Vogue for Spring Summer 2009 Handbags

You don’t need to be on diet to look fabulous with your favorite handbags. Being fab is all about what you are wearing, on how you match and use the current trends.

Primarily, there are variety of handbags which are trendy this spring and summer 2009. Different sizes ranges from huge totes to tiny clutches are “IN” and quiet ample.

So here are the latest vogue for handbags when it comes to sizes, you can choose from the biggest ones.

huge totes by Prada
medium sized bags by Gucci
medium sized clutches by Dolce & Gabanna
tiny clutches by Dior

Medium sized clutches is a fashion accessory that filled me with the emotional impact of overwhelming gaze. They are not kind of tiny stuffs like the past seasons fall 2008 winter 2009 collections. You can pack half of your belongings yet still being glamorous .

Below are the types of handbags that are currently praise by most designers all over the world for being ultra fashionable accessory for spring summer 2009:

classic strap handbag by Miu Miu
bag with a chain by Chanel
squishy bag by Valentino

The exquisite materials being used:

reptile leather of different colors-silk fabrics
folk motif
embellished with sequins

Paul Smith Clothing:Classic and Quirky

He is the British Style icon. Paul Smith personality sums up in 3 words. Nobody can replace the true British spirit of Paul Smith clothing and his unique designs. He has been at the center of the British menswear for almost 3 decades of producing menswear of high quality. Try to consider tailored suits, frizzy shirts, crisscross jackets, cuff links, and well-crafted shoes. It seems these are formal wear but each item have a “quirky” twist having a traditional British graphic print on it.

The true success of Paul Smith’s creations and overall business designs of classic and quirky were attributed to both of his roles as designer and a retailer. Giving men a chance to buy relatively traditional designs that offer a ‘twist’ of individuality and a classic look. These outfits are realatively popular for businessmen and traditionally associated with the upper class and wealthy that oozes class and quality.

Guys, I do recommend that you need to have one of his clothing collections in your wardrobe, no matter what societal level you are in. This is best for a young man who is looking to freshen up his formal or office attire this season.

There are always formal occasions for us to go through throughout our life and having an investment suits from Paul Smith means it will never go out fashion style.

See all our favorite picks from this season’s Paul Smith Clothing below:

Paul Smith Clothing

Paul Smith 2009_Clothing

Paul Smith 2009 Clothing

Manolo Blahnik Transforms a Woman

You can take my Fendi baguette, you can take my ring and my watch, but don’t take my Manolo Blahnik’s.”

The famous phrase used by Carrie Bradshaw from the movie Sex And The City. She has become world-known and illustrates the common love to Manolo Blahnik shoes.

No wonder we all love them so much. They are really perfect – perfect-looking and perfect to wear, feminine and comfortable.

These shoes are popular with celebrities, fashion icons and ordinary women as well.

Manolo Blahnik

The Man

With a carrer spannning over 30 years, Manolo Blahnik has become one of the world’s famous influential footwear designers. His shoes have spellbound an international set of adoring loyal devotees across the globe. He learned the art of making shoes by visiting factories where hetalked to machine operators, pattern cutters and technicians.

Manolo Blahnik Shoes

The Shoes

Blahnik is a craftsman. The exquisitely shaped lasts and heels he creates for his shoes are still perfected with his own hands. The lines and silhouette of his distinctive handbwriting, however, remain instantly recognizable as unique, inimtable exercises in precision and balance, exquisite workmanship and luxury. “Shoes,” he says, “help transform a woman.”

Dolce and Gabanna Shoes with Crazy Styles

Designer fashion accessories and shoes are a must have for men and women this season that were exclusively designed to accolades every outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Being stylish with different designer shoes like Dolce & Gabbana shoes gives you a distinct and glamorous appearance. To spot the light, you can mix up the sexy look with the latest line of fashionable handbags and clothing that are ready to deck you in a way that is extremely chic.

Dolce & Gabbana offers an extensive range of styles, colors and sizes that have been designed especially to facilitate women to express their style in a unique way.

Dolce & Gabanna Shoes

Dolce & Gabanna_Shoes

Dolce & Gabanna Shoes1Regardless of being beautiful at party or being stylish lady at work, these chic shoe models can actually turn a simple going everyday girl to an exceptionally gorgeous lady.

