How To Be In The Military Trend For Fall Or Winter

The military fashion has had a presence on the runways for some time, and it is seemingly stronger now than ever.  The military trend for fall or winter uses colors which vary from khaki and black to reds and royal blues.  In addition it showcases characteristics of the aviator chic and the period of the Russian Tsars.

Key Elements of the Trend

To truly be a part of the military fashion you definitely need to have a military jacket or great coat which is a key piece for the fall/winter trend.  In addition, army green or navy is the color to choose, however there seems to be a lot of khaki and this may also be one of the top colors for the trend this time around.  The fabric of choice is definitely shearling, being used both as the embellishement for military fashion boots and the collar of the coats.

Military Jackets

The military jackets are a very important aspect of the military trend.  They are seen as very classic and are designed with double-breasted brass buttons, gold braiding and shoulder epaulettes.   You can choose to have a nice stand up collar pea coat, or a lengthy officer’s great coat.  The jackets/coats are perfect for wearing with any outfit whether slacks, leggings, jeans, skirts or jeggings, and you can be sure that they will look absolutely great.  For this time around you may want to go for coats that have big buckles, large lapels and extra large military buttons.

Sprucing Up Your Military Look

The military style tends to have a masculine look and so it is advisable that you add some feminine touch to your military piece by adding accessories or pieces of clothing that are rather feminine.  For instance you could wear your military jacket with a nice lacy dress, skinny pants, ballerina skirt, shiny leggings or boots that are thigh high.  Adding accessories like a nice clutch or statement jewelry will also help to make the outfit look appropriate and dazzling.

Another important feature for your military trend for fall/winter look is a nice pair of boots that are truly representative of military chic.  You can therefore choose to wear traditional tall boots or go for the more modern ones, like booties with buckles or corset lacing with some amount of heel.  Once you have it all together, step with confidence knowing that your military style is giving you that strong feminine appearance.

Key Elements Of The Biker Fashion: Motorcycle Chic Trend

Trends come and trends go, and one trend that seems to be on the uprising is the biker fashion: motorcycle chic trend. This particular style was here before, but just like many other trends alive today its now back in style. In order for you to look like a real fashionable biker chic you will need to ensure that your attire has at least, a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle boots or motorcycle pants.  Now, unless you plan on overdoing it, or going overboard, you may want to avoid wearing all three elements at once.

The Motorcycle Jacket

The motor cycle jacket is absolutely necessary in trying to bring off a biker chic look, it is simply a must, so don’t go without it. You can expect that many of the jackets that will be coming mainstream will be very loud, being nicely decorated with precious metals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black, it can be silver or even two toned. The main thing to look for when choosing your motorcycle jacket is luscious quilting and zippered sleeves.

The Motorcycle Pants

When it comes to the motorcycle pants, you will have to think more than just black and tight, so this means a pair of black leggings is not enough. Details will be a very important and crucial part of the biker chic’s pants. As a result, leggings that include padding, zips, panels, and quilting are the perfect example of the ultimate motorcycle pants for the season.

You can also try neoprene if you are finding it hard to wear leather. If you are thinking about wearing your biker chic look to work, there are skirted alternatives to the pants, like quilted pencil skirts made with neo-mod leather which are more suited for this setting.

The Biker Boots

Finally, there is the biker boots for which you should consider investing into a good pair. These will be the easiest to come by, as they have always been around. However instead of buying a cheap pair that may leave you feeling out of place when the more detailed and trendier biker boots are released, you may just want to buy a sleek, a tough pair that is truly a cut above the rest.

Bear these three key elements in mind and you will be sure to carry off you biker fashion: motorcycle chic trend in style.

Prada Handbags – The Perfect Choice For Any Lady

Handbags are a very functional part of a lady’s attire.  They are used to conceal and help in the transportation of various important items that a lady may choose to carry.  In addition, this very functional accessory can be very fashionable and have a great impact on the overall attire of any lady.


Prada is one name in fashion that speaks to elegance, high quality and class.  As a result, adorning one’s self with handbags of this brand will tend to do no less than to communicate this message of great fashion. Prada has been around for years, and have consistently been providing lady’s with top notch handbags. The styles have been considered to be simple yet elegant, leaving many to describe them as a beautiful work of art.

Handbags from Prada

Prada handbags were first made from walrus skin, which though it was strong made the bags heavy.  As a result, the material was later changed to finer leather which produced light weighted and very portable bags.  You’ll find that the handbags are very spacey and are also thought to be very practical.  They are often designed with elaborate details using shells, crystals, wood and other fine details.

What to Expect from Prada Bags

Prada handbags can be found in various sizes and shapes to suit the fashion needs of various women. Basically you will find Prada bags made from the best materials like leather, calfskin, nylon, fox fur trim and deerskin.  Most will have a clasp, buckle or strap hooks made from silver or gold hardware.  Many also tend to have contrasting stitching or antiqued finishing for an even greater distinction.  Other designs that you will find include gathers, pleats and in the case of trendier bags, drawstrings.  You may find that your bag has zippered inner pockets or a magnetic snap closure.

