Men’s Shorts: Freedom To Keep Cool Under Scorching Sun

Fashion wears are of various shapes, color, design and texture. But spring summer or summer brings home freedom for men. Packing all woolen cloths, we love to pile up natural fabric made shorts onto our wardrobe. Keeping cool in look and disposition is the virtue you enjoy in your shorts. Fashion is an evolving world. Shorts, being a cloth piece, are under continuous experimentations and scrutiny. Shorts get changed in color, shape and style. Pick up any of the new trend and then flaunt your style in front of others:

Shorts VS. Height:

Though, wearing shorts is an issue of comfort but look plays the key part in most of the cases. Fortunate are those men who have got an inherent tall height. If they wear a short, it looks seamless, provide his shorts are not over-sized. Height plays a vital role in the entire appearance of a man. In modeling industry too, tall men are a priority. What if a short in height person wants to be in shorts? The size of his short must be accurate and must fit his structure and persona.

Color vs. Design:

Though color and design are interlinked with each other, but they have separate importance. General folks find on difference in shorts design. But, in cut, stitching, length and width, they are really different from each other. You may be choosey and fussy, but newer collections are just round corner to impress you. Try to pick that one which will expose the real masculine man inside out.

Style vs. Comfort:

Carrying your cloths with confidence is the most awaited justification for your personality. You have to think if you are comfortable in shorts of all types or with a particular pattern. While shopping, we forget these issues altogether. But, after reaching home, we repent on the size, color and even at worst cases, the fabric of clothes. Pre-consideration is much better than getting your repenting later. Bridging the gap between your style statement and comfort is highly recommended. You have to be very careful while shopping.

Men’s shorts are the freedom to flaunt your causal masculine look. Be the player of your look and grab all your attention.

Find Distinctive Sense Of Fashion With The Duchess Of Cambridge Fashion Outfits

Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is admired for her fashion sense.  The Duchess of Cambridge gives a very tough competition to Hollywood divas in terms of fashion. Her dresses are a perfect blend of fashion and sobriety. She loves to wear red, nude, black, grey, white and blue color dresses. All her dresses are designer wears. The sober lady doesn’t mind to wear the dress more than one time. At many times, she spotted with the dresses that she wore when she was a common girl.

Kate and her sister Pippa, both are now considered a leading fashionista. Girls all across the world love to imitate these royal beauties. The greatest example of Kate’s imitation was her wedding gown that was designed by English designer Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Right after the wedding, there were many wives-to-be imitated her wedding gown.

It is believed that Kate Middleton’s wedding dress will display at Buckingham Palace during this year’s summer opening.

The media has always been keeping an eye on her latest wears. The royal fashion sense is sure to get attention of media whenever she goes out. Now, the good news is that imitating the Duchess of Cambridge style is so easy.

You just don’t need to spend your precious time in moving one fashion store to another in order to find out dresses like Kate loves to wear.  To copy her style, there are some new clothing lines available in the online world that keep an eye on duchess latest style and bring to you that with no time.

All dresses are available at an affordable price. You just need to give inspiration to your thoughts that you want to look like the Duchess of Cambridge.  From her small accessories to ready-to-wear, all you can get at an unbelievable price. In other words, these stores are one stop shopping destination for buying the Duchess of Cambridge style clothes, bags, shoes and even earrings. So, when you are going to shop.

The Beauty And Benefits Of Clutch Handbags

Well! Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie, walked into a movie premier with a costly clutch (The Gold Louis Vuitton Lockit PM Devotion Clutch). This is considered as one of the world’s costliest clutches in the world with an estimated price of $15,000 dollars. This might have caught a lot of media attention; but the fact is clutch handbags have got more reasons to be a must have item for women.

These bags add greatly to the looks of women. These go very well with the formal attire but these can no way be counted as lesser with casuals. These bags are named so because of the way, these are carried. Women actually clutch these rather than hanging them on. This is the biggest reasons why these are often smaller in size. You obviously don’t want to put greater stress on the delicate wrists.

