Check Out The Celebs Dresses Which Got Much Attention At Met Gala

Fashion for celebs means to discover new style and become the fashion icon of many. At the Costume Institute Gala in New York, each celeb was looking fabulously fabulous with their unique style dressing.

It seemed that a wave of fashion was running at Met Gala. Two stars, Beyonce and Rihanna showed off extremely gorgeous and unique style.

Beyonce appeared to flaunt her new slim look. She wore an extremely tight black fishtail gown with exquisite gold embroidery, designed by Emilio Pucci. Beyonce looked comfortable with the breathtaking gown. She posed for photographers with her husband Jay-Z before he and an assistant held her up the stairs.

After Beyonce, the star who grabbed much attention was none another than a great singer Rihanna. She turned head in a daring Stella McCartney dress. The dress was black and from the front, her dress appeared conservative with just a subtle hint of skin on show but the side slit up making the dress gorgeous.  She teamed the dress with red braided hair and strappy Christian Louboutin heels.

Other stars who were looking extremely gorgeous on their outfit are Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker and Victoria. All went for varying sheds of pink. Brooklyn and Victoria dresses side slit up were making their look hot. Jennifer Hudson and Ashley Greene dazzled the night with their neutral gowns with dramatic skirts.

Nicole Richie, Freida and Serena Williams flaunt clean white dresses in very different styles. Fashionable people are taking the Met Gala event, one of the biggest fashion events.  It takes every year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and this time, it is dedicated to designer Alexander McQueen who committed suicide on February 2010.

Check Out The Royal Wedding Guests Fashion

Kate and Prince William wedding ceremony is today the hot search over the Internet. Everyone likes to know what Kate wore for her big day. Also, everyone wanted to know her prestigious guests style. The female guests in the royal wedding were a colorful, spectacular and reverential bunch.

It seemed that everyone wanted to look unique at the grand event. No doubt that fashion was running at high pace but many of them were looking old fashionable wearing the shoulder pads, batwing sleeves and short skirt suits. They are comfortable with the style.

Carole Middleton mother of Kate Middleton chose a pale blue Catherine Walker wool crepe coat-dress over a matching silk dress to look different and attractive at the event. The Queen was looking elegant wearing a primrose dress. Camilla princess of Wales was also extremely beautiful wearing a lovely hand-embroidered Anna Valentine champagne silk dress and duck egg blue coat. Lady Sophie of Wessex wore her Bruce Oldfieldsuit, Jane Taylor hat and Jimmy Choo shoes. All are looking unique and head turner at the big event.

Some famous personalities like Princess Letizia and Felipe Valera judged their outfit perfectly. Their head to toe dressing sense making them fashionable.

Another lady who had got much attention or you can say that the center of attraction after Kate Middleton was her sister Pippa Middleton. She got honor as bride maid and wore a white cowl-necked gown in ivory satin crepe. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

However, there are some guests in the wedding who had wrong choices. The most talkative wrong choice girl was none another Victoria Beckham. It seemed that she was attending funeral. Her black dress and heavy makeup were making her dull.

Some other guests like Princess Eugenie wore a blue Vivienne Westwood pouffy dress and Phillip Treacy pointed hat gave her funny look. Overall, everyone was looking unique with their style. It seems that Kate wedding will bring new trends in the fashion world.

Check Out Whitney Port Optical Illusion Dress

Whitney Port (American television personality and the main cast on the former MTV reality show The Hills) flaunted GUiSHEM designed one shoulder clever white dress in the US Weekly Annual Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event last night.

The actress dress was presenting optical illusion, making her waist seem tiny. However, the actress has a naturally slender figure but her white mini dress was making her leaner. She wore a one shoulder white dress with strategically placed color panels.

Her purple belt had an optical illusion effect. To make the dress more stunning, she wore a dazzling angle shape white earrings and electric blue Giuseppe Zanotti platform sandal.

Whitney is basically known for her famous reality show “The Hills” and “The City” but the actor is now famous for her extra talent. She is now a cloth designer and author. She was a former fashion contributor for Teen Vogue and has worked with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

The 26-year-old actress had rocked the party with her new stunning look and has fetched “The Individualist award at this grand event. Today, Whitney is engaged in flaunting her own fashion label Whitney eve. She said, “I don’t care about what people feel about her style.”

