My Louis Vuitton Obsession!

I know this site was ONLY intended for designer shoes but due to my LV obsession, I can’t control my urge for designer handbags.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton designer, Marc Jacobs is truly a genius that flows against the tide of fashion when it comes to designer handbags. He knows how to develop something unique and different from other designers from old classic styles into fresh and outrageously chic.

With the handbags, he gave birth and presented the classic Noe and Alma bags in incredibly fabulous designs. The Monogram Double Jeu means “Double Game,” consist of a Neo Noe and a Neo Alma.

In my own understanding with this bag, I am assuming the name “double” signifies to the bag-to-bag relationship. After I saw the bag in pictures, my mind put crazy notions at rest. It consist of an inner bag that has chain handles and can be detachable.

The fabric of the interior bag has an Epi -like weave and it features a brass “Inventeur” plaque for an optional use of bag. It can be carried separately.
The actual Noé and Alma was located and considered as the outer bag. It has leather straps for easy carrying. They are expected to be released sometime in September this year. Continue reading My Louis Vuitton Obsession!

Why Most Women Absolutely Love Handbags!?

A common question which is a bit mystery to men. A lot of women spend big bucks of dollars just to have their own perfect handbag to tote around. What drives them to spend thousands of pennies on such material thing?

Well, it’s all about fashion! Perfect handbags have the power to upgrade the look of every single outfit. It is a must for every woman to own multiple handbags in their wardrobe to suit their outfits. A-list celebrities have no doubt toting around variety of new, flashy bag on their arms everyday.

Some believe that a handbag is not just for fashion purposes but it is also for business. Women used handbags just to carry some important files, beauty kits and other techie stuffs intended for business. Practical handbags indeed.! This idea lead to the development of big range of stylish and practical handbag by top designers all over the world such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Chloe to name a few.

Perfect handbags can really change a woman’s perception towards her outer and inner beauty. They help ooze our self confidence from our fresh new look whether an urban chic look, or a femme look.

There are lot of women handbags out there to suit your taste and needs but sometimes it is an addiction that are getting out of control. Only women can fully understand how important a single handbag in their life.

So, if you want to splurge your girl with material thing, buy her a handbag now!

Your Excellent Guide to Discount Designer Shoes

We have to admit that we are a material being. We love all kinds of stuffs when in comes to beauty and fashion for personality development.

One of those stuffs is the shoes. Our rage for designer shoes are never-ending quest. In the battle between us and the designer shoe, we have to accept the fact that the shoe wins.

discount designer shoesIt is very hard for us when there are discount designer shoes in the market that we have to ignore because there are things wee need to prioritize. But when the times hit and we find ourselves starring at a pair of discount designer shoes, our life are more meaningful again. It’s an obsession, isn’t it?

Here are some of the essential guides to discount designer shoes that could help us to assure that our designer shoes are still in the closet for years to come.

Wood is always the best option when buying discount designer shoes. With the towering prices of most designer shoes, you must check very carefully the type of materials being utilized, the design and its timeless quality. Feel free to vamp your discount designer shoes without worrying of breaking the wood. Continue reading Your Excellent Guide to Discount Designer Shoes

Online Designers Clearance

What a score! While browsing the web I stumbled across a designers clearance website that is so full of great offers that I had to look twice to make sure I was really seeing prices this low on name brand designer clothes, shoes and accessories.

Women will find Gucci, Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier along with other giants of the fashion industry all on one website. A fine example of the great bargains on this website is Gucci’s Spring ’09 Rubber Ballerina Shoeguc044s_190792.J8700.5425_KK_KK_p.jpg. This Gucci is made from rubber and decorated with intricate cut out design. You would expect to pay around $200 for this pair of shoes but on the website, they sell for only $173.  If you’re in the mood for a new winter handbag, take a look at the Bomber Bag from Jean Paul Gaultierjpg002w_03117004_p.jpg. This is a fantastic bag with numerous zippered and snapped compartments to assure you never run out of room in a handbag again.

Ladies, if you do the shopping for the man in your life, you won’t find anything better than this website for selection and value on name brand merchandise.  Guys, if you shop for yourself, start here for the best buys on the best merchandise available today. If you are looking for comfort, fashion and a look that says you are a man of substance, a pair of Bottega Veneta men’s shoesbv002s_183537.VCHC1_p.jpg are just the perfect shoe for you. To show the world you have really made it throw on a Gucci men’s polo and head out on the town.

