Christian Louboutin Designs for New Anemone Barbie

One of the most renowned and highly-praised shoe designers of the generation, Christian Louboutin started to design footwear for Barbie that makes this doll a fashion icon.

Many designers make an effort to create tiny clothing for Barbie and those shoes made by Louboutin are fantastic for her!

Just recently, Louboutin created new shoe design for the new Anemone Barbie. This design has been uniquely created for Red Carpet . Barbie is dressed in a gorgeous green-violent gown with three pairs of Louboutin miniature shoes.

Give your cute little girl the best shot. Take home this new Anemone Barbiel Now!

Victoria Beckham’s Collection Captures the Heart of A-List Celebrities

Victoria Beckham is one of the most influential fashion icons in history who brought her collections into a huge success. No wonder A-list celebrities and fashion stylists such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle McPherson , Heidi Klum and Beyonce Knowles praised and worn her creations.

Beyonce, “an ala mode “celebrity who has evinced esteem to Victoria Beckham’s dresses and she is wishing Posh to design a few getups for her future concert series. As an ardent follower and admirer of Victoria’s work, she was given a twain of samples from the latest collection.

Posh is a woman of principle who was hugely blandish and has agreed to imitate some designs. Victoria’s displaying effortless beauty and simple full-length design sunglasses and few dresses, Beyonce is confident enough to wear her common glitzy stage outfits. I could foresee the beginning of something huge of this collaboration.

During pre-Oscars Hollywood Domino party, Demi Moore loved what she wore. A dress that was Victoria’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection and she looked fantastic. Demi commented:
I always feel so comfortable and Victoria’s designs fit so well. They’re just stylish through and through.”
Victoria was inspired by Marc Jacobs. Every time she sees Marc, her mind creates something unusual for the collection.

Victoria says about Marc:
“He inspires and educates me every time we meet. He changes how we see fashion with each collection he shows, be it his work for Louis Vuitton or his own baby, the Marc Jacobs line, which he started in 1986.”

Fashion Designers Cartoons in Elle Magazine Spain April 2010 Issue

Even our favorite fashion designers are featured in a unique way as cartoon characters in Elle Magazine Spain April 2010 issue.

Designers like Donatella Versace, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld to name a few are featured in an image of Daisy, Donald Duck, Big Bad Wolf, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and other famous Disney characters.

Those characters are all similar to designers, they create clothes and enjoy being popular!

I love the image of Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace! Big Bad Wolf is an excellent portrait of Karl Lagerfeld as independent and fashionable. Donatella looks fantastic too in her Daisy role!

These Disney cartooned series were made possible by Ulrich Schröder.

Mariella Di Gregorio Unusual Set of Jewelry

Mariella Di Gregorio, an extraordinary lady amuse fashion world with her unusual jewelry. Sometimes we think that garbage is no worth but Mariella proved that money is in garbage. All we need is a little bit imagination and creativity. Like her, she uses something that all of us just throw away – pieces of broken porcelain. She puts her creativity and some precious materials together and turns out into mythical and unusual jewelry! It gives her an impressive various achievements.

One more things about her jewelries aside from being unusual and exceptional, it is also interchangeable and adorably versatile. You don’t have to harmonize earrings, necklaces and rings to “beau ideal” just change every piece the way you want.

Mariella uncovers all her creations to her personal website.

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Things To Look Out For In Designer Clothing

Designer ClothingIf you are interested in looking good, then your first instinct would be to head out to an outlet that sells designer clothing and try some of them out. While there is nothing wrong with this idea, you ought to know some of the drawbacks of this so that you not left surprised later on. Listed below are some of the things that you need to be wary of when investing in clothing of this kind.

It is expected that the price is going to be high, but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be astronomical. Have a look out for the prices and compare them at different stores if it is an option. Don’t forget to compare online either, because you might never know what you might be able to find on the internet. At the end of the day, you want to look good and don’t want to spend a fortune in the process.

The quality is going to be extremely high and to your satisfaction. Hence, don’t be worried about that and remember to just focus on buying something that is fashionable. If you are not satisfied with the quality, be sure that you are in fact buying genuine merchandise and that you are not simply investing in something fake. Check out other labels in the store as well and if you are not happy with all of these, you should look at another store.

Designers offer seasonal discounts, which you would want to check out. If you like something a lot but can’t afford it, you should consider coming back during the discount season to pick the kind of designer clothing that you like.

Oscar De La Renta Still Learning on Fashion

Fashion is indeed an inspiration. One must draw from various trial and error inorder to carry out someone’s personality, views, mannerisms and taste.