She said: ‘I feel like I’m open to all kinds of silhouettes. As long as it’s flattering on the body it doesn’t matter if it’s really out there. Talking about her fashion, she said, “I don’t hesitate to follow fashion and I really don’t care for people who like to copy my style.”

However, the honor of the night went to Jessica Simpson (an American singer who is now planning to get marry with her beau). She got Style Icon of the Year.

For the party, Jessica wore a bright Etro mini dress and black platform heel sandal. She was looking gorgeous.

Tell Us: What you feel about Whitney dressing sense? Will you opt her style?

The Flat Shoe Issues

Feet can be one of the most neglected parts of ones body. Maybe because it’s the least part that people see when you look in a mirror. However this fact does not make it less important. Taking care of your feet is easy and having one pair of comfortable shoes is the one of the best way to do it.

Flat Shoe Issues

Flat shoes. This is obviously your best bet. You don’t need a scientific explanation on it. Every girl knows that this type of shoes is the one that gives your feet the most comfort. As compared to other type of shoes. Opting to wear something of this sort does not necessarily mean that its plain and not stylish as to a high-heeled one, it can also be the best shoes you can have in your closet. Think about it, there are several ways you can wear it as well as lots of styles you can choose from.

Open toed, close shoes, sandals, formal, semi-formal, booties, leather and rubber shoes are some of the many varieties of flat shoes that you can find in your favorite shoe store. And these types don’t come in just one color or style. You can also find these with jewels or beads, laces or furs etc. Name it and the stores all over town have it. You just need to have faith on this kind of shoes because they can also accentuate your outfit without hurting your feet. Those who said that beauty should also be painful clearly don’t have a comfortable pair on hand.

The advantage of this sort of footwear doesn’t even stop there. It makes things easier for you. You can run in them without the fear of tripping, you can jump up and down without breaking a heel and you can climb a tree if you have to without the need of removing them. Come to think of it, it shouldn’t be called flat shoes but fun shoes because there’s nothing flat on it but its heels. There’s nothing plain on it because you can have so much fun using them.

Chine Emerging The New Superpower Of Fashion

When FENDI (Italian luxury fashion house) staged its unforgettable runway show at the Great Wall of China in the year 2007, it marked the beginning of new fashion era in China.

Yesterday at the Beijing Television Center, Burberry (a British luxury fashion house) showed off its biggest show ever which was broadcast throughout the world seems that China is gradually emerging as a new superpower of fashion.

However, China is the most populated country but 10 million people of China is earning around $15,000 which is considered as the upper middle class income, with that it is expecting to grow to 76 million within next 5 years.

Although, it can be the biggest factor that luxury lines are targeting the country.  Also, there are numbers of millionaires and billionaires leaving in China, so many popular brands are seeing great future prospects in this country.

It is believed that there are 80% consumers who are around 45 years love to buy luxury wears.  On the streets of Shanghai and Beijing, it is so easy to find luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Channel and Hogan handbags and shoes. Also, there are shops available in both cities which are engaged in selling high level of fake bags and shoes of these brands.

Even, boutiques of these cities brag about women who never hesitate to spend on different colors of bags simultaneously. The Chinese market is buzzing with different well known brands bags, shoes, dresses and jewelries. It is believed that Chinese shoppers consume more luxury goods than Americans.

Burberry has just opened its flagship in one place of Beijing and is now planning to double its presence by 2012. Today, the Jinbao mall is the special attraction of Beijing people. It is because the famous brands like Gucci, Bottege and Burberry stores have opened here.

In Shanghai, the Peninsula Hotel is the biggest center from where Chinese people can buy beautiful Channel fashion wears.  It is no doubt that Chine is emerging as the biggest fashion hub.

Stud Trend on Bags: 2011 Summer Fashion Handbags

As the hot summer weather approaches, keeping your summer outfit cool is the best way to dress up. Wondering what the must have accessories are for this season? Well just add anything flair to your average summer outfits from jeans to sandals, trendy sunglasses to studded bags. The stud trend on bags is widely in demand today more than ever.

