As Spring is approaching, it’s time to start planning our wardrobe for the upcoming season! So many styles and colors to choose from now, it’s enough to drive you crazy. Aside from all of the prints, florals and exotics that are out there, I want to focus on the beautiful bright Spring colors available……Pink in Particular.

Ladies, I LOVE Pink! Pink is happy. Pink is cheerful. Pink is feminine and, yes, Pink can also be sexy!!

Ladies, I present to you the current fashions in PINK!!!


The Dresses……..

Ellen Tracy, Muse and David Meister


BCBG Max Azria


Donna Ricco


OK Ladies, now for the shoe collections:

Manolo Blahnik


Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and Christian Lacroix



And, of course, Christian Louboutin…..


Last, but certainly not least, the handbags……

Miu Miu, Dior and as always, Prada


As you can see, there is a shade of Pink for everyone!



Hey! Look at her handbag!

Every time I check the new collection for bags and shoes, I find a new range of products that never fail to fascinate me. I have always been an avid shopper for handbags and Prada has never disappointed me in what I am exactly looking for.


Prada handbags are so beautifully crafted and uniquely designed that I always tend to stick with this brand. They have all sorts of designs to suit all occasions. There are some large ones to store in all the essentials. Along side, they have the small vanity bags and sling bags too. They have designs to suit your gown and those to suit your professional attire.

I have often been wondering how talented these designers must be in creating something unique, to suit every purpose. And if you have a fetish for colors like me, let me tell you that they have colors from black to gold, white to green and pink.


Wherever I have been with these bags, there has been not even once that I didn’t get a compliment for my bag! Many of them have forgotten to compliment me on my looks most of the times. But it really seems that over the years, my handbags have become my fashion statement. I have even heard stuff like I am the living promotion for Prada bags.


Pretty ladies out there, are you not interested in these classy yet trendy handbags? I am sure you must be fond of them too. After all, Prada makes enjoy every moment of your stardom!

Hogan Interactive shoes: are you addicted?

I’m wondering if the Hogan Interactive shoes are so famous in your country as in mine. Here you can’t walk for 10 minutes before seeing someone wearing a pair! Hogan is a brand created by Tod’s, the famous footwear company based in Italy. Some friends of mine own a shoeshop where they also sell some Hogans, well…they don’t just sell them they don’t have enough to face the request! When I first saw a pair few years ago I didn’t like them at all, then they have made them in so many materials and colours and people kept on saying that they were so comfortable that I bought a pair. Well, believe me, they are something! If you need to stand up for  many hours,  if you walk a lot or need to move fast in a cahotic city you can’t find anything better.

The secret is in the sole: 4 cm of rubber sole outside and 3 more cm of hidden cushion inside make you 7 cm taller (nearly 3 inches) just wearing a pair of sneakers, moreover your back and feet are given such a support that you can wear them all day long without feeling any pain. I know some short men that can’t wear anything else ;-))

Here are some of the most recent styles, if you want to buy them online pay a lot of attention, there are many fakes expecially on E-Bay. Better choosing a reputable seller.




I remember a time when wearing any garment with sparkles meant that one was going out to a very formal affair. Sequins, rhinestones and glitter adorned those lovely evening gowns which we wore to the opera or other black-tie affair. I remember how excited I would become with the anticipation of wearing those lovely sparkly outfits, and how disappointed I would become as I removed them and placed them back in my closet knowing that I would not see them again for many, many months to come. I felt a bit like a movie star in those dresses, just for a moment at least.

Well Ladies, those days are gone!


The designers are bringing back the sparkle in our dresses, but this time we can find them in our everyday attire. We can now feel a bit glamorous while running our everyday lives. Here are a few examples of the embellished dresses offered by top designers.








Catherine Malandrino


Lisli, Alice + Olivia, Theory




I could see myself in any of these darling little dress while shopping, having brunch with my friends, or even just running a few errands. Why not feel a bit special in our everyday lives? We all deserve a little sparkle now and then!!


BALENCIAGA – My final post on the ‘B-Bags’

This will be my final post on the “B-Bags”.

I would like to present to you the Balenciaga “Work Bags”

These are larger bags with the same qualities that Balenciaga offers with all of their quality handbags.


These bags measure around 18″ x 12″ x 6″ and are great for transporting files and folders from the workplace and back!!



Ladies, you can knock them dead if you show up with these beauties at the office place to transport your paperwork to and from work!!


Like I said before…..the “B Bags” definitely make my “A List” and I find myself wanting these gorgeous bags in every color, shape and size!!

I hope that I don’t sound like a broken record when I remind you that all of these exquisite bags can be found at I simply don’t want you to be duped into buying a bag that isn’t absolutely authentic!


The Most Adorable Chanel Dress

When I saw this dress, I immediately fall in love with it. How cute and adorable is this Chanel dress? Celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Kate Hudson seem to love it, too.

 Chanel dress

I especially like the chain in the middle which seems to combine both bows. It reminds me of the chains used for the Chanel handbags. This dress is timeless, wearable for nearly every occasion and always gives a clean and sophisticated look. As a big fan of bows, it’s literally the perfect piece of clothing in a lady’s closet.

Summer Flowers

 Not just on Prada shoes but flowers showed up on almost every dress or accesory in this 2008 collections! Floral prints have always been a classic for the hot season, I remember myself with a floral dress when I was a child and my mother with another one in a picture from the sixties. Since then I’ve never wore again anything floral, maybe these new collections will change my mind. I must admit that I find these Miu Miu sunglasses really gorgeous:


These are 4 example of floral prints clothes for this summer, would you wear them? I would go for the first one!


John GallianoGucciMissoniMichael Kors

Some Important Style And Fashion Tips And Advises For Women!

Do you want a good adviser for your clothes? A model, that steers up your style? Many people get confused when they are out for buying some special dress for some special event! So do I! I get confused sometimes when I go for shopping after seeing so many designer brands and products in the market! It’s very tricky to choose the best among so many!  

You must keep in mind some important things before you purchase anything. Designer brands like Prada and Gucci offers many things like stylish sunglasses, elegant handbags, eye-catching accessories, and Tod’s shoes! All these are the designer products, which you can purchase without giving it a second thought. These designer brands provide you comfort with style. Petite girls should avoid wearing strong prints and chunky clothes. Instead they should go for soft fabrics and fitted clothes, smooth contrast of color, texture and narrow belts. Keep everything sleek to enhance your body shape.  

Busty girls should go for eye-catching skirts and trousers, if possible then they should also wear strong prints, colors, and textures as well as they can carry the Hogan handbags for a different look! Women should look for those dresses that suit their persona! If your body structure is large then avoid wearing short skirts and thin clothes. And if you are very thin then also you must not wear skin fit jeans in which your body structure becomes visible. Enlarge women should go for strong prints and thin women should prefer wearing light shades. You can wear Hogan shoes to maintain your style statement! 

On Whom Do You Prefer The Thigh High Boots?

Do you like them better on Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff or Kate Moss?

Thigh high boots

I am undecided between Hilary and Kate. I’m not sure about the material of Kate’s boots but I love her whole look. I like Hilary’s boots but I think the huge bag, belt and cap are a bit overwhelming.

I don’t like how Carrie combined hers with a long coat. The outfit would’ve been cuter with heels or pumps.