Prada shoes: Cloudbust sneaker, an unexpected success!

One of the brightest ideas we’ve seen from Prada shoes collection in quite some time is the Cloudbust sneaker. The new quirky, almost child-like style has turned into a must-have for fashionistas and street wear enthusiasts all over the world.

The sculpted mid sole gives the shoe its original and trendy look; it is deconstructed and separated into three pod-like sections, giving it a futuristic profile. The logo plaque on top of the velcro strap gives that branded finish off the shoe.


These edgy sneakers were a great hit on the Resort 2018 runway, balancing the collection’s overt prettiness perfectly. Made in Italy from spongy white mesh, this futuristic-looking sneaker looks cool with almost everything, especially tailored pants or a mini dress.

Prada’s ultra-technical Cloudbust sneaker is now available in many colours, both in Prada women’s shoes and men’s shoes lines.

Authentic Designer Shoes, Is It Worth It?

For us ladies, it is somehow ideal to have a good fashion style. Whether you’re just an ordinary teenager, businesswoman, working on offices or even just a typical lady who loves wearing fashionable clothes and stuffs – we all want to be in the best trend of fashion not to impress but to show our personality as a whole.

Well, fashion is really something to think about. There are lots of people who deal with it even if it costs them ample amount of money. I believe that in fashion, you need to invest to achieve the best look that you want.

One of the most common for ladies decision making is when they are thinking of the shoes they need to wear. There are a variety of shoes out there in the market to choose from, but what most people are thinking of is not the price or the designs but the authenticity of the product. Buying authentic designer shoes can cost a lot depending on the brand but you can be certain on the quality and all. As for me, there’s no reason to think about the price, not unless you’re facing financial crisis.

If you have a limited budget and can’t buy expensive stuff to add to your fashion statement, you can always go for the cheaper ones. You should know that being “in” does not have to be expensive, fashion statement is not about money it’s all about going with the flow and feeling good and confident on what you are wearing. To sum it up, it is all about attitude.

There is no doubt that authentic designer shoes are really awesome and comfortable to wear. Possessing a pair or two can be a good investment especially those high-end brands. With such quality and style, you’re sure to be a head turner whenever you’re wearing it.

Gucci Shoes Of A Lifetime

If you have the chance- get it! Never mind the price. It’s a shoes made by Gucci, and seldom you can find an ordinary person wearing it in a place not so well-off. Most of the time we thought, people with riches are the ones who can afford to have this brand and having this footwear stick on your sole is like walking up on the clouds. Wearing Gucci items is like a fulfillment and at the same time a self-reward for not everyone can afford to purchase it.

Gucci famous designs are found on catwalks among this style are elegant high heeled shoes, boots or sandals. Gucci shoes like flats and sneakers are also available in boutiques. Discounted Gucci products were also offered on online shops especially on sneakers and some old style boots and sandals. As it gets older, the quality of these products never tires off. Even they are purchased and sold to many people the style is always at its best.

There are two factors why Gucci products remain on top of the market in fashion and style. First it is made from high quality materials and second, the product was produce in timely designs. Today, what’s new in shoe fashion is what we look up, not the fact that we’re buying shoes to protect our feet.

Just like other famous brands, improvement in the industry of shoe-making and fashion designing raise up Gucci among the top brands in shoe making. If the materials and capability of the people who made the products are continually enhanced, these designers’ shoes will surely remain tasteful and valuable for users in the future times.

Fashion Must-Have Designer Shoes

Being aware or not, fashion is a legacy to every women. Most of the day women want to look beautiful and well dress. When comes to style and brand of product they are meticulous in choosing it. Among the stuffs they wanted to shop are bags, dresses or even shoes. As long as they want it, they are not bothered of the price. Can afford women will not just buy branded shoes but they aim to own a popularly design footwear or also known as designer shoes.

Designer shoes are products of famous designers and made their names out of high quality fashion shoes. Women patronize and like the product much, despite the expensive price of this footwear. Among the well known brand of this footwear are Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo and many others. This designer’s shoes are available in different colors in which women can select if they shop for their footwear.

