Prada Handbags for Fall 2009

Muccia Prada amuse the world of fashion again in her exotic design at her Miu Miu Spring 2010 show in Paris. The design were in full esssence. Some pieces exposed on the divulge and scanty side, allowing surreptitious glance or secretly look of paunch skin below the style and tailor in a certain fashion suits.

To increase the quality signatures of devil-may-care innocence to the collection the designer give the long, scraggly braids that expressing the admiration to the triumph of the designer.

A howling success of the Prada Handbags for Fall 2009 Collection create of highest excellence and refined design, regarding the last years lace debacle. The evocative of a doctors bag, the designers give an aesthetically pleasing naunce of burgandy or dramatized nylon with the Prada emblem move to the modesty and wise and self-restraint side of the shoulder bags.

Prada Handbags for Fall 2009

Prada Handbags Fall 2009

Prada_Handbags Fall 2009

Prada Handbags Fall_2009

Miu Miu Shoes for Spring/Summer 2010

The Miu Miu shoes for Spring/Summer 2010 were designed by the designer itself, Miuccia Prada. Her designs are so-called the “questioning innocence, questioning youth” because her collections are only for grown women. We don’t like to dress like a kid , so she designed the more mature clothing but the shoes itself are very child like in both style and design.

The silk materials exhibits flowery or animal prints in child-like appearance and the mary jane shoe s in rounded toe seems like dress shoes for the young girls.

Some Miu Miu shoes that were not Mary Janes were still out of trend or has bizarre look that we wouldn’t expect from this high priced luxury designer.

The designer has an amazing amount of achievement from her elegant and exquisitely crafted shoes in just a short period of time.

Indeed, she has the magic touch to pleased her entire empire with these beautful shoes.

Miu Miu Shoes

Miu Miu Shoes Spring 2010 Collection

Miu Miu Shoes Spring 2010

What Should You Wear as a Professional Woman?

The current high unemployment rates are making it difficult for many of the unemployed to get jobs in their normal profession. For those women who find themselves in the situation where they have accepted a new job in a professional field but are a bit tentative about what sort of wardrobe they need, let’s take a look at the best method for building a wardrobe for a professional woman.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to put a nice professional wardrobe together. If you have been unemployed for a lengthy period and have little money to invest in a new wardrobe there are many stores that feature gently used, like-new career clothes at incredible reasonable prices to get you started on your new job.

To start your wardrobe, the best approach is to buy clothes in neutral tones that can be worn interchangeably. The basics of any wardrobe are skirt and jacket ensembles. A good start is three ensembles of the best quality you can afford. Then add a knit outfit, either a skirt and jacket or pants and jacket that are the same neutral tones as your first three outfits. This instantly increases the versatility of all 4 outfits; since they are neutral tones you will be able to mix and match the tops, bottoms and textures. Now add two dresses, one solid and one a fun print. You can wear your jackets to give a new look to the dresses.

If you can wear slacks in the office, buy slacks of linen or tweed fabric that can be worn with your ensemble jackets to vary your look. The last items you need to complete your basic professional wardrobe are tops. Invest in shirts or light sweaters keeping in mind the color of your jackets, pants and skirts. Tops are a great place to choose color to brighten up your look.

The beauty of starting with a neutral tone, basic wardrobe is that it is very easy to add items later to fill out your closet.

Pamper Your Feet with Gucci Shoes

Gucci shoes are the most prestigious shoes you could put on your feet. They are designed to perfection and made with the finest of leathers and GG fabric. Gucci designs a wide array of styles in recognition of the fact that their customers have individual taste.

When shopping for Gucci shoes you can find them at Gucci’s website. Gucci shoes are also available online at discount websites such as where you will find less than retail prices and guaranteed authenticity.

Online Gucci’s for women include the whole array of styles from flats to pumps, booties and boots to elegant, classical Gucci sneakers. Male Gucci fans will find all their favorite Gucci’s including leather booties, loafers and sneakers. No wonder everyone loves Gucci! Gucci has designed shoes for every taste that are appropriate for all occasions.

