Hogan’s Winter Collection 2015: get the must-have athletic shoes of this season!

Hogan shoes are made in so many different styles taht there’s one  for every occasion and for every moment of the day. Born from the creative genius of Diego della Valle, Hogan shoes combine elegance with casual. The name “Hogan” has been taken by the anglo-saxon world of cricket, but  Hogan shoes have a strong Italian flavour an quality. Here are some of the best designs for the fortcoming winter season:

Givenchy Shark Bag

The shark tooth twist- lock fastening is the signature of this ‘Shark’ bag by Givenchy. Clean and uncomplicated, this leather bag taps into practical ease for fuss-free styling. Smart enough for the office but chic enough for the city, the Shark bag is the perfect round-the-clock option!


Down jackets: the best brands for comfort and warm

When it comes to buying a top quality winter jacket, there should be no compromise on either warmth or style. But there is no reason why you can’t get both. There are just some things you need to take into account before you lay down your money; like the shell’s material, the type of filling, whether it has a hood, and the type of closures and cinches.

Find men’s and  women’s winter coats you need to keep you warm. Discover the best selection of winter jackets from top brands like Moncler, Herno, Prada , Fay, Stone Island, Ciesse.