of identity and discovering the layers of who you are.”

Jean Paul Gaultier in an official statement said that the corset made especially for the tour is a mix of a corset and suit. It has the same conical bra corset from Blond Ambition tour but in 3 D. it has metallic leather inside and patent leather outside. The much awaited tour had everybody guessing about the avatar Madonna will choose. But like every time Madonna never disappoints. The trend setter of 80’s pop fashion is expected to create some ripples again. With famous designers on her list and impeccable reputation as a pop diva, expect a lots of fans to follow her suit.