Many of these high fashion bags also sport additional accessories like a detachable key ring, identification tags and cross body straps.  In most if not all cases the Prada signature logo will be boldly displayed on the front.  The handbags are popular in neutral colors like champagne, camel, pewter, black and white.  However you can still find bags in bright vibrant colors or with distinctive prints like animal patterns.

Regardless of your style, or status in life, you should be able to find a Prada handbag that suits you.

Why You Should Choose Moncler Handbags For The Winter

Ladies love handbags, not only do they serve the purpose of storing items, but they are also used to accessorize and add some glamour or style to an outfit.  If you are a lover of style, and are looking for a bag that can display your high sense of fashion in the winter time, you should really check out Moncler handbags.

The Handbags are Fashionable and Trendy

These handbags can be used to add glamour to just about any outfit. There are different styles to choose from and with the laid back, yet chic designs you will find that your bag can be very versatile.  As a result, you can easily use your bag to add glamour on those casual occasions or even find bags which are appropriate for work.  The trendy look makes it perfect for complementing you jeans, snowsuit or jacket.

They are Available in Many Vibrant Colors

There is no need to feel blue on a cold, snowing day when you have a brightly colored handbag clasp against you.  The many colours in which you will find these handbags available give you the option and the ability to match any outfit with a handbag.  Bags can be found in colours like white, blue, red, purple and black.

They are Very Strong

Moncler handbags are made with strong materials of the highest quality and are designed with strong stitching as reinforcement for the longevity of your bag.  As a result of these features, you can use you handbag over and over again, and not worry about it tearing regardless of how rough you may end up using it.

They are Water Proof

Another great feature of these handbags is that they are waterproof, making them just perfect for the wintertime.  The water proof feature should remove any worries you may have of getting your amazingly gorgeous handbag wet, while taking a stroll through the snow field.  This should also give you a piece of mind knowing that the valuables contained within the bag are also safe.

Moncler handbags give you the opportunity to enjoy a high sense of fashion, even during the winter time when you are required to wear all these bulky clothes which tend to hide your figure.  They perfect for every day usage and can be found at affordable prices at online stores.

One Of The Most Popular Jacket Brands The Moncler

It is from the abbreviated form of Monestier de Clermont that the name Moncler comes. The jackets and coats became very famous in the year 1952 when Andre Vincent and Rene Ramillion founded the company. Sleeping bag linings were initially used to make these jackets and they were designed especially for those interested in mountaineering the Alps. For all those who love to travel, Moncler is one of the most favored brands. Products are the most sought after, especially the jackets.

The return of the Moncler jacket in its lightest form was launched in the year 1972. The line is being used and is widely available all over the world today. The company has its own online outlets from where you can indulge your sense of fashion in everything from jackets, shoes and coats, to vests, clothing for kids and a wide range of support products. The best part about purchasing these products online is that you get to view them, select the desired product and order within a few clicks.

The online vendors deliver the product at your doorstep! Kids, teenagers as well as adults choose Moncler products with features specially crafted for each age group. A sought after brand, it has come a long way since the 1980 decade, when yellow and orange combos were the choice of the fashion police. Today, you can buy the line in bright colored options in jackets and sweaters flaunting the Moncler brand. Demand for their products has increased considerably all over the world.

You can now shop for the products at exclusive outlets and departmental stores in almost every part of the world. Alessandra Facchinetti is responsible for that unique style added to Moncler clothing recently, especially the abundant use of bold colors and elegant patterns. The return of moncler has allowed people to make a great addition to their wardrobes. The range is compelling to the eye, fantabulous to wear in feel and texture and real value when it comes to durability. Still walking the ramps on some of the best figures on the planet, the brand is here to stay a long time.

Various Fashion Handbags From Gucci

If you are looking for bags of the Gucci brand, then there is one thing you need to know – they are designed for both women as well as men! These days Gucci handbags are becoming one of the most essential accessories in almost any wardrobe. The line keeps coming up with interesting designs, colors, shapes and sizes. As far as the handbags are concerned, you could shop for them in almost any part of the world online or offline, just like any other product in the brand range.

One of the most popular brands available in today’s times, you can choose a handbag for almost every occasion and to suit your wardrobe. People of all ages are seen flaunting a Gucci. You can now select from small, medium as well as large sized bags. Carrying things gets easier as they have double straps. If you see the double G logo on the bag, then this should guarantee you the originality and quality.

Many of these bags are available in sizes that accommodate a number of essentials, especially if you travel frequently. Accessorized bags, green, yellow as well as red are the latest attractions in Gucci. You can stand out in a huge crowd by flashing a stylish Gucci purse. Those interested in gucci handbags with a metallic finish can also select from a wide range of anti-skid and multi pocket options.

There is provision to keep the cell phone, besides many side pockets and strong straps. Handbags from the Gucci fashion house can be purchased online to match with clothing, shoes as well as other dress accessories. If you look well and research it is easy to identify outlets that allow you to benefit with reduced rates, discounts and special offers online, especially during the festive season.

