Flaunt Your Stylish Side With Prada Sunglasses

Everyone desires to flaunt style, fashion and sophistication that makes them center of attraction wherever they go. Accessories, clothes, bags, footwear, sunglasses are the points that fashion conscious people stress on. Of these, sunglasses are the most revered factor. Males and females both make it a point to buy sunglasses that completely suit and complement their style.

Prada sunglasses is one of those many brands that stresses on offering collection that is suitable to both males and females. These sunglasses are available in varied range depending on styles, patterns, color, size of frame, shape/size of lenses and others. Whenever you go out to buy it, always make it a point to decide a budget. Although these sunglasses are not much costly yet deciding budget will save you from overspending.

Yet another major factor you need to keep in mind is- whether the sunglass you want to buy will suit on your face or not. It is not necessary that the piece which the other person buys will suit you. Make it a point to assess this factor carefully or you might end up buying the wrong one. If you look at the size and color of the sunglasses and shape and size of its lenses, buying a right and stylish pair will be easy.

You may choose from white, red, grey, black, pink, brown, yellow, silver, violet, brass, gunmetal, ivory, green, sand and many other colors. The complete Prada sunglasses range is available in affordable price ranging from $194 to $437. Men and women need to buy sunglasses according to their dress (in case, they are interested in increasing their sunglasses’ collection). The most important point above all that you must not forget when buying sunglasses is to see if it protects your eyes or not. It is because sunglasses that serve dual purpose of eye protection and fashion are the best buys.

You will get the genuine Prada sunglasses if you buy it from an authentic and reputed dealer. There are many online dealers that have a large collection of these branded sunglasses. But don’t get carried away and buy just the genuine, suitable and stylish sunglasses that will enhance your appearance.

Dressing Up Like The Royals

It has long been said that blue is the colour of the royals and most flag standards and royal dresses contain some form of blue or the other. It is one of the best all round colours in the fashion scene and everything from jeans to coats are made with some shade or blue. Blue is the colour of Summer 2012  and several designers have come out with a variety of lines in the colour.

Some of the things that you can opt for in the colour include waist coats, shows, flip flops and jackets. Blue jackets seem to be the rage this term and a variety of options are available at your disposal. Some of the renowned designers including Gucci and Versace have come out with a blue hand bags and other accessories as well.

Mix and Match

The best part about the colour is that you can mix and match with a variety of other options. Blue responds well when matched with black, beige, yellow, and white. Women can opt for a white skinny trouser and blue half sleeve tops this summer. Dark blue jackets and blazers are always nice and can be worn with a variety of things. Women have it all when it comes to blue and blue polka dots are an absolute must in your wardrobe. The term colour me blue has never more appropriate when applied to this context before.

Blue Accessories and Shoes

Blue heels are hot, enough said! You can wear your heels with anything from formal pants to party dresses. You can also get a chain made with a blue stone if you are interested in accessories. Sapphires and several other stones are interesting when paired with good ethnic wear.

Team Great Britain has gone for a nice shade of blue for their Olympic lycra track suits. They may not have a choice when it comes to colour but most of the other designers do and they are still opting for it. Some shades of blue are quite strong and if you want to make a statement then you can opt for something like Moroccan blue. But trust me when I say that it is not the faint hearted and you need to sure that you can pull it off. Blue scarfs and belts are always great things to have around house.

Dressing Up For A Day At The Beach

Women have an added advantage of looking good on beach no matter what they wear. Obviously with this I do not mean a woman would look good in a Halloween dress! Men have to take care of lots of things when it comes to looking attractive on the beach. You need to have a muscular build, six pack abs and Godly looks to have every head turning towards you.

But this is something too much to expect from self, isn’t it?  I mean who gives a damn if people are looking at you or not. But honestly there is one thing that everybody can afford to look to their best; a cool beach wear. Men are blessed that they do not have to wear too much of clothes on a beach and thus can afford a good tan even in remote areas of fundamentalist countries.

All you need to have is a cool pair of shorts to enjoy the beach. Do you need some new swim shorts? You can simply check out your nearest store for them and if you are too lazy to make it to the store, then you can simply order it from internet. So what kind of shorts should you buy? The first criteria should be comfort so do not buy just going after the looks. Give it a try and then buy it. Next comes the color and design, it should be colorful to go well with the mood.

