The Perfect Bag



Miu Miu Matelasse Coffer


Throughout my lifetime, I have had just about every style handbag imaginable. From Nine West to Versace, I think that I have had them all at one time or another. Slouchy, structured, clutches and pouchettes have complemented my wardrobe at one time or another. I have become a very fickle handbag fanatic, replacing one with another without a thought or regret. Until now.


I purchased my first Miu Miu Coffer several months ago and haven’t even considered replacing it with any other. This bag has it all. This bag is large enough to carry every little thing that I find worthy of stuffing into it and still gives me those wonderful outer pockets for those essential items which I need quick access to throughout the day. This bag has, what I call, “slouchy structure”. In other words, it doesn’t collapse when it is not filled to the brim with items. It is deep enough to hold my rather large wallet, hairbrush and makeup pouch with room to spare.


When I am out shopping and start feeling the weight of the bag on my shoulder, I simply use the long messenger strap and wear it “cross-body” style and not only is the weight distributed evenly, but it also frees up my hands to do other things or just to swing freely at my side.


Moving on from function to fashion, the crowning glory of this bag is the style. This absolutely gorgeous bag slips from work day to evening’s out without even batting an eye! The gorgeous ruched napa leather is unique, yet simply elegant. The beautiful brushed gold hardware complements this bag perfectly without drawing attention away from the overall style of the bag.


In a nutshell Ladies, this is the perfect bag for me. I will continue to buy handbags, but this little beauty will be at my side for quite some time.

Have Mercy on My Soles!

On this topic I must vent ad nauseum. I’m a shoe fanatic. I simply love shoes. Unfortunately a few years ago I began having foot problems, followed by back surgery and have been relegated to flat shoes.

My timing wasn’t actually too bad though, since ballet shoes have been such huge fashion presence the past few years. However, I still can’t wear designer flats. It seems that designers are too busy worrying about the look of a shoe versus the comfort factor. Why is that? How hard can it be to incorporate some cushioning into a shoe? I go into designer shoe stores and leave disappointed every time. I’ll find an adorable flat that is, well, flat! While I adore Prada handbags and accessories, I find Prada to be one of the worst offenders in this regard. There is literally nothing between the inside of the shoe and sole.

There is genius in the world of designer shoes. I see it each time I gaze over a display of shoes by Gucci, Blahniks, Chanel, Prada and the list goes on. Would it be too much to ask of our favorite designers to include a podiatrist or two in their design team so those like me can enjoy their products?

Rain Boots: Fab or Drab?

Who said rain boots can only be worn in the rain and by small children? Now those boots became much more of a colorful accessory and are available in many colors and styles. They bring some shine and glam to a rainy and grey day. What is more comfortable during pouring rain and snow? With waterproof rain boots you don’t need to worry about weather and can wear them even on a sunny day. 

Wear them with jeans tucked in or neutral colors like black with a skirt for the office. 

Stars love their rain boots: what’s your opinion on this trend? 

Kate Moss 

Cory Kennedy 

Rain boots by Burberry, Gucci,Emilio Pucci


A Must-Have In Your Closet: Flats!

What is more comfortable than to be in flats all day? No pains from wearing heeled shoes for hours! Flats are so versatile, available in many different colors and styles and can be either dresses up or down. Ballerina shoes are the favourite shoeware of many stars and celebrities.

Flats and ballet shoes can be combined with skinny jeans, dresses or skirts. They also look cute with short and bermudas.

Katherine Heigl in leopard flats:


Courtney Cox combines her classic black flats with a black dress.


Holiday Shopping

I am going to veer off of the usual fashion talk for a moment, in order to vent a bit.

My husband and I went Christmas Shopping this past weekend. We decided to spend our Saturday and Sunday at a very upscale outdoor mall in Newport Beach CA, one that we normally enjoy shopping at. Well, I always enjoy visiting the designer boutiques located in one of the higher-end department stores and so, with excited anticipation, I dragged my husband along with me. We wanted to buy my sister-in-law something special this year. Of course, my first stop was to the Prada handbags boutique. As we entered the little enclave of Prada beauties, we passsed by 2 sales associates unnoticed and evidently uninterested. I must tell you that I was sporting my black Prada Gauffre on my shoulder which I thought, surely, would spark their attention and possibly warrant some sales hospitality. Nope……..nothing! I found a beautiful Prada Gauffre that I was quite interested in buying for her, however these 2 snotty sales associates wouldn’t even look up and muster a ‘hello’, let alone a ‘may I help you’. My husband and I were in there for a good 5 minutes, browsing the small boutique without ever even being acknowledged that we were there!! Grrrrrrr………………… Needless to say, we walked out of there in a huff and never looked back. We went to the Chanel, Kooba and JC boutiques and received the same treatment in all of them!! We left the department store and I’ve decided that I will never purchase another handbag from that store again.

