The Designer Shoes Lawsuit; Christian Louboutin Doesn’t Give In.

Christian Louboutin, the in 1963 born famous Paris-based shoe designer is again suing a rival footwear company. Louboutin said that he asked the American branch of the well-known Yves Saint Laurent Corporation for months to stop bringing shoes with red soles on the market. Now Louboutin is again taking legal action; this time against the Brazilian Carmen Steffens in France but for the same reason.

Christian Louboutin claims that both fashion houses copied his trademark red sole.  Apparently one day he painted the sole of a shoe red with nail polish and that was the start of it all. His idea was registered as a trademark in 2008 in the US.

However, while Yves Saint Laurent refused to comment on Louboutin’s claim, Carmen Steffens France did react. The company said that they already brought designer shoes with red soles on the market since 1996; long before Louboutin’s registration. Besides that, Carmen Steffens women shoes are available in many colors and not only in red.

But Louboutin sticks to his guns and asks the judge to impose $1 million in damages and demands that Yves Saint Laurent immediately stops the manufacturing of red soled shoes.

After starting as a freelance shoe designer for big names like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent (!), Christian Louboutin launched his own line in 1989; he opened the first store under his own name in Paris in 1991 and in New York in 1993. His first handbag line was launched in 2003. Today the designer gained world wide fame and indeed his stiletto heeled shoes are instantly recognizable for the lipstick red soles.

Princess Caroline of Monaco was one of his first celebrity customers and the media present at that occasion helped boost Louboutin’s designs enormously. With a customer base that contains names like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Deneuve, Diane Von Furstenburg and Sarah Jessica Parker, the designer indeed has an emporium to fight for and we are all waiting anxiously for the verdict. Shall he be vindicated?

Christian Louboutin Designs for New Anemone Barbie

One of the most renowned and highly-praised shoe designers of the generation, Christian Louboutin started to design footwear for Barbie that makes this doll a fashion icon.

Many designers make an effort to create tiny clothing for Barbie and those shoes made by Louboutin are fantastic for her!

Just recently, Louboutin created new shoe design for the new Anemone Barbie. This design has been uniquely created for Red Carpet . Barbie is dressed in a gorgeous green-violent gown with three pairs of Louboutin miniature shoes.

Give your cute little girl the best shot. Take home this new Anemone Barbiel Now!

Christian Louboutin Designs Barbie Shoes

She’s dazzlingly beautiful in her perfect body, great wardrobe and owned several mansions. She really does have it all! To add more, she has an exclusive designer for her shoes and he is no other than in the name of Christian Louboutin.

Mattel, the Barbie manufacturer has partnered with Christian Louboutin to give the 50-yr old doll a makeover.

Amazing because none of the three dolls are blond and it was conceptualized from head to toe inspired by Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe. Louboutin made some little changes to Babie’s ankles into a slimmer one to best compliment his famous shoes.

The collection consists of three dolls packed in Louboutin shoe boxes. Each come with four pairs of Barbie-size Louboutin heels.

The three dolls will be released individually in different months. The first jewel thief-themed Barbie will release this coming December, the other will be on February in a safari-themed Barbie, and for the month of May, Louboutin designed a Barbie for Cannes Film Festival.

Each doll will cost $150.








Christian_Louboutin Barbie

Christian Louboutin Season’s Best Footwear Collection

The Spring-Summer 2009 shoe collection of a renowned French fashion designer Christian Louboutin greatly empasized his shoe collection with ruffles and a few styles from Phillip Lim Spring 2009 fashion show.

The Dillian Pump was the most expensive pair among the collection pair costing 2$2,875. It was made of a natural python skin with silver and large python ruffles along the vamp.

Louboutin Dillian Pump

Aside from the exotic bold styles, Louboutin also presents an array of soft sandals like the Petal Sandal which made of pink or black crepe satin and also readily available in flat form.

Louboutin  Petal Sandal

Stay sexy with the Satin Tulip Thong Sandal combined with a crepe satin bow. Available in tempting pink, black and yellow accents.

Louboutin Satin Tulip Thong Sandal

Go with fuchsia or light gold this season as Louboutin brings the Mirrored Platform Pump. Perfectly made in highly stitched shine calf leather to create a mosaic effect.

Louboutin Mirrored Platform Pump

If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant look, the Ruched Platform Pump may be the best option which is available in pewter or shiny black leather.

Ruched Platform PumpThese are among of the Christian Louboutin’s footwear collection this 2009!

