Women’s High Heeled Shoes

High heeled shoes help keep podiatrists in business with a stable flow of patients. These types of shoes are totally not good for foot due to the way they put so much pressure on the front of the foot and put the toes in a perverted position. Despite the bad effects, still, many women are fun of wearing it, because it makes them feel sexy and look fashionable. These women’s shoes also come from different variety of styles; in shapes and colors. There are some shoes to be consider a little bit more stable to be worn during work, like the block or wedge. For high fashion, we consider the stiletto or blades.


Main color: dark grey, light grey, black
Materials: suede leather, metal
Heel: 4 1/2″
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price : $659

Until now there is an unclear understanding over how high a heel must be considered high heeled shoes. Ideally the normal standard for the average heels must be two or three inches high and can be worn comfortably otherwise heels over four inches are usually worn by most professional dancers and celebrities. I reckon some reasons, women want towering heels just to project an illusion of being tall and to reveal their overall sexiness. Men and women thought about stiletto heel as a seductive tool to exude a woman’s sexual life.

There are things to consider before investing a pair of high heeled shoes. You should figure out the purpose why you want to buy that shoes and the kind of environment you will be wearing them.

The Timeless Burberry Handbag Collection

Fashionable men and women in today’s world much talk about fashion clothing, shoes and particularly on almost designer handbags and one of the fashion houses that they focus much is on the house of Burberry. This brand is highly recognized by most celebrities which founded by Thomas in 1856.


The Burberry Handbags by Collection

Prosum Handbags
House Check Clucth. Featuring the check signature, this clutch was made of crocodile trim, brass lock, magnetic fastener, and contains inside zipper pocket. Comes in a light brown with the price of $1000 approximately.

Heritage Handbags
Nova Check Satchel. Featuring black rolled handles, piping, trim, 2 way top zipper fasteners, and contains inside pocket for your mobile phone. Comes in black and Nova Check colors in the price of $500 retail.

Seasonal Handbag (Autumn and Winter)
Manor. Made of authentic leather in double handles, polished brass, zip top fastener, a brass lock and key with tonal check lining. Available in beige, tan, and black in the price of over $1,500.

The Burberry Handbags by Fabric

Check Handbags
Zip Hobo. Featuring a leather trim, brass fittings, magnetic buckle top, convertible shoulder strap, canvas lining, inside zipper compartment and two pockets for tiny things. Available in light brown color that retails at $500.

Leather Handbags
Backpack. This features outside pockets, check signature, trim piping, brass fittings, canvas lining, inside pockets, convertible shoulder strap. Available in black and cognac color selling at around $700.

Stay tune for more Burberry Handbags or visit my favorite online store at styledrops.com

Me, My Man & Valentine’s Day

Every year on Valentine’s Day, when my boyfriend comes up with one unique gift, it is indeed flattering. So, this time around, I planned to get something really special for him. All of you ladies out there must be knowing the plight of picking up stuff for your men- everything seems so ordinary; there’s nothing that really stands out as much as you would want your man to! Without doubt, I was also racking by brain on the perfect gift for my guy till… well, till I checked the Gucci range of latest men’s wear.

For the first time on Valentine’s I found that am getting worth for my money and picking one out of the three- a maroon striped shirt, a brown leather jacket and a lovely black coat, became really cumbersome! (I would have taken all the three, but you know what a compulsive shopper I am when it comes to my stuff- I am finally keeping low budget this season!!)

The maroon shirt with black and dark white stripes would look gorgeous on him. It is neither very formal, nor casual- just the perfect style for this season. I believe that a leather jacket is a must have accessory for every man and this particular one with zips and buttons would surely make him look hot!! I booked it for his birthday.

Winters are still here. So what I finally got was the black coat. It is a knee length one with collars standing out and the button styling adding some great chic to the velvety material- I am so sure I can ultimately end up having a great time on his chest when he has that coat on!! Actually this time around I realized, I’ll buy him stuff in which not only he is comfortable but snuggling on which even I’ll feel like am in the seventh heaven!

Points Of View Towards Purses and Handbags

Who says diamonds were a woman’s bestfriend? A woman of today must realize that not only diamonds are important in her fashion life but also beautiful and extravagant purses and handbags. Absolutely, we women will love them! Ideally, perfect handbags or purses are an excellent way to express one’s personality.

A woman uses these handbags to carry anything and everything from tiny to large ensembles according to purpose. We are always searching for the perfect accessories to match our outfit and not surprising, perfect handbags are always there.

As women age, their mode and taste of fashion are absolutely change and evolve. They are become interested in designer handbags and purses instead of regular department store local brands.
Some of the most popular handbags are those carried by popular celebrity faces in the industry such as Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and a lot more.

