Let the Sunshine In…………….(part three)

Welcome to part three, and the final entry, of my sunglass series

Today I will end the series with the designs of Dolce & Gabbana.

I have always found that D & G has a way of appealing to every taste and age group.

From their very classic, conservative line which holds appeal to those of us in our, let’s say, prime of our life age group. To the less conservative group who want to get just a bit edgy with their sunglasses, just enough to draw a bit of attention and approval of their taste and class. And of course to those type ‘A’ personality class who just want to be out there showing that they can wear bling, bling and simply won’t go unnoticed by anyone crossing our path!!

Yes, Dolce & Gabbana has something for every personality out there.

Here are some of the current sunglasses styles available.

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses






So whatever your style is, Dolce and Gabbana is sure to keep you from being “blinded by the light”. I know that with these glasses, I will be “Walking on Sunshine………..”



Get Ready For Spring! Part 3: Flower Prints

Another big thing this season are flower prints – either on long dresses, shoes, jewelry or bathing suits. Flowers can be found on basically every garment or accessory, even sunglasses are decorated with small flowers.

I personally love flower prints since they are so versatile. Wear them on blouses with jeans or a neutral colored skirt during daytime or on dresses for a summer party or a dinner.

Flowers give every woman a feminine, girly and glamorous look. 

This season flowers regardless they are small or large are ‘in’. Do you have some pieces of past seasons in your closet and thought about giving them away? Don’t do it, just combine them with new pieces and you have the perfect look for spring and summer.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of flower prints, what about sunglasses with a tiny flower, some jewelry or shoes? This small detail will add some color and highlight to your outfit.

Here some of my favourite pieces I came across:

This amazing dress is my Michael Kors. It’s made of silk and also features the one-shoulder-trend I wrote about in my last post.

Michael Kors dress

This floral strapless dress is by Shoshanna. I think it’s definitely something I’d wear during daytime and not only for a night out.

Shoshanna dress

Another beautiful dress is this lace and floral gown by Mary L. Couture. It has a scalloped V neckline and spaghetti straps.

Mary L. Couture dress

This floral skirt is by Ralph Lauren. I love the pastell colors in yellow, green, pink and orange.

Ralph Lauren Collection Floral Skirt

Here are some handbags with flower prints I really like. The first one is my Gucci and is in white fabric and black/white flower embroidery.

Gucci black white 2

The next bag is by Stella McCartney and so colorful and summery. Just perfect for the new spring/summer season.

Stella McCartney Floral-Print Tote

Here are some accessories to refresh your wardrobe like those floral printed croc slingbacks by Bettye Muller.

Bettye Muller slingbacks

A gorgeous scarf for chilly summer nights by Deepa Gurnani. It made of silk and wool and is hand-beaded and handpainted.

Deepa Gurnani scarf

Those sunglasses by Ferragamo are adorable. They have a silver toned flower with clear rhinestones on the temples.

Salvatore Ferragamo Floral-Temple Sunglasses

Finally this ring by Kenneth Jay Lane can we worn all year round. It’s a cocktail ring with Swarovski crystals and topaz.

Kenneth Jay Lane flower ring

Let the Sunshine In…………….(part two)

Good day, Sunshine…..

Okay Ladies (and gents), here is part two of my designer sunglasses series.

Today I will be showing you what Miu Miu has in store for you this season.

Pay special close attention to the beautiful craftsmanship and detail work that, as always, sets Miu Miu head and shoulders above the rest.

Miu Miu explodes with different colored frames and lenses like no other!


Miu Miu Sunglasses






Thank you Miu Miu…….you’ve done it again!

“You are the Sunshine of My Life……………”



Fashion Flashback – Who Owns It?

Between those two pictures are about twenty years.


Sarah Jessica Parker wore this dress for the new Sex and the City: The Movie which will be released on May 30, 2008. Whereas Whitney Houston already chose a dress with a huge flower for a performance in Los Angeles 20 years ago.


Carrie Bradshaw, her name in Sex and the City, carried a Barneys shopping bag and black high heels.

Whitney really seems to like big accessories. She wore this dress for the 2000 Grammy Awards where she won a Grammy for the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

whitney 2000 grammy

For the Pre-Grammy party in the same year she wore a purple dress with a huge bolero.

pre grammy 2000

In 2007 at the Pre-Grammy party she paired the dress with a huge shawl.

whitney - pre grammy 07

whitney - pre grammy 2007. 2

So, regarding the huge flower accessory, on whom do you prefer it?

Also, do you like big flowers and other accessories?

Let the Sunshine In…………….(part one)

It’s that time of the year!

The sun is shining and it is time to adorn our faces with those wonderful new styles of sunglasses currently available by our favorite designers!


This will be part one of my sunglass series. I will try to show you some of the newest designs currently available for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons.

Nothing finishes off a great outfit like a great pair of sunglasses. And this season there is a plethora of styles, designs and colors to meet your every need.

