The golfer jeans

Jeckerson is the history of an idea that grew into a brand of great success. It started in 1995 on a golf course: Carlo Chionna, a passionate golfer, invented a special pair of trousers with alcantara inserts on the thighs for drying the hands before teeing off. The initial functionality of the patches rapidly led to the establishment of Jeckerson trousers as iconic products known for their distinctive image, construction and fit.

A simple and informal solution that rapidly grew into a whole sportswear line, Jeckerson, a fictitious name that sounds of British traditions: golf, riding and sailin and of locations where the atmosphere is distinctly club house.
It is a Made in Italy clothing line. Jeckerson jeans are its core product from the beginning, characterized by the highest levels of quality and innovation and by perfection in terms of cuts and choice of materials.