Miu Miu Clothing – Pure Indulgence!

Miu Miu clothing is an indulgence that is hard to resist. For all the lovely ladies, just check out the latest collection among Miu Miu clothing and you will know why I am saying so.  It comes forth as a wonderful blend of best fabrics and wonderful designs.Fabric makes a lot of difference in giving the final look to your design. Consider the Miu Miu Swallow-print silk dress for instance. This latest design is every woman’s desire. The fabric is sure to tickle your senses with pleasure. Added to this, the dress comes in wonderful combinations too. Be it colors, the intricate laces or the pleasant combinations, Miu Miu seems to score in just every front.

If you want to look nothing less than a celebrity, consider the Miu Miu clothing’s collection of dresses which are studded with jewelry. You will be elegance personified when you wear such a dress. There would be no need for any further accessories since the dress is itself studded with all that is needed to make you look interesting.

There is a great variety in the clothing line offered by Miu Miu. They include jackets, jeans, dresses and many others. There are many who track the various looks that this brand brings forth year over year. With designers as promising and authentic, fashion industry will never be boring or stagnate even for a moment. Every design of Miu Miu shows the importance given to both style and comfort and gives you no reason to compromise.

Dolce & Gabbana Denim for Spring/Summer 2010

The new Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 collection is a tribute to the Sicilian way of life and its reincarnations. Not only the essence of classic beauty of the body and soul , but also the point towards the epicurean beauty of an exquisite suit showing sensuality with the use of laces, crochets and some floral prints.

The conventional significance substantiates and ultimately satisfies the desire for beauty. Transparency is the main element of the whole collection that can be found on most dresses, skirts, camisoles and shoes.
The quest of perfection is a response to look forward into the future and find the ideal concept of an immaculate and timeless gracefulness and good taste.

Dolce & Gabbnana denim jeans represent these characteristics. They are my favorite when it comes to denim jeans. I often wear it with my top when go to work. I don’t have any problems towards my DG denim jeans. I love the design and fabric as well as the style that boost up my personality. This is Dolce & Gabanna, this is Me! This is the season where we can splurge ourselves with Dolce & Gabbana denim jeans Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Prada Shoes Spring 2010 Collection

Each designer showcases their fashion collection every season through Ad Campaigns and fashion runways. They come and go all the time and if we want to dress in a fashionable manner then we have to check for the newest trends in the fashion market. Trends that are introduced by dedicated and renowned designers and major fashion houses including shoes, handbags, clothing and other fashion accessories.

Collection of most designers come and go along to the tides of fashion all the time and, if we want to dress fashionably, then we have to be on the lookout for new trends in the fashion world, especially trends that are set by those famous designers and major fashion houses.

Prada is one of those major fashion houses that are dedicated in creating refine and excellent collections resulting to a fresh and surprising look. This season, the house of Prada is showing us the best of its spring 2010 collection including handbags, clothing and Prada shoes in very summery and interesting look.
Some Prada creations are made of Plexiglas and colored plastic to highlight the very simple designs.

Prada Shoes

Shoes of this collection consist of high sandals with a very trendy design or a Chandelier shoes in embellish with different types of stones and hanging elements in various colors. These high sandals are available in transparent, yellow, and green color variations. Be sure to give your toes a pretty pedicure to look good and feel confident to show up your feet.

Prada America’s Cup Involvement

Italy’s one of the most sought and luxurious brand, Prada made an announcement to return to the America’s Cup and it will compete in the Louis Vuitton trophy regatta in La Maddalena, Sardinia by next month.

Prada America’s Cup will race under the name of Luna Rossa. A three-time America’s Cup campaigner and chairman of the Prada group, Patrizio Bertelli has asked the American Ed Baird to command the Louis Vuitton crew. The team will participate to the 3rd Lous Vuitton Regatta this year in Dubai and the first regatta in Hong Kong this 2010.

Patrizio Bertelli

Five teams for the America’s Cup and three Italian teams on the Louis Vuitton  will be expected  to the America’s Cup with challenger, Mascalzone Latino and the revived Azzurra  will challenge from the Aga Khan’s Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

Let us support the Prada America’s Cup! Join now!

Gucci Handbags for 2010 Season

Gucci Handbags for Spring – Summer 2010

This season Gucci brings back its stellar reputation from its awful hippie, disco and flowery designs to a cleaner glam style Gucci handbags. I am once again a fan of this iconic label because of its modern creations from shoes, clothing and handbags.

As Frida Giannini entered the Gucci house, I’ve noticed that there were many horrible designs every season in the luxury industry but in fairness the new collection is truly a work of a genius.

Gucci presented their exquisite collection through a runway show. It began with all white and gradually progressed into gray and finally black. The designer conceptualized this show with an overlying theme of sex appeal and bondage. It was very apparent in clothing designs and some steers in handbag and shoe collection.

Gucci Handbags for Fall-Winter 2010

The main thing that really captivates our attention at the Fall 2010 Gucci handbags is the new GG logo. Frida Giannini acclaimed that her collection was designed for the more mature woman crafted with rich materials like ostrich and crocodile. Some bags have bamboo handle, metal chain and standard leather shoulder strap. What a fabulous Gucci handbags for our Fall 2010 getaway!

