Tassel Loafers: Comfort And Style Combined To Excellence

Men, just like women, are equally concerned about their appearance and style. Whether it is a dress, accessory, shoes or belt; looking smart and presentable is their major concern.

But this doesn’t mean the comfort factor will be overlooked. Especially when shoes are bought, it is the major concern. Howsoever, good looking it may be but if you are not able to walk properly, the shoes are not worththe purchase.

Whether you are at a night out with friends or casualoccasion, the Tassel Loafers are best preferred among the lot of other shoes. These are the shoes without shoe string, which you can easily slip-on. You have yet another flexibility to wear it with or without socks. Men love this variety as they are free to pair it with any dress- khaki or casual jeans.

These shoes come in different styles, trends, patterns, designs and colors etc. Select them according to your preference and the dress you will be wearing them with. Besides black an all-time favorite one, grey, red, white, blue and brown are the colors these loafers are available in. you might find an embellishment, a little bow like thread or other designs in the front.

If you want to keep it safe i.e. dress in regular attire, choose black leather Tassel Loafers. Bold cross breed ones will hint at your experimenting nature.

Want to get a quality pair? Always buy from reputed and branded stores. This is because fake and replica ones do exist. To save from falling into this trap, check for the authenticity of the loafers and then buy them.

Also, check your size before buying so that it fits you perfectly. How about going for a thorough research? Yes, this is expected whenever you start shopping.

These shoes demand great care also. Clean it as soon as it gets dirty as piled on dirt will destroy it in no time. And, your money will go waste. Another major concern is the price of these shoes, which is not much when compared to the quality you will get against it.

Select the right, comfortable and fashionable shoe and flaunt your style with elegance.

Ferragamo Clutches: Style That A Woman Carries Along

There is no doubt to the fact that women simply cherish their clothes and accessories. Not only that, some are so possessive about their belongings that they simply can’t stand another woman wearing or carrying something that gets more attention and compliments from the others.

And some blessed ones would spend any amount of money on luxury brands to stay ahead of the race. The clothing accessories play a dominant role in crafting the complete body appearance. One such important accessory for woman is the clutch.

There are numerous international brands that offer clutches with myriad designs and texture. One can pick from a wide range of sizes depending upon personal taste and preference. The basic idea behind clutches is to feel free when going outdoors, especially for an evening party or a romantic dinner with hubby or boyfriend.

No lady would like to be disturbed by the nuisance of carrying heavy and big bags when out for fun and entertainment. And they are supposed to compliment the evening dress and get almost the same number of compliments as the former. One of the most renowned brands offering this accessory is the Salvatore Ferragamo. The Ferragamo evening clutches are amongst the most luxurious clutches across the globe.

However, there is a small concern that needs to be taken care of as far as the clutches are concerned. They are not that spacious and you can’t stuff it with cosmetics and other items as you can do with your general big sized bags.

They are supposed to carry the very essential items like money, credit/debit card, mobile phone, lipstick, eye-lasher, etc. That counts for the basic items required for quick final touches to the make-up right before entering the venue. You can’t stuff with the complete kit of cosmetic products.

Evening clutches make up for the complete style statement for any lady. They can be reasonably priced as well as can have sky rocketing prices, all depending upon the brand name and quality of the material used. The gorgeous ladies out there have to decide for themselves.

I would just recommend the husbands and the boyfriends to be more cautious when their love tells them that she is thinking of buying a clutch. On the other hand, they make up for a nice present for the girl of your dreams.




Handbags For Women: Let Them Carry Their Classy World

Do you always look for elegant classy handbags? For a classy woman like you, it’s a style statement forever. Among all other women accessories, handbags are given the maximum priority.

Apart from being a tool for carrying their world inside a bag, women of class tend to show off style statement through it. For every party they need a different new bag. They are no fussy, rather to go with the mood of the party, one must change garb and belongings.

Here a new collection of women handbags. Let’s explore what’s new about it!

1.  Color- Women loves unconventional color bags. They at times mix and match their hand bag with the mood of their wear. Availability of branded bags is a plus for women. Bottega Veneta handbags club all colors that define the essence of a woman.

