Dolce And Gabbana 20 Years Of Domination In Mens Fashion

Milan fashion week saw the celebration of the most successful esteemed, admired fashion icon Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. A very hearty Congratulation on their 20 years of excellence! They celebrated the 20 years of Dominance in the fashion. It was the most stylish party and exhibition in Milan’s city hall Palazzo Marino. The most influential pair in fashion, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, is rejoicing their 20th anniversary in menswear, and apparently is still at the peak in the men’s fashion section.

It is the extra ordinary ability Dolce and Gabbana to produce regularly contrast styles for men who want to look nice and cool. The past 20 years is the evidence of the success story of the pair whether dressed up or down that have made them icon in the fashion world especially in men’s wear line.

January 1990 saw their beginning and now the world has become use to view the wonderful men’s design created by Dolce and Gabbana. Here there is one more story to cherish. The Italian style Dolce&Gabbana and Chelsea Football Club proclaim signing a three-year partnership in which the fashions of Dolce&Gabbana meet the status of a globally renowned football club.

Let’s talk about the party. The designer’s party was witnessed by some predominantly distinguished friends and guests. Regal, cheerily assorted, and sometimes downright tacky, are adjective by which their designs are baptized. Congratulations dolce & gabbana: 20 years of men’s fashion, outstanding and intrinsically male design. Love your work! It’s not too often men’s fashion editorials get colorful and creative… and this one is all that.

Use Designer Handbags To Make A Style Statement

The accessories you carry reflect about your personality, particularly the sense of choice. A very important accessory that you tend to carry anytime you step out of your home is your handbag. If you are a woman, it carries even more importance as you tend to show it to the entire world almost all the time you are out. So, what do you have to say on what kind of handbag you should have? If you take the views from fashionistas, a handbag should be one that meets your carriage requirements, is made of good quality leather, and is sober and elegant to look at.

If you agree with what fashion experts have to say, your next step should be to have such a handbag. The best way is to visit a designer store. There you can find all the types of handbags like clutch, hobo, cross-body, or satchel. A very popular brand name in the field of handbags is Gucci. It is known as the master of splendid leather goods. It is called the luxury-good designs. Gucci handbags usually have interesting details and unique taste. It attracts fashionable people, including celebrities.

There is one more brand option for you. It is Prada. This brand is popular as the master of minimalism. If you like to have classic yet fashionable handbags, you can consider going for Prada. You would get a fine taste lines that are accepted by a very broad range of people, irrespective of their age and social status. Prada handbags look good because of few contrasting colors, smart patterns and innovative fabrics.

Similarly, you have various other brands for handbags. You can choose any one of them. You can buy their products either by visiting the stores or online. Before going for any of the given choices, you should compare the prices and offers on a given handbag. This way, you would be able to save some money while making a statement for your style.

Popular Designers For Men

Most men do not appreciate the idea of shopping. They don’t find themselves comfortable moving from stores to stores to get a couple of products. Whenever, they have to buy clothes or accessories for themselves, they prefer visiting a big store, looking up to four or five different forms, and choosing one out of them. However, men do wish to look great in their clothing. Most of the times, they are ready to pay even heavy prices for it. In fact, it is good as they shop rarely and use their garment for quite a long period of time. To learn about some of the popular designer brands for men, take a look at the following account.

Giorgio Armani is called the master of elegance. It provides you options for formal wears. Majority of fashion- and brand-conscious men prefer to go for Armani when they have to buy suits for them for some formal party or social gathering. Secondly, Prada is the band which lists itself among them men’s favorite designers. It makes you look classic, stylish and fashionable, all at the same time. If you like minimalistic designs, simple patterns, few contrasting colors and innovative fabric, you can straight forwardly go for Prada.

Thirdly, Versace. It is known as the master of luxury. It has some design lines that are oriented as casual men and women apparel. If you are someone who loves to look extraordinarily great, stylish, fashionable, classy and sexy, you can choose Versace. Similarly, there are several other brand names that you can go for while shopping nice apparel for yourself. Some of the common names are Missoni, Chanel, D&G and Gucci.

You might have got some idea of the men’s designers by going through the above account. Now, you know which store to visit and get an item of your choice without wasting much time. You now know where to invest to look superb for sure. So, you can consider going for the given brands to do quick yet satisfying shopping.

Enhance Your Style Statement With Fabulous Handbags

Both men and women need a handbag. Most men have to carry some important cards and cash most of the times. They meet their purpose with a small wallet. Women have to carry various stuffs apart from important cards and cash with them. Some of such items are handkerchief, perfume, cosmetics, and diapers and eatables if they have a baby. This is true for most working as well as non-working women. Since a woman has to carry a handbag most of the times, her social image definitely depends on it to some extent. The moment she steps out of her home, she is showing her handbag to the world all the time. So, she needs to choose handbag that fulfills her requirements as well as reflects her elegance and uniqueness.

