Who Wore It Better?

This time we caught Molly Sims and Garcelle Beauvais Nilon wearing the same Diane von Fürstenberg dress. Molly Sims chose this dress back in February for a Diane von Fürstenberg dinner and Garcelle wore it for a Saks Fifth Avenue event.

The dress is called Maupiti Wrap Dress in Fiji Flower and from the spring runway show.

Maxi dresses in Bohemian style are big this spring and summer, also big flower prints. For those kind of dresses never wear too much jewelry or other big accessories. The dress itself should be the eye catcher.

molly vs garcelle dress

On whom do you prefer the dress? Who rocks it?

A Blast From The Past: Colored Denim

colored jeans

Seems like a lot of trends at the moment go back to the 80s and 90s and make a huge comeback. So, this spring and summer we face the colored denim trend. Blue, green, yellow, red, purple, even neon colors are seen everywhere these days. Also celebrities and stars seem to love them.

jessica alba violet jeans

Jessica Alba walking her dogs wearing violet colored skinny jeans.

Ashlee Simpson, Fergie, and Rachel Bilson

Ashlee Simpson, Fergie and Rachel Bilson

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

When you wear colored skinny pants, the top shouldn’t be tight as well. Better choose something a little on the wider side. Combine them with a white top or something simple, otherwise the whole outfit will be too busy.

Where can you find them? Basically everywhere, for example on Patricia Field’s website. You know, the stylist from Sex and the City.

patricia Field berry jeans

Patricia Field colored jeans in berry

patricia field _lime

Patricia Field colored jeans in lime

Some more jeans I came across. Skinny jeans in coral:

coral skinny jeans

diesel skinny jeans

Red skinny jeans by Diesel

levis lavendar smoke

Jeans by Levi’s in lavendar smoke

You are’t the biggest fan of skinny jeans, yet want to try out the colored denim trend? What about pants with a more flattering flare leg?

Dittos Classic Flare Jeans

Dittos Classic Flare Jeans in green

Rich and Skinny jeans

Rich and Skinny jeans in turquoise-blue and flared leg

What’s your Theory?

Hi all!!

I’m back!

I took a little breather and a few days off to get refreshed and ready again. I am getting my summer wardrobe ready because I plan to paaa-rrrr-taay this summer!

While looking for the best ensembles for the upcoming bar-b-ques and swim parties that I know I will be attending, I came across the fun Theory line of dresses.

Theory is as very reasonably priced line of clothing and, of course, I have to add one of my favorite designers to the mix – Prada!!












Are you ready?





Get Ready For Spring! Part 8: Accessorize Me!

Hello everyone!

Here is my last post regarding all kind of clothes and accessories to get ready for a colorful and fashionable spring. In my last part I want to write about accessories to finish your outfit. As I wrote in one of my last posts flowers on any kind of garment or jewelry are a big thing right now. I came across this bracelet by Juicy Couture and fell in love. It features a ladybug and two butterflies. It’s gold plated and  has several crystals. Isn’t it adorable?

Juicy Couture Bracelet Flowers

I always love turquoise for spring and summer. It’s just the perfect color and never goes out of fashion. This cuff by Jose & Maria has turquoise cabochons and is gold plated. You can also pair it with the corresponding necklace and chandelier earrings, also by Jose & Maria.

Jose & Maria Barrera Hammered Cuff

Jose & Maria necklace

Jose & Maria earrings

This Balenciaga wallet is so shiny and just reminds of warm weather and sunshine. It’s in red leather and golden hardware.

Balenciaga wallet

I personally love scarves for chilly evenings or just to glam up the outfit.

Salvatore Ferragamo Toes Silk Scarf

Salvatore Ferragamo Toes Silk Scarf 2

Salvatore Ferragamo Toes Silk Scarf

Pucci scarf

Pucci Scarf

Skinny belts or big belts are abother must-have for this season. These are by Carlos Falchi and in python and croc.

Carlos Falchi Belts

So, after this last post, I wish you a warm spring filled with much sunshine!

Get Ready For Spring! Part 7: Let The Sunshine In!

Spring means mostly more sun and therefore we need to protect our eyes. What does this mean? We need sunglasses, of course! Big sunglasses as still in as well as ‘cut-out’ sunglasses like ‘Whitney’ by Tom Ford or those by Dolce & Gabbana. Aviators are also still in fashion. I recognize shades in funky, different colors and designs and also white sunglasses. Another must-have at the moment are ‘vintage’ sunglasses. Here are some of my favourites for this spring.

Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses

 Tom Ford ‘Whitney’

D&G Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana

 Gucci Cut out sunglasses


I really love aviators like those by Gucci. They are not necessarily trendy but more on the classic side.

Gucci Aviators

Sunglasses in the vintage style are very trendy at the moment like these 60’s Dior. They are available in fun colors such as red and turquoise but also in classic black.

dior vintage sunglasses

Here are some white sunglases which seem to be quite popular now.

D&G white sunglasses

D&G white sunglasses 2

Dolce & Gabbana

Here are some extraordinary, funky styles:

Jimmy Choo sunglasses

Jimmy Choo

Bvlgari Alissa Shield Sunglasses

Bvlgari Alissa Shield Sunglasses

What are your fave sunglasses? Do you prefer classic styles or more funky ones?

