The Twilight Saga Fashion – Offering You The Chance To Mimic Your Favorite Stars

Twilight based on the books by Stephanie Meyer has been a movie that has developed a cult following among many people be it youngsters, or older people. Having Robert Pattinson in a lead role along with other favorite actors has many youngsters swooning over the release of the movie and now the much anticipated collection in clothing that is being launched in stores all over. The twilight saga fashion is not just about the clothing but also about the make-up and hairstyles achieving looks that are close if not the same as in the movie

With people trying to copy looks from the movie, the release of the twilight saga fashion collection will have fans swarming to grab a piece for themselves. Select Nordstorm stores are planning to give the customers exclusive gifts on purchasing the goodies along with free tickets to the screening of the movie. From Robert Pattinson’s long sleeve polo t shirt to Taylor Lautner’s shirtless or else crew neck shirts this movie is giving fans many options to choose from to look like their favorite stars and at budget prices even!

The Twilight fashion saga is about much more than just the clothing line. Stylists collaborate and host the Twilight take over parties at select Nordstorm stores to create the whole look for fans who want it.

So customers not only get to buy the clothes from a brand that the favorite stars prefer, but also get to look like them with the hairstyles and make up being done by experts at the store.

Madonna’s Behind the Scenes at Dolce & Gabbana’s Ad Campaign Photoshoot

What’s all about the behind the scenes of Madonna’s Dolce and Gabbana’s advertisement? Lately, Madonna’s shots from the campaign ad hooked with Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring Summer 2010 had been so interesting in the eyes of the fashion viewers online.

How about this one? An interesting email from “madonnafshionvictim” had once emailed the three behind the scenes photo shots of Madonna. Their way of releasing these images is not to break the grounds but spotting differences between the final images and the once captured while making the behind the scenes of the said scenario.

How updated you are with this? Watch out for it! See photos below:

What is Your Idea about Mini Skirts?

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What is your idea about mini skirts? Well, many people have worn such dress like this before and even celebrities. Of course, women should know what’s best and how to wear but there are some who need some tips in order to look pretty and attractive in such a way.

It all started way back in 1966, the time when Mary Quant have been producing short waist skimming mini dresses and skirts that were set 6 or 6 inches above the knee. While inventing her own style of fashion mini skirt, she was influenced and inspired by Courreges in 1964 where she wanted to put up the idea of making shorter styles of skirts for her Bazaar.

Here are some tips on how to wear those skirts that will fit and just right for a woman who looks fashionable and decent.

First, get the right measure! Purchasing a skirt should have the right length enough to cover your legs desirably. Be careful to wear skirts not revealing your back part when you stand straight and even when you sit down.

Secondly, be appropriate! Learn to wear the right skirt according to event you are attending and the place suitable for your dress.
Never wear skirts that are too short and looking indecent in the naked eye of the people.
Wearing a mini skirts should be also appropriate for women’s age and the shape of the body. I know it’s not easy to choose the right skirt but if you have the idea on how to wear it right then that sets off the beauty in you.

In these modern times, wearing such modern close-fitting mini skirts, made of elastic cotton or wool that will shape up somehow the buttocks of a woman can be a good choice. That’s fashion!

Dolce & Gabbana and Martini team up to create a drink

Have you ever heard about the latest news of unveiling the new drink launched by the Dolce & Gabbana? These Italian fashion designers get involved with the latest Bacardi’s vermouth brand Martini who will launch their first co-branded drink ever this year!

The said designed drink will be unleashed in their upcoming men’s fashion week at Milan.

They once said, “As a result of a joint commitment, this new co-branding project strengthens a partnership started more than 10 years ago.” The name of the drink is yet to unveil soon by using some of their celebrity powers to introduce the said fame drink!

Some of the stars involved were Madonna, Scarlett Johansson or Matthew Mcconaughey and we are expecting them to see drinking the new Dolce & Gabbana Martini in their next campaign. They are the new faces of various Dolce & Gabbana product lines so it would be much to the brand to utilize their campaign.