2.  Shape, Size and Style- Women bags must be a proper clubbing of shape, size and style. But, keeping the choosy nature of women in mind, very few designers dare to get the best of these three for their women followers. Once you come across one such brand, grab the offer without wasting time.

3.  Quality- No every brand has the same level of quality.  Leather, foam or whatever is the manufacturing material of your bags, you desire it to be the best. At times, brand symbolizes better quality materials. But, it’s not possible always for you to get the best quality from a outdated brand. Trying newer collection is better.

4.  Price- Ultimately, you have to make sure the price of the bags that you are shopping. Make sure that you are buying your bags or any other accessories during the time when bulk discounts are offered.

In few cases, you earn these discounts on special occasions. Though it’s not possible to sit down and wait for the time to get discounts but shopping as per your need is better to save some more bucks than anything else.

These are the prime points that you must have a note while shopping these handbags.  Online you get better options. It would be better for you if you plan it before the arrival of any occasion. That time, you get best of quality write ups in less price.




Green Fashion In With Gucci Bamboo Handbags

Every woman is fetish to have Gucci bamboo bags as they are famous for their innovative design and high quality. This handbag is known for its classic style. In 2010, this handbag came up with its new avatar reinvented by Frida Giannini- Gucci design director. He integrated advanced technology in its traditional design and re-defined the classic features of the bag.

The original Gucci bamboo bags have finely crafted lines. This designer bag is made up of pig skin which has curved bamboo handle. This new fashion style was immediately perceived by fashionistas. During 60 century, Gucci bamboo bags became hot favorite among Hollywood celebs.

The designer has intelligently blended extraordinary and excellence of craftsmanship. This bag is made up of 140 parts and is hand-sewed by professional and experienced workers. The bag is so perfect in its detail that it requires nearly 13 hours to finish.

The new collection has diverse selection of choices. The original sewing of the hand bag has been interchanged by a bulging leather trimming bag. Previously Gucci used nickel alloy to make the bag look cool and stylish. The new collection has shoulder handle and simultaneously comes with a metal chain which is embellished with bamboo and tassels.

Since bamboo is an eco-friendly bag, the colors and textures have a perfect combination. Apart from being fashionable and modern, the bag has high-utility quotient. It has a flexible design which is made by joining together the rivets of bamboos with canvas.

Today bamboo products are being reinvented and encouraged due to its green material. This way it is in vogue and fashionable among women. Added to all these, the natural hue of the bag make it attractive and fashionable.

Bamboo handbag is quite useful to accommodate lot of things without making the bag look shapeless. Therefore it is a dynamic bag and quite accommodating. After you have used this bag you can flatten it and keep it aside. The introduction of green bamboo is the fashion arena has made it quite popular. This way it looks natural and classy.

No doubt the classic the humble bamboo has evolved all these years and lot of formidable things can be made out of it starting from bags, furniture and toys. The older the bag becomes the classier it is, therefore it is worth investing in it. The material is entirely biodegradable and does not harm the forest as bamboos grows very fast and get replenished again. So go for Gucci bamboo bags!




Beautify Your Look With Designer Handbags

The annoying situation is unbearable when it comes to one’s personality. It can really disturb the mood and may be a reason of insufficient work or lack of concentration. Hence it becomes necessary to consider this aspect seriously and make appropriate changes in your life. Buying daily use accessories like handbags can be a great deal for you, if they boost your confidence and improve your personality.

In today’s fashionable world, the market of designer handbags is on peak. Customers want new collections to meet their necessities and designers also try their best to meet their expectations. So, you have a good chance to review a number of accessories in the market.

There are several things that you need to consider while buying designer handbags to meet your requirements. Many people have misperception that they can carry the designer handbags in parties or special occasion.

But it’s not the same case with every designer handbag. You can use designer yet formal handbags in your day-to-day life like carrying them in office.

Designers keep this point in their mind and come up with different designs. Most young girls have different choice for handbags than elderly women. And, handbag companies produce various sorts of collections as per the age groups.