Accessories of all sorts are there for the choosing. You have to admit, a pair of Armani sunglasses complete with authenticity card, would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Discounts abound online at so head there today to find amazing bargains on name brand merchandise.

Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 Array of Handbags

Spring/summer seasons are very fast. It seems a moment ago that I have complimented my favorite label, Gucci. There were few spring/summer 2009 handbag items that didn’t make me flinch and some I really liked. Now, I am looking forward for I can possibly tote these handbags on the distant horizon because they are readily available on my Gucci online store.

An array of Gucci Handbags after the jump.

Gucci Medium Boston Bag

Showing above is the Gucci ‘icon bit’ medium Boston bag. It has a horse bit detail, D ring detail, metal chain and studs. The chain details and its little studs are the perfect hardware that I am looking for to complete my chic city street look. I think its a little bit pricey for a medium sized leather bag ($1,990).

Gucci Galaxy Large Shoulder Bag

Another Gucci  ‘galaxy’ large shoulder bag with metal chain and interlocking G-detail. One of the handbag preferences from this collection. Favored being simple and large shoulder design. This bag has also right amount of hardware that allow us to express our strong attitude. Fairly priced $3,500 for a designer python like this. It is also comes in black leather for the price of $2,500.

Gucci medium shoulder bag with horsebit detail

This is the Gucci ‘icon bit’ medium shoulder bag. It has a horse bit detail, D ring detail, and lot of studs that comes in variety colors and utilized from various materials. This bland suede version start at $1,390.

Gucci New Jackie large Shoulder Bag

Lastly, I really like this Gucci ‘new Jackie’ large shoulder bag with hand stitching, bamboo detail and tassels. Very classic ever! The tassels on the opposite side and the bamboo detail gives the right amount of decoration to complete the look.

This type of Gucci bag has a broad range of prices because of different materials and colors are being utilized. The price starts at $2,995 for the GG monogram version and go up to $9,990 for the ostrich version.
The bag shown above has a price of $5,700. A little bit steeper for python, but it is absolutely a beautiful handbag.

These are some of the Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 Handbag Collections to splurge on! So put all your pennies down.

Eagerly Anticipating Prada

Prada_Women_s_shoes.jpgFor those of us eagerly awaiting the arrival of Prada’s annual Fall/Winter collection of women’s shoes, the wait is over! The Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Collection is finally here and once again Prada thrills us with a wide array of shoes guaranteed to make any shoe aficionado drool.

Prada shoes for women are always a great choice to complement any outfit and this collection is no exception. Once again Prada has created designs to suit every need from sports shoes, classic pumps and peep toes to knee high leather boots. The Prada Fall/Winter Collection has something for all women who demand high quality, high fashion shoes.

Shoesw.jpgCharming black leather Mary Janes embellished with silver studs and the cutest little bow  peek at you from the page alongside luscious rich brown suede ankle high, zippered boots with 4” heels.

Prada clothing for women is always high fashion and in impeccable taste. Prada denim jeans make you feel like a model when you slip into a pair of these form fitting, body flatterers.prada_clothings.jpg

Most of us girls like to dress down occasionally and still retain our sense of style. For times when you feel like slipping on the casuals and strolling in the park, Prada’s sport shoes and a pair of Prada jeans is just what you need. Light weight, comfortable and classy, the Prada Sports Linea Rossa women’s sport shoe comes in white with gold accents and includes the Prada logo prominently displayed on the side.

Shoes.jpgPrada women’s shoes are simply spectacular and their women’s clothing is as always, the gold standard of ladies fashion. Would we expect less from Prada? Let the little devil in you shop for Prada online at; after all we all know that even the devil loves Prada!

The Latest Trend of Gucci Hobo Handbags

Gucci handbags come in variety of styles and designs. It is very popular not just because of its quality and label but because of its distinct fashionable designs and functionality.

The house made a significant contribution to the need of every women towards fashion by creating something unique, spacious and functional in a crescent-shaped purse, Hobo.

Gucci Hobo Handbag

This is a wonderful attribute to fashion because we don’t have to worry packing our things before leaving the house. We can find Gucci Hobo in a variety of sizes, colors and shades ranging from neutral, bold or bright colors.

Bright colored handbags seem to the burning desire of every woman this season but bear in mind that brightly colored handbag is an attention grabber. There’s nothing wrong to purchase a handbag in a bright shade but we don’t want to over shadow the clothes we are wearing.

Hobo Handbags were designed to compliment our clothes and not a distraction.