The market is flooded with different varieties of handbags. There are available in different sizes, shapes and designs to suit a woman’s requirement and preference. The commonly available types are clutches, hobo, tote, pompadour, sling, and duffel handbags. All of them are supposedly meant for different occasions. To get a clearer idea, a clutch is supposed to be carried with traditional attire. Women prefer to use it when they have to attend some evening function. A tote handbag is large in size and open from the top. It is supposed to carry numerous accessories. Women like to carry it while traveling and shopping.

Depending upon the usage, a woman requires a different handbag at different times. Since she has to use it quite often, she definitely prefers to have a handbag that helps her form a pleasant image on others. She looks for a handbag that is functional yet has some unique design or pattern on it that catches others attention and makes them think positive about her. There are several brands in the market that offer amazing designs and patterns for handbags. Prada is one of them. One can check out prada handbags in its showrooms or in shopping malls. They have hit the fashion world with their exclusiveness and elegance that blends with the personality of women from different classes. They are among the most wanted brands in the present scenario of fashion world.

Different Styles Of Mens Shorts

It is nothing uncommon to see men in shorts. This is a common observation in almost all parts of the world. You go to California, to Mauritius, or to Japan, you will definitely find a bunch of men wearing shorts. The shorts have been in trend for a long time. They owe their popularity to the comfort and cool physical appearance they provide to the wearer. They come in numerous styles and designs. It is difficult to categorize them accurately. However, if you wish to learn about the different styles of men’s shorts presently available in the international market, take a look at the following account.

Shorts having camouflage pattern are among the latest trends in the present times. Many men like wearing shorts of the given type a little below the knees. These shorts are usually available in grey, navy blue and olive green colors. In Asian countries, men generally prefer having a plane look. Such shorts are plane, without any print on them. These shorts are generally available in sober and eye-soothing colors. You would find different-from-regular shorts worn by men who belong to the fashion world. This is because men involved in modeling usually experiment with their clothing. They do it with their shorts as well. They have been seen wearing fascinating, loud shorts. Such have prints that catch attention of the viewer. They are the latest trend in the present fashion scenario.

The list of patterns and designs of shorts is quite long. Moreover, the patterns keep changing frequently in accordance with men’s demand. So it is tough to list and describe all types of shorts which men like to wear. To get a clearer idea you can refer to a fashion website or a similar magazine. You can visit a store dealing with all types of clothing for men for getting some idea of the latest trends in shorts. Such an effort will particularly help you if you want to gift a nice pair of shorts to your man.

What He Likes Wearing The Most

Birthday Gifts For Your Dad

Parents are real asset of a person. You love dad. You want to show him your love for him but rarely get any opportunity to do that. Well, you do not have to always wait for a difficult time or a grand occasion to tell your dad how much you love him. You must be having a couple of small yet important things in line. Ok, when is your dad’s birthday. Is it approaching? If yes, superb. Try to make that auspicious occasion the most remembered day of his life. Gifts are the best way to mark your love and respect for a person. Here in this post, I would help you think of a great gift for your beloved dad on his birthday. Read on for fantastic ideas.

When it comes to gifting, you have to take the recipient’s likes and dislikes into consideration. You need to think over his needs and requirements. Think what your dad needs the most at this point in time. Some examples of things an elderly person always needs are a nice pair of comfortable walking shoes, spectacles, and an easy chair. These are the things that any elderly person would need. However, you are the best person to know about the present needs of your dad. So, decide what to buy accordingly.

There can be many things which your dad would love to have. Some of them are membership to a club of his interest, a yearly subscription to his favorite magazine or journal, a trip to a place he has always wished to visit, or may be a personal laptop. You can think of yet many other similar things like buying something that he always wanted to but couldn’t due to some engagement or responsibility. Being a human, he would always love to have nice dresses. Get him some pairs of what he likes wearing the most. You can also gift him the related accessories with those clothing.

You can make his birthday unforgettable and happening by making him meet his old friends. Invite his friends on his birthday. It will be best if kept a surprise. You can see your dad’s face glowing with happiness and astonishment on that very occasion. Once I was going through the sayings on life by great personalities. Someone had said that the greatest gift you can give a person is your time. Make your ‘time’ a gift for your dad this time. Yes, plan a trip together to a nice place. Be with him all day long. Make him enjoy every bit of time. Believe me a father always love the fact that his son or daughter cares for him and wants to be with him. To believe it yourself, try this ‘amazing gift’ on your dad’s birthday this time.