Purses made of leather are a favorite of most women because of its classy and eye catching appearance and it is available in a variety of colors. Denim is also a big pick because women can go with simple and dress up according to their own exotic style resembling with rhinestones and other purse decorations.

Handbags and purses are made greatly appealing to other woman who might compliment to the beautiful ensemble. Some women are making their own purses and handbags just to express their personal sense of style by using different materials and conform to different designs. Remember, it’s all about your personality. Express it! Say what you have to say to the fashion world. So enjoy your purse and handbags make it your own.

Popular Leather Shoes in the Market

hogan-shoesIn choosing a shoe material, men always consider the leather. It is flexible, strong, comfortable, and fashionable. There are different varieties of shoes. They come from cows, ostrich skin, alligator skin, crocodile skin, snake skin and kangaroo skin. Kangaroo leather is, in fact, known to be more resistant to abrasions than cow leather.

Leather does not come only from the variety of animals; it also came from the forms of full-grain leather that has a natural grain and good breathability. This was consider better that other forms of leather because it is the most durable and the top choice for distinguish shoe buyers.

Some of the popular leather shoes are suede, it is similar to full-grain leather but the upper layers of the material are brushed away to give its characteristics appearance. It is softer than the other forms of leather and also not nearly as durable. Despite the drawbacks about the Suede shoes, they are widely available and always fashionable.
Another type of leather shoe is the Top-grain leather, much of the grain has been sanded away compare to the full-grain leather shoe. This shoe has a lesser quality leather and is therefore inexpensive shoes.

Patent leather is considered as unfamiliar shoe but famous form of leather. This is not popular for men and women shoes but they prefer it. It has extremely glossy feel and appearance.

All leather shoes must be cleaned and polished regularly to maintain its appearance and keep it from drying our and cracking. Putting some waterproofing products in a leather shoes is a good idea. And using some conditioning products for your leather shoes to become soft, flexible, and comfortable will less a long time and gain character with age.

I Love Prada for handbags, Do you?

Why Prada handbags? Shopping is a real time adventure for me. Finally, I feel attracted to Prada’s one of brown leather handbags. It had an authentic built and was amongst real Prada items. It is really beautiful and is one of my favorite collections. This is because it is simply physically outstanding as well as useful. I can use it on regular basis. We all know that there are numerous fashion handbags available in the latest fashion market, but when it comes to Prada, it really stuns me.

Extremely soothing and comfy, it appears genuine and authentic. While making a selection of handbags, I always aim at something smart and pretty. For this, I find Prada amongst the right picks. Apt for all occasions, it gives a conservative and sophisticated looks that every woman is looking for. These handbags reflect your personality to a greater extent, by showing that you are confident and stylish. I love to have different types of designer handbags, but the handbag that I picked from Prada cannot be evaluated on the terms of local ones.

A pure leather bag is designed in a unique style and is bigger in shape. Having a glossy look, it appears more appealing to women who want to go for the latest range, rather than carrying on with the usual stuff. It is apt to fit in to all your day to day needs. A really nice piece, it is actually amongst the latest fashion accessories that not only boost your spirits, but also are long lasting.

You must know how important a handbag is in a daily routine life, especially for women. But, they have to be selected in a way that they can comply best with your personality. Choosing the right one for right time is what Prada stands for. So, take your pick now as I have taken mine.

Party in Style

Shopping is fun at the same time an expedition. I finally picked up the leather sandal I had been craving for, from the Jimmy Choo array just a couple of days back. It is so soothing and comfy in the summers with such strapped sandals that I’m contemplating on buying the other strapped shoes too. The black tint and the trivial heel make it all the more striking- it is for sure a wonderful fashion accessory for all my attires!

You must be knowing how much of a compulsive shopper I am but I guess for once I bought something anyone would! The handbag I picked from Jimmy Choo, cannot be evaluated with the local ones. This one is a prototyped patent leather shoulder bag which is designed in a bigger shape. The ultra-luxe finish and the dog clip hardware on the whole create it unruffled as well as sophisticated. It could fit in all you requirements opening wide enough even to bear your umbrella make-up stuff and even a pair of shoes. This piece is actually the one which will be useful for my long trips as well!

I know I’ve told you about a sandal already but I completely fell in love with the pair of shoes from Christian Louboutin Collection. Highlighted by its violet color, it is a single strapped with pretty fleets on the covering portion. Though your fingers get covered, slight portions of your feet get exposed.

There was also a pair of pink colored shoes to go with my light milky white gown that I’ll surely buy next month. It’s a peep toe with a normal heel and done in satin material the shoes fir any flamboyant party wear.

With the stocks around, I have to confess- I wish I was richer!!!

