The 5 Shoes You Must Have in Your Closet

Every woman can believe she is sexy by just the right pair of footwear. You can stylishly walk with comfort by wearing the right shoes on the right place. So, here are the 5 shoes you must have in your closet:

1. The black wedge. Walk on high and get that confidence in the workplace with your pair of black wedge. This would reflect the classic black fused with trendy sexy wedge. You don’t have to be that stiff at work you know!

2. The nude pumps. Whether you’re on for a date or simply wanting to downplay your footwear, the nude pumps gives the chic and sophisticated look while at the same time makes your legs look extra long. Now you’re oozing with appeal!

3. The red flats. Keep your feet flat “on the ground” with this surprisingly neutral red flats. Ironically, this pair of red flats can do well with your wardrobe whether you’ve decided for a chic comfy pair of shorts or dressy lacy look.

4. Metallic strappy sandals. This pair should never be left out in your list of 5 shoes you must have in your closet. This pair perfectly defines an ideal dinner date or a sexy night out.

5. Brown flat sandals.  This heel is more wearable than flip flops and a better choice for summer.  Easy to wear and affordable pair!

You should start checking your closet after having this list of 5 shoes you must have in your closet. This will keep you away from footwear dilemma!

Melissa Shoes By Vivienne Westwood

I am always a huge fan of Melissa. It’s perfectly curved plastic footwear gives the utmost comfort that I need. What made me excited this time is how fashion democracy made fashion queen Vivienne Westwood come into the scene! Melissa Shoes by Vivienne Westwood is one of the best examples how the brand and the fashion designer come together to give the best it have!

Melissa Shoes by Vivienne Westwood is one of your must-haves!

Anglomania Mary Jane + Melissa

Vivienne Westwood describes this footwear as, “without interweaves, as we see in fabrics, if we’re talking about clothing”. This footwear was reinvented as injected plastic that creates perfect shapes. Perfect for summer, its available in bright and vibrant colors- red, green, light pink, beige, latex, marine blue, black and white.

Anglomania + Melissa Ultragirl

Melissa Ultragirl has been designed by Vivienne Westwood in two versions one covered in velvet with the inner sole involved in a traditional tartan print and the other highlighting the shine of plastic with a flower-patterned inner sole.

Melissa Shoes by Vivienne Westwood is one of the best design interventions when it comes to footwear. Just class and comfort combined!

Dolce & Gabbana Handbags Craftsmanship

If you want to experience the symbol of luxury, glamour and versatility, then you are on the right track! Dolce and Gabbana offers the best haute couture designs to spice up your accessory wardrobe. The label designed a wide array of handbags, shoes and clothing lines and dressed up a lot of A-list celebrities. Dolce and Gabbana handbags give special attention to a splash of color, bold animal prints, soft and buttery leather with delectable and flashy hardware.

Dolce and Gabbana was tagged for the use of highly expensive materials to create one item. This means an authentic Dolce Gabbana handbag will cost you around $1,200 – $2,500 each with fantastic discounts at your credible shopping store.

Dolce and Gabbana group of artisans are well-trained and experienced in the field of luxurious fashion. Obviously, each bag is affectionately designed for the intense creative impact. Get your authentic Dolce Gabbana handbags of your dreams and for your sure, it is worth every single penny you have! A wise investment at it is!

Have an eye to some of the lovely Dolce and Gabbana handbags below:


Dolce and Gabbana handbags

Dolce and Gabbana handbags

Dolce and Gabbana handbags

Best Wrist Bags Pick for 2013 to Splurge

Wrist bag is a small purse usually with a tiny strap that fits around your wrist. Sizes and designs make this bag differ from other purses. This is also tagged as clutch because it is being worn and held through the hand. Wrist bag is often used when attending a musical show or concert, clubbing or best pair with evening dress. This accessory is ideal to carry a few items like money, makeup, keys, cellphone and the like.

Considering its size, wrist bag is not ideal to someone who carries a lot of bulky items everyday. This is a good alternative for someone who wants to carry selected items not a purse. This is an ideal fashion accessory to choose for day and night party no matter your age preference is.

Dreaming for best wrist bags 2013 is very easy. You can have search it one the internet or visit your favorite retails store nearest on you.

For the meantime, here are the best wrist bags pick for 2013 to splurge on.

Burberry Handbags "HAYMARKET WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013


Fendi handbags "WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013


Gucci handbags "MICROGUCCISSIMA NEW BRITT WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013

Get Ready to Upgrade your Footwear

Women often think that their vanity kills a man’s impression. What is unknown to most women is that men are equally vain and satisfaction for men must never be compromised! In fact, most men spend their hard-earned bucks to more expensive vanity items than a woman would! So what is on the hotspot? Upgrade your footwear men!

The Dark Age for men is gone with this new and stylish alternative footwear:

 Chukka Boot in Chocolate.  This footwear when paired with a Navy barathea weave trousers should definitely bring out the pop of color into this footwear.

The oxblood brogue. For men, a pair of tan brogue is a must-have in the wardrobe. But the oxblood version would keep them drooling! That deep, autumnal red brogue matched with checked trousers would strengthen the overall look.

The tan monk-strap. This pair of shoes would definitely upgrade your footwear as it can be dressed up or down. Lacking the lace, it preps a nice clean line to the trouser.

The navy driving shoe. Don’t forget to upgrade your footwear with this pair of navy driving shoes. It gives no sweat to walking you straight from the office to a weekend chill! Just as flexible!

To upgrade your footwear doesn’t mean to fall into luxury. It just meant, you value style and quality better than you used to.