A must have this season, these shoes are available in different sizes, styles and colors. They are extremely comfortable that work’s best both night and day. Going perfectly with particular accessories, they make a best option for women who want to create their own style statement.

The Rolex

Rolex Logo

Rolex: An Obsession With Perfection

The leading name in luxury wristwatches, Rolex has been the pre-eminent symbol of performance and prestige for over a century. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with 28 affiliates worldwide and relying on 4,000 watchmakers in over 100 countries, Rolex continues to expand its long history of achievement and innovation.


Rolex with its high standards of quality are highly expensive targeting on high end buyers. They take the pride of introducing several concepts in designs and style such as the first wrist watch with automatic date changing, the first certified chronometer, the first dust proofing and water proofing cases and so on. Rolex has evolved as a household name that suits all the watch needs for those in all age groups either looking for funky style or elegance with utility and perfect quality.

Rolex: Exceptional Men and Women

In 1927, a young woman named Mercedes Gleitze swam through the icy waters of the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster. It marked the beginning of a long tradition: the linking of Rolex watches with exceptional individuals.

Since then, many of the world’s greatest explorers, sports figures and artists have endorsed Rolex timepieces. These testimonees all share Rolex’s guiding spirit: the constant pursuit of perfection.

Chloe Girl

Chloe Model

A 38-year old British Hannah MacGibbon is the new designer for Chloe, hired to spice up the spring collection and reconnect with the customer who would once spend anything to get her hands on a sexy and trophy one of a kind piece.

Who is a Chloe girl?

She is the girl who has an understated chic. Always present and comfortable in her body. Her step is light and assertive, her touch is true and real.

Her attitude has become sexier as she grown up. She is aware of celebrating and enhancing her femininity. She still remains a girl eternal on the inside and most of all she is a rare flower of paradise.

Chloe Girl Clothing

The shapes are not complicated without any fuss, the lines are pure and clean just like cutting paper in the air and embellishment was being emphasized.

Chloe 2009 Model

The color palette of nudes and powdered hues signature to the house are enhanced with shades from the desert, sands, coral, amber, brick, terracotta and the shades of sun are mixed with richer undertones of metallic bronze, copper and midnight blue.

Textures of shine and powder in an array of fabrics are contrasted in silhouettes. Print, lame and lace combine with a plastic shoe creating an exotic mixture. An emphasis on shorts show off beautiful legs.

Chloe Lady

Floppy tailoring has been the center of the collection. Great concentration is paid in the way the fabric hangs from a defined shoulder. Jackets in a light crepe or more structured in a bonded lame accentuate this attitude for chloe. There is an ease in the trousers using light crepe de chines.

Chloe Lady 2009

This fashion statement is also translated into long dresses. The jumpsuit styled in a variety of forms and textures brings a strong statement to the collection. Lace is bonded or backed into lighter textures, giving a smooth durable effect. Tops and blouses remain light and airy with emphasis on the volume of the shoulder and the silhouettes outlined in scallop. The day outfits at the heart of Chloe are made in cotton chambray putting attention on the waist.

The clothes speak to women’s heart and soul. In conform to a sense of realism and wearability of clothes has been the basis of creating the new Chloe image.

“Do It Yourself” – Vivienne Westwood Clothing

Vigorous, exposed undergirdings, bundled fabrics—the pioneer of funky fashion, Vivienne Westwood standard have been coming fast and furious from all quarters of the season. To note that the geometric flaps that have appeared everywhere from A-Z fashion designer’s list were introduced by Madam Viv. So she’s finally seizing the moment to explore the more fashionable side of arty fashion.

She is a designer who wears a headband with the anti-consumerist message “branded” rolled across it and she is the one who sends out a new muckraking slogan for the T-shirt every season.

Vivienne Westwood Clothing

This season: “We need an estimated $30 billion per year to save the rain forest.” This message inspired the show’s “Do It Yourself” conservation theme. “Everything from Westwood’s familiar asymmetrically wrapped-and-bustled dresses to the capes flung across one shoulder came in frayed fabrics that looked like they could in previous lives have been tablecloths, drapes, or shower curtains”, the bedsheet couture,

Less fabulous loincloth pants exposed the privates of models’ boxer shorts. Women wore headscarves as knickers and there’s not much of a retail future in a clear plastic jacket and ball skirt although it undeniably had a certain undone charm. In its great folly, it was chic and classic Vivienne Westwood clothing in the corner.