Though, this totally depends upon individuals and their likes and dislikes. To broader your choices, you can also have a good look at Paul Smith handbags. These are not only popular among normal customers, but celebrities too.

If you are a fan of any model or film star, you can also find out the branded handbag which she loves to wear it. But, ensure that you keep an eye on the price because celebrities used to buy expensive accessories. Moreover, it is important to thoroughly consider whether the particular brand meets all your requirements.




Trendy Handbags Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds may make your head spin around and giggle with glee but they certainly aren’t something which you wear on a daily basis. On the other a hand bag is something which you will carry every single day, irrespective of where you go.

From the office to a club, handbags are crucial for a number of reasons. Moreover, trendy handbags are an accessory that no girl can do without. Apart from make up, chains, and other trinkets, the type of handbag you carry says a lot about you.

Things That You Need

A mid sized handbag will carry everything that you could possibly need on a daily basis. Combs, lipsticks, brushes, iPods, earplugs, scarfs, and spectacle cases are things which you need everyday. With the help of a good leather handbag, you can make a fashion statement and at the same time be within arms reach of all your accessories.

Top draw designers and fashion labels such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and so on make high quality bags but they are highly priced and beyond the reach of the common woman. However, several low cost brands are also providing excellent options these days. Surprisingly, world famous sporting goods producer Puma makes high quality bags for women too.

Fossil, Calvin Klein, Diesel and Zara are some of the renowned designers in the field. These days women are moving towards environment friendly options such jute too. These hippie bags are quite the multi-tasker and can carry laptops too.

Every woman’s wardrobe will probably contain at least five to six options and this is excluding clutches. This might seem might a bit too much but hey, they are your best friend after all. Like shoes and dresses, one can never have too many trendy handbags.




How To Identify Fake Branded Handbags

You can look for so many designer handbags in the market and bargain with the street or shop vendors. But, the main problem arises with the quality of brand. In today’s time, the market is filled with a number of fake branded handbags. These fraudulent accessories can make your shopping unsuitable.

Many times, customers unable to differentiate among real and fake handbags that costs them very badly. However, if you consider some useful tips, you can easily spot fake handbags.


Stella Mc Carty handbags


Tips to Spot Fake Handbags

  • Properly research the genuine handbags so that you will come to know more about them. During the examination process, you can review some of the main points like size, shape and the materials used for manufacturing. Many fake bags will appear like original ones, but fall short in certain aspects. However, if you act like a smart customer, you would be able to make a difference between real and fake handbags.
  • The manufacturing of handbags plays an important role while looking for reliable accessories. For instance, you can look at the particular handbag’s logo to see the pattern of designing. Most fake companies fall short in this point and unable to produce the exact logo like real one.
  • There are many branded handbags that come with a genuine card or certificate. Simply have a look at the certificate of authenticity and make your purchase.
  • May be you do not have expertise to evaluate the fake handbags, but you can easily make a difference between poor and high quality accessories. Ensure that you spot the quality of materials like fabric or leather. A poor quality handbag may look too shiny like plastic.

Apart from these points, you should also remember to not come in the hands of fraudsters. There are many salesmen who try to make buyers fool by presenting false things. Just keep your mind working and buy the suitable handbags like Stella Mc Carty handbags for your daily and special needs.

Top 10 Common Fashion Mistakes For Men

If you think that only females can do mistakes in fashion as they have varieties to choose from, you might be mistaken. Though, the fashion market doesn’t offer huge varieties for men, but men can do fashion mistakes. This blog focuses on top 10 Fashion Mistakes for Men. I will remind you with the fact that these fashion mistakes are commonly found. Let’s have a look…002E

Clothes that don’t fit

You may be surprised to know that around 70% men don’t mind to fit in the clothe that has loose fitting.  It is advised to wear good fit clothes to look smart.

Wearing short sleeve shirts with a tie

Short sleeve shirt and combining it with a tie is a big no. It clearly shows that you have no sense of fashion and smartness.



Dirty Shoes

A good number of boys don’t mind to wear shoes that are not well polished. Remember, dirty shoes don’t add a touch of glory you are looking for.

