Jimmy Choo Winter 2009-2010 Shoe Collection

Jimmy Choo is one of those renowned designers whose works are highly looked-up and appreciated by the many. This thing is very not easy to achieve, and only his talents which could helped him to become famous and called-for.

Jimmy Choo

The new Jimmy Choo Fall-Winter Collection is just another assemblage he can be proud of. The designs were so beautiful and preferred by most women all over the world. The collection’s fabrics are luxurious and the colors are elegant and fashionable.

The collection includes footwear which was designed particularly for different weather conditions: from elegant sandals to high boots to wear during this chilly season.

Jimmy Choo Shoes

The whole collection is great and there are some pieces that I would like to have in my own closet I have an eye to this open-toed high-stiletto shoes, perfect ankle boots with reptile leather embellishment and patent-leather high boots. I want to vamp all this coming winter season.

DSquared Jewelled Velvet Sandal

The chic rocker meets ultra glam in this fabulous DSquared Jewelled Velvet Sandal. This DSquared shoes is a perfect way to dress up a pair of skinny distressed jeans or leggings – whatever, as long as it’s fitted and stops at the ankle. This is totally an updated shoe style from the 80’s themed version and it tells that the decade is totally making a fierce comeback. It must be appreciated in all of its fierceness.

Draped with pearls strands , large brooch, silver chain, and charms totally animate this shoe and give it a fabulous retro glam vibe spiked with some edge. This DSquared Jewelled Velvet Sandal is definitely anything but basic and embellished to gain perfection.

DSquared Jewelled Velvet Sandal

The heel looks almost vintage with its 4.5 inch heel and a 1 inch platform. I consider this shoes as jewelry of your feet, the decor that allows you to shine through and keep it from going over the top. This will continue glittering you down over the block

Dolce & Gabanna Shoes for Spring/Summer 2010

Designer stuffs for the next season are releasing out through their runway shows and campaigns. Several designers are focusing on their shoe collections while others are on their haute couture and handbags.

For the upcoming season of spring and summer 2010 I don’t know what to expect for Dolce and Gabanna shoes. Similar to their last season’s shoe collection, they are almost always over the top and not realistic and functional for normal everyday apparels.

However, the spring /summer 2010 collection is fabulous in all of it’s street chic look. I love the way how this duo designer, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna conceptualized the use of partly black lace and fishnet material instead of using common ornaments to achieve its look.
It has details that extends to the sole of the shoe in some instance making into unfinished and unpolished look.

The superficial lace and fishnet works with the sandals to the conservative pumps of the designer. It is indeed the genius collection, but these are not my typical style yet if given a chance I must prefer to wear the burlap pumps with the fishnet “socks”.

Photos of Dolce & Gabbanna shoes after the jump:

Dolce & Gabbana shoes

Dolce & Gabbana_shoes

Dolce & Gabbana shoes1

Dolce & Gabbana_shoes1

Miu Miu Fall 2009 Shoe Collection

The Prada’s little sister, Miu Miu showed us some very unique and fashionable shoes for their 2009 Fall Collection. Miu Miu shoes ‘ styles were paired with jeweled socks.

We can see variety of tan-colored and strapped shoes around the ankle which is to be the hot subject of most designers this season. Fur was also used in many of the Miu Miu collections.
Miuccia Prada presented three distinct styles of shoes.

The first distinct style was bland with all of the unremarkable designs in a khaki color. These kind of shoes would be excellent for office or in business attire.

The second distinct style was a fur covered heel and ankle strap. Functional or not? If you wear this type of shoes outdoors the back will look like a wet animal, especially the ones with fur lining.

Miuccia Prada debuted to the third style which was heavily embellished satin pump. These shoes looked like a bunch of pailettes piled on top of the vamp and it was a very blunt contrast to the clean and finely stitched pailette pumps from the last season’s collections.

Miu Miu Fall 2009 Shoe Collections


Miu_Miu Shoes

Miu Miu_Shoes

Bottega Veneta “The Art of Collaboration”

Bottega Veneta wants to maintain a little mystery for his entire collection. Presenting the extraordinary look of Anna Jagodzinska and those lush exotic handbags and shoes for the upcoming Fall/Winter Ad Campaign in a short advertising behind the scenes video.

This video will showcase how these amazing shots were achieved by the photogrpaher, Steven Meisel.


The short clip guides us into behind the scenes that leaves the feeling we’re simply scratching the surface from the models Anna and Eddie Klint.
Bottega Veneta’s creative director ,Tomas Maier narrated the short video. He explains why he decided to work with Steven Meisel and his artistic vision for the campaigns.
This video is about more than the words could explain. Bottega Veneta’s beauty is universal!/p>

Booting Up for Fall 2009

Prepare yourself for the upcoming snowy season with functional and stylish boots in your wardrobe. Trendy boots are the epitome of Fall accessories for our feet and perhaps, this is one of the most fashionable and practical pieces in our closet.