Ladies are going to love the new “Interlocking” nearly knee high winter dress boot made of black suede featuring 3.5” heels. With a convenient inside zipper these tall boots will be easy to don. These gorgeous boots will complement any suit, dress or skirt to make the outfit look remarkable.  For ladies that have to slog along wet sidewalks and cross water filled streets, the Gucci boot featuring a lug sole, GG fabric upper and rubber body will keep your feet warm and dry in any wet circumstance. You will be dry and fashionable at the same time with these boots.

Men will find plenty to be enthused about in Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Men’s Shoe Collection. Gucci has designed some fine choices for winter wear with rubber traction soles for walking safely in winter conditions such as the elegant black leather loafer with side Gucci insignias. High top sneakers are wonderful in this collection enabling men to dress casually but fashionably all year.

A pair of Gucci’s are going to make your feet very happy.

Givenchy Spring 2010 Runway

The latest collection from Givenchy Spring 2010 designed by Riccardo Tisci who was inspired him by the youth of Morocco, Tunisia and designing with Michael Jackson in mind. Love it or hate it!

The collection started with a clean slate of white and black monochromatic suits and the show progressed into an urban-inspired wear in the form of baggy tapered shorts and simple oversize tops.

During the past seasons, Tisci had moved from modesty to boldness, bringing forth loud prints, vibrant red and lame gold.

It is an eye-catching show but visually clash with no logic.
Both solids and red flannelette were embellished to the point of no return made solid pieces like the tuxedo coats, cummerbund or mesh tank into relief. Tisci excels on the solid front but in regards to prints and embellishments maybe he needs a grounding in reality.

Givenchy Spring 2010

Givenchy_Spring 2010



Polo Ralph Lauren Signature

Polo Ralph Lauren is a leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances.

What began forty years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part the company’s dream.

Polo Ralph Lauren

They are the innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. For many years, their reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets.

As the company grows and evolves, they remain dedicated to maintaining a dynamic and inclusive work environment. They value the individual talent that comprises this company and are committed to equal opportunities for each employee’s advancement. The company believes in and supports policies and practices that prohibit discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

What’s Hot for Fall 2009

2009 has been quite a year what with the global economy issues and all; at least one thing has stayed constant, fashion collections continue to come out with every season change. The latest collections are elegant, stylish and simply gorgeous to look at. Fall 2009 collections are diverse and reflect many themes; the most prevalent of which is the vintage look.

A few items have emerged from the Fall 2009 that have set themselves up as “must haves” no closet should be without.

•    Thigh high boots~ an absolute must have. Available in almost any color, thigh high boots are very feminine and complement all styles of outfits.

•    Platform pumps~ high on the list of must haves are great looking, feminine, high pumps. These come in a huge assortment of colors and styles so you won’t have any problems matching outfits.

•    Leather~ is going to be everywhere this fall and winter. Show your good taste and penchant for luxury by wearing shoes, accessories, handbags, pants and skirts made of suede and leather. Leather is definitely HOT!

•    Knit dresses~ sexy, retro and incredibly hot! Tremendously stylish particularly when paired with opaque tights and platform pumps. Carrying a leather handbag you’ll be the epitome of fall fashion 2009.

•    Trench coats~ available in a remarkable variety of styles, colors, lengths and materials. Trench coats highlight the wearer’s figure and look fantastic on all body styles; they are BIG this season.

Colors are mainly neutral tones that are easily livened up with red, purple and fuchsia. For those who prefer to keep their colors neutral, olive and orange based yellows are big this year. Plaid is the hottest print fabric; pair a plaid skirt and solid color sweater and you are instantly in style. The hottest fabrics are such traditional classics as satin, velvet, suede, leather and textured wool. Styles are definitely leaning towards a layered look with at least one exaggerated detail (an oversized collar, for instance). Patent leather is HUGE in everything from sneakers to thigh high boots.

