Oakley Sunglasses – Vibrant Colors For The Blazing Summer

Big brands are always a pleasure to wear. Talk about brands like Oakley Sunglasses which are best in comfort and design and there will be none who would want to compromise on it. Oakley sunglasses has been a leading brand lending innovative and trendy designs to both the men and women’s collection at a constant pace.

Their expertise is well pronounced in just every aspect of the sunglasses, be it the designs or their fit. They take special care to details like the way the glasses fit you and give adjustments that make the fitting near the jawbones very perfect.

One of the latest models introduced by Oakley is the Flora Fade shades. It looks like a riot of colors and is what anyone would want to give a second look at. These glasses blend together the peppy citrus color with bright green which makes it extremely catchy and irresistible. If it is a casual look that you plan to have, these sunglasses as close as perfection to your look.

Another good news is that Oakley is planning to come up with two more such colorways. Hope these are on par or even better that the Flora Fade sunglasses which has already floored many! Making a style statement has never been easier, I must say. There are very few brands from all over the world that are capable of making such a bold and confident fashion statement. Go ahead, grab your pair of latest sunglasses before they are out of stock.

How To Choose Bag To Flatter Your Body Shape

Handbag is the accessory that completes our physical appearance. It can make our overall outfit more glamorous and meaningful. So being a fashionista, we must be very careful in choosing handbags.
So, consider the following simple tips before buying your next handbag:

Bust. Women with big bosoms and broad shoulders should avoid handbags with short and tiny handles because these usually end around the bust area. If you want to expose your breast area, well short-handled handbags or clutches are perfect.

Waist and Hips. Broad waist, big stomach and hips will look less noticeable if you wear handbags that finish up under your arm.
Avoid handbags that go down to your midriff or hips to keep your bulges. Stay away from bags that go down to your midriff or hips, this will attract attention to your bulges. Big totes will look unflattering as well as bags with big funky details.
If you are lucky to have a slim waist, bag with handles of an average length will be a good option as well as a clutch. Modern clutch can be either tiny for evenings out or middle-sized to be roomy enough for all those items you always need to have with you.

Legs. Girls with long slim legs can wear bags with long handles and look great. Messenger type will work best. But ladies with short legs should choose classic shapes and sizes.

Frame. Women of larger frames should avoid tiny bags as they will look even bigger. You need well-tailored bags of average sizes. Choose from medium-large range. Clutches will be fantastic, but again choose oversized ones to keep proportion.

Tall and skinny girls can opt for broad and slouchy bags. Long bags will look unflattering.
Short women will want to look taller. This is easy to do if you select long and lanky bags that go in color harmony with your outfits. Stay away from wide oversized totes as they will make you look even shortery.

Wolford Catalog with Mia Rosing

Wolford is a luxury brand known for its high quality stockings, bodywear, legwear, underwears, hosiery, bathing suits, briefs, mini and hip string panties, thongs and shapewear. Every piece they make create a beautiful and wearable stuff for a healthy and pleasing personality.

The brand has a new catalog that features sexy stockings, tights and stylish pantyhose. The colors are something different ranging from classic black to bold red and innocent white. Mia Rosing, a beautiful Danish model is the new face of Wolford creations.

See some of Mia Rosing’s sexy pictures below:

Diesel Sunglasses – The Cream Of The Lot

Blending into the crowd is no tough job, but standing out among them, sure is! I have always found it really tough to look stylish, yet unique on many occasions. The reason is that there is so much variety and so many changes each day that keeping pace with them is really tough.

Diesel Sunglasses

In spite of all these, one thing that always keeps me confident is a pair of Diesel sunglasses that give me company always. In fact, these are designer glasses, the very reason they are so popular and sought after. Each design is an evergreen piece and will never see itself run out of fashion.

They have marvelous designs for both men and women and each year is a new promise to make this collection more impressive. Women must check out the Jackie O sunglasses if they want the perfect classic look. Their perfectly shaped round frames are a sumptuous visual treat to any fashion enthusiast.

Is it colors that turns you on? Then Diesel promises you an amazing collection in this front too. Be the the bright reds or sporty blues and pinks, Diesel has many interesting pieces of work lined just for you.The impressive rectangular glasses with enviable side frames are designed for both men and women with each of their needs in mind.

You can never go wrong in making the right choice when you pick a pair of sunglasses from the Diesel sunglasses collection. See yourself transform from the girl next door to the hottest looking girl in a matter of seconds by just choosing the right pair of sunglasses!

Rayban Sunglasses For The Perfect Company This Summer

 Rayban is a perfect blend of fashion and luxury. Talk about any style blog and you know it is incomplete without a mention of this brand. What is unique about these sunglasses is their style and the brand name that it has earned over the years.

Rayban Sunglasses

Sporty look, the classic look or the casual look, no matter which look you plan to have, Rayban will have a pair of sunglasses which will completely lend itself to the style. They have the right shades and shapes for every season and every mood.

If you are one of those who loves sporting anything that is colorful and vibrant, the Wayfarer collection is what you have to explore. They have been one among the hot favorites till date. In fact, we see that the Wayfarer 2 which is the latest collection in this section is drawing crowds and impressive reviews  too!