2011 trend is all about the details and the colors. It’s all about being out there, creating a whole new look. We all have seen these funky hand bags and shoes being paraded by Hollywood celebrities. Studded bags represent a cool image, a kind of rock and roll hardware in some sense. But you should be careful not to wear too many of them in one outfit, you surely don’t want to end up looking like Van Halen fan. Just keep your outfit into moderation and you sure will see a dramatic effect on your outfit.

Trendy Summer Handbag Shades

2011 summer colors vary from nude colors to vibrant shades. According to fashion expert, nude is the new black! They are easy to wear and would go absolutely to almost anything you wear. There is nothing more versatile than a nude handbag. And what’s even more exciting is the stud trend on bags with nude shades. These tiny details spice up the design yet keep the bag low profile and your outfit looks glowing. Nude shades can also be incorporated with vibrant colors, like tangerine or acid yellow, to create a more summer appeal.

You should also know that this season prints are back! And what’s great about it is that you can incorporate the stud trend on bags on it to create for a funkier appeal. A rocker chick look basically represents the trend of 2011. From lady Gaga’s fashionable studded Birkins to Louboutin Marianna shoulder bags. These are the latest bag trend this season, so if you are still skeptical about the aesthetic appeal of a rocker outfit, then think again. You might just be running to the opposite direction. Just remember to keep it cool, but spice it up.

The Designer Shoes Lawsuit; Christian Louboutin Doesn’t Give In.

Christian Louboutin, the in 1963 born famous Paris-based shoe designer is again suing a rival footwear company. Louboutin said that he asked the American branch of the well-known Yves Saint Laurent Corporation for months to stop bringing shoes with red soles on the market. Now Louboutin is again taking legal action; this time against the Brazilian Carmen Steffens in France but for the same reason.

Christian Louboutin claims that both fashion houses copied his trademark red sole.  Apparently one day he painted the sole of a shoe red with nail polish and that was the start of it all. His idea was registered as a trademark in 2008 in the US.

However, while Yves Saint Laurent refused to comment on Louboutin’s claim, Carmen Steffens France did react. The company said that they already brought designer shoes with red soles on the market since 1996; long before Louboutin’s registration. Besides that, Carmen Steffens women shoes are available in many colors and not only in red.

But Louboutin sticks to his guns and asks the judge to impose $1 million in damages and demands that Yves Saint Laurent immediately stops the manufacturing of red soled shoes.

After starting as a freelance shoe designer for big names like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent (!), Christian Louboutin launched his own line in 1989; he opened the first store under his own name in Paris in 1991 and in New York in 1993. His first handbag line was launched in 2003. Today the designer gained world wide fame and indeed his stiletto heeled shoes are instantly recognizable for the lipstick red soles.

Princess Caroline of Monaco was one of his first celebrity customers and the media present at that occasion helped boost Louboutin’s designs enormously. With a customer base that contains names like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Deneuve, Diane Von Furstenburg and Sarah Jessica Parker, the designer indeed has an emporium to fight for and we are all waiting anxiously for the verdict. Shall he be vindicated?

Hogan shoes for Your Luxurious Summer Adventure

Hogan is a brand that’s making a huge name in the business. Hogan makes high quality shoe collection but these are durable and can endure wet rainy days and hot summer days. Hogan shoes do not come in cheap. They are in fact one of the most expensive shoes available today but why hesitate to spend a few bucks when it can lasts for a very long time.

Hogan shoes are great for all occasions, from evening wear to casual wear to business attire. Hogan is a great men shoe designer. His designs aim to be the most comfortable men’s shoe there is. You might think that men’s dress shoe looks a bit similar, but Hogan shoes combine uniqueness and style. They use varying materials such as rubber, leather, canvas, suede and more. The hunter which came from the Hogan Prezzi men shoe collection is made from suede and nylon. It offers ultimate comfort. The Zach on the other hand are made from perforated leather, this gives an athletic appeal, which also pretty much go with any casual outfits.