Why women prefer designers shoes have different reasons. One reason is that, to own this item give a boost to their self-confidence. Aside from the feeling of being more beautiful wearing the designer shoes, having this expensive shoes is their form of investments. The item was made out of high quality materials that could stay many years. Another reason is that, women are comfortable with branded products. Some say why they choose to buy this item because designers products symbolizes almost everything she wants-fashion, glamor and fun. Some feel superior compare to those who uses less expensive brands and some feel empty while their out on the street if their using unknown brands.

In every outfit of a woman it is important to her, to select the right shoes to match her attire. Her look will be affected if she steps-on a not so good shoes. It is a fact for women fashion that, women and designers shoes must go together. Satisfaction in their needs is what a woman always seeks to fulfill. Even if hey say to have this items may cost that much, women will ignore this truth for it is a gratifying reward for her to dress up and feel good of herself. In the name of fabulous look, women are willing to spend big or small amount whether it’s jewelry, a bag, an expensive dress or a pair o designer’s shoes.

Dior Shoes among the Best Designer Shoes

Loving not only for clothes but including shoes, bags and other accessories is what love of fashion covers up. You may have these best designers shoes in your closet like Dior shoes, Paul Smith shoes, Dior shoes, Gucci mens shoes, Dsquared shoes and the Prada shoes. Among the best men designer shoes is Dior men shoes. If you wear these designer men shoes surely this foot wear will bring a classy and stylish fashion on your feet. While the Dior women’s shoes bring out the femininity of the wearer and at the same time it has and edge among other shoe out in trends.

If you have found none to wear among the shoe pairs in your closet then Dior shoes is the way to go. Mostly it is said that among the “must-have” of a woman inside her closet is a pair of low heeled shoes in classic black as well as a classic black pair in high heels. And only Dior shoes can give you the blend of beauty and elegance. If you’re looking Dior shoes for men different choices are also available.

A metallic high heeled sandal is another important shoe a lady must have in her wardrobe. This type of sandal is also available in Dior shoes you can wear it with your outfit for evening dinner or if you’re going to a red carpet event. Dior men’s shoe on the other hand aside from being comfortable to wear it is stylish in design. Christian Dior is a designer who makes women’s fashion and women’s footwear in revolution without exception. The Dior products are continuously chic and innovative, most especially known for his glamorous ankle boots and knee high western style boots. Normally the color of Dior shoes are brown or black with silver buckle designs.

Available style in Dior shoes includes the stylish and classy high heeled shoes, distinct styles, western shoes and even men sneakers. It comes mostly in neutral colors like black and brown or toned down bright colors. You can also get from Dior shoes thigh high boots or denim heels.

Today you can shop for your Dior shoes on the stores all over the places in the world like New York, Paris, Rome, Milan, New Delhi, Madrid, Hong King, Beverly Hills, Barcelona, Shanghai and London.

Shoes Make The Man

How much you respect yourself is what the image of your shoe quality reveals. Among other men’s item in his wardrobe the most important element of style is his shoes. If you are familiar with the Style Bible, or why women stick their eyes on your shoes first before scanning the way you look, know doubt you already knew the reason behind this. The reality is what makes a man is his shoes. However, if you don’t know where to go in a shoe department, check the following for you to know.

How much is too much for a pair of shoes?
What you pay for your shoes is worth it. There come the times in our life when sometimes budget is a little bit hard to expand, spending a little on well-made shoes is not a lost to consider for it can stay longer compare to a suit or a sweater. A well made shoes out of real leather, sturdy stitch and solid soles, undoubtedly you can say that this item can outlast any another things inside your closet. Over the time, in case if need to be repaired which cost a fraction of the original price so there is nothing to worry spending for a reasonably pair of shoes.

Getting the best fit for your feet
How to get the best fit for your feet? Consider the following, first wear or bring with you the sock you use on sporting with the shoe you wanted to purchase at the shoe shop. The stockings you can find in store might not go well on the shoe you wanted to buy so better not rely on it. No matter what the clerk says, it is clear that you’re not wearing a ladies stocking to match with your oxfords. If by chance and unplanned that you’re going to purchase a pair of shoes you can purchase socks off the rack to make sure the right fit. With injured feet, like it was swollen from walking or running and you plan to buy shoes better purchase it the next day. You can have it if everything with your feet is doing fine, may be right after lunch or in the evening. A newly purchase shoes might be loose as you wear it the first few hours but later as it stay a bit longer on your feet you can even wear it all day as your feet expand.