Dirty Socks

Boys and dirty socks are so attached to each other. Boys don’t mind to wear dirty socks that are considered one of the biggest drawbacks in fashion.

Wrong Socks Color

Many boys don’t mind to wear socks that don’t go well with their overall looks.

Wrong Belt Color

A few men give preference to their belt color which is why they fail to get the perfect look.

Improper Tie Length

Tie length should always end at the center of his belt buckle.

Wearing a weird combination

Boys, who are in the race to look cool, sometimes choose weird combination. For example, combining a full sleeve shirt with a pair of capri pant.

Wrong Hairstyle

Different part has different hairstyles for boys also. Casual looks can be funky but royal events need a smart hairstyle that helps enhance personality.

Bulky Pockets

This common fashion mistake where men usually keep their mobile and money at the front pocket of the shirt. It really looks awkward as the pocket looks bulky.

Hi-Top Shoes: Giving Life To Your Feet

Right from 1917, when the converse all star shoes entered into the market, it has been gaining popularity ever since. Although, it was especially meant for targeting people who need basketball shoes, in later stages it became popular as casual wear as well. The popularity of converse hi-top shoes can be seen in the popular flick i-Robot featuring Will Smith in which the actor likes no other shoes than converse shoes.

Girls and guys of all ages can be seen sporting the best hi-tops in colleges and in play fields. So, what is it that makes them so popular?

Comfort, style and that too within easy reach

The hi-top shoes are stylish in appearance for their shape. People often have experimented with their hi-top and some of them became fashion statements. For instance, from last couple of years youths can be seen tugging their trousers under the hi-tops.


 The best hi-tops


This became popular and people could be seen imitating them. One special thing about these shoes is their popularity over the globe. Be it USA, Europe, India, China, Africa or Afghanistan; you will find people wearing these shoes.

Another good thing is the comfort of wearing these shoes. They provide extra security to your ankles and that is why they are used as basketball shoes. While most of the shoes cost you dearly, these hi-top shoes are easily affordable. For those who want to spend some extra bucks, there are hi-top shoes which are exceptionally stylish and a little too costly.

Big players in the shoe business have entered the field and facilitated the availability of these shoes in all parts of the world. Puma, Adidas, Reebok, All star and Lacoste are some of the big brands that offer these shoes.

You can even use them in formal wears. I have a pair of formal high ankle shoes which are comfortable as well as stylish.

For those who want one pair of shoes that is fit for all occasions, hi-top shoes are the best choice. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, materials available with most of the big shoe brands.

How To Identity Authentic Designer Handbags?

Every woman dreams to possess a designer bag. But unfortunately you can be duped in purchasing a replica Valentino bag. To ensure that you are buying an authentic Valentino bag you need to take certain points into consideration. Authentic designer bags always look different from the replicas because they are manufactured with extra care.

Valentino Garavani is the man behind this designer brand. He is from Lombardy region of Italy who created his fashion house in Rome around 50’s. He is known as the ruler of designer and glamour bags as he creates some timeless and elegant creations which are just impossible to ape. His designs are ultimate fashion luxury and made to make you get noticed.

First you need to check the price and if you see a bag which is 10 to 25 percent less than its retail price then there are high chances that it is fake valentine bag. If you are shopping online then it is important to read the seller’s feedback. You can see what other customers have to say? When it come to designer bags

It is important to determine the quality of the bag because Valentino bags are made using best quality leather and fabrics. So if you find the material rough or uneven then probably it is replica.

Next thing to look for is the stitching which should be even with no flaws. Since it is an expensive handbag the stitching has to in perfect condition. To get an idea of how designer bags you can visit some high end retail stores like Saks or Neiman Marcus.

Examine its logo carefully; authentic Valentino bag will have its classic gold V on its flap or at the bag’s closure. The fake ones usually have a logo which is nowhere close to the original one. Similarly fabric or leather bags from Valentino are as different as chalk and cheese.

Each one has their own popularity and loyal buyers. All you have to do is check out the official website and look for the latest collections as individual taste matters.