The Best Way to Identify Authentic Prada Shoes

Prada is known as a high fashion, designer label which is normally faked or immitated by unauthorized retailers. Considering Prada is indeed appealing, not authorized dealers victimize those Prada fans who may not have the cash to acquire authentic Prada, and sell them immitated Prada shoes instead. To find the excellent quality that the house of Prada offers, you have to buy authentic Prada shoes. Understanding where to look for fake Prada shoes may help you be aware about fake Prada and where you are probably to spot it, so you can get rid of it.

1. Take a look at the shoe box that the Prada shoes came inside. The box should be made with corrugated plastic material, however you can get fake Prada shoes in cardboard boxes, simply showing these out as fakes. Keep in mind that Prada spares no expense from the product packaging, so you can find them packaged and branded skillfully.

2. Take a look for the brand logo on the shoe box. Having authentic Prada shoes, the actual logo will only be located on the end of the package, where you see the actual sizing and material info. You can easily find out fake Prada shoes by checking for shoe boxes that may have the logo on the very top of the box, a thing that the house of Prada has never ever done.

3. Turn the shoe over and consider a look at the sole. The Prada logo will always be there, in both a triangular upside-down or an ellipse. A fake set of shoes may contain the Prada logo on the particular side of the shoe, or not really on the sole at all, leaving them away as fake. Furthermore, check for the Prada logo on any toggles or zip fasteners on the shoes; a genuine pair will certainly have the Prada logo on these sections.

4. Verify the date underneath the Prada logos. Generally there must be 1913, the actual year that Prada was founded. Anyone can discover a fake by tracking down the ingenious replicas that record 1931 as the date of establishment.

5. Check out the actual dust bag that arrived with the shoes. In cases were there is no dust bag, and then you can be sure you are seeking at a fake. The actual dust bag is silver, with a silver drawstring. A fine mesh or plastic dust bag, or a silver dust bag with a black drawstring are generally an indication that you have discovered a fake pair of Prada shoes.

Hope this will help you identifying the authentic Prada shoes!

Prada Handbags – Pick Out Authentic Ones

Mario Prada has brought out some excellent handbags for luxury lovers and this Italian brand has a timeless elegance and quality that is prized by many. If you are a lover of luxury and haute couture you will no doubt love to invest in prada handbags. There are numerous varieties in some fabulous colors and designs and if you have an eye for design then this line will satisfy you in every sense.

Prada handbags are pieces everyone vies to own and loved by collectors of luxury. Apart from making the ultimate style statement you will also find that this will definitely make heads turn wherever you go. When you are investing in buying a good quality brand then make sure that you get the authentic piece.

There is an authentic logo on the side back or front at the centre depending on the design of the bag. There will also be a plaque in a shade close to the color of the bag on the inside of it with lettering in silver or gold. You will also get a card stating the model of the bag, the year of making and other details which is a sort of authentication about the bag’s originality.

If you have always loved being stylish, then a Prada bag is a must have. There may be great discounts available online on your favorite brands but make sure you buy from an authentic website known for selling such luxury brands. Prada handbags are the ultimate fashion accessory for women of all ages.

Owning a Pair of Gucci Shoes is a Dream Come True

Are you fond of collecting and buying designer shoes? How about wearing Gucci shoes? If you are then you must be in to fashion and fame!

Gucci has been considered as first-class and top quality brand when it comes to designer shoes worldwide. If you are wearing this brand of shoes then you feel like you are once like a star wearing the trendiest and highly fashionable type of collections. Gucci’s leadership when it comes to fashionable shoes had been proven for its best quality not only that but with elegance and luxury all over the world.

These designer shoes are also wearable for events such as social gatherings and occasions and even special activities.

Owning a pair of shoes is a dream come true! The true essence is that it is made and crafted with finest leather, protection, long lasting quality and with a touch of fashion and trends that will fit for everyone’s attire at all times. Gucci has been also a fashion labels for women and even for celebrities. Women certainly go for it because it adds confidence and perfects the event all day long.

That’s how magnificent and excellent Gucci when it comes to fashion statements! An ageless brand with an ageless quality through the years

John Galliano T-Shirts – A Timeless Look

John Galliano is a name in brands that every person knows and loves. He is a designer who has come out with spectacularly unique designs and colors with a feel that is elegant and one of bearing. John galliano t-shirts have been sported by many celebs as have his dresses. His collection has soft flowing materials to give a sense of vintage beauty.