The fashion statement you can make with the brand is unparalleled and permanent. Walk into the conference hall or at the poolside flashing one and absorb the attention you get. These are not bags, they are vanity cases that can house everything from sunscreen to the plastic that buys you the best things in life, securely and in style!

Wider Range Of Atari T-Shirts

Designer clothing is the most sought after and if it is Atari, then you are considering one the most reputed brands! There is no need of prior experience in purchasing clothing of this brand as the product is world class, guaranteed and hence most reliable. The Atari T-Shirts enthusiasts are convinced that these are top quality T shirts available in most of the reputed garment stores online and offline around the world.

Almost every high street store in your locality will have Atari clothing for sale for sure. One of the best options these days is online shopping for a gaming brand that you dig! As far as the Atari brand is concerned, you can select from a wide range of Black Atari T shirts, Centipede shirt, Orange Atari T shirts, and Asteroids deluxe shirts, Atari Pitfall T shirts, Jr. Logo Atari T shirt, Console Logo Atari T shirt, the Controller Atari T shirt and the Dig Dug Shirt.

The range is so vast that almost everyone can find something special to own or gift. If you are considering purchasing the Atari apparel online, first set on whether you want to use it as casual wear on the beach, or part of the business attire at the offshore conference! The best thing about The Atari T-Shirts is that they can look extremely jazzy and are available in both neutral as well as bold colors. Once you have made up your mind in buying the apparel, focus on the wide range available and make up your mind on what exactly you are looking for.

Decide in advance what you desire to make shopping for the product much easier. If you are considering buying the products offline, ask the salesman for size, hue and design. Don’t rush with the purchase and take your time as there is a lot to look for in the line of apparel. The products can be ordered online and they are delivered to you at your doorstep. Make a fashion statement with the apparel at just about any casual ‘do’ and reflect the cool image you always want to portray without trying too much!

A Sneak Peak Into 80’s Big Hair

Hair has always been an important part of a woman’s personality. Appearance-conscious people have always been particular about their hair since ancient times. They cut their hair in different styles and patterns to enhance the facial features and over-all appearance.

80’s was the time when the trend of long, silky hair was observed. Both men and women were crazy for long hair. They used to try a number of synthetic and herbal products to boost the health of their tresses. They used to spend on buying the mentioned hair care products. This was the time when the importance of creative hair stylists was realized.

The hairstyles of the 1980s were varied. They were anything but subtle. The styles were often big. The Mohawk was one of the popular punk set. It was a style where the sides of the head were shaved. One center patch of hair left behind was spiked up.

There were rock groups which popularized the style of big hair. One of such groups was Poison and Motley Crue. They were popular under the name of “hair bands” as they wore their hair long. They used tons of hairspray for providing maximum volume. Hairspray was applied to create puffy bangs for men and women. Hair was also “feathered,” a kind of style that involved lots of layering.

The 80’s decade represents the 80’s revival. This was the time when people realized how cool they could look by bringing little changes in their hair. The fashion of long hair is still in. This is particularly the case in South-East Asian countries. Big hair is always in.

Look Stunning During Recession

The entire world is suffering from economic crisis. Rich, poor all have to face this difficult time. There are innumerable problems arising from it. The industry which is under its direct impact is the fashion industry. The reason is obvious as if people don’t have money, how can they spend on their appearance. This is true.

However, recession does not mean that you look use non-matching clothes and accessories, and look weird. You need to think about certain ways to come over this problem. You do not need to look ugly when you don’t have money. You need to think about ways by which you can dress up well and look good. There are several of them out there. If you are vigilant enough, you can certainly find out them.

One of the ways is to make use of exotic items. You can have anything exotic. This would not only make you look good but also unique. People would compliment you and would try to follow your style. You would find yourself to be different from regular and would simply love your appearance. You need to give it a shot. Search your wardrobe if you already have something exotic. Or else, visit cheap store to get some. Exotic bags are recession proof. You would say this someday.

Many people have tried this idea and are enjoying their life to the fullest even at the time of recession. This is the secret to the happiness of some people who afford to smile even during recession. Join such a group of people and be the winner for life.

Make A Style Statement With Brand

When it comes to brands like Gucci, you should not think much about the price. Whatever amount you invest into such branded products, you find it worth the appreciation and admiration you get from others. So, if you are planning to buy shoes, think about Gucci. You would be in benefit.

Shoes form an important part of your physical appearance. Others derive a lot of information from your personality by looking down on your shoes. You need to wear nice, matching pair always. This would help you form a positive impression on your fellow colleagues, friends and even family members. Such things are subtle and remain always there in the background. However, it matters a lot, both in short and long run.

You need not spend a huge amount of money of buying Gucci shoes. You can get them from shops that sell second-hand products. They sell their items at much cheaper prices. However, to avail this option, you need to be comfortable with using used products. Secondly, you can shop online. Search for websites that offer some kind of discount on gucci shoes. Find out about the latest offers. You may happen to save a few hard-earned bucks.

By going through the above blog post, you must have understood that people who wear Gucci are not always necessary to be wealthy. Some of such people are cleverer than the common crowd. You too become one and make a style statement in front of your known and unknown people.