The Essential Shoes Make The Man

Dress Oxford
What kind of shoes will you consider to purchase for your work or on occasions like wedding, funerals, first dates and some other appointments? It seems to be boring or conservative if you match your plain dress oxfords with a rack of pick-stitched ankle boots and fleur-de-lis-perforated wingtips. For a better get up that will get you through a better moment of you life, choose a plain toe or cap toe to match with your classic dress oxford.

Monk Strap
For less formal occasion it is best to invest in another masculine classic, if you have an oxford dress in your wardrobe. Try to add the monk strap. When a loafer and a lace-up don’t blend well in your outfit, monk strap is the best option with its simple buckle and strap closure in lieu of laces. Wearing your monk strap with your denim is perfect especially on casual Friday work attire or dinner dates on weekends. You can wear to match with a suit, considering that it is work-related or a weekend event other than a wedding or funeral. Take note, laces are required on formal occasions.

How to care for your shoes
There are tips to consider in taking care of your shoes. For younger men shoe trees are the least-used item, but in preserving leather hoes it is the most important. It’s better if every pair of the shoes you had should have a set of wooden shoe trees. As your shoes dry out from daily use the shoe trees help keep maintain the shape and fit of your leather shoes. Sometimes it is unnoticed that you’re perspiring in your shoes and continuous moisture can damage your shoes.
Regular polishing of shoes is another tip to make it last and another help is to invest in a home shoe polishing kit. It’s just fine if you can have it done while reading a paper at the airport, what’s best with home kit is that it pays for itself in just a few months. Another good thing is that you will not stay and wait for a shine on the go.

The Most Comfortable Shoes for Women

Undoubtedly the most comfortable shoes you can ever put on your feet are the casual shoes. Whatever wrong with your footwear you are experiencing, it may be the pain and discomfort of corns, bunions, flat feet, fallen arches or calluses, all this sufferings will surely end, once you find the right pair of casual shoes and it’s like you’re not going to want taking them off.

Casual shoes are the ones which is the most versatile you can ever find in your closet. In any type of clothing you wear, practically you can match it with your casual shoes its either you wear t-shirts, shorts, culottes, sweat suits, sweaters, Capri pants and even swim wears.

So, what’s the most comfortable pair of shoes for you? How will you look for it? First consider some factors, like your lifestyle needs and as well as the specific style of shoes you wanted to wear. There are different types of footwear you can like; maybe you like to wear sandals, sports sandals, moccasins, mule, oxfords, walking shoes, slip-ons or lace ups. It’s your choice that always matter, what ever you like each of those types of shoes can be the most comfortable you have ever worn.

In choosing the right shoes for you, proper fit is the first thing you must consider. You shouldn’t settle for any other size if you wear an odd sized shoe. Considering that not all foot are in the same shape, you maybe have a big foot, a slim foot or maybe you wear extra-small or extra-large shoes. There are plenty of women shoes out in the market that you can choose from, and in searching hard enough, you can find the exact size you wear and not settle for less. Internet is just a click away if you can’t find in a local shoe store the one that can fill in your needs. Wearing shoe not fitted to your size will only cause pain and problem to your feet.

Second factor to consider is the type of activity you are participating with. Like, if you jog- what you need is a good quality of jogging shoes. For a woman on the go that loves fashion and at the same time wants a casual pair of shoes that she can take on and effortlessly, best for her is mules and slip-ons. While moccasins are best for lounging around the house on a lazy afternoon, for cool footwear on the summer season sandals can be great.

Another factor to consider is that, the most comfortable women’s casual shoes you can find are of course the ones that keep your feet either warm or cool in the climate that you live in. If you happen to live in a northern part of the globe which has a cold and damp climate, probably you want a shoe that protect and at the same time keeps warm. In places with warmer climates, like beaches, needs a cool and lightweight sandal.

In choosing the most comfortable women’s casual shoes it is best to meet all the criteria above. But when you go shopping for casual shoes, there’s more to consider. Like, if you need shoes that support fallen arches or weak ankles, it is better if you choose a shoe that has a high – topped leather or canvas upper. For a woman who has a flat-foot shape, added support is needed in order for her to feel comfortable. But the support must be from soles of the shoes and not much in the top. Surely, a casual shoe that has a thick, heavy sole is best for this type of feet because the sole will help absorb the shock from walking.

