The Perfect Everyday Bag For Mans Fashion

When it comes to fashion, women understand a great deal about different items to be flaunted. Always in style, the elegant black dress for men is now changing trend in fashion, defied by some accessories that are truly classic. To evoke a look that is really timeless there are 10 ‘must have’ important items that need to form a part of any man’s wardrobe.

(A) A blue jacket in jeans material has always been in style and the chances of it going out of fashion are very less while considering its consistent ranking among the 10 essentials in man’s wardrobe.

(B) You can flaunt an appearance that is less formal with T-Shirts all year round.

(C) Investing in a pair of branded or retro shades is a good idea. You can wear them on outfits that are informal a well.

(D) A white shirt is mandatory in any man’s wardrobe as the best thing about it is that it can be worn on any trousers or jeans.

(E) For attending dinner parties you need a nice jacket which must have a classic look on its own. Besides dinners you can wear the jacket to any event you feel is special.

(F) For the coat in your wardrobe you will also need scarves which you can choose from bulky to light in weight as well. A lot of men prefer a scarf in grey color that is truly chic.

(G) Just like the jacket, jeans in blue that can make you look really stylish and paired with any shirt, suit or jacket you desire.

(H) The perfect everyday bag for man also needs your consideration because without bag the attire is not complete.

(I) A sports watch in rugged style or any other good looking watch for occasions that are formal is a must amongst 10 essentials in man’s wardrobe.

(J) Men look great in turtleneck that can be worn on a good looking jacket.

(K) To look stylish and feel warm plaid shirts combinations of different colors are an excellent choice.

Prada Miu Miu Handbags and Shoes

Today, the brand name Prada has become one of the most sought after and has gained immense popularity in different circles. Behind this branded name is creator Mario Prada, who began the business in the year 1913. Collections in the brand include belts, apparel, wallets, shoes and a number of other accessories as well. Shoes that are not typically sportswear and those with intricate designs are his forte in footwear.

Since this brand name is now so popular, a number of lesser known shoe manufacturers have come in versions that are affordable but fake replicas which you need to be aware of.

Original branded shoes are available both online as well as offline. You need to purchase them from genuine manufacturers only. Mario Prada’s grand daughter has come up with the range ‘MiuMiuw’ which sells products like Miu Miu handbags and shoes at many of the high end stores of the world, since the year 1992. So ideally, this should be your second best choice.

To check out if at all you are purchasing original shoes from this brand there are a few signs that can indicate the tell tale signs. Boxes for containing these shoes are made in plastic as compared to traditional boxes made in card board. Also ensure to check if details like model, logo and brand are printed on the inner side of the box.  Customers need to keep these facts in mind before considering the original Prada shoes.

Insoles can be removed and replaced, which should be kept in mind at the time of purchase. If you have been saving up for a good pair of branded shoes, you should know what to look for to get real value for your indulgence. Prada designs are signature like which can be learned more about online. It is vital to remember that since these are branded and luxurious shoes, and you are going to pay a good amount of money, refrain from making the purchase in the presence of any element of doubt.

If there is a good friend who knows a lot about branded stuff and especially Prada shoes then taking this friend along for shopping online or offline is a good idea.

Best Way to Pack Your Luggage

All those who are experts in packing luggage use strategic methods. Packing luggage needs some amount of expertise so that you are able to fit in maximum essentials within a specified space. While going on a vacation or a holiday your luggage is the most important consideration as it has to accommodate everyone’s basic requirements, if the whole family is traveling.

Different kinds of clothing has to be carried, most of which needs to be maintained wrinkle free as far as possible. There will be no need for ironing clothes when you reach the destination this way, which could save you a lot.

If the luggage packing is done in an organized manner then locating things in the bag will not be cumbersome at all. A particular order needs to be followed while placing clothes in the suitcase. Shirts that have been well ironed can be placed at the bottom followed by dresses and trousers. Clothing that is most essential for use on reaching the destination must be placed at the topmost level for easier accessibility.

Some of the clothing that is more wrinkle-prone should be unfolded while placing them at the bottom while those that are less prone can be placed towards the top. Whether ironed or not, the best way to pack your luggage is to ensure to fold the clothes well before placing them in the suitcase. Folding clothes on a flat surface is very necessary so that the ironing remains in good condition till you reach your destination. Paul smith print bags can offer you the best solution to pack your luggage nicely.

Besides clothing, accessories like ties can be rolled into socks and then into shoes. The best way to pack your luggage is to pack the underwear in the sides of the suitcase so that they are easily accessible. Shoes too have to be aligned in a particular way before packing; otherwise they can consume much space.

Plastic bags are mandatory for packing shoes at the edges of the suitcase to keep the clothes protected. Ensure to clean the shoes before getting them packed.