A pair of Hogan sneakers is made for men, women and children. The innovative idea of using crinkled leather high top leather will surely make you want to buy them. But if you try to wear them, you would know why this is a great buy. The memory high to sneakers is amazingly popular nowadays. And from the looks of it, the trend is not going anywhere. It has a classy appeal associated with a modern flair. What more can you ask for?

Hogan Shoes for the summer of 2011

This year’s Hogan shoes collection for the summer are almost flashy. They look very luxurious and are aimed for real time adventure. They also come in different color variety to choose from, such as dark blue, gray, and black. There are sports wear as well as a classic designs for a more glamorous appeal. Some of his collection features, a touch of paint and some are even sequined. Hogan shoes are made from authentic materials. They are best for people who love luxury, comfort and durability.

Dior Handbags Collection of 2011

Christian Dior is a designer that invests a lot of attention to every single product he launches, from a great outfit to his shoe collection. Today, Dior’s handbag collections are where the public’s eye is. Dior handbags are the best in the market. They offer the most sophisticated designs and stylish tone. For 2011, Dior collection is focused on luxurious style and sophistication. With these two factors what can you possibly ask for?

2011 Dior handbags come in varying styles, with different colors using different fabrics and materials. There will be a wide variety of handbags for you to choose from, whether for evening wear or a casual movie date, your heart would surely be captured by one of these handbags.

Black is obviously one of Dior’s signature color, but you sure will find a bright pink shoulder bag and a bright lime green clutch, that’s amazingly perfect for this hot summer season. You will also see a bright blue hobo bag and a large quilted black tote bag. Whether you’re in for the summer or you want to create an impression, the 2011 Dior handbag collection will surely have something to offer.

Dior handbags are known for its gorgeous styles and well defined patterns. But the spring collection 2011 combines these with impressive construction. A series of long leather straps and wrist straps labels this year’s collection. The Camel back Lady Dior can be fashioned in a couple of ways. It can be a messenger bag by bringing in the canvas long strap, which by the way is a perfect way to bring out your outgoing personality.

The deep red patent leather is probably the most exciting one in this collection. There is a twinkling patent leather texture that looks like dazzling gems. People are mostly enticed by this. For the evening handbags, you probably would have notice the beaded one in rose pattern. This is just as elegant as sophisticated, perfectly representing the name Dior. Rewarding yourself with the latest Dior handbags is probably the best thing that you can ever do to pamper yourself. Thos collection says you’re absolutely ready for the summer.

Prada Ugly – Hip Shoes Are Getting New Hot Spring Trend

The Prada platform shoes have been both hated and lauded by the worldly people. These ugly-looking platform shoes are now going to be one of the best choices of fashion lovers.

Prada, a well recognized fashion outlet, counts its new shoe trend in the “love it or hate it” section. It is believed that Prada knows well that the new style shoes either love or hate by fashion lovers. However, the company is getting good response of the new version as many fashion lovers love to flaunt the odd-looking shoes.

The men leather dress shoe features a blue platform which makes the shoe eye catching. Many fashion lovers say “these shoes add height without sacrificing the comfort of walking.” Also, many believe, “these are a sight of sore eyes. “At shops in the UK, the platform shoe which costs $795 has taken no time to sell and the shops dealers’ say, “Many customers have ordered the new Prada shoes.”

Although, there are many online shops from where people can get the new Prada leather shoes. A French designer Christian Louboutin has released uber-high platform stilettos which height is 6.5 inches.

Famous Montreal’s Rosenstein Paris boutique, manager Joseph Morgan said that heels are going up and up. And now it comes to the point where they are not wearable.

Many fashion designers believe that the platform shoes are getting popularity because of are comfortable and give free walk experience even after they have sky high heels. They are just like sneaker.

Apart from Prada shoes, there are many well known companies that involve in producing stylish platform shoes. Ugg Australia is a comfy sheepskin boots that is first worn by California surfer in 1980 and is now in the list of new trendy shoes. Crocs, a simple boat shoes are also in the trend. About 100 million pairs of these types of shoes have been sold worldwide.

Looking the new trendy Prada shoes, there are many companies that involve in copying its idea.