Christian Louboutin: Luxurious Style Statement

41948_in_l.jpgIn this fascinating era, Christian Louboutin has come a long way to set the unique standards of style and fashion. Creating a special high fashion world for women, it is generally termed as trendsetters in the exclusive segment of stylish fashion accessories. Highly expressive, it makes an ideal choice for women who love to follow the unusual stuff in almost everything they need.

Widely known across the world for its innovative designs and a line of highly fashionable products, it is regarded as a social symbol and provides everything that a modern woman is looking in this highly fashion conscious world. Carrying the core value of beauty, it offers handbags, shoes and others to mesmerize onlookers or leaving them completely stunned.

Specialized in luxury goods, it has been showcasing the womanhood since long.41956_in_l.jpg

Adding more style, it allows women to express themselves with attitude. Moreover, fashion or luxury products are made in a way that they are able to meet well the contemporary fashion trends. You may check exquisitely crafted black leather pumps that measures approximately 100mm / 4 inches or can go for classic pointed white measuring approximately 100mm / 3.5 inch high for that unusual appeal.

Providing a wide range of fashion accessories, you can check other options like fuxia suede short shoes as well. Highly impressive, they help you carry yourself more confidently. Perfect choice for every fashion conscious woman, Christian Louboutin can help you get anything and everything that you are searching to be more stylish. Providing most feasible alternatives, it makes a best choice to give a way to new fashion trends. So, if you want something unusual yet extremely appealing, it can be the right thing for you.

The Up-and-Coming Christian Louboutin


Many famous figures and faces in the hive of fashion but few have soared quickly unlike this young man who strive to such heights as Christian Louboutin. Sometimes this footwear specialist itself was literally mispronounced by name virtually in different languages by the plethora of elegant women all over the world. R He owns a boutique in Paris and another in New York full of press articles and tons of imitators.

The success began when, as a child, he paused and he saw a stiletto heel in front of the Museum of Oceanic Art in Paris crossed out by two thick lines signifying women visitors not to scrape the wooden floor. “What purpose could such a fine, sharp heel have other than to prove you could create the unreal from something real? I spent most of my school years reproducing it on my exercise books and desktops” he exclaimed.

The designer went back to school, to learn all the basics of designing at Charles Jourdan, Maud Frizon, Chanel, Saint Laurent. “I like women to see my shoes as objects of beauty, as gems outside the realm of fashion, with their own universe. Louboutin strongly believed that shoes are not merely an accessory but as an attribute. “Women express themselves through their shoes”.christian-louboutin-shoesChristian Louboutin put everytthing into his shoes as his universe. He is fantasizing. If he dreams, he draws the dream into reality. “Today, I’m more preoccupied by the overall line than an eye-catching detail. I draw freely, and then reduce. And I evolve: certain models, like the sandal with the golden strap decorated with bows, are a synthesis of several shoes.” Season after season, “the boy who drew shoes” became “the man with the gold leaf heels”, “the man with the Guinness beer can heels”, “the man with the shoes that say Love” (two letters per shoe) Louboutin says.

Today, “the genius Mr.Louboutin” is the man with the red soles. “I wanted to break the dullness of black or beige soles. All my soles are red.”. A trademark that never fades and as usual imitated. His biggest fans include the famous faces in the Hollywood such as Angelina Jolie, Victoria Becham, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and the like.

Party in Style

Shopping is fun at the same time an expedition. I finally picked up the leather sandal I had been craving for, from the Jimmy Choo array just a couple of days back. It is so soothing and comfy in the summers with such strapped sandals that I’m contemplating on buying the other strapped shoes too. The black tint and the trivial heel make it all the more striking- it is for sure a wonderful fashion accessory for all my attires!

You must be knowing how much of a compulsive shopper I am but I guess for once I bought something anyone would! The handbag I picked from Jimmy Choo, cannot be evaluated with the local ones. This one is a prototyped patent leather shoulder bag which is designed in a bigger shape. The ultra-luxe finish and the dog clip hardware on the whole create it unruffled as well as sophisticated. It could fit in all you requirements opening wide enough even to bear your umbrella make-up stuff and even a pair of shoes. This piece is actually the one which will be useful for my long trips as well!

I know I’ve told you about a sandal already but I completely fell in love with the pair of shoes from Christian Louboutin Collection. Highlighted by its violet color, it is a single strapped with pretty fleets on the covering portion. Though your fingers get covered, slight portions of your feet get exposed.

