Discover Spring 2012 Color Trends

When you welcome spring you become full of joy that the God has given at least a season where one can enjoy outing without any worry of bone-chilling cold and scorching sun light. Spring is undoubtedly a season of colors. You are ready to wear colorful dresses and want to look glowing. Like every year, this spring season is too special for designers. Gucci, Prada and many brands come up with colorful dresses and accessories.


Gucci, the luxury fashion house presented the spring 2012 color trends in an innovative way at the Milan fashion show. The color green was prime attraction. It is because the designers of this famous brand know why spring is the most awaited season for all.

The spring greenery reflects the Gucci spring 2012 collection. Model walked the ramp with stylish round shape, V-shape, halter neck and off shoulder green tops. Black is the secondary color in Gucci fashion. Stripe colors like white and black dazzled the Milan fashion week.


While discussing innovative spring collection, no discussion is complete without Prada. The brand ready-to-wear is full of colors and patterns. Miuccia Prada’s has tried hard to give new definition to Prada’s spring collection. The brand has used different color dresses but most of them are light colors such as light pink, blue and yellow.

Flowing skirts are basically in light colors and pencil skirts are in dark. The spring 2012 banner has included supermodels to make the collection hit. Patterns like oval and square are used greatly.

All in all, if you want to look at yourself at the new hike of fashion, the spring 2012 collection is truly good.

How to Shop For Stylish Designer Women Bags At a Discount Price

Designer handbags are a style statement. Fashionable girls die to have at least one designer handbag so that they show it off to their friends and colleagues to make a good impression. Gucci, Prada, Chanel and many world famous stylish designer women bags are undoubtedly expensive and exclusive. Low-income women find hard to buy branded handbags and their dream can become shatter. Though, to cherish their dream, there are a few options available to buy designer handbags at a discount rate.

Let’s see what the ways are:

Never overlook for codes while shopping online. Being a smart online shopper, you shouldn’t percept that the thing you are going to purchase is expensive. There are many online stores offer a little white box that has promotional code to save your money. Look at the box to know the discount you can get from your purchase.

Check out online stores offer only discount handbags. There are a few dominated stores that always offer handbags at a great discount. It can be 50% or more. The thing is totally depended on how old the product is.

Take your time to travel down your nearby fashion stores. When designer’s come up with new designs, reputed outlets want to quickly sell the older products to stay in competition. They sell previous collection at a discount price. Look at for those stores to find designer handbags at an unbelievable price.

There are some online and offline stores offer up to 70% discount on designer handbags. They are selling those products that have some defects. If you are ready to gear up your style with these kinds of bags, you can. Make sure the defects are not easily seen.

Gisele Bundchen Lands Versace, Givenchy & Ferragamo Campaigns

Some people add feathers to their profiles overnight. Gisele Bundchen has become all the more famous. But her fame cannot be measured. And she has earned fame and the status of supermodel over the years. She is on her way to represent ad campaigns for reputable brands like Versace, Givenchy and Salvatore Ferragamo in the spring 2012. Gisele has been versatile and still is. She will show her different facets with each of the brands.

The Brazilian billionaire supermodel is a brand by herself. But she has been endorsing the brands that are really rocking at any time.

She is part of Vercase ad campaign for fashion accessories. She is displayed in a desert and accordingly looks hot. She adores a bra top and hot pant, and sometimes a pencil skirt with a bag and other accessories to look hot only. The dress remains to be a mini dress all along—though in some pics she is in one piece short dress or A-line gowns.

In case of her ads for for Salvatore Ferragamo she is romantic in a floral-printed dress that is complemented by her sexy sandals. The sky is blue on the beach and she stands by the side of a palm tree. A large blue bag makes her complete.

Quite opposite to her above mood is that shown in case of Givenchy. Flanked by two male models, she can leave the dog at any point she gets angry with anyone. This is her fierce face though she looks calm otherwise.

She poses with male models in many different dresses for Givenchy. In some pics she is flanked by males in green and in some they are in black or naked for the upper part. The campaign makes a perfect combination of dresses for men as well as for women. The plot for the campaign is again a sandy beach where the models are around some car.

As Gisele Bundchen Lands Versace, Givenchy & Ferragamo Campaigns, there may be many more assignments for the supermodel as they may come forth. The magic of her looks seems working superbly.

How Anyone Can Be Stylish

The world people are crazy about fashion. There are a few exceptional examples left in this world that don’t care about fashion and don’t follow the current trends. Non-trendy persons are basically those who are living in villages. Today, small to big cities people love to follow fashion. Some of them don’t want to compromise when it comes to wear something trendy. They are spending more than their income in order to be in style.

If you are an inhabitant of a metropolitan city but don’t know the latest trend, it is something that you are losing. No wonder, anyone can be stylish if they know what’s running in the current fashion and the types of fashion outfits suit to their body. Fashion is something that you can explore more and more.