To sum it up, whatever your lifestyle, wherever you live or whatever the climate, or what fashion you like, you can always find the best women’s casual shoes suited for you. Only, be sure always that you visit a shoe store with good quality and never got hook on discount places that sells poorly made shoes using inferior materials.

Castañer Shoes Through the Years

One can tell, Isabel Castañer is truly at home, wherein she’s surrounded by wads of jute, multi-colored sail cloth braid and shoe lasts. Growing up among espadrilles, she had been an inspiration behind the sea change in the family firm she manage, this traditional shoe has turn into the last word in luxury and glamor for fashion victims in different parts of the globe.

Her interpretation of the espadrille bested some of the world’s most prestigious fashion names, including Yves Saint Laurent, Céline and Louis Vuitton, after collection from Catalan firm, all of whom have been quick to commission collection. In more than fifteen countries, in Europe, Asia and America the company’s own Cristina Castañer label has carved out a successful position for itself.

A family business way back in 18th century wherein children are involved has become a model firm and a textbook example of success in export business. Isabel Castañer told us how a simple shoe became an object of desire and let us view her future plans.

From a small workshop that dates back to 1776 is where Cristina Castañer came from… How did your firm turn the espadrille into a luxury article? Really, it was a case more of having to. The family business was on the point of folding, at the end of fifties. The consumers became uninterested anymore with espadrilles, and then it was the start of its losing ground. It was so devastating to think of the idea on closing down an activity which went back on centuries and many people depended on it. Restructure was then decided. Still we wanted to retain the same approach in business and still stick with the espadrilles that were in the very heart of our production process. What we want is to turn this simple shoe worn by country folk into something more glamorous, more up market and aimed the different target altogether. The idea of restructure changes the market out proving a big hit outside Spain and with all the recognition it acquired.

Why To Wear Wedge Sandals?

As you can see many different styles of sandals everywhere even it is still unseasonably cold this time. The perfect addition to a woman’s wardrobe this season  are wedge sandals, boots, and shoes, which  definitely add flair to your outfits. But you have to choose the right footwear for not all wedges are equal, and you need to be sure you’re buying a pair that will match to your outfit.

Here are some tips to be followed when wearing wedge sandals:

Women, why wedges? Wedges are same like heels in term of lengthening the leg and adding total height. You can choose what style you want either they can dress up or dress down an outfit.

Dressy wedge loafer is a perfect for your informal business attire but you are on your feet a lot, as wedges provide more arch support and give comfortable to your feet than traditional heels.Woven or canvass wedges are more casual while strappy wedge sandals is for formal event.

Wedge sandals are also perfect for summer season. Like the woven wedge sandal that is nice to pair in floaty sundress to make your summer outfit a classy one. For a lengthening effect, stick with a mule or sling back but for women with longer,  legs try a pair of espadrilles. Espadrilles come with a ribbon that you could lace up around your calf to look like a ballet-inspired style shoes.

Wedges can range from formal pumps to funky sneakers, which is a good compromise between flats and flats. Platform shoes are different from wedges for a wedge have the same outer silhouette as a high heel and taper slightly towards the bottom of the heel.

Designers New Prefall Shoes

We’ve witnessed the pre-fall runway shows to eye for the next “IT” shoe, or at least our next shoe-list purchase. The shoe collections are still sky-high but no one fell! That’s good news!

Alberta Ferretti’s booties collection features an imperceptible platform and an extra ankle strap for additional wearability, while the designer, Oscar de la Renta stack his boots and heels on the studs.

Karl Lagerfeld did something from his heels collection that appeared like an upside-down Russian castles to rhinestone-encrusted pumps at Chanel runway show. Vera Wang and rag & bone showcased their menswear-inspired loafers.

Proenza Schouler systematically set their stellar pace with sporty shoes, handbags and jewelry accessories even they are young in fashion industry.

They undergo an expansion for their brand resulting to a numerous interesting styles, innovative textures and more adventurous design lust worthy footwear. The duo designer of Proenza Schouler , Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez made the same textures and colors from their ready-to-wear collection into their shoes, utilizing faux-fur, midnight blue python, navy glitter and shiny hunter green leather.

These are some of the designers that showcased their Prefall shoes collection. We are expecting more designers to come up for the runway shows!