Important accessories like toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, hair brushes, perfume, napkins, cosmetics, extra slippers, jewelry items, etc also need to be accommodated in little pouches or bags. Too many things can increase the burden; so carry items that are most necessary only.

How to Get Alexander Mcqueen’s New Designer

If you are one of the trendsetters with a small budget then you are not the only one. There are many people whom have a great sense of fashion but without enough money to buy designer clothes and shoes. It is not a problem anymore. Your problems can be fixed with just one click of your mouse.

What you need to do is check out what’s latest on the Internet world. There are hundreds of website offering vouchers and discounts on clothing. You may need to take your time to wait for the best one to make a good offer but getting a discounted wardrobe that you want is priceless.

If you haven’t gotten any voucher then try logging in directly on the shop’s website. See if they are offering their clients a discount or freebies. There are some, which may require you to provide email address for their newsletter. This way, you will be able to receive their new updates on their collection and you will be the first one to know about it.

There are also websites selling second hand outfits of alexander mcqueen’s new designer. You can check out these sites if there are things that can capture your attention. Make sure you are on a trusted website before you make a buy. There are some websites that are just made to fool some people. Be on guard every time.

Getting the latest trends today in a lower price is easy. You just have to know what style you want and where to look for it. Check websites and chat forums to get some advices from different people who are more experienced on online shopping. The next thing you know, you have a complete set of outfit that makes everyone envious.

Newest in Fashion 2011: Rules are Eliminated

Bright colors and soft fabric mixed with an eccentric detail will complete the lines of most brands designs today. Get ready for a blast of colors and explosion of innovative ideas. Old fashioned is a term not used anymore, now it is what they called the anti-fashion.

It will become one of the trends that you can look forward to. It is going to be the main event of 2011. Being in style by altering the rule or not following it for that matter is what will govern.

Everything must be dynamic and one of a kind. It should create an air of grace but still maintain its eccentricity. Electrifying the audience with its graceful maneuver will be the aim of each designer. Dolce & gabbana celebrities testimonials counts much. It is not a rule but a complete turn around of styles and looks.

Give way to the set of disturbing yet beautiful display of Spring/Summer Collection of 2011. It will be the most talked about all over town. Be the first one to have those exceptional sunglasses from Prada or the first one to buy the latest from Gucci.

If you’re looking for something cheap yet still one of a kind, go to the nearest vintage shop and get the most colorful and out of this world design you can get. What you need is the will power and the guts to pull it off. There is nothing to be afraid of in this day and age.

The rules are abolished and you are the one in command. You are responsible for yourself, authentic or not, you will rule.

Fashion Wannabe denim shorts No More

Summer is the best time to show off your different style and bring out your new look. This season is when people experience the need to show a lot of colors as well as more skin. The fashion denim shorts world becomes their masterpiece. The need to make a statement in terms of styles and trends is heightened as this time of the year began.

Each of the well-known designers and even the not-so popular ones are creating their very best collections during this period. This is the best time to create the new you.

Being a fashion icon is not about your designer denim shorts or your designer clothes. It is also definitely not because you have the latest collection of a brand. It is how you think and feel. The way you see things and the way you think of yourself is what matters. If your goal is to be someone totally different then you need to know if you can handle it.

Your self-confidence is a big factor on being the person you want to be. Models and trendsetters have one similar factor, they all know they look good and it shows. You don’t have to be a model to be a fashion icon this summer, just feel like them. Be someone who knows they look good and it will definitely show.

One way getting that goal is to look at some fashion magazines or watch fashion shows. You will notice that people there exudes poise and grace. They are wearing authentic denim shorts brands and the latest trends, however if you will imagine them uncomfortable and uneasy with what they are wearing then all are useless.

Find Swim Trunks that Complement Your Body Type

Have you ever taken enough time to select swim trunks that complement your body look? If you don’t then you can be a fun making stuff for girls. It is a bitter fact that most men don’t think much about their swim trunks. Which is why it is easy to find boys on the beach that wear the wrong type for their body shape? To make your appearance attractive and to accentuate your body, it’s quite essential to wear the right pair.

The best swim trunks for man

If you are a tall figured guy, it’s better to go for long bathing suits and board shorts that reach almost to your knees. A long bathing suit will make your appearance complementing. Always select the trunks that give you option to tie in the front.

Tall figure guys should always go for wild patterns and any bright color trunks. Give special consideration to your trunk fabric. The fabric should be cotton and a blend of nylon fabrics. These fabrics are skin friendly and easy to wear.

If your belly is big, the board shorts can be a wonderful option. They have a tendency to hang low under the gut. Dark color board shorts can be good to draw your attention away from the belly.