Jean Paul Gaultier Collections for Spring 2010

One of the most noticeable remarks in fashion is the ability of those people to perceive the real signature.

Something worthy and you can possibly hold on to regardless of what the trend dictates or a consumer preferences.
But sometimes we want to look at clothing as practical and wearable with an element of fantasy , art and creation that reveals the essence of fashion.

Jean Paul Gaultier

A perfect example is my beloved and highly admired, Jean-Paul Gaultier who showed his talent for spring 2010 collection by designing high-end fashion with a pulse on the streets while keeping his provocative signature over the others.

The set entitled “the G Spot” created by Gaultier for pregnant Jourdan Dunn in a corset style as well as he restored the signature “cone bras” that Madonna made famous in many variations including denims.

So enjoy my favorite Jean Paul Gaultier as we are taking his Spring 2010 shoe collections.

Jean Paul Gaultier_shoes

Jean Paul Gaultier Shoes

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring shoes

Gucci Wallets Through the Years

The name Gucci in the fashion industry has been associated with class and sophistication, innovation and uniqueness. Until now, Gucci continues its dedication to the highest level of styles and the new twist of of classic looks as we have seen on Gucci wallets.

Gucci Wallets

The special touches and classic details of Gucci wallets are part of their alluring beauty. Gucci women wallets serve as the delicate point of feminine statement and for men, Gucci wallets symbolizes the strength of masculine poise. The real Gucci wallets has stripped signature webbing, engraved plating, gold D ring and G signature ornaments.

Gucci has a wide range of wallet styles for you to splurge on:

Continental Wallet – is a large-rectangular wallet that looks more sleek despite its large size. It has a snap enclosure that provides easy access to your card slots, bills, ID window and coin pocket.

Flap French Wallet – is a small-square wallet with a snap closure that contains card slots and coin pocket

Mini Flap French – is a smaller version of the French Flap that contains six card slots, bill and coin compartments.

Wristlet – is a wallet with a zip-top enclosure that contains a sleek look strap on one side. It makes easy to carry all your essentials and in safe mode.

Bi-Fold Wallet – is a wallet with several cards slots, dual compartment and snap closure coin pocket.

No matter what style you prefer to be your body, Gucci wallets can be an interesting way to emphasize your look.

Sale Priced Gucci Handbags

There are ways to beat the high cost of fashion brand name items. Gucci is a prestigious name that sends shivers down the spine of trendy fashion aficionados everywhere; the possibility of getting a bargain on Gucci handbags is enough to make one’s pulse race.

Gucci handbags are made of the finest materials whether it be leather or Gucci’s signature GG fabric. Gucci also incorporates such materials as velvet, crocodile and satin into their handbag designs to set the standards for handbag fashion year after year. Since Gucci enjoys a position of extreme prominence in the fashion world it is also one of the most copied design houses on our planet.

If you don’t mind buying an out of season handbag (for instance buying a summer bag in the dead of winter) there are some fantastic buys on Gucci handbags. On Gucci’s website you can find off season bags with marked down prices. However, most likely you will get the best deals looking at discount sale sites that feature high fashion merchandise with authenticity guarantees.

Online discount websites such as specialize in selling authentic, guaranteed name brand merchandise at less than retail prices. They feature discount prices and when they have a sale, a buyer can easily save significant amounts. For example, the spring/summer “Guccioli” handbag featuring Gucci’s signature GG fabric is marked down from an already discounted price of $999 to a sale price of only $850.

How many times have you encountered street vendors offering you brand name merchandise at ridiculously low prices? Generally these vendors are scamming and their items are not authentic. Online vendors use the same tactics and sell copies with no authentication paperwork. Be aware that any real Gucci handbag comes with an authenticity card, a 100% guarantee and a Gucci dust bag.