Gucci Shoes Of A Lifetime

Forget the price, if you have the chance, buy it! Its Gucci shoes and it’s very unusual to see some ordinary people wearing it in a not so classy place. Just like we always thought, only the well known and rich people can afford this brand of shoes and having it on your feet will really make you walk on the clouds. It can be amazingly fulfilling and somehow rewarding.

Gucci is well known for their designs that can be found on catwalks. Elegant high heeled shoes, boots or sandals are some of the popular styles. Flats and sneakers are also available in boutiques where you can find Gucci products. Online shops also offer genuine Gucci merchandise and sometimes give drop prices especially on sneakers and some older designs of boots and sandals. The quality of these products is ageless. Thus, they can be at their best even though they are already been bought and sold through many people.

High quality materials and timely designs, these are the two main ingredients that make gucci shoes one of the most fashionable and stylish shoes in the market. In our time, people don’t just look for a shoe that can only protect their feet, but also to follow the newest trend of shoe fashion.

Development in shoe making industry and fashion designing put the famous brands of shoes on the top, such as the Gucci shoes. And as long as it continue enhancing the capabilities of people and materials alike, these brands of shoes will get more tasteful, modish and valuable in times to come.

Every Foot Deserves Prada Shoes

Comfortable, stylish and affordable, that’s what every person wants for their feet. This is also what Prada shoes have to offer in line with their continuing effort to keep their products on good quality and more consumer-friendly.

Prada already marked their place in the shoe designing industry and now offering a variety of collection to choose from. They now have a wide range of designs mostly from dress shoes to athletic shoes, indoor to outdoor types of shoes, casual shoes and also some slippers. These collections are also divided into gender preference, men and women foot wares, to share out the variation of designs.

Testing and modification of their products are also part of the process in manufacturing their shoes. Normally, these enhance the merchandise’s comfort on feet and ultimately the materials’ durability. Fitting, too, is one of the most popular concerns of shoes buyers. Prada shoes fills in the gap for those who are looking for hard-to-find shoe sizes especially for women. Unique designs usually come with conventional sizing and not easy to find as well, but for Prada, they can be easily found on the internet shops with variety of sizes.

Consumers or buyers nowadays are really cautious and heedful in buying products especially shoes which are used harshly on different types of flooring or ground, therefore closer to be damaged easily. Their reasons may vary with how or why they are using the shoes, but in all cases; the best shoes that people deserve for their feet are something comfy, fashionable and less expensive than others.

Summer Hues On Essential Beach Items

Let your sweat glands pump the summer spirit out of your skin and start driving around to find a vast water line under the sun. White stretching sand, green dancing trees, crystal blue water of the beach and the sky blue horizon, those are the common beach scenes during summer, but of course we will never forget the other colors that give life to the very hot atmosphere around the beach. These are colors of the essential beach items that people bring when they go to the shore to have some fun in the water.

Beach wares are the most typical thing that has varieties of color on a summer beach setting. Aside from being the colorful and sexy attraction, red and yellow bikinis, orange and green trunks and some flowery shawls or towels also provide swimmers somewhat cover from the stinging ray of sun or drying cold breeze of the sea.

You may as well add cool neon colored sunglasses for your eyes and crocs, flip flops, or sandals for your feet to complete your summer outfit. Bags are also valuable in terms of both utility and grooving, because you may never know when to move in or out of a location with your belongings whenever you want to look for another place to chill out. Or if you want to stay on one spot, the refreshing shade from a lively rainbow umbrella is a good company.

People may not notice the effect of colors around them, but as we always know, these essential beach items are better if they are coming in colors that reflect the spectacle of this season.

Punk : Resistance Through Style Westwood Clothing A Rocknroll History To Remember

1974 and 1976 was the year of Punk Rock music in America and even in United Kingdom. This fad and style of music originated from the garage rock that was making a big noise in the industry of music. Thus, not only the music industry was captured with the Punk Rock era since it also emerged in the world of fashion that broke most fashion rules about fine line and clean cuts in clothing punk : resistance through Style (westwood clothing) made its way to the fashion industry!

The era that says it all, a rebel with a cost

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD had always been connection to the punk era for her large contribution in injecting punk rock music to her creation of designs and clothing’s she is the so called punk : resistance through Style (westwood clothing).  She also dressed the members of the famous Band SeX Pistols with her astonishing punk rock designed as her husband is the band’s manager. Thus, this create influence create not just noise but liberation especially on the equality of sexuality and demystifying sex.

The fashion of punk rock says it all. The people who are dressed this fashion was called outcast of the world of glamour and fashion but it made an appeal to the audience who felt more rejected by the society. Punk fashion made a lot of people belong to another type of society even though being type casted as rejects and as sexless monsters. Nevertheless, punk fashion made a rocknroll history that is well appreciated until now.