You need to notice these essential points before purchasing swim trunks. According to a recent news on swim trunks, a 61-year-old US man who worked as a lifeguard was quite conscious about his trunks. But for this consciousness, he had to pay dearer.

He lost his job when he refused to wear skimpy swim trunks for the annual swim test. He told the New York Daily News, he was forced out of the job after 40 years when he refused to wear tiny trunks.” Though, the old man wanted to wear biking shorts.

He sued against the State Office of Parks in 2009 but the lawsuit had been dismissed. The old man has not lost his hope and has again filed the lawsuit. Let’s hope to get desirable judgment for him.

Bangs Is Back With A Bang in Fashion Ferragamo handbags

Some might never notice it going away but it did. Bangs and fringes were outdated in 2010 and was back on top of the chart on 2011. The bohemian look and some other outrageous styles you can do with bangs are now the latest in fashion. It will enhance the eccentric designs on clothing and accessories.

Bangs and fringes can be worn on any look. For those who have short hair, Pixie crop is the in thing for you this 2011, it is a popular hairstyle during 2007, which you may have noticed on celebrities like Halle Berry and Rhianna.

However, for people who are lucky to have thick and long hair, you will be amazed on how a simple bangs can do to your look this year. You can experiment on different sorts of hairdo with only one haircut. With thick bangs as your only tool, you can do a messy I-couldn’t- care-less hairstyle and still be in style.

Trends on hairstyles are just evolving through the years. Just like clothing and shoes it will go out of style for a year or so, then will come back with a different attitude. Bangs and fringes is definitely something that will give you an attitude.

It is what makes it exciting and a bit scary because it can absolutely provide you a whole new distinctive look. Unique and unconventional, two words to look forward to this year. Getting one is like having the newest set of designer shoes and Ferragamo handbags. It’s never boring and it presents something extraordinary.

How Celebrities Use Marc Jacobs shoes

What hot celebrities wear influences so many people and because of this you would rarely see them not carrying the latest and hottest trend in bags and Marc Jacobs shoes. Marc Jacobs being one of Hollywood’s favorite brands, of course, has been on the red carpet so many times that they are actually celebrities themselves. Tom Hanks even wore them on his movie “You’ve got Mail”.

Tom Cruise has been photographed like a million times wearing the Tod’s Spencer Motorcycle Boots. Tod’s shoes have been in the industry for years yet the fashion and style has never changed much. Hollywood fans and the high society just can’t get enough of them.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Jessica Biel are huge Tod’s fans. Hot celebrities wear them to achieve the most comfort. They wear them when they are busy spending leisure time with family and friends.

Marc Jacobs shoes are truly God’s gift to Hollywood feet. They can be as comfortable as you want it to be. They are stylish and can be worn at just about any outfit you want. They come in a wide variety of colors and matching handbags.

Most of all, they are luxurious. Tod’s handbags are also very uniquely designed. They come in many shapes and sizes. They are fashionable and easy to match with just about anything you want. Jennifer Garner has been spotted to use her Tod’s D – Bag in soft gray hue. While Elizabeth Banks was photographed looking stunning as she always is, carrying a Tod’s clutch in New York.

What Makes Gucci Bags Authentic

Gucci is a well known brand. These handbags are one of the favorites of socialites and celebrities and are a great style statement. Gucci products including shoes, handbags etc symbolize prosperity and high social status.

But one bad thing about these high quality brands is that many fake products are also being sold in market in the name of ‘Gucci’. For customers, it becomes next to impossible to judge the authenticity of the brand.

But there are some signs that can signify the correctness of product.


Gucci uses very good quality leather. It is good textured, soft and consistent in color and design. If you find rough texture, discolored patches, stiffness, you should not pick up the piece. It can be a sign of fake <>Gucci handbags<>. Snaps and zippers not aligned or fastening properly can also be the sign of counterfeit bag.


These bags are stitched using top quality thread. If you find uneven spaces, loose threads, unmatched thread color etc… it may be a warning sign.


If you are regular user of Gucci, recognizing their logo should not be tough for you. Their logo contains two capital letters ‘GS’, one upside down and one facing up. Logo may be textured or raised or may be printed or monochromatic in a color slightly darker or lighter compared to background color. But fake products usually make use of imitation logos or copy similar designs. With keen observation, you can catch it easily.

Serial Number

Gucci bags contain a tag written “GUCCI” along with the model number and serial number. Tags are made with good quality leather of the same color of bag. Text is clearly embossed on it. Look for misspellings, improperly spaced letters and punctuation problems (if any). If you find any of these issues, leave that piece.


Gucci handbags and wallets usually come in the range of $500-$1000. Larger bags cost more in the range of approximately $1200-$10,000. You can purchase original bags on retail outlets and other high-end shops.