A visit at the beach is incomplete without a cool pair of sunglasses. This can actually add to the way you look. Make sure that the sunglasses go well with the beachwear. Next in the list are the flip flops or slippers. Obviously, you cannot wear your boots on the beach. You can think of going bare feet on the beach but considering the chances of getting hurt by stones and broken glasses I would rather suggest you to give up the adventurous idea.

Do you need some new swim shorts? Carry them with you or you can buy from the market nearby the beach except if you are going to the most remote island without a sign of human life. Attitude and how well you carry the beach wear also play an important role in determining the way you look. So play it cool and enjoy the beach.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Has Spent A Whopping $54000 On Wardrobe

Those who think that the Eurozone crisis has affected the life of Europeans have a reason to think twice. The Duchess of Cambridge who got married to Prince Williams last year has expected to spend $54000 last year on her wardrobes. Kate Middleton is often in the headlines for her impeccable dressing sense.

When it comes to celebrity style, the Duchess of Cambridge leaves no stone unturned to look stunning. Her wardrobe consists of clothes both from the high streets and from famous designers. The impressive list of designers includes Matthew Williamson, Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham. No wonder the expenses are so high.

According to the royal rules, the clothes of the Duchess must be paid for. But considering that her husband< Prince Williams earns only 44000 Pounds as an RAF pilot, it is going to pretty tough for him to manage funds.

Prince Charles, the father in law of Kate Middleton is expected to reveal his expenditures and it is expected that a major part of the expenditure is on Kate’s formal dressing since the royal wedding. It is interesting to know that it is none other than Prince Charles himself who is the fashion Godfather of the Duchess.

Kate has often made it to headlines for her high end dressing and her knack for recycled wardrobes. The fashion icon is also known for mixing street purchases with her expensive designer clothes. The couple showed another example of modesty when they decided to celebrate Prince Williams birthday in a quite atmosphere in a rented cottage. The heir of the royal fortune who can afford a much more than rented cottage enjoyed his birthday with his wife Kate and friends in Anglesey.

The couple’s love for simple things and the $54000 wardrobe expenses have something different to say. While the Duchess has every right to afford these luxuries it is going to be tough for Prince Williams to manage the budget with a salary of a pilot. Whatever the case be, in celebrity style, the Duchess of Cambridge stands second to none.

Smartness And Protection For Eyes At Its Best With Police Sunglasses

Eyes are one of the most precious things for you as it opens up a world of color, brightness and liveliness in front of you. One of the most sensitive body parts to preserve, eyes demand special care and protection. Can you imagine your world without eyes? The answer no explains the reason why eyes demand special care and protection.

A simple, stylish and popular way to do this is wear sunglasses. Not just they safeguard your eyes from pollution, heat and other factors but also give you a smart look.

Police sunglasses offer a wide range of sunglasses to suit your style and taste. Trends, colors, patterns all are latest and give you a variety to choose from. Select from grey, brown, black, silver, burgundy, red, gold and blue colors. This choice is easy when you make it on the basis of the dress you are wearing.

There are some colors that go well with dress of specific color while some are neutral shades that are best paired with any type and color of dress. It is wise to by latter ones as you will not have to buy different pair of sunglasses to match with every dress. But if you have special affinity for sunglasses and wish to increase the collection then you can choose to do it.

It is a better idea to pre-decide your budget and make the purchase accordingly. This will save you from overspending and get you a frame of your choice. The price range for Police sunglasses ranges from $93 to $175. You also need to focus on a main point when purchasing sunglasses is the shape of the frame. This is necessary as the sunglass needs to perfectly suit your face.

It may be wide or narrow rimmed. When you go looking for it, the size of the glasses will also be a striking point to look at. The glasses may be of oval, round, rectangular or square shaped. Wear a sunglass, become satisfied that it suits your face and then only buy it.

The range from this brand is frequently updated to make wide range of fashioned, stylish and comfortable sunglasses available to customers. Make a wise choice from the range available and enhance your appearance.