A wide variety of materials have been utilized for the creation of this type of Gucci handbag such as leather,tapestry and linen to name a few. We can also find this handbag in a beautiful buckles and clasps.

You can find this style at all Gucci shopping stores all over the world. There are also lot of great online boutiques to shop for your desire Gucci Hobo Handbags.

Owning a Gucci Hobo handbag you can get the class and style as well as the comfort and functionality that most all women wish their handbags possessed.

Men Thongs and Society

Its over!Gone are the days that thong undies are just only for women. In regards to men’s fashion, thong underwear is increasingly popular in recent world of fashion. This thin strip of material along the center of the garment’s back favored by many men as an excellent alternative to the brief, boxer or boxer brief underwear styles. Thong underwear provides enough support to its predecessors.

According to the senior vice-president of JockeyInternational, Jim Noble “a male thong gives a sense of support without confining.”

It’s a misconception that thongs are designed only for gay population but its already gone, straight men will prefer too. Men’s thongs are more widely available to the general public. Like heterosexual group of males find thongs as one of their important stuffs in their wardrobe that adds their clothing styles and gives comfort. They are incomparable looking for the right underwear when wearing a low rise and slim fit jeans.

Thongs have four types and has ONE purpose – to support the genitals. These includes the G-String, strapless pouch, athletic

The G-String thong has a front pouch providing great support to the genitals. It is made of an elastic string not a strip of fabric.

The strapless pouch thong has no straps and also provides support to the genitals.

The athletic supporter thong hold the genitals through its pouch with two securing straps for ultimate protection. Lastly, the formal thong is like a traditional thong consisting of a front pouch and a strap across between the leg.

Thong has social implications. The rise of thong usage in both male and female has been linked to a rise of sexual fetish in society and a rise in the desire to go unclothed. No matter what the society say, its all about fashion and comfort.

Classic and Glamorous Prada Shoes 2009 Resort Collection

Today’s focus is the Prada 2009 Resort Collection.

Prada Fall 2009 Resort Collection was successfully launched into the market and started to turn up at your favorite online shopping sites with charm.

A plethora of these resort styles are designed for more conservative women which are simple, stylish, feminine and classic.

Prada ShoesMain color: gold
Materials: leather, fabric, rubber, metal
Styledrops Sale Price: $ 399

The collection consist of a low demi-wedge sandals that are excellent change from latest trends towards higher and more perilous shoe styles.

If you’re a woman who are fond of wearing high heels, the ombre nude Maryjane pumps are the best splurge. It has a slim yet solid heel that let you luxuriate into more extravagant style without experiencing any form of difficulty in walking.


Main color: beige
Materials: suede leather, metal
Heel: 3 1/2”
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Sale Price: $ 629

Muccia Prada, the designer itself have not forgotten to include glitzy styles in her collections. This is due to the apparent preferences of every ladies who simply never stopped craving for innovative style of fashion. Everyday is a holiday, definitely many gals will find plenty opportunities to let these Prada’s angelic beauties shine.

PradaMain color: green
Materials: snake, stones
Styledrops Sale Price:  $ 670

Indeed, I have an obsession with Prada shoes. I find myself all those Prada stuffs ranging from demi-wedge T-strap, high-heeled platforms and the basic yet sexy jeweled slides classic and glamorous.

Attention Prada lovers! Which styles do you find most appealing?

Practical Handbag to Splurge On!

A handbag is one of the most important fashion accessories for men and women of all ages. It is an essential stuff for most gals to express their true personality and to put their precious things inside. A practical handbag is an excellent type to splurge on that apparently best fitted on different fashion styles.

Prada HandbagsYou don’t need to buy or spend exorbitant ones as long as they last for a long time. The name itself signifies very practical because of its usefulness and functionality. Most practical handbags have variety of pockects located inside and outside where you can possibly put all your belongings in an organize manner.

When shopping, wise men and women go for practical handbags that are apparently appealing to the eyes of most everybody. They carefully check the straps, textures, quality, durabilty, handy compartments, colors and sizes.

For practicality, most women prefer to choose neutral colors such as brown and black. These colors are definitely match almost any type of outfits and gives different effects to the total appearance.

Also women go for medium when it comes to handbag sizes not for oversized one. Some prefer extra sizes handbags as one of the fashion latest trends today.

If you are a practical fashionista, you must pick handbags that are very stylistic and worth the price.

Go for practical and Be practical! Carry it anywhere based on your daily lifestyle!