Sex and the City 2 Fashion Influentials

The movie, Sex and the City 2, became a fashion movie where the characters worn distinctive outfits designed with styles and curves.
These fashionable stars boosted their ways in terms of fashion trending in the movie. Airing for over years from HBO’s number 1 T.V. show, stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall, and Kristin Davis touched the hall of fashion in the said movie sequel.

Each one has its own style and edge when appearing on each scene of the movie. Starting from Carrie(Sarah Parker) wearing her stunning mere-mortal high heel pumps and jeans and showing off her sparkling trends from high-end designer women shoes, handbags to trendy outfits on cam. She’s been so uptown chic and turning into a sexually provocative woman of the movie. Of course, wearing high heels really makes her more glamorous and alluring!

What more can you ask for Miranda (Cynthia Nixon)? This career oriented woman always fond of wearing chic corporate suits and androgynous styles.

Who’s next? Samantha (Kim Cattrall)! The fabulous and sexy! A girl with confidence of wearing sexy dress and likes bold colored wardrobe collections. Never forget that platform heels for her!

Last but not the least is Charlotte (Kristin Davis)! The girl with sweetest personality best describes her and goes along with labeled bags and shoes in the movie. Tiny bows, prints and feminine styles differs her from the three other characters.

Who’s your bet out of these four fashion icons in the Sex and the City 2? I bet you will like their styles and knowing the fashion trends worldwide out of watching the glamorous and entertaining movie.

Celebrity Styles in the Horizon

Celebrities have much more power just like high-end designers when it comes to fashion style. Designers use hottest celebrities to advertise their latest lines on the red carpet and in some public billboards anywhere and on tv commercials as well. The fantasy is always anywhere. A fashion designer needs to capture the essence of what is beautiful and desirable to its follower. As public opinion and trend taste changes, great designers are responsible for instigating styles.
Most celebrities are rarely photographed wearing the same outfit twice. Why? This is to utilize their ill fame that could build impressive bank accounts that allow for some wild shopping engagement without any restraint in an activity and indulge. Many of these celebrities regularly receive clothing donations as well as footwears and other accessories from famous designers who are seeking to advertise their latest fashion lines. Having a celebrity as an endorser could dramatically increase the popularity of your fashion lines. Continue reading Celebrity Styles in the Horizon