Meld Your Looks with Stylish Sicily Bag

Dolce & Gabbana popularly known as D& G has an inbuilt style DNA and even at 27 years of age, the brand has reached its maturity. This international fashion brand understands innate qualities of female fashion. Over the years, many styles and quality codes have been developed and the Sicily bag happens to be one of them. It was first launched in 2009 and was a part of fall winter collection. The bag was inspired by south Italian women like presence, innate elegance and strength.

With the progress of time the Sicily bag started gaining its own popularity. By the end of the season, it has already won accolades for being one of the most stylish bag of the year. Lace, crochet and raffia were beautifully weaved to enhance the look of the bag. The handbag is not only the brainchild of Silician lady but a true replica of heritage craftsmanship representing the fashion of Italy.


It almost takes more than 12 hours to finish the handmade version of crochet. It reminds us of Sicily when people did not run a race against time and life was much simpler. There was much time to enjoy life and people took time to come up with the finished product. Today the Sicily bag has incarnated into variety of fabrics, finishes and leathers.

One can say that, it is patchwork of materials from finest crocodile skin to raffia and from lace to sequins. This is one designer bag that is able to withstand the most unusual characters of Dolce & Gabanna. It comes in variety of sizes starting from micro, oversized tote to travel bags. Initially this was made for man and the largest size of tote was initiated for SS12.

Sicily has travelled a long journey ever since its inception. In fact, this bag is highly covetable whether its tote, mini or shopper bag. All these are made keeping the latest trends in mind which can be needle to stars. This is always recognizable due to its familiar, iconic and timeless form. Truly it is impeccable brand ambassador of Dolce & Gabanna because it is available in some of the most amazing colors.

Gucci Sunglasses: Perfect Accessory For The Sophisticated And Stylish Ones

Men or women, young or old, have a heartfelt desire to include designer stuff in their wardrobe. It can be dress, makeup things, accessories, footwear or just anything. Some accessories are just inseparable like bag, footwear, sunglasses among others. And, if these are designer or branded then its craze, worth and value increases manifold.

Gucci sunglasses are perfect accessory for those who have high regards for fashion and style. They are the ones who are most informed people about the latest trends and style. What is fashionable and what has become obsolete or out of trend are the factors they know well about. Men and women adore and regard the sunglasses as the most essential accessory as it completes their look and enhances appearance.

Fashion experts recommend purchasing the branded sunglasses as this one because a fake one is nothing more than waste of money. Moreover, the replicas of the branded ones don’t last for long. You don’t get guarantee of quality if you don’t buy the branded sunglasses. It is not all about money but your comfort too.

The frame of these replica sunglasses might be too hard to fit on your nose. Also, it can leave a mark on your nose and ruin your looks. On the contrary, branded sunglasses like Gucci sunglasses are designed keeping in mind your comfort and ease.

These sunglasses are available in various colors like brown, black, silver, gray, yellow, beige and brown. Select one that suits on your face and skin tone. These two selection criterion are the main basis of choosing the perfectly suited sunglasses. It might come in round, square or rectangular glasses and the frame might be big or small.

You need to make the selection on the basis of your preference. The price ranges from $149 to $695 but the price is not a major concern if you are getting something worth that price.

You can buy the sunglasses online or from the nearby local stores. Don’t forget to check the authenticity and genuineness of the sunglasses. This is because you might end up buying the fake or replica ones for the price of real branded sunglasses.

What Fashion Meter Suggests About Summer Styling?

Fashion is all about creating a pendulum effect. Designers need to satisfy the constant desire of their clients. Trends are short lived and fade away with time. Due to polar reaction, people tend to forget about it. This season go for sun, sea, fluo leopard print for summer.

The thought of summer turns our mind towards soft clear water, beachwear and white pristine sand. This season the spring summer collection is all about classic animal print with trendy fluo colors. You need to be careful while selecting a beach wear because it can go wrong any time. Therefore women are scared about it than formal wear.

Some women say that beach wear is actually oxymoron. It should only be ‘beach’ not ‘wear’. They carve out a perfect beach body after months of gymming, scrubbing, fake tanning, diet and buffing. Then you need a perfect outfit to flaunt it at beach party.

