Gucci Influence the Fashion House

Gucci is a fashion brand that leads among the line of biggest fashion name in Italy. In the past year Gucci fashion has remained leading in design that expanded a lot of texture and apparels. Any fashionable women agree that Gucci brands are among the best that produces lots of clothing line plus elegant and gorgeous bags and shoes. Every season Gucci releases trends and textures of new designs and line.

A Fashion Created Out of the Best Italian Trend

Growing up in sales are Gucci products such as clothes, shoes and especially bags. You can choose from different styles of Gucci handbags may it be casual or elegant look. A bag for working get-up or bag that slings your arms on special occasions. You can choose on different variety of bags, from its color, design or material it is made of and all has comfort and lots of compliment to give.

The design and quality of this branded bag is worth the price. When it comes to fashion houses the company has made this brand among the most influential. Tom ford, one of America’s great designer and film director created a huge impact and popularity as he created and designed one of the clutch bag. This Italian fashion line is worthy to receive the outstanding response of today’s believers in fashion.

Choosing the Perfect Motorcycle Jacket

In choosing motorcycle jacket, there are factors to consider as a guide in order to have a good quality leather and comfortable to wear jacket. Deciding for the main purpose is one of the factors to consider before you get to compare the coat.

If you don’t ride a motorcycle or you are living in a place with severe changes of climate you will probably doesn’t want to choose a jacket made from heavy materials. There are many features of a coat that are attractive to non-motorcycle riders. On the other hand, it is invaluable for a rider who is out in the road if his jacket was designed as weatherproof and has zippered-pockets. One better feature of leather made jacket is that it doesn’t look bad in years.

The uniqueness of the leather was brought out as it goes through in years. Without a need of treatment or maintenance the leather becomes more comfortable as it ages. Another feature of leather made jacket is that it was completely designed for any weather which is a good advantage for anyone who wears it.
Several panels that act as a layer of protection are another feature of the jacket that is meant to protect the rider to rein or cold weather. The collars were especially designed so if riding out in the rain the water will not get to the neck of the rider.

Variety of style and design is available for a rider to choose from to fit his unique personality. The leather can be dyed if you want a coat with a distinct color. For someone who likes simplicity there is also a jacket available in a simple design but gives an ultimate protection. The coat has an interior padded lining to keep warm or cold and can even protect the rider from accident.

The leather doesn’t easily catch stain and doesn’t mar easily. A scratch on leather jackets are one of the common issue of leather jackets that occurs if was suddenly dropped on sharp corners. If just in case coat was damage, you can have it fixes on leather shop. To choose your proper leather jacket will give you an option to choose the right piece to use on a specific season may it be informal wear or during riding time.

Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future

It’s time to consider a visit to Brisbane, Australia. Normally known for being the capital of the ‘sunshine state’, it has never been one to rival the fashion stakes of the more southern cities of Melbourne and Sydney. But it has scored a big fashion coup, Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art is set to launch the ‘Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future’ exhibition on August 7 and running through to 14 November 2010. And if you’ve seen the amazing Valentino, The Last Emperor documentary, you will understand the grandeur which will be on show. On a slightly smaller scale of course.

This is one of the biggest high fashion exhibitions to hit the land down under and will see 100 iconic pieces on display in an exhibition designed and realized by Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, with the assistance of the house of Valentino. It will include iconic designs by Valentino Garavani from the late 1950s to his final collection in 2008 with iconic designs worn by the likes of Julia Roberts, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman also on show.

“We are honoured to be the exclusive Australian venue for this extraordinary exhibition that will engage followers of Valentino and fashion lovers from all over the country,” Queensland Art Gallery Director Tony Ellwood said.

“The exhibition explores Valentino’s techniques and recurring motifs such as ornamentation, the use of geometric and animal prints, frills, folds and pleats as well as the creative possibilities of volume, surface and line.”

But it’s not just an exhibition of the past, five recent designs by the house of Valentino”s new creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are also highlighted to show the future of the fashion house.

If you can’t get yourself to Brisbane to see the exhibition, you can purchase a hardcover companion book entitled ‘Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future’ (the same name as the exhibition) will be published by Rizzoli and will be available to purchase on the Gallery of Modern Art’s online shop and at the gallery.

Calvin Klein Fall 2009 Underwear Ad Campaign

The house of Calvin Klein unveiled its Fall 2009 global Ad Campaign featuring Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear headed by new hot faces of Eva Mendes and Jaime Dornan.

calvin_klein 2009 ad campaignThe label is known for its iconoclastic advertising activity for their past and recent campaigns. The Fall 2009 campaign is something hot, sexual provocative and steamy that can be seen in all major fashion media all over the world.

The Fall 2009 Calvin Klein campaign was shot by renowned photographer Craig McDean in New York City. Eva Mendes is featured in the current Calvin Klein Underwear campaign as well as in the Calvin Klein Secret Obsession fragrance campaign. Mr. Dornan has been featured in two prior Calvin Klein Jeans advertising campaigns, alongside supermodels Kate Moss (Fall 2006) and Natalia Vodianova (Fall 2004).


