Newest in Fashion 2011: Rules are Eliminated

Bright colors and soft fabric mixed with an eccentric detail will complete the lines of most brands designs today. Get ready for a blast of colors and explosion of innovative ideas. Old fashioned is a term not used anymore, now it is what they called the anti-fashion.

It will become one of the trends that you can look forward to. It is going to be the main event of 2011. Being in style by altering the rule or not following it for that matter is what will govern.

Everything must be dynamic and one of a kind. It should create an air of grace but still maintain its eccentricity. Electrifying the audience with its graceful maneuver will be the aim of each designer. Dolce & gabbana celebrities testimonials counts much. It is not a rule but a complete turn around of styles and looks.

Give way to the set of disturbing yet beautiful display of Spring/Summer Collection of 2011. It will be the most talked about all over town. Be the first one to have those exceptional sunglasses from Prada or the first one to buy the latest from Gucci.

If you’re looking for something cheap yet still one of a kind, go to the nearest vintage shop and get the most colorful and out of this world design you can get. What you need is the will power and the guts to pull it off. There is nothing to be afraid of in this day and age.

The rules are abolished and you are the one in command. You are responsible for yourself, authentic or not, you will rule.

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