I went home that evening, found the same bag on the Styledrops website and purchased it from them. Not only did I have a great and perfectly flawless experience, but my bag arrived within 2 days!! Now this little beauty is wrapped and sitting under my tree, just waiting to be opened by my sister-in-law!! I will be doing ALL my shopping on-line from now on!!


An It-Bag turned into a Classic: The Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

Two or three years ago I heard many people say that the Balenciaga Motorcycle bags are a trend and will be over in one year. Now, years later they are still ‘in’ and turned into a classic.

Available in many beautiful colors and style they became a must-have in every fashionista’s closet. The ‘City’ or ‘Part-time’ is great as an everyday bag, the ‘First’ is adoarble for evenings and for short trips use the ‘Weekender’. A lot of other styles were introduced durig the last season. Now many people love the giant hardware in gold and silver.


Ashley Olsen with her ‘First’ in seafoam:



Nicole Richie loves her black ‘City’:



Holmes and her Giant Day bag in Vert Gazon:




Shop for a wide selection of authentic Balenciaga bags:

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Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale. A femme fatale is, by definition, an alluring and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. A Femme Fatale tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm and sexual allure.

catherine_trammel.jpgNothing brings out the Femme Fatale in all of us like the fashions that we choose to adorn ourselves with. Like the wrapping on a gift, just waiting to be exposed to the receiver of the “gift”. Remember Catherine Trammel, the seductive character played by Sharon Stone in the movie “Basic Instinct”? Basic black dress, low cut and those simple black pumps with no nylons… very, very, sexy!

ursula andressEven as far back as Scarlett O’hara in the movie classic “Gone With the Wind”, women have been using their feminine instincts and fashion to attract those men who are the object of their desires. Who can forget the ever mischievous “Bond Girls”, luring James Bond into dangerous and perilous situations simply with their feminine allure. Girls, that’s what I’m talking about!

It is this author’s “never-to-be-shy” opinion that it is absolutely refreshing and exciting to see the fashion world return to those days when a woman portrayed herself as a “lady”. From those sunglasses which remind us of the mysterious, but always-a-lady, Jackie O which we can now find offered to us from Christian Dior, Dolce Gabanna and Prada, to those sexy, sultry stilettos that we can now find in the Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Salvatore Ferragamo lines. FEMININE IS BACK and I am loving every minute of it! Nothing says “I am a class act with impeccable taste” like the letters ‘LV’ on your handbag or those “red soles”sported by your sexy pumps. It is time to indulge ourselves with all the little luxuries available to us that bring out the Femme Fatale that is in all of us!

I say “Go ladies.” Go find those fashions that make you feel as sexy as you truly are. For me, it is that Black pencil skirt that is form fitting, paired with some stiletto-styled pumps when worn together makes my legs look a mile long. Top that with a blousy (makes my waist look tiny) low-cut shirt which allows just enough cleavage to show when I bend a bit at the waist. Of course, let’s not forget that simple little designer clutch! The fashion world is at our fingertips Ladies. All we need to do is take advantage of it. Let’s collaborate amongst ourselves. Tell us what brings out the Femme Fatale in you! We want to know…


Looking like a Lady

It’s very easy to roll one’s eyes and say, “Not another fashion blog!” However, from the perspective of our eyes, a new view on fashion can often reveal an insight not as yet seen. This is what you will find from the very different commentators on StyleTalks. Fashion and accessories, while too often talked to death, can never have too many viewpoints. This in mind, I’d like to introduce my “eyes” to the reader. My passion has always been one of balance. Balancing budgets against price tags, lifestyle against the sometimes quite bizarre tastes of designers, and most importantly the delicate balance of fashion versus function.


More than most, I’m thrilled to see designers moving away from what to my sensibilities, look more like luggage than handbags. Slouchy and sloppy over-sized designs are finally giving way to the more ladylike bags of elegant years gone by. The modest structured frame bag and flap style bag is to be seen in most every major designers line this season bringing to mind the understated elegance of the Hermes Kelly. Even edgier lines such as Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs have brought out their own interpretation of the ladylike handbag.

While I’m certain we’ll continue to see luggage sized boho inspired handbags for a while longer, speaking as one that has missed the days of simple, tailored elegance in designer bags, I suggest popping the cork of your favorite champagne and celebrating the return of looking like a lady.


Welcome To Styletalks

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The editor community is very much alive and thriving. We hope to become a community where everybody meet and talk about their favourite clothes and accessories, share their little style secrets and help each other in finding the hottest shops online.

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