Hey! Look at her handbag!

Every time I check the new collection for bags and shoes, I find a new range of products that never fail to fascinate me. I have always been an avid shopper for handbags and Prada has never disappointed me in what I am exactly looking for.


Prada handbags are so beautifully crafted and uniquely designed that I always tend to stick with this brand. They have all sorts of designs to suit all occasions. There are some large ones to store in all the essentials. Along side, they have the small vanity bags and sling bags too. They have designs to suit your gown and those to suit your professional attire.

I have often been wondering how talented these designers must be in creating something unique, to suit every purpose. And if you have a fetish for colors like me, let me tell you that they have colors from black to gold, white to green and pink.


Wherever I have been with these bags, there has been not even once that I didn’t get a compliment for my bag! Many of them have forgotten to compliment me on my looks most of the times. But it really seems that over the years, my handbags have become my fashion statement. I have even heard stuff like I am the living promotion for Prada bags.


Pretty ladies out there, are you not interested in these classy yet trendy handbags? I am sure you must be fond of them too. After all, Prada makes enjoy every moment of your stardom!

4 thoughts on “Hey! Look at her handbag!”

  1. For so many years, Prada is already a part of my fashion collection. I never run out any of its new trend. Prada Collections had already gained my respect on what a fashion is all about. It really caters all the things I need as one of “fashionistas” of today’s generation. I am an avid fan of it. Your new post on bags made me realize not to miss any out of it styles and designs. I do really agree with you Andrea, those bags were so distinctly crafted with such a unique designed. There’s something indescribably beautiful about this bag, something infinitely graceful yet sturdy to its shape. I adore the oversized leather body and the leather trim has cool tassel like blings… This is definitely a perfect bag I’ve ever seen before. I love all of these Prada handbags bags. For a leather bag, they’re really light, plus you could fit loads of stuff into the bag. I love the stylish edge Prada bags give to one’s outfits.

  2. My cousin always mention to me that you had a great post especially on fashion shoes, handbags and other cool fashion stuffs and I prove it right when I try to visit on your blog. These assorted handbags give its stunning look to everybody who wanted to own one. Another craftsmanship of leather has finally found its niche to all people who find pleasure on leather bags. This is definitely my fashion statement.
    I love all of these leather Prada handbags but what I love most is the one that comes in silky grey. I like the design and color that matches all of my fashion outfits. Prada handbag designers made their significant contribution to the fashion industry that is suited to any season.
    I considered Prada as my favorite leather handbags provider.

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