Designers understand the probable problems, which the continuous clutching may cause to the women. Angelina’s clutch bag had great innovative way to deal with it. It supported beautiful attached handcuffs. Ordinary clutch bags may not have this innovation yet but a number of bags with short to long straps are available in the market.

These bags have added great comfort to these bags along style. Besides these you may also go for the wristlet clutch bag with small wristlet, which allows you to hang the bag on the rest.

The benefits associated with these bags are many. The foremost is the elegance and style. The clutch handbags are available in a lot of shapes. The variations allow you to choose from a wide range and select the best one for yourself. You may even choose a couple of those to add variations and maximize the impact.

There are some variations in terms of the capacity as well. Since the size needs to be kept small, you may vary the space needed with the help of convertible clutch bags. Besides, these bags come in huge color and texture variations. You may choose any color, shape and design, which suits your personality better.

The Right Measurement Technique to Make Shoes Shopping Easier

Buying a pair of perfect size shoes is a tougher job. There are many things that you cannot avoid while shopping for shoes. According to the latest study, it has been proved that men are careless for their shoes shopping. They avoid measuring their feet which in result able them to get improper fitting shoes. Remember, measuring the width is crucial for getting the correct size shoes.

If you only measure the length, it’s totally impossible to get the exact size. Calluses, blisters and discomfort are some not to be avoided causes of your incorrect selection. There are many who have experienced deformities due to this vary reason.

Let’s know how to measure the width of your feet.

Place a white large paper on the floor that is large enough for your feet. Secure the paper with tape to keep it from moving.

Wear socks before measuring and stand easy on the paper. Bend your knee to trace around your feet with the help of a pencil. Make sure the pencil is straight while tracing. Don’t forget to trace your feet properly- from the top of toes to around the heel.

When the tracing is done, it’s time to get off the paper and manages to draw a straight line in the areas left where you have left tracing.

Now, measure the widest area of your drawn picture. You need to note down the measurement of each foot. Measure them separately to get the right size, because both legs carry different sizes. The difference is very minor that you unable to notice without measurement.

Finally, shopping time has come. You can do local and online shopping. While shopping online, your measurement will seem to you a worthy decision. Whether you are purchasing designer shoes Clearance or common formal shoes, you measurement will help you buy the perfect size shoes. So, when you are going for shopping something special for your feet.

Team Up Your Grace With Brand New Unique Shoes

Men’s grace gets multiplied by hundred times with the right piece of footwear. Irrespective of the clothes, teaming up your shoes with your personality is vital. But, none can deny the fact that your clothes either need to match or contrast your clothes in the sober most way.

The biggest benefit is your grand new look as a whole and your boosted confidence and comfort while wearing these shoes. Shoes, like garments are under continuous scrutiny and experimentations. Choosing a newer collection is easier online and even you can make room for experiments with your look.

Glance On New Collection:

Formal, sport, party and comfort footwear undergo innovative changes. New shoes collection brings you the freshness and uniqueness. Apart from these, your comfort is guaranteed. Dsquared shoes are among these coveted pieces of shoes. Shopping a pair of these brands is easier from online magazines. They would really give you back your investment on them. Once you try, it would be better to dress up from the next time onwards.

Be Non-compromise on Quality:

When you shop new shoes, never ever forget your comfort level. Don’t lean much on style , tend and color, that you forget about your comfort. These are silly shopping and you waste your money by shopping good looking shoes with nothing to do with your comfort. The disadvantage of online shopping is that you can’t get a chance to try your shoe before buying it. But, you get chance to return your shoes if they are not comfortable. Fashion is what not only looks good, give your comfortable, soothing experience. Try bagging comfortable, trendy shoes.

Invest on Shoes:

Shopping plays vital role when you invest lumpsum amount on shoes. The expectations of ROI become higher when you invest bigger amount of shoes. You have to keep in mind that on brand new shoes, you can expect long lasting quality, better comfort and higher ROI. This ROI consists of your comfort for longer, you stylish look and your better way of dressing.

