No Exception for Gucci in Red Design

Time for me to find something new on my shoe rack this season! I had so much shoe collection but I never find contentment on it. I found this accessible online store ( that caters all our fashion needs.

One of my favorite shoe designs is that comes in red monogram which seems to be the color of happiness and balance of life. The color proportion is nearly perfect!!! This will be result of Gucci’s high-end product innovation.

These high-top leather sneakers are no exception. Reach for a higher level of style. Gucci shoes make its significant difference between an average and an excellently dressed man.

Gucci always provide impeccable quality and signature details in terms of bags, shoes and other fashion accessories. Known for its exquisite designs, its sensual look and its luxuriously rebellious attitude. Always seem to be an arbiter of good taste, the coloring is great, the use of gradients, the materials and designs are really special, bold, and eye-catching collection.

Thanks to Gucci for creating this unique and exclusively designs.

Sex and the City Finale: Pink Shoes for the Pink Lady

One month still at the big screen …The success of the movie event of the year “Sex and the City” has always been linked to style and fashion in general. Carrie Bradshaw quest for labels and love in pursuit of self-expression to the true essence of style. A woman of honor. More to love and always remember in our heart.
Thanks to Carrie and company, empowering women to dress with confidence and conviction. Four women weave fashion into their personal statements. Its time to say goodbye to old and hello to the new.

Louis Vuitton Pink London Pumps

As one month old movie in the theater, I will leave this one thing that I’ve never forget in the movie. This might be also another Cinderella shoes aside from the blue satin pump by Manolo. Pink is totally beautiful and I can see how Samantha rocks her bare feet on this.

In Her Shoes …She’s the STAR…

Manolo Blahnik Blue Satin Pump

Who can resist this beautifully crafted, lightweight and slender shoe?

Tall, bright and absolutely beautiful…

This pair of sky-high blue by Manolo Blahnik played a significant role in the romance/comedy movie event of

the year “Sex and the City”. Throughout the movie, Carrie Bradshaw wears everything on her exquisite feet from Dior to Christian Louboutin and other designer shoes.

The shoes covered in regal royal blue satin, features a unique stunning crystal detail on the vamp encased in silver tone hardware is the STAR. This is truly a Cinderella shoes.

The pump is considered as the 5th main character in the film from helping Carrie Bradshaw feel at home in her new closet to bringing people together.

This is to be the first shoes that Manolo made expressly for the Sex and the City movie.


Different designer sport shoes designed by famous designers that has been a fashion staple for decades and it has consistently remained “hot” and in-style. This designer version is running rampant on the fashion runways. A lot of big names have developed the fever, adding height and hype to their style at every event wearing these stylish sneakers.

Featuring different styles and designs of Prada Sport Men’s Shoes

I am a fashion lover who loves collecting apparels like shoes and sandals particularly Prada collections. I like the depth of color and its authentic quality that Prada renowned for years. Prada carries a great line of comfortable, conservatively-stylish, casual sneakers on this season. Its design has very modern and graphic sensibility in sophisticated form.

These designer sneakers give me an alluring look that will attract tons of attention and is easy to match with my sport clothing and accessories! It gives me one more reason to attend more gigs and outside sport activities with friends.
I really got my taste on shoes on this Prada Men Spring/Summer 2008 shoe collection!!!

True Fashion Shoe Statement

Men and women deserve to be a fashionista in today’s fashion world. Fashion style is very important part of our life. The clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories we are wearing make a fashion statement.
Women’s fashion shoes are much more interesting when it comes to formal wear. They wear variety of styles that aesthetically beautiful.

Christian Dior shoes

Christian Dior shoes

Likewise, men’s formal wear never gets boring although they have limited variety in terms of suits and footwear’s but they still looks good. The only thing in fashion is how we perceive and appreciate its essence. It is good to know that, at least in some areas, classic ideas of designs have not forever faded from the scene. Men and women fashion shoe for a night out and other social events in the town continues to look as spiffy as ever.

Christian Dior shoes

Christian Dior shoes

Not only women have taste in fashion but men as well. Men of this generation must also need to improve themselves in order to be “IN” on this fast changing fashion trend to reveal real gorgeousness, masculinity and sexiness, we can never change the fact that we must stay on track on what’s the latest and incoming new fashion styles and designs in the fashion industry.
Now, it is the time to give myself a fashion rules. Be confident of what you are wearing!!!

What’s New!!! What’s Hot!!! It’s all about Prada

I’m truly conscious about what is “IN” and “OUT” in the fashion industry nowadays and it seems that fashion brings to my life very expensive and luxurious. Designer fashion accessories were my favorite selection. Prada, Gucci, Puma, Nike shoes to name a few. I am very much updated in the fashion market today. Following the newest trend can cost me too much but it is worth for me.

I’ve been to a fashion runway few months ago and I witnessed one of a kind fashion show event of the year which features Prada shoes for men and women collections.

Prada Classic Men shoes

Prada is always an arbiter of good taste, at least what I could tell from looking at the glossy ads in my fashion magazines. The idea and obsession of that product created into my mind to collect and stock into my closet.

Prada Women Sport Shoe

This collection is very useful to me because I am a partygoer addict. I really like Prada stuffs especially its shoe collection so much. It was tested and proven when it comes to durability and style. There shoes are my options when it comes to my living fashion style and personality.
Watch out some more of my shoe related posts from your fellow fashionista to know more what’s new and what’s hot this season.