Guide to Men Shoes in Selecting Colors

You can judge a man by the shoes he is wearing. With the ever popular trend nowadays brought to us by a wide campaign of social media, tv and billboard ads, a large number of men are taking interest the way they look just to maintain a paragon of stylish men through the ages.

Take this essential guide to men shoes when it comes to combining colors with your total outfit. In this discussion, let us give focus to leather shoes. They are particularly worn because of their personal preference so shoe color gives a huge impact on its suitability to maintain its stylish impact.

Brown Shoes

Prada_ShoesBlack trousers and brown shoes, this combination is the most controversial topic even in the traditional fashion sense. Overall, these two colors are indeed incompatible. Views of the people will change but still brown and black should never be mixed in a formal occasion.

In casual setting, brown and black are perhaps acceptable depending on your self-preference.  Brown will also go with every color from your choice of gray , navy, green and violet. Pick a brown shoe with a hue of deeper, richer, tones of color to compliment a wide array of colors than black. All colors of chinos, trimmed trousers, shorts are go well with your brown shoes.

Black Shoes

Prada ShoesBlack is very classic and a little more restrictive. You can wear black and black until you are tired to sport it.  Grey is the best pair for black. It creates a great influence. You might also want to try black and navy blue. This works very well in formal setting.

Pull out you chinos in the closet because black shoes are perfectly suited. Try to expose your ankle by cuffing your chinos inorder to reduce the contrast between your black shoes and bright colors such as red, yellow or light blue.

Actually, there are no such rules apply to your casual outfit when it comes to what shoes to wear. Formal wear is indeed the rules applied and strictly followed by fashion conscious people.


There are wide array of shoe style in the rack, stick to the most classic and suites to all your outfits layering inside your closet.  Invest a handful of stylish shoes and economically right on your pocket. You are not even look fashionable all the time and but perfectly you can save for your future fashion demand.

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