Chloe Handbags for Fall 2013

Clare Waight Keller did her great part for the success of Chloe Fall 2013 collection. The season described as the myriad of inspirations with night buses, independent spirit, bare legs, bike sheds, flirting, cold nights, and of course the show won’t be completed without those tough girls.

The temperature in the big Tuileries tent in Paris displayed a very energetic energy and with cheerful aura. Underlying a huge line up of Chloe classics in stylish shapes, wool pinafore dresses with utilitarian details, capes and coats with large gold snaps, pants with elastic bottoms or high waists, trapeze backs, modern shoes and Chloe handbags.

The name itself carries an impeccable style when it comes to retro-modern femininity. If you are looking for something peach, blush or ivory colors but you have a desire to splurge without that overly sweet resemblance, head over to the one and only house of Chloe. Visually, the handbags of Chloe Fall 2013 are a bit stronger compare to the last season’s collection and the Chloe accessories are very functional.

The bigger handbags in monotone and bicolor are structured purposely so that you could fit your personal stuffs without looking overly packed.

For sure from the recently ended runway show brought to us by the house of Chloe, a lot of a-list celebrities are digging out those lovely Chloe handbags from their wardrobe.

New Chloe Pink Python Clutch with Crystal Bow

The house of Chloe designed this elegant handbag for IT women of today. This has to be one of the prettiest and coolest Chloé handbags I’ve ever seen.

Chloé Pink Python Clutch with Crystal Bow

It was made of real python skins in beautiful dusty pink and set against the black leather bow. The python scales are perfectly size and skillfully uniform.

The crystal bow is just the right amount of accessory to keep this sophisticated yet super chic handbag. I like that this bag best suitable for any ages. I could see a gorgeous older woman toting around with a silk or a young chic into the club.

It has an envelope flap which fastens with a magnetic snap closure, and it has a nude leather lining with a small interior pocket. The Chloé Pink Python Clutch with Crystal Bow measure 32cm width, 20cm in height and 2cm. In depth.

Available in other colors with the price of approximately $1,824.

Chloe Girl

Chloe Model

A 38-year old British Hannah MacGibbon is the new designer for Chloe, hired to spice up the spring collection and reconnect with the customer who would once spend anything to get her hands on a sexy and trophy one of a kind piece.

Who is a Chloe girl?

She is the girl who has an understated chic. Always present and comfortable in her body. Her step is light and assertive, her touch is true and real.

Her attitude has become sexier as she grown up. She is aware of celebrating and enhancing her femininity. She still remains a girl eternal on the inside and most of all she is a rare flower of paradise.

Chloe Girl Clothing

The shapes are not complicated without any fuss, the lines are pure and clean just like cutting paper in the air and embellishment was being emphasized.

Chloe 2009 Model

The color palette of nudes and powdered hues signature to the house are enhanced with shades from the desert, sands, coral, amber, brick, terracotta and the shades of sun are mixed with richer undertones of metallic bronze, copper and midnight blue.

Textures of shine and powder in an array of fabrics are contrasted in silhouettes. Print, lame and lace combine with a plastic shoe creating an exotic mixture. An emphasis on shorts show off beautiful legs.

Chloe Lady

Floppy tailoring has been the center of the collection. Great concentration is paid in the way the fabric hangs from a defined shoulder. Jackets in a light crepe or more structured in a bonded lame accentuate this attitude for chloe. There is an ease in the trousers using light crepe de chines.

Chloe Lady 2009

This fashion statement is also translated into long dresses. The jumpsuit styled in a variety of forms and textures brings a strong statement to the collection. Lace is bonded or backed into lighter textures, giving a smooth durable effect. Tops and blouses remain light and airy with emphasis on the volume of the shoulder and the silhouettes outlined in scallop. The day outfits at the heart of Chloe are made in cotton chambray putting attention on the waist.

The clothes speak to women’s heart and soul. In conform to a sense of realism and wearability of clothes has been the basis of creating the new Chloe image.

Shopping Discounts for Chloe Handbags


It’s a sale, sale day in styledrops. And apparently, it’s going to be like this for the rest of the month or at the end of the year until holidays were gone in the house of Chloe.

This week has been one of those weeks where I have accomplished a lot of things and I am very much happy. I just came across to these two Chloe handbags that are on SALE right now. Sounds good!!! Isn’t it?

I was a little surprised when I first saw these handbags on sale and I want to share it to you guys….Happy Holidays!!!

chloe handbagsMain color: sand
Materials: leather, metal
Dimensions: 19 1/2″W X 13″H X 6 1/2″D
Styledrops Price: $1989 $1889

chloe handbags Main color: black
Materials: leather, metal, plexiglass
Dimensions: 14″W X 6″H X 8 1/2″D
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price: $1916 $1816

Simply Chloe Paddington

Travel to Paris where fashion houses meets the world that treats a flock of trendy men and women worldwide. The existence of different fashion houses creates rivalry to the produced quality but one of the high-class fashion design headquarters stands still, simply the house of Chloe.

Being one of the famous handbags manufacturers all over the world, Chloe proudly introduced its princess with confidence to the public holding the Paddington series. This bag has been a target of many notable personalities and other crazy bagistas because of its sexiness, slouchy yet strong appearance. The perfect bag for modern woman on the go! Let the Chloe Paddington take care of yourself and the rest.

Chloe Paddington Handbag

Bag Details

Take a stride down to the busy streets of Paris with your Chloe Paddington, knowing that the outer appearance could attract lots of attention. The Paddington has a slits on both side which are great for putting items you need, in addition, numerous number of medium and small sized pockets in a strong canvas lining can be found inside.
Resembling the bronze components of Chloe Paddington bag has the Chloe logo brocaded the hardware. These bronze components are heavy-duty yet stylish added with a half-pound lock for security of the handbag’s contents.

Chloe has been stylish enough to provide the fashion crowd with a very chic look in a variety of colors that the Paddington comes in. This includes the fav chocolate, the kissable red and the classic camel Paddington. It is the Blue which stands out as the “Queen of Chloe Paddington” and a gem of gems because with a design that was such a hit to most celebrities and easily out in the market. Price range of $1,900-$1,990.

It was the Chloe Paddington that superseded all those other “it” bags in the industry. Without any doubts, it is the perfect bag for the urban girls who like the worn-in, slouchy look.

Ohh My Chloe…

The most awaited and excited Chloe handbags line are finally set on its first appearance next week and you can see on Chloe’s trendy little sister’s accessory line to be popping up all over the fashion runways. Consist of reversible fabric bags in amazing patterns to pliant and flexible leather bags in an awesome range of colors of rich fall tones. I was drawn to this bag initially because of its colorful value but what made me decide to write about this is that it gives you a lot of things to look at.
I’m sure this will hit instantly in all fashion stores worldwide. It is very affordable that ranges its price from $75 to $795 and will not going to hurt the popularity. How I wish to have this kind of bag this season….

Keep your eyes open for them…Be updated of what is new and what is hot on your fashion world. Visit your online store now!!!

These bags tend to run together but I have feeling that the excellent one will go quickly!!!