Summer Flowers

 Not just on Prada shoes but flowers showed up on almost every dress or accesory in this 2008 collections! Floral prints have always been a classic for the hot season, I remember myself with a floral dress when I was a child and my mother with another one in a picture from the sixties. Since then I’ve never wore again anything floral, maybe these new collections will change my mind. I must admit that I find these Miu Miu sunglasses really gorgeous:


These are 4 example of floral prints clothes for this summer, would you wear them? I would go for the first one!


John GallianoGucciMissoniMichael Kors

8 thoughts on “Summer Flowers”

  1. In terms of high end fashion, Prada has to be one of my favorite brands. The beautiful floral’s and patterns and explosion of colours. I’ve always seen Prada as a bit too mature for me in its quirkiness, but after looking through the seasons I’m beginning to grow more and fonder of it – the odd materials, the interesting textures, the expert tailoring, and the wide variety of designs that still retain their Prada essence. The floral dresses are all elegant but I like most is the first one. The dress is just very calming and chic. It has unique pastel color that looks very feminine. The color is more subdued and more relax. Definitely, florals are perfect outfit this coming summer 2008. I will start collecting all summer flowers dresses so that I’m not having trouble when summer comes.

  2. I am not so sure that floral dresses are the most appropriate fashion style for me.. I’m pretty sure that I will not buy anything with flowers and very colorful stamps on it…I prefer classic Prada dresses…especially black color.Mh…we will see if I will change my mind. But don’t you think is this style a little bit eccentric?

  3. I do respect your choice of fashion Lorelai. Each of us has different preferences as far as fashion trend are concerned.
    Today’s women’s clothing is a line of ultimate representation of a woman’s body confidence that will make more stylish and glamorous on her looks.
    I really like all the dress above. They are very elegant and beautiful. I love floral designs. Almost of my stuffs have flowers on it. It is very cool and relaxing. I am very proud and much confident wearing all my floral cool stuffs.
    The first dress above catches my attention. I really love the design and its feminine pastel pink color. I think I have a great vision of style and grace in this delightful dress.
    No doubt I must have this for incoming summer; the floral print dress can be worn successfully in the up-coming fall season too.

  4. Its floral prints burst into bloom once again. I want to have this kind of collections this coming summer 2008. I can possibly wear it simple, showing my tanned bare legs, accessorized only with flip-flops, peep-toe shoes or platform my sandals and a chic small purse. If possible, I can combine this with colorful and sparkling hosiery and high heel shoes for a burlesque look. Lovely gorgeous soft floral prints in exotic moss green/purple in super angelic soft absolutely wrinkle-free, durable stretch material made by famous designers.
    These floral dresses are best for cocktail parties. It seems I am blooming everyday that matches my daily mood. Indeed, a very versatile & great for all season.

  5. It’s another season….. a time to refresh myself with natures beauty! A woman that loves nature loves new designer’s floral dresses by John Galliano – Gucci – Missoni – Michael Kors. It’s really suited for this incoming summer. Among the four floral designs, I prefer the work of Gucci because no matter what I do, whether to dress it up, dress it down. Put it on when in doubt about appropriate attire. I wear it to the office, change the jewelry, shoes, and bag, lose the belt, and got to dinner or a cocktail party. A white satin with embroidered floral yellow, gives year-round impeccable fabric, versatile neckline, mid-knee length. Indeed, it’s stunning attire.
    Nothing spells summer like a gorgeous, flowy dress and a majestic one brought to me by most updated site on fashion….

  6. Your summer design is simple, yet the rosettes gives a great summer feel, without being too pretty. Very stylish and one of the main reasons is John Galliano – Gucci – Missoni – Michael Kors are making great strides.
    More of your visitors will get an up close look at several of designs which challenge the conventional idea of garment making and highlight the relationship between the body and fabric. Crisp, clean, fresh, flowery…how could it not be THE perfect for it looks more timeless anway, less season-specific. These designers created some of the most forward-looking fashions that are wearable works of art. I love it…!

  7. Summer is hot as well as this cute summer dresses by very well known fashion designers! I personally, love red and white as well as the peach. They’re cool and I found the total comfort which every woman needs on dresses.
    The fabric is an excellent choice as is cotton for the summer heat and to get not just a vintage retro look but giving me a new sense of fashion styles and designs…
    I was really surprised that John Galliano – Gucci – Missoni – Michael Kors had these adorable dresses! They’re making a great change in taste and giving new color for the season…What a lovely work of a real artist!!! Keep it up… :)

  8. As I keep on searching on what’s HOT on fashion world of sunglasses; I really got stunned on Miu Miu from your site at
    Its light violet color with a red orange side tip really adds up to the gorgeousness of person who wears it. The metallic frames gave more significant impact on what is the real beauty of the sunglasses. Also the white scarf emphasizes the shape of the face, giving it a fresher look even under intense heat of the sun! Another must have cool stuff which I could really be proud of my own.

    I am gal who finds pleasures in collecting fashion sunglasses….I finally found my
    niche at Miu Miu sunglasses collection!!! Thanks…I’ll keep on visiting your site!

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