A great collection of handbags (be a really “fashionista”)

The bag you carry can say a lot about your personality.

Almost all women have a great collection of bags, but among all there’ll be that one special bag that she loves to carry most. And that is the bag that shows her personality.

Since 1920 Gucci has consistently come up with the trendiest yet classiest designs. The house has become one of the biggest brands of luxury. Choosing a Gucci handbag means you are a “fashionista”, you like to look confident and make a statement everywhere you go.

The handbag is still a fashion icon, over time the styles have changed but carrying a handbag still means class and fashion. With so many handbags each having its own personality it is impossible not finding your perfect one.

Some bags look very basic and others very elegant and chic, some are made with luxurious materials and designs and others with simple but beautiful shapes.

But we can find almost all these qualities in a Prada Handbag.

In fact Prada Handbags are the favourites of stylish yet more practical women. They are both classy and functional, simple but with a precious look: the perfect choice for an office woman or a frequent traveller. So whether you are trendy, down-to-earth, confident or shy you  have a gorgeous choice of designer bags to suit your personality!

Gucci “Bright Bit” handbags

Gucci Bright bit handbags
For Spring/Summer 2013 Gucci presents a new line of bags called “Bright Bit”.

This line is characterized by vibrant pop colours an by a clean and minimalist shape that blends the line between modern and vintage.

I love these new line of Gucci handbags, they represent all the best of the famous Florentine House.

In fact you can notice the House equestrian heritage in the signature horsebit in antique gold and the know-how of the Italian leather masters. The styles are available in a range of shades including begonia pink, jasmine green, yellow lemon and sapphire blue.

Alongside patent leather, this collection of Gucci handbags is also offered in plain and grained leather, Karung printed lamb and exotic skins, including python and crocodile.

Gucci Shoes Fashion Beyond Riches

Distinguished by a signature double-G symbol, Gucci is well-known for its high-end products. The brand also symbolizes luxury and sexy.To the upper class in the society, it is a symbol of status and fortune. It fuses together the refined aesthetic of English nobility, well-crafted materials, and its craftsmanship.

I know you are very familiar with Gucci handbags and Gucci accessories, however, there is still a hidden treasure that you must discover: the Gucci shoes collection.

Women are addicted to shoes and they have a lot of pairs inside their wardrobe to fit in every occasion. You need a pair for dating, a pair for shopping, a pair for exercising and a pair for partying. Women buy a lot of pair shoes for a common purpose: to transform any outfit into a look that is too fab and sexy to resist.

Following are some pair of fabulous shoes released by Gucci for Fall/Winter 2012-2013, designed by Freida Giannini. Coming out in different styles, color-blocking sandals, lovely peep-toe heels, modish printed ankle boots and shoes embellished with crystals create a unique and surprising collection.


Gucci Shoes


Gucci Shoes



Gucci Shoes


Gucci Shoes


Gucci Shoes


image courtesy of: www.globalfashionreport.com

Differences Between Fashion & Style Men’s Perspective

The notions between these two important terms in the industry – FASHION and STYLE are still buzzing around the World Wide Web.

What are really the differences between fashion and style when it comes to men’s point of view? There is a wide coverage when it comes to the description for fashion and style. Experts say fashion is fleeting while style is enduring. Some people also define fashion as the present trend while style is endless.

This conundrum goes deeper and deeper as getting older but fashion and style is not about the season, the fashion week runways, fashion magazines, social networking sites and fashion blogs but it is all about on what we make them as an icon. Our culture served us to believe and give meaning to the real essence of fashion and style.

For men, culture dictates the true essence of fashion. It’s the culture says what should we war, when is the right time to wear it, how we should wear, where we should wear it and how long we should wear it. Social media such us magazines, print ads, TV and internet play a big role to define whole aspect of fashion. They serve as the prescription to life.

On the other hand, style lies. Style is something personal. This is what every man should be dreaming for.

Style must be molded and guided over time.  It ages in its own way regardless of the time and how men walk the runway, it’s a style!

Style is lying around the corner and waiting for the man to appreciate, embrace and accept it.

Style is a multi-package for everyone. It must have comfort, confidence, and consciousness for all. Style is tangible and intangible all in one.

The differences between fashion and style are indefinite. It’s up for the man if how he choose the path he will be walking in the future. Be stylish and fashionable all the time!

How to Buy & Wear a Hat

Planning to give your wardrobe a boost? Take a plunge and buy yourself a hat. A well-chosen hat can add a strong statement to your outfit. Fashion designers regard hats as one of the most stylish accessories a man and woman clan wear and a wardrobe essential.

So what are you waiting for? Take these tips on how to buy & wear a hat to earn a flamboyant confidence of style.

Hats and Facial Shapes

Hats must coordinate with the shape of your face. Pick a hat that creates a gentler to the shape of your face. If you are a rounded face, you must buy a hat with square crown not a round one. Oval faces look great in hats with excessive brims. Square- shaped faces look flattering to a hat with round crowns and asymmetrical brims. Wear a small hat if you have a heart-shaped face and add a touch of interesting brims.

Hat Colors and Skin Tone

The color of your hat must compliment to the color of your skin. Wear hats in bright colors if you have a pale complexion, golden undertone, blond hair and blue or green eyes. Such colors coral, turquoise, yellow, bright blue and bright green.Avoid dark and dull colors if you possess this characteristic.

Pastel color hats are best if you have a pinkish skin, blue undertones, and blonde/brunette hair. Such colors are baby blue and pink, rosy brown, and mauve. Try to get rid of orange. Earthly colors such as brown, olive, and camel are best to golden undertones, brown hair, and golden brown eyes. Avoid pinks and dark blues if you have these characteristics. If you have a honey bronze or dark complexion, brown hair and dark eyes, Pick a hat that has a shade of ivory, white, dark grey, rich navy, emerald, bright red and wine. Get rid of orange.

Hat and Body Type

Your body type is also dependent to the hat you are planning to wear. For larger women, you should wear hats with broad brims to achieve a symmetrical look. Shorter women should wear hats with tall crowns and narrow or no brims to create an illusion of height. Flat crown hats are for tall women.

Hats really add definition to your look and complete the outfit stylishly. Invest to a stylish and multifunctional ones as well as hats with a good quality.

Prada Shoes : Epitome of Grace and Beauty

After seasons of showcasing her addicted customers with highly themed and conceptualized collections, Miuccia Prada did a great effort to things that she really loves. It’s been a couple of months since we first seen and feasted those lovely Prada creations for the season.

For her Prada Spring 2013 shoe collection, we can pick such weird shoes and unconventional Prada shoes. You will be amazed by those toe sock and thong shoes that was inspired by a whole lotta Japan-meets-sixties look, Why?  Let those pictures speak for itself.

Those shoes are not conventional to fashion forward people. By browsing their collection and from its ad campaign, we can see a futuristic platform with leather toe socks. The collection is very interesting that for sure a lot of women are eager to try those lovely creations.

Brace yourselves because you are about to be overcome by grace and beauty by the Prada Spring 2013 shoe collection after the jump.