The latest in Louis Vuitton and Chanel line

Have you tried that new Louis Vuitton purse Pochette Bonbon Rose? The bag is worth its highly coveted price due to its bobbon-esque and feminine feeling. The bag boasts bright with cute and monogrammed patent leather and is available in our favorite colors of red or aquamarine.

Being designed by the bag experts Richard Prince and Marc Jacobs, the handbag, though not classic, offers more to the LV fans within $1470. Over the years, the LV bags are best known for its quality. That is why hot celebrities like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson take their LV bags wherever they go. The LV purses have become a fashion craze and a hot item due to the Hollywood pop stars.

Why to leave the shoes when we’re talking about fashion.  The Chanel line of shoes speaks volumes about its elegance, tradition and beauty. Among this year’s Chanel shoe collection, popular colors like pink, orange and yellow are of great demand.

Though shoe trends change every year, Chanel has maintained its neutral colors on leather material with classic style. Chanel is now following a new trend by using ‘Dual’, a mixture of colors, patterns and fabrics. Chanel now bears an organic earthy appearance, which you can use during summer months.

The latest model shoes bear floral embellishment which you can try for a better evening look. The quality of chanel are great hit with renowned Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Dias, Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Swank, who continued to be impressed with Chanel season after season. Chanel is the best way to go when you need the extra chic.

Italian Fashion in a Runway

Italy is a nation which famous in terms of fashion that cares outside appearances. Inner beauty is also important in a man’s life but for the Italians, to have a well-groomed hair, possessed a good sense of dressing and have a neat pair of shoes are really important. Elegance is in the Italian blood, they are unhesitatingly sacrifice comfort to achieve in their lives. Obviously, no wonder that almost of the renowned artist names and designers are from Italy. From Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace, down to Roberto Cavalli to name a few. Almost of these great signatures appears in a fashion runways as well as if you want to see the latest trends just glance around various shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants and to all public billboards.

Italians follow the latest trend that suits them. They go something trendy and seek durable, classic and genuine quality fashion things.
Making choices about what to wear can sometimes be an intimidating task. What you think is in style in a particular season may be viewed for the next time. This is what fashion for most Italians. It is not about clothes at all. Italian fashion is actually all about an attitude: an attitude of sophistication, custom-made, elegance and ridiculous style and comfort.

“Victimless Crime” for Designers

Product imitation is not something new and this is very common since time immemorial. We can’t deny the fact that we are born fashionable in this fashion world. If fashion things gets hot and expensive, cheaper copycat edition are surely to follow.

The desire and demand for designer handbags, shoes and other fashion accessories has reached its new heights but it cost too much. Who can afford $1,500 for a Louis Vuitton handbag or $500 for a Prada shoes? If these fashion companies didn’t charge us so much with those shocking prices, we wouldn’t have to buy fake products. Isn’t it? People tend to buy these crazy fake stuffs just to fulfill their fashion desire and to be with their favorite celebrities as well. Imitations are selling at a fraction of the cost of the originals.

Can we blame fellow consumers for this mass flocking knockoff products?

According to anti-counterfeiting advocates, buying fakes is not a victimless crime, this is illegal but it does not violate or threaten the rights of anyone.
What was once believed to be a “victimless” crime is, in reality, a crime of many.

Go for Prada Nylon Handbags

I really love Prada for their nylon handbags but in some instances, other people contemn Prada for their nylon made because they simply think a nylon handbag isn’t worth their money especially when the bag cost thousands of dollars. Sounds cliché…

but if you look at its structure and style of most Prada nylon handbags they are stunningly beautiful in any angle and apparently different.

I absolutely adore with these handbags which is available in fabulous colors. Screamingly elegant and yells its classy look.Perfect!

Itallian Inspired Gucci Ankle Boots

Gucci shoes brings us a wide variety of shoe styles that are best alternative to any form of shoes, from loafers to boots, flats and others. Featuring this sexy ankle boots that is best with a motorcycle or a basic leather jacket for everyday use.
Refined and appealing, this Gucci boots is perfect for the man who has everything in his life from a rugged to a bachelor man with a bit of a romantic aura somewhere deep in his soul. Luxurious appearance and gorgeous feeling, comfortable and fashionable, a wonderful piece that a man must have in his closet as a great collection for winter, spring, summer or fall. Be inspired with this authentic boots from famous Italian designer, Gucci.