Let’s invite Christian to join Alice + Olivia, shall we?

I found some delightful dresses by one of my favorite designers, Alice + Olivia. While looking for some shoes to pair up with these darling dresses, I found Christian Louboutin had some that are just perfect.

So, I invited Christian to join Alice + Olivia in joining me!






I am definitely inviting Christian to the next party I attend with Alice + Olivia.




Here are some great Spring dresses paired up with shoes and bags which I think would make a great ensemble. Take a look and let me know which you would choose, or am I totally off-base with my choices in your opinion?

Prada shoes and handbag


Temperley London


Gucci handbag and shoes


Which would you choose?


MiuMiu shoes and Prada bag




Balenciaga Bag and MiuMiu shoes


Would you pair these accessories up with these dresses?

Let me know!




Are you a “Juicy” Girl?

I must admit that Juicy Couture was the first line of handbags which really got me hooked into paying a nice chunk of change for a handbag (mine is a progressive handbag-addiction as confirmed with my current addiction to Prada and Miu Miu). Little did I know that they also had such an extensive line of fashion items. Bags, clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, pet carriers and, yes, even doggy couture!! Unbelievable!

I think that Juicy has a remarkable line of fashion items and find that the quality is top notch for a reasonable price. Although some of their items seem to be geared towards very young girls and not the classic line which I find myself attracted to (still having a hard time loving the idea of wearing the word “Juicy” across my bum), I must say that I have also found some really fun pieces as well. As Astarte has so eloquently reminded us, Spring is here and it is time to start planning our wardrobe accordingly. So I have paired up a few dresses from Juicy Couture’s Spring 2008 line with shoes from some of my favorite designers.



Juicy with Prada


Juicy and MiuMiu



Juicy and Dior


Juicy and Dolce & Gabbana

So, are you a Juicy Gal? I know that I will be “juicing it up” this Spring! Who knows, I may just get my dogs some matching outfits as well. Well……….maybe not.



Get Ready For Spring! Part 6: Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

We can never have too many jeans! Regardless if we prefer classic cuts are trendy designs and colors. A pair of jeans that fit well can be worn almost every day and is essential in every closet.

Hight waisted jeans as well as wide-legged jeans are a must-have at the moment. Madonna has started the high waisted, wide leg trend in England and soon everyone was wearing them. Celebrities like the Olsen twins, Keira Knightley, Jessica Simpson or Mischa Barton followed this trend.

Jessica Simpson jeans

Jessica Simpson

Mischa Barton jeans

Mischa Barton

Those jeans are made by Rich and Skinny and feature that high-waisted, wide leg trend. They are in dark blue and have pockets at the front and the back.

Rich and Skinny jeans

Another high-waisted pair of jeans are those by ANLO. The wash is lighter and the leg is not as wide and flared.

ANLO Jeans

Those Ginger jeans by 7 For All Mankind are not as high-waisted but have a wide and flared leg. They are in a dark wash and in the popular five-pocket-style.

7 For All Mankind, Ginger jeans

Skinny jeans are still very trendy, like those ones by 7 For All Mankind. They are in grey and very comfortable to wear.

7 Jeans in grey

I find cropped jeans very comfortable, chic and more of a classic pair of jeans. Those are my Paige Premium, have a lighter wash and distressed details.

Paige Premium Jeans

Get Ready For Spring! Part 5: Handbags

New season means new handbag, right? A good excuse to get a new arm candy. I love the new handbag collections because it seems there is much more color than usual. Big bags are still very ‘in’ as well as bags worn across the body. The ‘doctor’ style handbags seem too be very popular, too.

Here are some of the most beautiful Prada, Gucci and Balenciaga handbags I came across.

Prada loves stripes and bows this season. This one is made of leather and the colors are in pink, purple and wine-red. The leather looks so soft and luscious.

Prada 1

Prada is famous for their very durable nylon handbags. This turquoise purse combines nylon with woven details. It also has a strap, so the bag can be worn messenger style. The sides are expandable to make the bag bigger.

Prada Turquoise Bag

I talked about the ‘doctor’ style before. This bag by Gucci handbag is in gunmetal color and from the ‘Hysteria’ collection. It’s  a large handbag, so another trend it unites. It has two short handles and crest details.

Gucci gunmetal

Another piece from the ‘Hysteria’ collection by Gucci is this purse in a lovely pink color. I love how it’s not an ordinary pink tone but more of a subtle, almost candy-like shade. The leather looks amazingly soft and the hardware is in gold.

Gucci Pink Bag

What do you think about this Balenciaga bag in a flower print? I think it’s adorable. It’s in the ‘Giant City’ style and therefore large enough to carry all the essentials everyday. The material is satin and leather.

Balenciaga Flower Bag

Are you a bit more conservative? Balenciaga has the prettiest colors and leathers. I also love this ‘City’ in azure with giant hardware.

Balenciaga Azure Bag

The last bag is a colorful purse by Dior. It’s from the ‘Lady Dior’ collection and the material is canvas in a red, purple and yellow print. The hardware is silver and it has a small ‘Dior’ charm.

Dior Bag