Personally, I’m very much addicted to this stuff. A stylish boot is easy to pair with jeans and a knit jacket. Truly functional because it keep our feet warm and comfortable while we are slogging on snow, rain, or in a slush. Boots can truly turn an outfit into a fabulous and dramatic way.

So it should come as no surprise for us that they are “IN” this Fall 2009 and I do consider as Fall staple for our fashion statement.

An array of combat boots, ankle boots, thigh highs boots, classic boots will grace your Fall ready-to-wear fashion life. So no matter what your shoe personal preference is, Boots are always present!


Prada Boots1

Prada Boots

The Snowy Hermes Campaign 2009

The Hermes Fall / Winter 2010 Ad Campaign has been successfully released. The house has skipped Fall season and headed straight the real side of Winter.

Hermes_Fall_Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

The snow covered campaign was shot by Eric Valli at Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel with an excellent coordination of a Brazilian supermodel, Raquel Zimmermann.

Eric Valli was an international acclaimed photographer behind the campaign and also gained excellent reputation due to its huge contribution for Geo, National Geographic, the Sunday Times, the Smithsonian, Life and Paris Match.

He closely follows last year’s winter theme of the label. We will expect fur coats and bold scarves this season match with killer metallic and suede pumps.

Prepare yourself this coming snowy season with Hermes stuffs on your side.

More photos after the jump:

Hermes Fall Winter 2010 Ad_Campaign

Hermes Fall Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

Hermes Fall_Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

Prada Shoes Equates Luxury

Prada shoes are a great way to adrift yourself in luxury. This designer shoes was originated from Italy as we all know Italian shoes are known for their durability, trendy and high quality. It’s no question that most people would hold in high regard Italian crafted clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories and would prefer them over any other designer shoe name.

Prada ShoesThis label has been around since the early twentieth century and indeed, its name become a high fashion synonymous with style and luxury.

If you really a fashionista don’t usually go after for a less price labels but on authentic designer ones. Prada shoes are worth you are looking for, they are created to be unlike anything else you’ll find around the fashion world.

Besides the luxury and high fashion style, both Prada men and women designer shoes are carefully crafted to make it comfortable and feet loving apparel by using the finest high-quality leather materials.
Prada designer shoes often associated with unique styles that are perfectly designed for office attire or pair with an evening gown, but they are also come in athletic styles such as sneakers that are appropriate for everyday wear. Prada shoes are often seen as strappy high heels, wedges, platforms and sandals.

One thing you can guarantee of buying Prada shoes is that you are buying a trusted brand. Overall, the quality of the materials being used and the craftsmanship involved in manufacturing them.

Caring for Men’s Designer Shoes

Designer ShoesDesigner shoes are not only associated for women but it also for men. There are also many styles and forms of designer shoes for men and usually it is more about comfort and classic rather than the newest trends available in the market.

What are the important things you should consider when opting for men’s designer shoes? First, you should pay attention to the quality of the materials being utilized and carefully check the grade of stitching. Handcrafted designer shoes are synonymous to durability and authentic.

Take for example the Prada shoes, they are known for their classic styling and craftsmanship and even more classic for office and any other occasions.

Once you have purchased your designer shoes, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take good care of them. It is a must for your designer shoes to make it last longer.

It is advisable to get polish and put some soft paper inside the toes when not in use to avoid deformation. Store them in a shoe box or at any safe place to avoid scuffing in your wardrobe.

Individually wrap the buckles to avoid from any scratches of the leather. Be sure that enough air is present and take note, never store your designer shoes unless they are clean and totally dry.

Your designer shoes will last longer if you care them properly and carefully. Take this simple tips as your personal fashion guide in the future.

Go For Gladiator Shoes!

Fashion trends are keep on changing from time to time and we always prefer what’s new and what’s hot in the market today from clothing, handbags, shoes and other fashion accessories.Gladiator Shoes

There are so many brands with so many shoe styles available in the market today, but gladiator shoes are on top of the shoe preference. They are very famous all over the world for their classic and stylish look. The straps are very subtle and elegant and generally, the overall design is excellent for an urban girl who wants to boost up their feminity.

It is also in the form of high heels. This type of gladiator shoes are a combination of Roman style and the love of high heels. Combined with durability, style and comfort and a dominant type of shoes that your money are worth for.

Gladiator shoes are noted as the latest celebrity shoe preference of the generation. It has been reported that the huge sales for gladiator shoes begun increasing after being seen from celebrities all over the world as their newest shoe trends.

Gladiator shoes are not only for summer wear but also fashionably accepted to wear during the snowy season.
Obviously, it can be too cold to do that but there are some options to get over if you want to. Still look fashionable if pair this shoes with leggings or stockings.

If you’re looking for gladiator shoes to fulfill your fashion needs, Internet is the best place to look for.

Stay tune for more gladiator updates! Thanks to www.polyvore.com for the photo credit.