Try to be a bit experimental with your style. For example: you are following one trend for many years and now simply bored with that. It means whenever it comes to a gown, you love to buy low-cut gowns and now feeling bore with the style. What will you do? You simply want to go with other style gowns like high-split gowns, hourglass and so on.

Follow the current trends and be in style is not as hard as it seems. You should have good knowledge on the things that can make you trendy. Check out your near fashion stores to look for beautiful and well-fit dresses for you.

Try these dresses on a trial room. Make sure you have a friend with you who has a good knowledge on fashion so that she/he can suggest you the best style. Also, you can take help from a designer and fashion stylish in your area. Go for online shopping to find the new style.

Men’s Classic and Trendy Belts Gratify Masculine Look

Belts and boots are the necessity for a formal wear. Few prefer to wear trousers without belts. But, those who are keen and conscious of fashionable masculine look never miss to tie their belts around their waists. If it’s a formal occasion or an informal party, men’s classic belt has a crucial role to play. The biggest questions that arise at this point is where to buy a classy belt pricing within one’s reach.

As the old saying goes, if there is will, there must be a way. Online shopping malls are mushrooming day by day. There is no denial of the fact that all e-commerce websites are not genuine and trust worthy. Few are popular because of their customer centric services.

Why you need a Classy Belt?

From time immemorial, men are using belt. History refers these accessories as a part of masculine, well suited wear. Time has witnessed many changes throughout the world of fashion. Now, belts serve both as a tool to tight your trouser to your waist and they have occupied much of a fashionable look of a man. Even smoky chisel bodied man prefer to belt up their trousers. It gives a better look.

Where to shop from?

Online sites are the right destination for shopping as you like. Even taking information is much better than offline shopping. Knowing the prices, brands, designs, hue and craft related to a belt will be clear as day light. Be familiar with them and try to pick up the right one that suits your persona.

How much they cost?

Depending on various parameters like, brand name, color, design and texture, men’s classic belts cost variedly. Try to shop the most suitable one that you will enhance your masculine vigor. But, sticking to a brand is always safe and better an idea.

Which Color is popular?

Though personalization is always possible but, belts are restricted to few colors. Beyond them, if one wears something else, then it’s may make the entire thing a mess. Generally speaking, black, brown, deep blue, white are the common colors. Apart from these, there are many. But, mostly they are used in informal kind of occasion. For formal wear, you have to be sure of the color, as formal colors are very few and restricted.

Men’s Classic Belts are to bring out the soul of your from inside out. It will give you look and extra edge and flaunting your masculine vigor will withstand the changes in the world of fashion.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2012

There are lots of fashion accessories available in to choose from. Being a fashion freak, I want to make my fashion a step ahead. I really don’t want to copy the style of celebs and am desperately looking for the brand that can offer something unique and stylish. For me, the fashion is all about experiment with your current style.

My love for fashion makes me an internet savvy person who is always in look for new fashion brands. Recently, I meet with an Italian luxury house, “Bottage Veneta”, best known for its leather goods. The brand was founded in 1996 and was purchased in 2001 by Gucci Group. Now, it is a part of the French multinational group PPR. The interesting thing about the brand is that it knows how to play with colors.

The Bottega Veneta Spring 2012 collection is inspired from colors.

At the Milan Fashion Week, the luxury fashion house comes up with a desirable collection of brunt orange, royal purple and jungle green gowns and separates.

To try something unique, some of the dresses of Bottege Veneta are a well mixture of leather and cotton. The combination is used to make beautiful skirts and jackets.

Moving on to leather accessories, Bottege Veneta is giving tough competition to well-reputed leather handbag brands. Its handbags are unique. Many bags are embellished with sequins to give different look. Your hunger for style can quench from Bottege Veneta if you really want to try something unique and decent. So, go ahead for shopping the brand latest collection and find a new change in your overall appearance.

Of Bags And Women

‘Diamonds are girls’ best friend’ the saying is getting old as designer bags take their place. Bags have always been in vogue and no matter how many bags a girl has, she craves for more. If you share the same feelings, no one can blame you because this is something girls are addicted to. Every bag is different in shape, size and color and there is no harm flaunting a new bag every time you step out of your home.

My girlfriend loves hand bags and has a huge collection of designer bags. So I was in a dilemma about what should I gift her on this valentine. I thought it would be useless to gift her yet another bag when she already has many. And it is designer bags she loves the most. I was caught in a very difficult situation of what to do. I closed my eyes and took a decision.

I went to a nearby Gucci showroom and bought a hand bag for her. The moment I came out of the showroom I thought I should have taken something else and that she would not be happy to see a bag yet again. Anyways, the same evening I took her out for dinner and was nervous about her reaction when she looks at her gift.

