Spring/Summer 2009: Cool and Comfy

The weather should be warming up soon in many parts of the world, and it’s only fitting to dress for the balmier temperatures. Luxury fashion houses Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent are leading the pack with guys’ looks that look both casual and literally cool.

Stefano Pilati at YSL probably didn’t intend to make clothes that were softer or more comfortable than the usual, but that’s exactly how his creations turned out. Silk suits, voile and organza – all of them fabrics usually reserved for womens’ wear – were used liberally, resulting in lighter and more casual looking pieces. This neutral ensemble represents how the collection ended up – slouchy and soft with just a bit of cool.

Silvia Venturini Fendi was in a situation similar to Pilati’s – she wanted to make a statement, but ended up giving a completely different first impression. Lighter fabrics combined with more vivid colors created a more youthful and laid back vibe. The soft, cropped pants and shoes-sans-socks look helped, too. This collarless, open-top, light brown number paired with the gray pants looks slouchy enough to lounge in, yet stylish enough to wear to dinner at the parents’.

All this casualness has got sticklers to formality all in a dither, but it spells good news for you, especially once the sun begins peeking out again. Gone (for now) are the days when stylish means structured to the point of stiff. The tailored look might have been popular on the runways a couple of season’s back, but expect guys to begin taking a more relaxed stand with their style. What’s current and new at trendy in fashion houses like Fendi and YSL should be making their way to the general public in a couple of months.

Stock up on more neutral colored pieces in soft cotton or silk blends, with the odd red or blue top thrown in. If you always wear what you feel is most comfortable, now’s your chance to look fashion-updated while you’re at it.

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