The Right Pair of Wedding Shoes

One of the most important events in our life is our wedding day. We always want to look beautiful and attractive during that occasion. Planning for a wedding is a big decision, lots of things to consider the venue, the motif, etc…but also consider your wedding shoes. Your shoes will bring you in altar elegant and very attractive especially to your love ones.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a wedding shoes, remember that your wedding is very important in your life. Your first choice to consider is the comfort of your feet, you will walk down the isle, greet all your visitors, have some pictures with them, cut the cake, and even dance. All these activities will be done with your wedding shoes.

We also consider the heels of our wedding shoes, but nothing to worry; we can cut them out all together, opting instead for pumps or even flats. If you’re not fun of wearing heels, make sure you walk around in shoes that are the same construction of your wedding shoes.

The height of the shoes is also a big consideration; the height must be fitted with the dress. If you can’t find the right shoe, but you want 2 shoes. You can buy 2 pairs of dummy shoes for your fitting until you find the best one for your wedding day.

The color of the shoes should always be match with your dress, especially in the most important occasions, like your wedding day. This is the hardest part when choosing a wedding shoe. Always check the color of the dress especially the color white, we have different ideas what color white is. So you need to take a swatch of the same fabric as your dress.

Shopping for your wedding shoes in all day long, will help in correct fitting because your feet swell up during the day. Also, if you plan on wearing stockings on the big day, wear stockings when you are shopping.


Main color: fuchsia
Materials: satin, strass
Styledrops Price : $520

I just came across to this Christian Lacroix sandal which is perfectly designed to fit on any occasion and of course, ready to use for your Wedding day.

Pick Your Prom Handbags

Prom is fast approaching and you still don’t have the perfect handbag for the party! So what are you waiting for, be on a hurry! Plan ahead of time and pick your own party handbag. If you don’t have any idea about what type of handbag to take in the first place, you should count an evening handbag to be on your shoulder for that night.

Evening handbags are beautifully designed fashion ensembles use to carry small accessories like your keys, money, make up kits, and other belongings.

If sounds like this is the best thing that you wish for on your prom night, then the following designer handbags will help you find the best possible options for your party handbag to complement your gown and accent your style gorgeously. You will be the shining star that brilliantly appearing the whole night of fun with love. Remember that it takes time to find your party dress that will perfectly match your Prom handbag, so the best thing you should do is to plan ahead of time and choose the handbag that is right for you, fit on your style and truly make you happy and comfortable because it is your night!

Here are the possible options:

Gucci “Crystal” Clutch


Main color: powder
Materials: patent leather, metal
Dimensions: 10″W X 4″H X 1 1/2″D
Hardware color: light gold
Price: $859

Prada Handbag


Main color: black
Materials: snake, metal
Dimensions: 12 1/2″W X 5 1/2″H X 1 1/2″D
Hardware color: gold
Price: $1649

Burberry “Bronte” Handbags


Main color: black, white, red, beige
Secondary color: black
Materials: novacheck pvc, leather, metal
Dimensions: 7″W X 4″H X 2″D
Hardware color: silver
Price: $348

Miu Miu “Clucth” Bag


Main color: red
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 16″W X 7″H X 6″D
Hardware color: silver
Price: $903

People say that these next handbags are awesome. Perfectly designed to fit your night. These four handbags are only the beginning of what you might expect on the Prom night. You can find thousands of handbags too. So start your quest and do a little detective work.

Must-Have Fashion: Belted Beauties

Everyone knows that a great figure is always a good thing in fashion. Style, after all, is a lot easier to achieve when most clothes – especially the sample sizes – fit you well. Body beautiful is apparently in vogue again, as proven by this new fashion trend of belting up your look.

Wearing a belt does more than just improve the fit of a garment or hold two pieces of an outfit together. It tells others “Hey, look at how thin I am! Do you see how little material’s needed to go around my waist?” or “Wow, look how this tiny belt is actually loose on me!” Even if you don’t have a figure, sending out messages like that makes other people believe that you’ve got damn nice curves.

There’s a whole spectrum of belts to choose from, and skinny belts are placed firmly on one end of it. Celebrity fashion magazines have been showing Hollywood inhabitants wearing these for years, so it’s time to give your own twist to it. Wear it with something that has clean lines, like slacks, a pair of trousers or even a tailored coat. This skinny leather specimen from D&G ($222, styledrops.com, code: dg067w-be0137-a5963-80308) would have gone with a lot of the clean-cut Dolce & Gabbana clothing from the last few seasons.

Wide belts are on the other end of the spectrum, and they’re used for a slightly different purpose. Belts that have a little more width to them can make an in-your-face statement and be used to complete a wide variety of looks. Pair ones like this huge snake-embossed Steve Madden Number with a jean-and-shirt combo for a new twist, or with a casual dress for some bohemian chic. You can even take the color scheme all the way and pair it with bright red Prada shoes.