I will start the series off with one of my favorite designer’s line of sunglasses.


The Prada Line





Fashion for the Face!!

“Don’t let the sun go down on me……………”



PRADA – The “Bow-nita Bags”

Yes, yes, yes!

Prada brings femininity back with bows.


Bows are the classic sign of feminine. Aside from the occasional bow-tie, bows have traditionally represented females. As a child, I remember my mother tying wonderfully color coordinated bows in my hair whenever we were going out to someplace special. I remember most of my special occasion dresses would have big beautiful bows on the front or back of them.

I love bows!

Lately, I have seen a real obvious presence of bows on the latest of Prada handbags.

From clutches to totes, Prada has incorporated big beautiful bows.

Here are some of their latest designs in a “rain-bow” of colors……





Que Bow-nita!!



Get Ready For Spring! Part 2: Be Trendy With One Shoulder

Here is my second post regarding ideas to refresh your wardrobe and get ready for spring. A current trend are dresses and tops with just one shoulder. This trend hasn’t been en vogue for a long time and takes over from last year’s baby doll dresses. This asymmetrical look has popped up on many fashion shows and was also seen a lot at the Oscars 2008. Here’s a picture of Hilary Swank:

Hilary Swank Oscars 2008

Here’s Katherine Heigl in a red dress by Escada:

Katherine Heigl Oscars 2008

Anne Hathaway has worn this Marchesa gown:

Anne Hathaway red Marchesa

So, this trend can either be worn on the red carpet or dressed down for a casual dinner or party. One shoulder tops are also suitable in the daytime like this one by Vince:

Vince one shoulder tee

This short silver jacquard dress is by Malene Birger:

Malene Birger

This Rebecca Taylor dress is in sangria pink and made of pure silk. Definitely one of my favourite one shoulder dresses.

Rebecca Taylor

What about a dress in a strong color? This one is in orange and designed by Elizabeth and James and can be either worn with bare legs or leggings.

Elizabeth and James dress

Elizabeth and James leggings

What do you think about this trend?

Drab or Fab?

Have you already found your favourite piece?

PRADA – Fringe Benefits

Prada came out with the “Fringe Bag” in Spring 2007.

I, personally, don’t think that it was the hit that they had hoped it would be. It seemed that back in the 70’s it was all the rave. Fringe vests, fringe belts, fringe dresses and skirts were a huge hit back then. Even though I believe that “what goes around, comes around” in the fashion world, for some reason, this craze didn’t seem to catch on this go around.


However, Prada hasn’t completely given up on the fringe. As a matter of fact, you can find fringe detail on many of their current style handbags. As someone who didn’t really care for the full fledged Fringe bag of 2007, I must say that I absolutely adore the fringe as a detail on their new line of handbags. I personally couldn’t wait for my Prada Dressy bag to arrive with it’s little fringed tassle hanging from it’s side!

Well, here are some other of Prada’s handbags with the fringe details.

Fringe in all different lengths and sizes!





So what do you think?

Do you like the fringe a lot, a little, or not at all?



Summer Flats

Summer is just around the corner.

Time to put those boots back in the closet and show off our tootsies!

With all the lovely Spring fashions coming our way, of course we need to polish our nails and adorn our feet with the newest foot fashions available. Once again, Prada has come out with a line of S/S flat sandals that are feminine and absolutely lovely.

Take a look at some of the newest Prada footwear for the Spring/Summer seasons.

Flat Sandals





So Ladies, kick off your season with some of the most fashionable footwear available. I know that I will be anxious to get these wonderful styles as soon as possible!






Crazy Tod’s Collection Makes You Crazy!

As I watch these sexy ladies, who are dressed fabulously, I just fall in love with their collection of bags. And it’s just impossible that you don’t have Tod’s bag in your closet if you are a crazy about amazingly elegant and timeless handbags. I am also lucky to have Tods collection and my personal favorite is my red stunning large handbag. Bags are an extension of your fashion statement so I make sure that I get my worth whenever I buy any designer bag.


One of the main reason I like Tod’s accessories is that they take special care to every small details. They have got an elegant and evergreen style to it. Amazing part is that Tod’s collection of bags is not feminine yet they are so stylish. Don’t be surprised if your man wants to share your bag. Okay, I was joking!


Why can’t you hit the Tod’s store this weekend and find out which bag suits to your needs. While choosing your favorite bag you should also pay attention to the capacity of the bag, if you are working woman then you need to have a bag which can carry different items from your wallet to your documents. Pick up the bag and feel it, because comfort is also important in addition to the style. In fact at styledrops, you have got skillful designers’ creation and that kind of talent is reflected right in their finished products. The style you choose is entirely up to your taste. At the end of the day what is important that you should feel confident while walking down the road. Needless to say, I am speaking so much as I am totally hooked to Tods accessories as they are just fabulous.