If you want the sporty look and want to have the latest in that front then check out Rayban’s RB3211’s collection. Every detail, right from the cool colors like the pink, blue, silver or gold to the lens used in this glasses are just what pronounce the latest in the sporty style of sunglasses this summer.

With designs as impressive as this, it is hardly surprising to see the line of celebrities who find themselves following the Rayban website for all the latest additions to the collection. Rayban sunglasses are the perfect company you can find to make your summer so much more cool and enjoyable.

Jessica Simpson Goes Makeup-free For Marie Claire

Celebrities wear make up to enhance their beauty. We rarely see famous women dressed to kill without cosmetics. But today, cosmetic companies have revolutionized beauty products that give women make-up free look. Singer-model Jessica Simpson has experienced this breakthrough in cosmetics with Marie Claire.

The new May 2010 issue of Marie Claire features Jessica Simpson without makeup and her hair tousled. She looks good and very normal but I do love seeing her dressed-up and ready to go out. Besides, she looks normal because she is naturally pretty that isn’t true about all celebrities.

Speaking fashionably I can’t say a lot as these pictures show little of clothing. The simple top and a cardigan Jessica is wearing looks very domestic, while the green dress she is rocking through the grass is great.

See some of Jessica Simpson’s Makeup-free photos below:

Cindy Crawford Covers L’Officiel for Spring 2010

Fashion is not how daring you are. It’s how you carry what you wear. Supermodel Cindy Crawford proves it again that fashion can be great with all your clothes on.

The supermodel poses for the L’Officiel Spring 2010 issue wearing beautiful and descent clothing. She looks young and stylish and can serve as a good example for women of a middle age.

The photo shoot has no crazy poses or flamboyant color. The camera is focused on the model , beauty and the garments.

Cindy Crawford L’Officiel Photos Spring 2010 Issue below:

Karl Lagerfeld and his Coke

Soda is never good for weight conscious men and women. The calories it contains are harmful for health but any time we are at the supermarket we get to the shelf with those beautiful bottles and hand stretches itself to one of them. Now it will be even more difficult to resist as fashion idol Karl Lagerfeld is featured on a bottle of diet Coke.

Karl Lagerfeld has reportedly lost 90 pounds in 2001 by consuming only Diet Coke and steamed vegetables, so his love to the drink is quite clear. And it also makes us understand why he agreed to allow Coke producers use his image on bottles. But he should be aware of the impact he has on promoting the drink. Young girls obsessed with their weight will consume the drink in huge amounts ruining their health. Something has to be done to stop it.

The Diet Coke with Lagerfeld’s silhouette is to be manufactured in a limited edition. The price for each bottle will be around $4.70. The collectible pieces will be available only at Colette in Paris.

Historical Facts Of Dolce And Gabbana Clothing And Other Allied Products

The dolce and gabbana clothing

The dolce and gabbana clothing company was commenced by the two textile designers of Italian origin named domenico dolce and stephano gabbana. Today this dolce and gabbana clothing brand has made a beautiful extension in other segments also which include watches and sunglasses also. Indeed this brand is global. The fact is that these legendary designers did not expect such a pinnacle of success.

The first studio of dolce and gabbana clothing was inaugurated in the city of Milan. This happened in the year 1982. There was definitely an initial struggle involved. The breakthrough happened in the Milano Colleziono fashion show in the month of October in the year 1985. This show became a path breaking highlight for these designers and their potential was recognized. One year later, the pair released the first collection named real woman.

The dolce and gabbana clothing house has leading celebrities as their clients. One of their high profile is the most beautiful singer and actress Madonna. The house designed her wardrobe when she was on a world tour. The dolce and gabbana clothing house has other famous celebrities in the list which include the Sophia Loren and the bekhams.

Although the dolce and gabbana fashion house is not that old in the fashion circles, but is one of the most influential fashion houses in the high fashion global scenario. It really seems that this fashion house has completely conquered the world of fashion today from a very humble beginning.

Lady Gaga’s Unique Fashion Sense

What amazes us about Lady GaGa aside from her record-breaking albums and concerts is her unique sense of fashion. She is always different in her fashion style. But that’s what we like about her. I love the fact she always sticks to her image. And it’s not just me who thinks this way. Even GaGa herself says it is necessary to ‘look nice all the time’.

The singer admits she considers it bad and disrespectful to fans to be dressed casually if you know that people can see you. In interviews, she replied:

“ I think you should look nice all the time. When I meet celebrities and they’re in casual clothes, I’m always like, ‘Whaaat?’ I don’t mean to be judgmental, but it would do them better to be who they really are, all the time. When I get out of a car and there are 30 fans waiting for me, I know I’m dressed the way I should be. There’s a reason they have that emotional reaction.”

Some people make assumptions that the Telephone girl buys her clothing from sex shops. GaGa said it was not true. She told Britain’s OK! magazine:

“ Everybody loves sex. I would love to be introduced to one person on the planet that does not love sex. I don’t buy my clothes from sex shops. I just recently have had a love affair with S+M clothing and masks as I love the idea of telling stories with no face. I believe in some things very strongly and that is the power of showbiz.”