He uses a mix of colors blended well and has a combination of modern designs with old Hollywood glamour that makes his works so well loved and irresistible to the masses.

John Galliano t shirts are designed with the same sense of style and the combination of talent and ideas that goes into all his other works. With many designs in full sleeves, half sleeves, v neck, hooded jackets with long sleeves and lots more. They are available in cotton and other materials and are made with a lot of attention to comfort and styling. Available mainly in blacks and whites with trendy designs and prints that set you apart a true piece will have you be the style icon at any event.

These are not so high end that they are unaffordable but being a top designer are definitely on the expensive side. When looking for John Galliano t shirts be sure that you buy authentic ones as there are quite a few fakes on the market. Buy from a reputed store and while online shopping also offers options make sure you buy products from a trusted website that offers authentic brands.

Open Toe Boots for a Fabulous and Dramatic Look

A boot is primarily made to protect the foot and the ankle moreover extends the leg up to the knee. Commonly, Open Toe Boots are specially designed with a cut in the front section to enable the toes always be noticed. Open Toe Boots are manufactured from various materials which can be donned for safeguarding the foot and leg, as well as for fashion and style. These kind of boot styles are perfect for romantic evening gatherings as they quite simply add more elegance towards the person. Open toe boots are generally excellent choice to clearly show off an amazing pedicure. These boots brings excellence for the cowgirl attire and are made from leather, rubber or canvas and are available in numerous colors and styles.

Although there are many materials of boot manufacturing, yet the craze for leather-based boots is forever. Open toe leather boots are usually elegant and fashionable. These are available in a variety of designs and shades. Leather boots are ideal for a cowgirl costume on a snowy day. The clean, sleek and sexy styles are now available that will make everyone else around immediately turn to you. They can be purchased in several variations as flats, sandals, heel boots and many more. For ladies searching for a sexy boot reach out for Gucci OpenToe Boot.

The leather boots are suitable for winter months. However, with regards to summer, leather boots will most likely not sound right sporting. Open toe Canvas boots can be done instead. Canvas is manufactured out of hemp and is particularly employed in producing casual shoes and sneakers. Several canvas shoes are also made out of cotton. Rubber is typically employed for the sole. Canvas shoes are known to be low-maintenance footwear.

The one thing that unfolds directly into the people minds when considering boots is the brown color. Brown Open toe boots absolutely are a typical pick for a cold weather night out with a cowgirl outfit. The brown boots not just look hot for you but they are likewise playful. Brown boots are truly comfortable and great for a winter time. They are fantastic with denims or skirts and enable you to look and feel unique. A bootie that will surely open up the style possibilities in you and help you make appear sexy is from Prada shoes.

It is very simple and easy to give auto thumbs down to open-toe styles in the time of chilly months; it is actually right that they tend to undo some kind of useful benefits of sporting boots in the first place. On some other hand, you need not go beyond for you to see that generally there are a number of incredibly cute, sleek and edgy open-toe styles in the market that speak for themselves. If you wish to have a fabulous and dramatic look, reach out to our top picks for open toe boots right here at My Next Shoes.

Gucci Shoes – Fashion Never Dies

Those in the world of fashion will understand the importance of adorning your feet with Gucci shoes. Though there are a number of designer brands, that pride on their exclusive collection, the designs from Gucci and timeless and unparalleled. The wide range of collection offered by this brand for men, women and children ensures there is something to cater to the needs of your feet.Most people prefer shoes that are not only comfortable to wear, but are also durable and offer complete value for money. Gucci shoes are the right options for people who fall under this category. The shoes from Gucci do not compromise on the design to find a place in fashion books. Unlike many footwear brands that do offer unique design but at the cost of compromising on comfort, Gucci shoes are a perfect blend of design and comfort.Men, as well as women, can choose from a wide range of styles offered by Gucci shoes. Sport, trendy, casual, outdoor or corporate, there are styles for every occasion. Manufactured in factories located in Italy, Gucci shoes are now shipped to various parts of the world to cater to a large client base from various parts of the globe.Peep-toes, stilettos, flats, flipflops….the collection of Gucci shoes for women is practically endless. Ranging from the fashion diva walking the ramp to a college-goer who likes to look trendy and stylish, Gucci shoes are a rage across women from all walks of life.