Dsquared Shoes are coming into the scene on the occasion of spring summer collection sale. You have to be very choosey while picking the right one for you. Prices become lesser during this particular sale season and show off your charm to the World.

Finding The Best Gift For Your Beloved

Finding a gift for your sweetheart is undoubtedly the most difficult task on earth. You do not want to leave any stone unturned while looking for a present for her birthday. She will love anything you get her but she will be overwhelmed on getting a gift of her dreams. Gone are the times when a rose would be sufficient to make her drooling over you for bringing her the best birthday present.

Times have changed and now even if you forget to bring a rose, a Prada handbag alone can make her go mad in love with you all over again. Here is a list of presents that you can gift your beloved.

Handbags: Women love them more than you or any other creature on earth. Believe me, a good handbag can bring that dazzling smile on her face. Even if things go bad between you and your beloved, a handbag is more than enough to restore peace and harmony. A branded handbag is like a drug to women and they cannot resist having them even if they already have some of them. So you have freedom to gift her a new one on every occasion without wasting time on deciding what would make her happy.

Make up kit: It is a well-established fact that women cannot do without make up. This makes it a good choice as a birthday present. Try to discover what brand she likes the most and gift it to her to feel the shower of love and affection.

Shoes: This is another thing which a woman cannot get enough of. No matter how many pairs they already have, they do not mind having another pair. Try to analyze her taste and gift her.

Books: Do not get surprised. Women do love reading good books. Buy the latest novel from her favorite writer to have her doting on you.

Gifts are just a symbol of love and it should be special for a special one. You would not mind spending some extra pennies to see that breathtaking smile on her lips. Try to gift her branded gifts like those from famous companies like Prada so she can proudly flaunt her birthday gift to her friends.

Find A Unique Style With Spring 2012 Shoes

No wonder, girls with different minds has one common weakness that is their love for shoes.  It is not very surprising to say that this phenomenon can start at a quite young age and at their teens the love of shoes is at its peak.  However, to keep continue their obsession of shoes, there are hundreds of shoes manufacturing companies. But in hundreds, there are some like Gucci, Prada and Chanel have known for quality with style.

Every year, these fashion houses try to bring new style shoes. You can find varieties in colors, styles and fabrics in women collection. The spring 2012 shoes of many brands are unremarkable. They have experimented with colors, heels and styles.  You can find a peep toe 5-inch heels embedded with sequins and have complicated straps to find a unique look.

It is simply no wonder to say that fashion industries are quite picky for their shoes collection. From boots to simple office heels are styled to make women stylish and fashionable.

Different styles of wedge shoes…

The lower wedge is one of the most popular styles. It has a plastic lower that makes a lower wedge perfect for casual applications. Combining wedges with shorts, casual skirts and jeans is really a good idea. No wonder, lower wedges are an ideal choice for people have trouble walking with heels because they provide comfortable walk.

Cork wedges are for women who want to get back the 70s style. These wedges can easily go well with both casual and formal outfits. Corks looks appealing with shorts, but also gives cool looks with skirts as well. If you are looking for a wedge for more formal looks, it’s good to buy the pair that has a seamless heel. These types of wedges are perfect for short dresses and are comfortable if you are planning to spend quality time with heels. So, this spring gears up your style with cool wedges.

About Women And Their Obsession For Shoes

There are few things women cannot help but buy. Although the list is very long but I have tried to shortlist the items on which they spend the most. The list has shoes, handbags and dress at first three positions followed by cosmetics. On the contrary when you look at the spending trend of men, they love to spend on liquor and cigarettes more than their dresses.

Expenses on buying books also make a considerable portion of their monthly spending. A study shows that there is one product where both and women show equal interest and that is a good pair of shoes. Branded shoes like Hogan shoes are equally desirable for both the sexes.

Yet there is an interesting trend, while men have a maximum of two or three pair of shoes for all the occasions, women generally have a pair of each day. This is very surprising but they want to sport a different pair of shoes with every dress. The trend shows that women are more conscious about their looks and pay attention to every minute detail of the grooming session.