Trembling because I did not want to ruin our valentine, I showed her the purse and closed my eyes. To my surprise she literally jumped out of excitement. I cannot frame that feeling in words. She was happy to see the Gucci purse and I, to see her beaming with joy. In this way our valentine turned out to be a big hit.

A question usually comes to my mind is what actually makes these handbags so desirable. Maybe they define a girl’s personality. They look incomplete without their hand bags. They carry their world with them in their bags. Ask a girl if she can spend a single day without her purse and you will get to know what actually a bag means to her.

Style Your Appearance With Hogan Shoes

Whether you have dressed up for a most awaited party or are heading for office as a regular routine, shoes are something which can make or mar your appearance. For instance, if you are wearing gum boots with a long skirt, you have made a big mistake. It is because all the beauty of your gum boots is concealed. As selecting the right dress is important so is the shoe selection.

Ladies are always concerned about their overall appearance. Dress, shoes, accessories all have to be just perfect every time they step out of their home. Hogan shoes offer wide variety of shoes to suit every style and dress. There is no dearth of range in terms of color, variety, pattern, shapes and sizes. Flats, boots, wedge heels, high heels, ankle boots and loafers etc. are the types of shoes. Some of them are available according to the season. Winter, spring, summer and fall collections are available.

If you are wearing the short skirt for a party, pair it with high heels. Ankle boots go great with trousers or jeans. Even your professional attire looks great with high heels. Going for a casual walk? Wear comfortable sports shoes, especially designed for your comfort. It is not just your attractive party wear for which shoes are available; you find matching and comfortable pair to wear in daily life.

Hogan shoes offer style and comfort both. Material used in shoe manufacturing keeps your comfort in mind. You may choose from rubber, leather, elastic, suede leather, glitter leather and python leather etc. These shoes are available in blue, grey, black, white, silver, beige, pink, stone, sand and camel colors. Shoes are available in every shape and size. Whether you prefer long high heeled gum boots or usual flats, variety is abundant.

You will find websites which house these types of shoes. When you visit these sites, you will have clearer look at the shoe collection. Variety in every way would evidently be visible. The price range is also mentioned along with the discounts. Choose the one which suits your style and your preference. And, adorn a stylish look along with comfortable gait.

How to Shop For High Heels

Being a woman, what makes you so special? It is, of course, a beautiful dress with dazzling jewelry and a high heel sandal. It is high heels that transform a woman look from frumpy to fabulous.

A common dress when pair with high heels transforms that dress elegant. No wonder, heels make your legs look lean and long. They enhance your calf muscles and make you a super elegant woman. Boys love to see girls in high heels. Ferragamo shoes are famous for pencil heels. Black, golden, brown, pink and nude colors are used to make fabulous and extremely sophisticated shoes for women. If you love heels and want to buy the pair that goes long, here are some shopping tips for that.

Shopping for heels is not as easy as it seems. Your first step includes the selection of a dress you want to wear with heels. This way, you can narrow down your search for heels.

If you are purchasing heels for the first time, it’s good to try several heel heights to know the height is manageable for you. Look for the height you find comfortable.

Determine the look you want to achieve with heels. For instance, you are planning to wear a pencil skirt or a mini skirt; it’s good to pair with pointy stiletto heels.  For casual looks, you can go with chunkier heels. Wedges are good with long skirts and jeans.

If you are not confident enough with your walk wearing skinnier heels, it’s better to go for chunkier or thicker heels.

Strappy sandals and open-toe styles are hot choices. Closed toes are good but pairing them with jeans and long flowing gowns and skirts is a smart choice.

Ever Changing Men’s Fashion

Fashion for women is getting tough competition with fashion for men. Today, designers are taking equal interest in designing both genders apparels and accessories. They want to see not only girls but also boys fashionable and smart.

Like designers, men are also looking curious to change the way they look. They are not hesitating to wear the style that is new and colorful. It is because men have realized the importance fashion in today’s lifestyle.

If they are fashionable, they are in demand. To uplift the wardrobe of men, designer brands like Gucci and Prada are trying hard. They are trying to bring something new and innovative for men. Men’s Fashion Trends 2012 is the latest example of the changing fashion for men.

Apart from a black pleated formal pant, office goers are looking for bright and without pleated pants. The interesting thing is that the bright color has not changed the formal look. In fact, they are looking smart and adorable. Ties that are usually dark black, brown and light colors are now available with bright colors. In short, bright colors are no more a color of girls.

Sweet shirts with a crewneck are very in style for casual wear for fall 2012. The style is repeating itself in every year with a few changes. From a close fitting to a bulky hood sweet shirt is available to make men stylish in the chilling 2012 winter.

From a cowboy look to a simple but stylish guy is not very difficult for boys. Not only a good height and slim boy, but also oversized men have a lot of options to look classy. The changing 2012 fashion trend is inviting guys to bring some remarkable changes on their look.