How To Recognize The Real Prada Shoes

Gone are the days when people paid less attention to buy shoes.  Today, shoes are an integral part of fashion. Not only girls but also boys love to wear trendy shoes that match well with their outfit. No wonder, looking at the importance of shoes, there are many national and international fashion accessories houses come up with outstanding ranges of shoes.

They are experimenting with styles and colors to create the pair of shoes looks fashionable as well as comfortable. Gaining fashion with comfort to their designer shoes is the prime goal of many international fashion houses. Prada is no different from designing outstanding shoes for both men and women.

The worldwide popularity of the brand has invoked many to imitate it styles, it ‘s why you can easily find replica of Prada shoes.  If you are a real lover of the fashion brand and want to buy the real pair of shoes of it, here are some guidelines to recognize the real shoes of Prada.

Examine the box of the shoes. This is the first way to recognize the real.  Corrugated plastic is used to make Prada shoes boxes. If you observe the cardboard made box, it means you are heading to purchase the fake.

Carefully inspect the box as it has logo of the brand at the end of the box, the size and the material information. Mind that the brand doesn’t put logo on the top of the box.

Now, examine the shoes. With only examining the box, you can reach at the point that the shoes are real. You have to carefully inspect the shoes fabric, design and logo.

The logo of Prada is in the sole of and it should be in on any zippers or toggles on the shoes. Carefully inspect the logo size and font to recognize the real.

Right below the logo, the Prada date of establishment is given, “1913”. The fake could be the date but it can be “1931” to confuse customers.

Check the finishing of the shoes. There will be no loose stitches.

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