Their obsession with shoes can be attributes to the wide variety of options they have in footwear. While any pair of formal shoes goes perfect for men, women have more freedom to choose from. Moreover, men do not look good sporting loud and shiny colors while they go perfectly well with women.

Even when men go to parties, they have a limited choice in case of shoes. On the other hand women spend a lot of time deciding which pair they should wear on a particular occasion. Another point is that men usually do not have to show their wallet and hence one or maximum two purses are enough. In the case of women they have to spend a considerable part of their income on handbags.

Men prefer to spend the money thus saved in parties rather than going for another dress. But some articles like Hogan shoes are liked by both men and women equally. When it comes to fun and recreation, men and women like to spend on vacations alike.

Honor Your Feet With Some Fab Wedge Sandals

Why do we always start head to toe when caring for dressing our bodies when we all have grown up listen to this ancient saying “you can always make out of a person’s character and personality by the shoes he’s wearing”. The feet are not anyway less important part of our body and we must care for what we wear. And especially the women should go out for some really awesome sandals showcased here.

The stable heels and the cushioning foot bed are the features that most women would desire for in their fab wedge sandals as I know those fashionable, over the top looking, high heels sandals could be really painful some times. Instead go for these sandals with cork and wooden heels for a change and give your feet some comfort as well.

Indigo by Clark Long Pond Sandal : Even with the 3.5 inch heel and one inch platform, the comfort level of this sandal speaks for itself. It can be a 8-hour walking shoe for some. The recommendation by the forum member Antje is worth the mention.

AK Anne Klein Audris Sandal : Some don’t find narrow straps more comfortable over the wide ones, but it can be delight for some wanting to see their flesh bulging out of those narrow straps in these sandals.

Onex Christina Sandal : Flaunting that wild cat figure look, these will go great with both short toe feet as the sandal upper stars quite far up the shoe. The wild animal feel is so great in this pair of sandals.

Onex Puffy Sandal : And if you are one with the problem of wider flat feet, you can try out these soft cushioned sandals that will just grip your feet in nylon stockings style.

DY by Dolce Vita Pali Sandal : A higher heel height doesn’t prevent this one from being the most comfortable sandals on the list. You can try this monster wedge and also end up only appreciating it.

Clarks Thimble Clover Sandal : If you prefer very low flat heels sandal that keep you walking the distances, this one should be your pick. Also boasts of a extremely soft suede, strategically placed elastic inserts and great design.

If you want comfort accompanied with style, these wedge sandals are the way to go.

Women Buy Clothes While Men Prefer Cigarettes

To some this may sound strange but this has been proved in an intensive study that men prefer cigarette over anything else apart from the expenses on housing and eating. The study reveals that women are more conscious about the way they look and the kind of clothes they wear. One more interesting fact that comes out in the study is that men spend to love on books and study material as well.

They have a very small wish list for the monthly salary. On the other hand women especially urban are inclined towards books but it comes at a lower level in the preference list. Psychologists are trying to find out the reason for why women buy clothes, men prefer cigarettes from the set salary.

Men spend a considerable amount of their salary on cigarettes and boozing. However, the consciousness over the ill effects of smoking and boozing is increasing, it is a strange fact that more people add to the numbers every year. Women prefer to spend their money and time in grooming and their fitness. Women especially from urban areas show more fitness consciousness than both males and women living in rural areas.

A study also shows that men are now getting increasingly inclined towards fashion. But a major part of men population still does not care much about clothes. According to a study the expenses of men include housing and food, then comes books and studies followed by alcohol, cigarettes, social events and clothing.

It is worth noting that clothing comes at least preference for men. On the other hand the expenses of women include clothing at the top of the list, followed by books and study, tonics and fitness, and social events.

The study brings into light the social behavior of men and women and their preferences when it comes to spending money. Research is still going on to find why Women buy clothes,men prefer cigarettes. However some researchers say that the patterns show the importance of looking good for women is greater which can be attributed to the bid of looking better than other females. On the other hand men do not think much about these things as they have other things like sports and social gatherings to think about.