For example Dolce & Gabbana has come up with chiffon neon print, light crepe and neon leopard print outfits with matching and contrasting accessories. This will help to give an extra accent to your body and tan.

This time the summer colors are divided into two: pretty pastel hues and daring fluos. Spring was a time for delicate ice-cream colors but scorching summer heat calls for gustier colors like Fuschia, lime green, and highly charged turquoise, bright orange and heighted yellow.

Fuschia should be the color of your choice which you can wear with the touch of white and emphasizes on lime green. Common denominator is in trend so choose a one color which has different print, fabric and tones. You can play around with the color of your nail polish and matching sunglasses.

sun, sea, fluo leopard print for summerIf you still love contrasting colors then you can follow two colors; go for primary and secondary colors. Yellow and blue always go together so opt for a blue leopard print floor caftan, yellow micro leopard printed bikini and match it with as much as accessories you can.

You can go for yellow wallet to relish on beach snacks, yellow straw bag to carry your nick knacks with yellow leopard print thongs. In this way alternatively go for primary colors like yellow and blue then play around with secondary colors like green. One thing should be remembered that do not dare to be different and crazy by experimenting with sun, sea, fluo leopard print for summer.

Sunglasses: Where The Trends Keep Changing

Like the fashion in every specific clothing and accessories, the trends in sunglass styles are ever changing. For example, take Fendi sunglasses—these have gone a sea of change in everything. Right from the size and shape of the glasses used, the thickness and color of the frame have undergone great alterations.

The trends don’t indicate to some monotonous singularity. You still have choices to make, as there are still variations. But have you ever noticed you love to wear the way you are moderated at your subconscious level to wear?

But it is in no way wrong to go with the society. The celebrities start with some new experiments and if there is promotion of a style through a Hollywood movie, you know it may go viral instantly. The products thus popularized have the critical essence in them.

It may be superiority of the material employed like it may be lighter to wear and least harmful to the skin as well. And when it comes to style, the innovativeness is all the more unpredictable. You may at first find it even weird, but it is the courage and confidence of the designers with every odd experiment that ultimately rocks.

The underlying element is the innate and polished creativity the designers have in them. Let us visualize a few of the models of Fendi sunglasses, so the trendy consumer inside you may also be satiated! The colors in trend range from brown shade to grey and black to violet to green and golden colors. The lens diameter as well as the nose bridge length is different with all the models, so is the thickness and color of the temple also matter.

The selection of fine sunglasses can best be made on online comparison and it allows anyone to choose from the wide range of choices. The websites display pretty fine images and describe the products in detail with the guarantee as well as the shipping timings with every product. You have to have the patience not more than for a week for the delivery of the product irrespective of the corner of the globe you stay in!

Prada Shoes For Getting Unique Look

Prada needs no introduction in the fashion world as everyone knows that this is one of the high-end fashion brands in the world. Every year, it gives tough competition to its competitors like Gucci in terms of stylish fashion outfits. The brand shoes for both men and women are durable, fashionable, exclusive and expensive.

Not everyone dares to flaunt its fashion wears and those who flaunt are considered rich and stylish. So, having the Prada shoes is a matter of proud. Now, you sure want to know how to have a nice pair of shoes of the brand. Don’t worry for that because there are many ways to buy an authentic Prada shoes.


The very first way is to purchase shoes from its offline store. Do you know that the fashion house has over 250 worldwide boutiques? If you are a resident of Kuala Lumpur, you can shop from the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the offline store established in 2008. Recently, Prada has opened its fashion store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates also.

If you don’t find the first option lucrative, you can go with the second option which is to purchase from its official website.  Fashion experts suggest the first buyers of Prada to shop from its official website. There is no risk associated with the shopping from its official website. You will get the recent and previous collection from the official website.

The third option is risky but is quite popular. The reason is various options to choose from. You can buy the previous collection at a reasonable price and can have the resell Prada collection from auction websites. Now, it is mainly depended on you which option you would like to go with. If you want to go with the third, ensure about the knowledge to identify the real shoes.  Having scanty knowledge on the brand products can end you with fake shoes.