One of the most legendary fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta, admitted that until now he is still learning about fashion. With so many years in industry, the 77-year-old fashion designer keeps his feet on the ground and still fascinated by fashion and he won’t stop designing until he’s sure he knows everything about the matter.

He said:
“People always ask me how much longer I am going to do this, and I say the day I learn everything is when I should stop. I am a curious person, so every day is a learning process. There has never been a time as challenging as now to create clothes.”

Oscar needs to work hard for his designing career because women of today have so many options.

He admitted:
“Back in the 60s, my customers only got their clothes from one place. Today, that loyalty doesn’t exist as women want to project their own individuality through fashion. It’s about understanding the needs and aspirations of professional women that makes it so exciting.”

Michael Kors Talks about Handbags

A woman has a shrewd initiative that bags should not only be aesthetically pleasing and fashionable but also functional. Every woman should own a number of handbags available in their wardrobe for any kind of situation. Michael Kors, a fashion designer strengthens this conformity to reality that the handbag is a necessary wardrobe piece.

According to him bags are the same. When purchasing a handbag, it’s like a piece of our wardrobe. It’s not necessary to buy a really expensive piece that we only use for special occasions, but sometimes it needs to work for our everyday life. We are looking for a bag that we originally purchase that last for a long time.

The designer’s mode in creating his own bags that he keeps functionable in mind most women really appreciate it. Their bags are really functional, so most of them carry a lot of stuff. That’s why he created handbags having lot of pockets and zip compartments.

The recent world recession greatly affects the fashion industry. Over the past two years, designers experienced global economy crisis but he was challenged when he noticed that women didn’t stop shopping. Michael Kors proved to the fashion world that really survived a year through and through economic crisis.

The Right Time To Buy Designer Handbags

Designer Handbags

If there is one thing that will help you stand out in the crowd, it would have to be a well crafted handbag. There is quite no joy like holding an intricately designed handbag today. With so many people actively trying to outdo the other in terms of looking good, you would want to do something truly unique and come out look spectacular in the process. A good first step would be to invest in designer handbags.

The cost involved in doing so is quite less today and you should be able to get a decent handbag from a reputed designer for less than half the price you might have paid 5 years back.

The options are also much more than what you would have seen before. Thanks to taking active feedback from the customers itself, designers have managed to incorporate some of the suggestions an created bags with some of their creativity and a hint of customer feedback. The end result is quite obvious as these bags seem to be selling like hot cakes. With minimal advertising and marketing, the bags are quickly getting off the shelves and finding homes in a really short period of time.

If you have still not purchase one for yourself, then it is about time. There is no harm in indulging and with such reasonable prices around; you can be assured that you will not get a bad deal even if you do try for one. There are a number of different sources that you can go to for these bags and once you have decided on the right one, then your job is pretty much completed.

A Fairytale Christian Louboutin Ad Campaign Spring/Summer 2010

Today fashion houses arise into much more challenging fashion styles than we often expected. The undying fame of fairytales comes into the world of fashion. Hermes and Louis Vuitton created the idea of fantasyland. Shoes, sandals and boots have turn into existence as fairy tale characters.

The unforgotten roles of Cinderella and her white mice, Alice in Wonderland with its White Rabbit and Mad Hatter, Thumbelina with her colorful butterflies and even Mermaid and her underwater castle, comes into more stylish and fashionable outcome with their unique footwear.

Louis Vuitton and now Christian Louboutin, attracts the interest of fashion world. His fans will surely savor this campaign and wanted us to experience like grand princesses from fairytales wearing perfect footwear enjoying perfect happiness in a perfect day.

Here are some of the photos:

Rodarte Collection for Fall/ Winter 2010- 2011

Rodarte are extremely different from other designers and these two sisters, Laura and Kate Mulleavy are very gifted. They can visualize something that few of us can perceive. That’s how they create such masterpieces they become famed for.

With their combine talent, the new collection for Autumn-Winter 2010/ 2011 has been created and was inspired by Kate and Laura’s Mexican roots. During the New York Fashion Week the mystery of their masterpiece collection sleepwalking has been unveiled. It was the border town of Ciuded Juárez with its ‘maquiladora workers going to the factory in the heart of the night’ that assure the success of designers idea of sleepwalking.

New to the eyes of the spectators, the collection appears untidy but still it cause a positive impact. The Spring 2010 season by Rodarte having lots in common with the garments. The imagination of designers reveals the dark scenes that elucidate peace and quiet scenery.

To appeal sexy and cozy, it was diluted with red and blue to its nudity. The collection instantly attract customers by its colorful chiffons, fringe, patchworks, ribbon strips, wrap-ups. To complete the perfection of unusual clothing, designers add netted leggings and knitted fabric socks. Nicholas Kirkwood contributed the heels to emphasize its sexiness.

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