“I have a long-standing relationship with the house and I’m thrilled to extend my association and now be a part of the new Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear campaigns,” Eva said.

“Working alongside the sensationally sexy Eva Mendes on both shoots was incredible,” Mr. Dornan added.

The Calvin Klein campaign will be featured in both major men and women magazines in the North America and can be seen in New York and Los Angeles outdoor advertising.

The overall campaigns were produced under the creative direction of CRK, Calvin Klein, Inc.’s in-house advertising agency, working with consulting creative director Fabien Baron of Baron + Baron.

The print ad of the label will feature the two important new models in the industryz namely Will and the up-and-coming Jac (Monika Jagaciak), who opened and closed the Fall 2009 Calvin Klein Collection runway show. The campaign was shot by renowned photographer David Sims in New York City that displays different stylish apparels, accessories, footwear, and eyewear.

Paul Smith Clothing:Classic and Quirky

He is the British Style icon. Paul Smith personality sums up in 3 words. Nobody can replace the true British spirit of Paul Smith clothing and his unique designs. He has been at the center of the British menswear for almost 3 decades of producing menswear of high quality. Try to consider tailored suits, frizzy shirts, crisscross jackets, cuff links, and well-crafted shoes. It seems these are formal wear but each item have a “quirky” twist having a traditional British graphic print on it.

The true success of Paul Smith’s creations and overall business designs of classic and quirky were attributed to both of his roles as designer and a retailer. Giving men a chance to buy relatively traditional designs that offer a ‘twist’ of individuality and a classic look. These outfits are realatively popular for businessmen and traditionally associated with the upper class and wealthy that oozes class and quality.

Guys, I do recommend that you need to have one of his clothing collections in your wardrobe, no matter what societal level you are in. This is best for a young man who is looking to freshen up his formal or office attire this season.

There are always formal occasions for us to go through throughout our life and having an investment suits from Paul Smith means it will never go out fashion style.

See all our favorite picks from this season’s Paul Smith Clothing below:

Paul Smith Clothing

Paul Smith 2009_Clothing

Paul Smith 2009 Clothing

Fashion for Men and Women

You’re always giving fashion advice to your friends and take pride in your immense fashion knowledge. But how much do you really know about fashion? Take a short break…

Women tend to have freedom in terms of fashion. They are definitely more fashionable than men. Isn’t it? Men have few things that keep in mind when talking about fashion but women a lot. They are very conscious about the way they dress, on their styles and designs and most especially the brand of the outfit and accessories they are wearing. They are often very much particular with top designer brands like Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton to name a few, that provides stylistic and comfortable accessories.
Men and women have definitely different fashion statement. Be wise in choosing your taste of fashion.

Celebrity Styles in the Horizon

Celebrities have much more power just like high-end designers when it comes to fashion style. Designers use hottest celebrities to advertise their latest lines on the red carpet and in some public billboards anywhere and on tv commercials as well. The fantasy is always anywhere. A fashion designer needs to capture the essence of what is beautiful and desirable to its follower. As public opinion and trend taste changes, great designers are responsible for instigating styles.
Most celebrities are rarely photographed wearing the same outfit twice. Why? This is to utilize their ill fame that could build impressive bank accounts that allow for some wild shopping engagement without any restraint in an activity and indulge. Many of these celebrities regularly receive clothing donations as well as footwears and other accessories from famous designers who are seeking to advertise their latest fashion lines. Having a celebrity as an endorser could dramatically increase the popularity of your fashion lines. Continue reading Celebrity Styles in the Horizon

Cool Summer Designer Handbags

As my first contribution on this blog, I would like to welcome you all to this fashionable summer 2008. Jump-start your summer wardrobe with these new collections of different authentic handbags brought about by some famous top designers all over the world.

Designer handbags are one of the most obsessed fashion accessories a woman can ever have in her entire life. No matter how much the price is, as long as they own at least one. Handbags are my favorite especially designer handbags with different styles and glamorous look. It is essential in every woman’s closet that makes overall feminine identity.

Gucci handbags are the most popular and anticipated brand of handbags nowadays. The perfect bag that fulfills my fashion taste. One of the most notable and prestigious brand in fashion history. The leading products when it comes to handbags and other fashion accessories. Having a Gucci handbag became a sign of wealthy and royalty, a status symbol that attract attention and praise by everybody.

Your fashion world will not be totally completed if you don’t have these other designer handbags from Prada, Tods, and Hogan to name a few.

These handbags are also very fashionable and absolutely fantastic in the world of fashion. It is stylistic and absolutely gorgeous in all aspect.These are the perfect bag that fulfills my fashion taste towards lovely fashion accessories

So, why don’t you treat yourself with this luxury brands if you want people admire you as being stylish and wealthy?