Vegan Bags to Indulge

Looking for a bag that is chic, classic, stylish, and cruelty-free non-leather or simply vegan bags to indulge your bagaholic addiction? This is the right place to get an idea where and how to find these bags.

There are wide arrays of vegan bags to choose and already out in the market. They are looking great and for sure you will be the head turner from the crowd without sacrificing the life of animals.
I can’t deny to myself that I love handbags. I have a huge collection of colors, sizes, materials, labels every season. I’ve been eying some vegan handbags for spring. Some of them are a little bit costly but I know it is worth the penny you have spent.

Kudos to all designers who made wonderful creations especially those vegan handbags with fantastic styles below:
Tan Faux-Leather Bag

Tan Faux-Leather Bag



Fringe Bag

Fringe Bag

Everyday Tote Bag

Everyday Tote Bag

Cross Body

Melissa Shoes for your Spring Spree

When Melissa and Vivienne Westwood launched their latest collection of skyscrapers last February, I could not wait to have the similar footwear for summer and have that eye-gazing envy from people around me. And I wasn’t disappointed! Get ready to strut and strike a pose this Spring as an ingenious fashion footwear is sure to come your way with Melissa Shoes utterly blowing your mind!

This pair of Melissa Shoes in nude accentuated in black and fuchsia would definitely make your summer hot! And I when I meant hot, it’s HOT HOT HOT!

Create an unconventional statement with your pastel dress by slipping on these playful four-inched heels and get that instant dewy spring vibes. Transform easily by night with that LBD and you are ready to conquer the world!

Chic and stylish, Melissa Shoes give the optimal comfort so you are ready to strut your way, anytime, anywhere! Don’t forget that crazy red lipstick and it adds to the magic!

Christian Lacroix Homme Spring/Summer 2013

The Paris Fashion Week has already kicked off for Christian Lacroix was armed with cheerful and vibrant colors plus those engaging prints in a captivating mood. The brand designer, Sacha Walckhoff showcased a laid-back approach to signal the Spring/Summer 2013.

Models walked the runway in short shorts, torso-baring cut-out tops and bright monochrome suits. Printed suits and half-belted jackets are also trendy for Christian Lacroix.

The men of Christian Lacroix Homme Spring/Summer 2013 show had certain lightness with strong free spirit. Supersize men t-shirts with rolled sleeves were designed to give an ample comfort when it comes to breathability. There were also trousers with a lot of graphic bars.

Outerwear was accessorized with belts to add style and excitement. Bold prints were fun and signified the retro attitude of the French men in the runway. Christian Lacroix Homme Spring/Summer 2013 collection presented a man who can innovate lanes from casual to formal wear without losing a sense of style and sensibility.

Check out Christian Lacroix Homme Spring/Summer 2013 below:


Spring/Summer 2013 Color Trends

Fashionable people out there! Pull out your fashionable outfit from your wardrobe and get ready to rock the Spring season and reserve those until Summer.  Knowing the Spring/Summer 2013 Color Trends is very important to fashion forward people.

Let us share what are the most popular color trends for spring and summer.  The color trends this season are seemingly similar from the last year’s trend but still there’s a little touch of difference from colors and shades.

 Pastels are very common this season and this is a huge staple to paint the season with vibrant spectrum of colors.

  • Emerald is the color of the year in 2013 and to the rest of the year. So obviously we can see a lot of emerald this season.
  • Light blue is also trendy this year and this is the first pastel color trend of spring.  Light blue is the perfect match to any pastel colors, and goes with bright neon pieces.
  • Neon yellow is also trendy for spring and summer.  A lot of people like to wear neon yellow to complete their spring getaway.  Bright yellow accessories can pair to any outfit. It is nice to see a pop of color for this season.
  • Lilac or violet color is another popular pastel color for Spring and Summer.  This color is best to pair with any pastel colors.
  • Poppy Red is something bright to almost neon red shade of color. Create a nautical feeling by simply pair a neon red with pastel blue.
  • A lighter tone of orange – Nectarine is also trendy. This is very similar to tangerine which was very popular last year.

You have a variety of pastels to choose from. Other colors such as nude, shades of green, crisp white, sorbet pastels, icy tones, pink, olive and natural colors will also be great to rock the Spring and Summer.

Expect to see vibrant colors this Spring and Summer of 2013.

Spectrum of Bright Colors as Spring Color Trends 2013

Ladies go down the aisle because Spring is here! Let us review what we have forecasted during the opening of season’s fashion gatherings so that we can start to style up an outfit that perfectly reflects its rainbow hues.

This season you must embrace a spectrum of vibrant colors in an array of bright, bold hues, dusk blues, tender shoots, lemon zest, luxurious Monaco blues, icy grays, nectarine, poppy red, dazzling emerald, African violets and jeweled purples.

Among the rainbow color standouts during the recent fashion gatherings are Rag & Bone’s neon green, Oscar de la Renta’s sweet pink, Phillip Lim’s luxurious cobalt blue, Michael Kors’s zesty lemon yellow, Alexander Wang’s black and white creations and Proenza Schouler’s  poppy red to name a few.





Style up and experience the ultimate color trends  2013 for Spring season.

Play your favorite spectrums:

•    Shades of green
•    Crisp white
•    Purple reign
•    Not-so-mellow yellow
•    Red hot
•    Sorbet pastels
•    Orange rush
•    Bold in black
•    Icy tones
•    Cobalt blue on blast
•    Pretty in pink
•    All about olive
•    Natural and nude
•    Citron pop
•    Metallic shine
•    Cool navy blue