How to Stretch Your Gucci Loafers

When it comes to know the name of famous loafer manufacturers, it is Gucci name comes first in mind.  Gucci is known for its stylish and durable loafers. Though, loafers have always been a favorite accessory of men, but Gucci has brought a new turn in the trend of loafers. Black, brown and different color loafers are introducing by Gucci every year.  It is no wonder to say that Gucci shoes are designed to give comfort and style together.  The Italy fashion house has put its own spin on the classic shoes by adding tassel and metal ornaments and now its loafers are known as “the Gucci Loafer.”

If you are interested to your Gucci loafers, please do it carefully. The thousands dollar shoes need care. No wonder, they are made of premium quality materials and to stretch the loafer, you also need to use quality materials.

It is advised to use a wooden shoe stretching kit in order to get a uniform stretch. Some apply plastic to stretch loafers, but the material doesn’t give the desired result. It bends and ruins the actual shape of your branded Gucci loafer. Carefully, insert the wooden stretcher as this is the first process.

Measure your leg and with the help of hinge-set screws stretch the loafer slowly. Make sure the loafer is not over stretched because there is no chance of undo.

To get the actual stretching size, you can use a sand paper to shape the wooden stretcher.

These are a few tips to stretch shoes. If you don’t want to take any risks of stretching, you can take help from a cobbler in your area. They are expert in this field.

One more important thing that can escape you from stretching your shoes is to carefully measure your feet. It is always advised to measure feet separately. Branded shoes are expensive and a little misinformation will detain you to get your desired shoes.

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