Balenciaga Flower Printed Beauties

Known for its “lavish bag”. Its the perfect time where Balenciaga first presented its new floral printed handbag line. Perfect and totally fun for the spring and summer time. Balenciaga designers made this stylish design that was significantly different from any other traditional leather handbags. These bags are definitely noticeable and attractive that would certainly add vibrance to your outfit this season.

Made of authentic leather with giant silver hardware that creates healthy dose of street credibility. Its printed bold flower creates feminine appearance that reflects your true personality. So gorgeous and stylish!

If you’re a fan of this handbag, you can snag one of these flower printed beauties at your online trusted online store. So, step out with confidence and be my lady!

Finest Roberto Cavalli Python Peep-toe Pumps

I was looking for some Italian-made shoes for myself over the net and accidentally I found this Roberto Cavalli finest python peep-toe pumps. This shoe is really fantastic for all major business affairs or whatever activities you take. Obviously, as its name implies, it is made of python skin in gorgeous silver platforms.

It seems that python shoes are really popular nowadays. These shoes are definitely a high end purchase with its elegant, classy and classic appearance. A fabulous shoe to wear from time to time in an exotic skin. Let this shoes speak for your!

Let’s Have a word on Fashion – Just Like That

Who doesn’t want to get noticed? Who doesn’t want to look stylish. Fashion world has been witnessing changing patterns in clothing for men as well as women. The transformation in the fashion outfits have revolutionized today’s youth.

Now the designer ready made clothes are in demand. They’re unique and stylish. Designer clothes and sports apparel are the latest trends which drive the fashion markets.  The Pleated trousers with skinny and full cut designs are becoming huge success in the international markets.  Casual wears give a look of rough and tough youth.

Bold patterned swimsuits with different colors are another fad. The beachwear apparels are also much sought after as they provide utmost comfort. Metallic colors are used in fashion clothes with shades of purple, pink and blue designs.

The steady growth of the industry is due to the fashion consciousness of the people. Pre-designed apparels have replaced the custom tailored clothes in the fashion market. The garment manufacturers focus more on cuts, designs and fabrics. Of course, brands are all-time hits. Let the new collections come and you’ll see the rush in malls and estores.

Needless to say, shopping malls and supermarkets have become the preferred spots for shopping the fashion products. Yet, online portals also compete with them by offering lucrative deals on their websites; easy and affordable shopping mere at a click.

People buy clothes according to their personal taste and personality and designers know the taste. They simply sense this fashion nerve and come out with creative ideas in apparels. The height and weight of a body determines a tight, loose, short and long dress. These designs by big brands like Gucci, miu miu, Paul Smith and more, simply fits everybody’s taste and size.

People prefer clothing according to their skin color. Fashion trends keep changing as they are just like day and night. The fashion trends of day before yesterday may comeback again tomorrow. Stay tuned guyz!

Red Shoe Confession

A fashion shoe statement of a working mom who really love red shoes. Read this brief confession:

“I am very obsessed when it comes to red shoes. This is part of my fashion shoe statement. My life will not be completely fulfilled when I don’t have any red shoes in my closet. I feel sexier wearing this crazy stuff which adds my confidence level and of course, it reflects who and what I am.

My Designer Shoe Collections

My closet has never gone out with Dolce and Gavanna shoes from pumps to flats. I already had a red stiletto by Manolo Blahnik which is my dream ever. Awesome! My friends got envy to me everytime I wear this fabulous shoes.These two designer brands were my favorite choice.

Now, I finally found a niche for my designer RED shoe collections. I am very happy and satisfied with this greatest gift in my life. No more no less!

Indeed, We must be practical enough for our fashion outfit. It doesn’t matter how costly and well-styled it is but on how we carry ourselves to have impressive looks. The more fashionable we are, the more confident we become. Be wise in taking your fashion styles!

Own at least ONE…

Designer handbags are something almost women love to get their hands on as their fashion wardrobe collection. These handbags are very fashionable, authentic and durable, attached by a prominent name that is known all over the world in a fashion industry. The main reason why some men and women can’t have all of these handbags just because designer handbags are very expensive and not everyone can afford to get over hundreds of dollars. Owning at least one is enough to fulfill your fashion desire.

As with most signature items, you pay extra for the name and you can guarantee that your money are worth the product you bought because of its combined superior construction, top materials and brand identification.

Indeed, it’s easy to look fabulous as long as you have enough money to buy your fashion accessories.