There was also a pair of pink colored shoes to go with my light milky white gown that I’ll surely buy next month. It’s a peep toe with a normal heel and done in satin material the shoes fir any flamboyant party wear.

With the stocks around, I have to confess- I wish I was richer!!!

Fringed and Fabulous: Christian Louboutin Forever Tina

christian loboutin shoesDiscover the ultimate “IT” boots of the season, the Christian Louboutin Forever Tina. Stunningly beautiful and fabulous in fringed purple details at shaft that truly emphasized the Bohemian style and spirit. This is the perfect shoe statement and gives a dramatic nod to Fall’s neo folk trend.

Resembling a towering heel of 5 inches and concealed with 0.5 inch platform creates a super sexy appeal that will surely outcast Aphrodite and Persephone to Adonis.
It has an almond-shape toe and a signature red sole that provides authentic and bragging effect to most women out there. Stumble this ultimate boots in the price of $1575 from its origin.

christian loboutin shoes

christian loboutin shoes

christian loboutin shoes

Cutting Prices on Luxury Goods in the U.S. Fashion Market

Have you ever heard the news about the luxury-good manufacturers in the U.S. fashion market lately and still like hotcakes hitting via online or even on fashion channels today? Good News to all fellow fashionistas or even on local and international celebrities. This is for you!

As reported by a credible online source from The Wall Street Journal, luxury-good makers are cutting their prices on most designer apparels, shoes and handbags exclusively in the US market. It was said that the prices were cut from 8% to 10% on most designer products sold in the US.

I never thought that these designer moguls such as Chanel, Versace, Christian Louboutin and Chloé would slash their prices into the highest level even their suggested prices are increasing at least once a year despite of the poor economy.

It seems that this is good news to everyone! You can now probably count a designer bag with over thousands of dollars and shoes on your wardrobe.

louis vuitton logoDuring the recent prosperous years, most luxury companies assumed that money was not a big issue for their loyal fans. The French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, never moved their prices at this moment, they are remain as what they are. Proved that consumers are still patronizing their goods even the prices are still increasing twice for an average increase of 10% and sales have still continued to rise.

hermes logoThe sales for Hermes began slipping and it has hardly dared to raise their prices. The commercial teams will decide by January whether they are increase or lower their prices in US and Japan territory. “We must take the market’s capacity to absorb the price hikes into account” says Mireille Maury, Hermes’s managing director for finance and administration.

chanel logoChanel moved early to cut their prices last month. The fashion house decided to cut its prices by 7% to 10% on most of their items that are striking the US stores now. “The dollar’s recent strength has allowed us to pass on greater value to our customers” says John Galantic, the company’s U.S. based president fro Chanel. The company encouraged other renowned designer such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Chloe to lower their prices as well.

This is to be the first time for most major fashion houses in the US cuts their prices at hike maybe the rebound of the dollar plus the global recession is the main reason to this hot issue. Let’s see the possible outcome for this next year…

Shoe Fashion Victims to the Hype

In Greek mythology, Icarus who flew against his Father’s wish but ended in a fall to his death is like a modern woman trying to soar high just for the sake of fashion. This is very common to most celebrities who went around teetered out and became talk of the town for some of the most embarrassing accidents due to their towering platforms that “kills” them.

Way back in the innocent era, the average heel height had never exceeded to 3-inches but then, a woman’s shoe has escalated exponentially just to reveal their overall sexiness. Is it true? Well, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

christian louboutin

Christian ‘Louboutin remarkably changed the face of fashion landscape in regards to shoes when he introduced the stilettos to fashionistas resembling a small hidden platform at the toe and in an intense manner, the height became higher and higher up to the maximum level. Later on, these towering heels are just a norm and embraced by some of high-end names like Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani and the like.

The “Fall” Felt Around the World

fall down models

In the early 90’s, Vivienne Westwood’s 9-inch heels including 5-inch platforms toppled even America’s supermodel, Naomi Campbell on the runway. Jessica Stam at Chloé, Fall 2006 and Prada 2008 Milan Fashion Week, Milana Bogolepova at Dior, Resort 2008, Kamila W. at Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2007, Iekeliene Stange at Marc Jacobs, Spring 2007 to name a few.

Definitely, most women want to tower, to embrace the true feminine divinity and be adored wearing stilettos. They want to remain higher and higher as close to the sun and can look down to see the Earth below.