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Are Ugg(ly) Boots Still In?

Well, many girls will say they were never ‘in’ or out a long ago.

What is sure is that you cannot get boots that are more comfortable than ugg boots.

You don’t need to wear them in the office but they are oh so soft and comfy in your free time and aound the house.

What’s your opinion? Are they fab or drab?

ugg boots

Celebs love ‘their’ ugg boots:

Sienna Miller out for shopping.

Sienna Miller Uggs

Pamela Anderson on the beach.

Pamela Anderson Uggs

Heavy Metal

This entry isn’t about hard rock music, though I’ve no objection to blasting Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones on the radio while zipping along the freeway. No, it’s about the plethora of metal laden handbags that have been out the past few seasons with no signs of retirement if the Spring collections are any indication.

Most of the major designers have embraced the heavy metal idea with metal accents on their bags. It apparently has been something of a contest among them as to who can design the heaviest handbag for a woman to carry. I’ve picked up most of these bags while out shopping…and promptly set them back on their shelves. To my way of thinking, any bag that weighs more empty than the bag on my shoulder that is filled to the brim, is a trip to the chiropractor for a spinal adjustment in the works.

Nevertheless, they are a joy to behold! For example, glance at these lovelies. From left to right, Chloe, Gucci and Versace.


I love, love, love distinctive bags like these three. Who couldn’t rock out any one of them on a hot night partying in the city? What about these three great bags for running around town during the day? A sexy Romy from Gucci, Prada’s take on Chanel’s chain handle or this hot satchel from Prada?
Yes, I love these heavy metal bags, though I do wish that designers would take away some of the heavy and leave we rocker chicks with our metal. But to quote Mick and the Boys:

You can’t always get what you want.

Who Wore It Better?

Do you prefer the Corey Lynn Calter Mini Dress on Hilary Duff or Jessica Alba?

Corey Lynn Calter Mini Dress

I personally prefer it on Hilary since I like the color combination better and I don’t like dress paired with black tights as seen on Jessica Alba.

Also, I like the shoes Hilary chose to wear with the dress, the match perfectly. The golden bangles give the dress a nice finish.

The Ruby Slipper Complex

ruby_slippers.jpg redd_g.jpg

Being one of a few million young girls that first fell in love with red shoes because of Dorothy’s magical Ruby Slippers in The Wizard of Oz, I wanted to touch on today’s Ruby Slipper. Still magical, still attention grabbing and always the sexiest color to adorn a woman’s foot as this knock out little number by Dolce & Gabbana shows.

This season presents a wide assortment of options for we red shoe loving gals, not just the stiletto though as Manolo Blahnik‘s timeless Campari demonstrates, the red pump has still got it.

Miu Miu’s cute little flats along with Gucci’s iconic horsebit slingbacks are waiting for us at Styledrops as we speak.

Of course, for the terminally shy gal that still yearns for a pop of sexy red, how can she go wrong with Christian Louboutin and his trademark red soles?

Christian Louboutin

So click the heels of your sexiest red shoes three times, but unlike Dorothy, I don’t think you’ll be wishing to go home.

Ohhh Girls!!! Oh Fashion!!!

Girls will remain girls and fashion will keep on changing according to their demand. Fashion not only means dressing up yourself with designer cloths but also you need something to add up with like fashionable bags, shoes, etc. It’s a New Year time meaning a party time. When you are trying a lot for getting your perfect match let us help you giving some information related to this. Adding to your fashion trend and your style, you can go for Prada handbags. They have exclusive quality with a glorious look to match with your style. Most wanted “Pink” color is for you and the bags that match with most of the girl’s favourite color. Why to choose them for your self? Because they are made of leather, the most wanted. This season and until summer you can go for it not only for party wears but also for your daily purpose. Wait! Have a look, they are not just restricted to the handbags but also you have varied range in shoes. Yes, you may find the girly pink color with Prada shoes too. Also, you may go for a party wear shoes by choosing Gold Gauffre from Prada. Along with this you have a choice of Gucci handbags and shoes also which no less match to your living style and personality. Boys don’t have to worry about this, as these products are not restricted to only girls. You can also find wallets, shoes, etc for yourself. All these products are well designed by good designers and there are so many sites that provide you with the facility of online shopping and get these products. So, why wait? Just go and search for the right one to match you, who knows somebody might grab your day!


Looking for those items to complement your New Year’s Eve attire? You will knock them dead if you show up to that party or celebration sporting these great accessories! First, for a slightly understated look with alot of class:

Paul Smith Pumps with a Gucci Clutch


Or, for those of you who want to display your great taste in a bit more individual style. These say, “I wear what I like and I LIKE PINK!”:

Fendi Clutch with Christian Dior Pumps


Of course if you really want to ‘WOW’ them, these are sure to draw attention to your fashion savvy. Remember…….all that glitters is GOLD!

Fendi’s Gold Clutch, Gucci’s Slingback Wedge, Prada’s Gold Gauffre



Bring in the New Year with Style!!



Spring is in the Air

Ladies its time for you to put your evening and cocktail dresses back in the closet and bring out the fresh sheer florals that are in for spring of 2008.   With roses  and peonies to lilacs and hydrangeas youll see that top designers  like Dolce & Gabbana , Michael Kors , Stella McCartney and Moschino to name a few well take you to a Floral Wonderland.

Everything old is new again or is it vice-versa?

Being one of the more “well-seasoned” members of the blog, I’ve seen many a fashion trend come and go, and come again. I did platform shoes in the 70’s and that was plenty for me. On seeing their return the past few years I can still hear the faint echoes of Stayin’ Alive in the distance and decided platforms needed to stay buried, at least for myself. I’ve always wondered if there has been a substantial increase in the profits of orthopedic surgeons from broken ankles since the return of platforms, but I digress……

On glancing over some of the new spring shoe collections for 2008, it would appear that once again the platform has returned to disco heaven to be replaced by kitten heels, lower chunky heels and in your face sexy stilettos. I especially love what I’ve seen so far of the Jimmy Choo Spring 2008 collection. Dolce & Gabbana, my personal choice for sexing up any outfit, has again caught my eye. As always, Prada has a huge variety of killer shoes from cute flats, to drop dead sexy heels, as well as demure office pumps.

Thankfully, with the exception of a few designers that shall remain nameless, the strains of Stayin’ Alive, flashbacks of elevator shoes and their modern counterpart appear to be doing the Hustle back into disco heaven.


Quickly before they go, strike your best John Travolta pose!

Wish list


Every year is the same. I don’t receive what I wish…
I know it’s difficult to please my taste though. For this reason I’m seriously thinking about a wish list.

Why not going back to the old Santa Claus letters we wrote when we were children?

As I love the web, I’m thinking about a very simple and efficient wish list device to put in your Facebook or in any personal webpage. Even better, someone could invent a global wishlist website where everybody can have its own space to write the wishlist and also can see other friends’ wishlist!

Moreover, if a friend has already bought something from the list he can move the item to a “wish come true” box to avoid double gifts! I wonder if someone has already thought about this kind of web application.

I’ve done some research:

So I have found these sites:

Do you know these services?

Do you know other similar services?

Do you use them? Are they efficient? But most of all: do you think it’s very bad taste?