Studded Dolce & Gabbana Wallets

Luxury and style are what Dolce and Gabana fashion connote. D&G house of fashion never fails to give its customers studded and edgy wallets and purses. Recently D&G released a luxury wallet sold at $695. It can’t make me believe that it is ever just alright to spend that much on a wallet. The item was just made of soft goatskin leather and row upon row of rock chick metal. I’m just probably biased because I don’t have much in my bank account.

Anyway, its created by Dolce and Gabbana.Expensive may it be but the style and quality are cut above the rest.Absurdly high price aside, I can’t deny that this wallet is absolutely stunning. It stands miles apart from the boring purses and wallets that grace our handbags, and it is even kind of unisex, perfectly fitting modern girl and grungy boy to a tee. It is also functional, although not especially so; you get no more than the typical card slots, and not even space for some change.

Maybe you just aren’t meant to have any cash left once you have bought it! Ridiculous but stylish, this is the wallet for a true millionaire.

In addition to, luxury Dolce & Gabbana Wallets have multiple interior slots and compartments made from soft goatskin leather, and studded exterior.

New Collection of Dsquared Shoes for Spring-Summer 2010

The new collection of Dsquared shoes for Spring-Summer 2010 symbolizes fetishism and the love for shoes that was presented at Milan Fashion Week. Killer spikes, causing the forms and brutality like in the case of fetish brothers Keith prepared for the season.

The collection features two fashion trends in high platforms and shoes made of plastic. Everything else is beyond the realm of fashion and it will occur in almost every season’s collection.
Dsquared shoes have created ankle bold and robust platforms in very bold combination of plastic looks sharp nails littered in the entire surface.

Barbarous platforms and wide straps extra weights gathered in the squeeze box. But this is just like a podium that rises above to give emphasis to the items. These sandals are extremely spectacular and elegant to a tunic or short dresses.

Eye-catching yellow color dominates the Dsquared collection primarily the yellow shoes. Those shoes are highly attractable not only in color but also its unique structural shape.

Miu Miu Handbag – One For Every Occasion

Miu Miu handbagsMiu Miu handbags always gauge the pulse of the society just too well. How else could you explain why it is so popular in the international circuit? Fashion is not something that lets life get monotonous. It is for people who are on the move and believe in breaking rules.

If you are one of those who believe in the philosophy that only change is permanent, then Miu Miu handbags will almost always appeal to you. Be it over sized catchy bags, denim bags, compact clutches or a decorated shoulder bag, there is almost no other brand that can beat Miu Miu in their innovative designs.

The fresh new look of the Miu Miu handbags has now come forth in the form of the Seude and Python clutch. This is one of those handbags that has boggled the minds of many a fashion enthusiasts. It is a new concept that has come as a welcome change in the world of handbags.

Whether you are a young enthusiastic college goer with bright flip flops or a serious worker making your mark in the corporate world, you will have Miu Miu bags that can compliment your image and make you look more attractive. When it is such a well recognized brand, one hardly gets to question about its strength or durability; how else would it have earned its name!

Hasten your decision and grab the latest Miu Miu handbag so you can flavor the best of the season!

Gucci Watches for Spring / Summer 2010

Gucci is a brand that is very influential and everybody appreciates it, even those people who are far from fashion world. This is the reason why when we say “Gucci watches” definitely we have a clear picture in mind what’s all about: chic, classy and sophisticated.

The Gucci Campaign for Spring-Summer 2010 Watches features very distinct figures in fashion such faces are Veruschka and Peter Sellers. They look interesting and modern. Views of life from far 60’s were taken to the present time and timeless pieces are presented in context of modernity.

The Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini commented: “The images featured in this campaign are some of my favorites from the Gucci archive,” “They perfectly illustrate not only the glamor of Gucci’s past and the many style icons who were naturally drawn to the house, but also show how this heritage can be relevant today.”

You may also want to check Gucci Shoes for Spring-Summer 2010. Check it out and Splurge yourself!

Miu Miu Shoes – A Style Statement

 Miu Miu shoesAre you struggling with putting your look right so you can be the best among the rest?  This could be quite a task for sure when you know you have to compete with the best. When you are paying so much attention to your looks, you surely do not want to lose out because of your footwear for sure!

If you want the kind of footwear that blends with your clothes, simply make a choice from among the Miu Miu shoes. Miu Miu shoes comes in wonderful designs and colors. They are always reflecting the flavors of the season and make you set a trend effortlessly.

The market is flooded with replicas and you must beware of this. You should buy your Miu Miu shoes only at authentic stores so that you do not paying a hefty amount on one such replica instead of the original. If you are buying online, then you must be very alert. Buy the shoes from authentic webistes and make sure you cross check about the design and the size as soon as the shoes reach your doorstep.

Miu Miu shoes have very interesting and comfortable designs for both men and women. You could view all the models online or visit a nearest store. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection has a lot of surprises in terms of designs and prices. There are even many stores that are offering discounts on authentic Miu Miu shoes. Make the right choice of buying Miu Miu shoes for yourself and catch yourself being noticed by one and all!