Miu Miu Handbags-Exclusive Fashion Accessories

0_2.jpgWomen want to be seen holding their favorite Miu Miu Handbags to express their status or show off their wealth. Even top celebrities are seen carrying these designer bags to big events and even to other social areas. Epitome of luxury and fashion, these handbags make an ideal choice for women looking for unusual styles.

On a more practical side, these handbags incorporate quality leather and materials to suit all women to whatever their style dilemma and outfit is. Offering vast and varied styles, these handbags are exclusively designed to compliment every outfit meanwhile giving women a chance to create their own style statement. Lending you stunningly beautiful looks, they make a perfect choice for parties and all social events. You can go for beige leather metal bag or blue leather metal bag to create your own fashion statement.  01.jpg

Synonymous with class and style, these handbags are being preferred by women across the globe. Acting as a true companion, these handbags not only hold your essentials carefully, but also reflect your personality in a unique way. Offering you multiple choices, these handbags are readily available in different patterns and colors according to the occasion and purpose. Helping you move around in a stylish way, they have become popular among the ladies that usually follow the latest styles to express themselves in a best possible way.  So, if you too want to hold comfort and style at the same time, grab these handbags for fascinating looks. They can really make a difference wherever you carry them, be at workplace or any social event. Get going with these bags as they are worth to hold.

Yves Saint Laurent-Classic Designer Clothing & Accessories

208314AB80G9569.jpegYves Saint Laurent, the most influential designer can be credited of finally rendering ready-to-wear reputable clothing series to the stylish people all across the globe. It has found a place in the hearts of people who have a passion for fashionable things. Rising to fame in the current fashion scenario through remarkable designs and patterns, its fashion creations have actually given place to different designer fashion image and unique individual demands for sophisticated styles.

Offering a different image to accommodate unique as well as individual styles, it has a number of designer collections that include handbags, tops, shoes, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, sandals, and more for both men and women. Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion designs are the most sought after international fashions. Even famous celebrities are supporting its creations to a greater extent. Check beige soft patent leather tote bag or large black patent leather bag for stylish looks. Muse156464AB80G1000.jpeg
Additionally, in 1960s and 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent could popularize different fashion trends such as tight pants, beatnik look, tall boots, safari jackets, and others. It’s most famous collections include the Picasso, Ballet Russes, or Pop Art. In fact, for decades, this fashionable clothing and accessories have been known for refining fashion in a way that is unique. Even, it has glamorized masculine items like the blazer, tuxedo and leather jackets so that women who want to go for unusual stuff can wear them meanwhile creating their own fashion statement. A frequent use of ethnic themes and bright colors in the garments, the luxurious and elegant evening wear of this online fashion house is tinged with fantasy.

Gucci Shoes in Tattoo and Tortoise Prints

Tattoos and tortoise prints: This is Gucci’s eccentric choice of theme for its 2009 Cruise collection. As a label , Gucci is well-known for its quirky and sometimes out-of-the box fashion stuffs.

This season, many of you guys might super excited of the Gucci’s love for tattoos. The prints was began last year with their Tattoo Heart bags in support for UNICEF charity.

The term ‘tattoo-print shoes’ sounds like a contradicting term. The first image associated with a tattoo is a tough biker guy, not a Gucci boutique. The designer, Frida Giannini and her stylish team create the whole tattoo concept with so much artisanship.

Take this tattoo-printed peep-toe slingback stiletto for example  Get closer, it looks like any other pair of Gucci shoes in the corner with mild color embossed with the double-G logos but it reveals its wilder side with the tattoo-style rose print.

Gucci ShoesTattoo Print

Gucci ShoesTattoo Prints

Gucci ShoesTattoo_Print

However if you want to show yourself a little bit conservative, you might need to take the alternate route with the other trend that the house of Gucci brings to us this season, the Tortoise.

Gucci Shoes

Just like with Gucci’s lure for tattoos, the design is applied sparingly with great impact to people. It’s a subtle touch that adds lots of drama to a single pair of Gucci shoes.

Gucci really know that every inch of those heels make a big impression to all fashionistas.