The infatuation with Hogan sneakers

Men and women are shopping more and more for comfortable shoes than dress shoes. The infatuation with Hogan sneakers proves that, considering they had been the best selling shoes in Italy for more than 10 years now. In 1986, the first sneaker, the “Traditional” was inspired by a cricket shoe, in 1995 the “Athletic” sneaker followed and in 1997 the “Interactive” sneaker was launched. This season, Hogan is producing a brand new dialogue about the foundations of its long-lived success. A touch more avant-garde, the legendary H shoe is finding a new definition within an aesthetic that’s a touch more conceptual. Concise and precise, the shoe is raised up and becomes more stylish upon contact with an atypical heel. By injecting a rambling spark into a sneaker that is one of the earliest examples of casual luxury, the H becomes the perfect sneaker to prepare for next winter.




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