Make An Impression With Printed Apparel: Print Is In!

Printed clothes have a long history that tracks back to 1960s. Once highly popular, they vanished in the 90s. It is again in vogue as you will find celebrities, socialites and common people clad in the best print pieces. One good thing about printed clothes is that they are a symbol of cheer and liveliness.

Once considered loud, now they are termed as stylish. Perception changes with time and generations. Style which is in vogue today will fade with time and be replaced by some new trend. The best thing is to live the trend when it is still here.

There are a number of choices when it comes to printed clothes. Not just clothes, people love printed accessories like bags as well. However, you must not end up looking like a peacock and therefore, a careful selection of clothes is necessary.


 the best print pieces


For instance, the Che Guevara printed t-shirts should be avoided. Do not be surprised by the piece of advice. This Che Guevara print has been over exploited by people and will not do much in giving you a stylish appearance. Walk around in your neighborhood and you will find a number of people wearing it.

Nor you should go with the wrestling superstar t-shirts unless you are a school kid or diehard fan of wrestlers. An ideal printed t-shirt can be a popular celebrity who is not alive but is popular enough to grab attention of the onlooker. Even better is to go with no celebrity print at all and choose a different print altogether e.g. a print of spray paint mosaic.

Also make sure that the print should not be overtly loud. If there are loud colors then make sure that they are at the most attractive part of your body, to draw attention at the right part. Complement the printed t-shirt with a skin fit denim or plain trousers.

Printed shirts however obsolete from common people, have been popular among the ultra-riches of the society. Now it has made its way to common people, setting up a new trend.

Take proper care while choosing the best print pieces and rest assured as you are definitely going to make an impression on people(for good reasons).

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