Pick One for your Lifestyle and Wardrobe

Are you spending lot of money for your handbags itself?

Designer handbags can absolutely change your total appearance which works in many different situations.

You need to set a budget and decide what type of handbag you want whether expensive or not before you go spending your money. If possible, write down some things on what clothes you are going to wear and where to wear your handbags.

Designer labels have different ideas or essence when you wear each of them. Like for example, if you want to be sophisticated and classy, a brand like Prada will be perfect for you. Check the different collections each label has released in the market and look for some items which seem perfect for you.

Be updated in almost designer clothing that offers via online. Browse the internet of different label’s website and see the different fashion of the moment before you make any definitive choices. It could help you a lot in deciding what type of handbags you wish to buy to see if you can match up any of your own outfits to those shown in the collection. In this way, you can experience much easier and comfortable on your whole shopping.

The right handbag will complete your outfit, so it is very important to pick the right one which fits your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Handbag of the Day

The bag of choice is the understated Tod’s Took Handbag in ivory color, which is designed with calf skin leather and metal with an adjustable shoulder strap. The handbag worked perfectly as bagistas were out in the fashion runway.
Offering ample room with spacious dimension of 12 ½ ″W X 10 1/2″H X 5. Its shoulder-belt/handle measures 9 ½ in length and with affordable price of $1519 you can now have the designer handbag brought about by Tod’s handbags collection.

Yves Saint Laurent Y-Mail Bag Styles

The Yves Saint Laurent Mail bag collection is one of a kind and in limited edition. If you are having a handbag craze, this is the perfect type of bag that surely you will appear glamorous as an evening purse or adorable as a hot little accessory to any outfit. There’s nothing like having a piece of Y-Mail delivered straight to your door step. This is the perfect little addition to your handbag collection.

One thing I really admire of this bag is available in gold and metallic silver in color. Original, Classic and Timeless Elegant, this is the subject matter of YSL Y-Mail Bag. This lovely piece would definitely get scoped out by curious eyes since it’s so unique and rare to come across and definitely can stand out to everyone.

Match this with YSL Keyring.

Avoid this Fashion NIGHTMARE

I’ve just recently received email from Vin in my spam folder expressing how to avoid certain fashion nightmare. This is more to read and remember. This could help you guys over there. Enjoy reading…

“I am NOT the most fashion savvy guy in the world.

I usually let my girlfriend pick out
clothes for me – not for MY benefit..

… but so that she doesn’t feel
embarrassed when we go out in
public together!

If it were up to me, I’d wear sweats and
a t-shirt all day, with some old worn
out sneakers. I mean, I think fashion is
pretty silly.

I can definitely appreciate the artistic
aspect of fashion design and style. When
you look at a really well dressed woman,
her outfit is like a work of art, and I
dig that.

But when a guy is “too stylish” I kinda
lose respect for him.

Don’t get me wrong, a man should present
himself like he means to be taken
seriously. A nice suit, good quality,
well-fitting clothes are a fundamental
part of masculine expression.

But some guys take it too far.

Continue reading Avoid this Fashion NIGHTMARE

Fashion for Men and Women

You’re always giving fashion advice to your friends and take pride in your immense fashion knowledge. But how much do you really know about fashion? Take a short break…

Women tend to have freedom in terms of fashion. They are definitely more fashionable than men. Isn’t it? Men have few things that keep in mind when talking about fashion but women a lot. They are very conscious about the way they dress, on their styles and designs and most especially the brand of the outfit and accessories they are wearing. They are often very much particular with top designer brands like Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton to name a few, that provides stylistic and comfortable accessories.
Men and women have definitely different fashion statement. Be wise in choosing your taste of fashion.

Celebrities Love Designer Handbags

Be Inspired…

Be Amazed…

Be Bold…

Scroll down to see some celebrities rocking on their designer handbags.

Paris Hilton on her Fendi Bag

Rihanna Rocks with her beautiful Gucci Bag

Jessica Alba’s Balenciaga handbag

Jennifer Lopez on her Gold Fendi Spy Bag

You’ve seen them on the arms of the world’s hottest celebrities in the fashion industry nowadays. Designer handbags such as Fendi, Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada, Louis Vuitton to name a few makes our heart doesn’t stop pulsing with great envy. This is for us to inspire and adore them wearing this one of a kind fashion accessories. It is indeed: “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”

Fashionable Gucci Messenger Bags

Using Gucci Messenger bags are quite stylish and considered as very “in” this season. We can see everyone from high school students to business people using their own functional and stylish messenger bags.

Designers and manufactures of this bag worked incredibly hard to produce bags that are very stylish and durable enough to withstand any incremental elements. Available in variety of styles and colors that are perfectly improve to your business attire.

Messenger bags are stunningly appealing to a diverse group of people including both men and women in any ages and business people in different walks of life.

Some Gucci messenger bags are made from waterproof fabrics in a durable padding that provides spacious cargo for your laptop, cell phone or other important papers with great protection that you deserve to be.

This is much more compact and comfortable compare to a traditional briefcases. You can purchase different varieties to your online store that could fit to your business attire.

If you are looking for a bag that can create you the style with comfort and convenience that a designer bag has to offer then Gucci Messenger Bags are the best value that could bring.

Stylish Chloe Saskia Bags

Chloe Saskia Small
Chloe Saskia Small

One of the biggest “IT” bag frenzies and the latest offering over the handbags industry nowadays, Chloe Saski Bag has the ability to attract lots of attention towards itself, as it is a handbag that looks like to Paddington. Its glossy leather is off-set with cute handle and long strap and front pockets.

Chloe Saski Bag
Chloe Saskia Bag

This bag is absolutely awesome! A leather bag with handles and two front pockets zip fastening across the top and on front pocket and canvassing lining. Its design make it looks bulky capacious bag but it is not heavy. It is indeed, its bulkiness and the pockets can save your life.

Chloe Saskia Patchwork
Chloe Saskia Patchwork

The design, the bulkiness especially the two front pockets where you can put your belongings made this bag elegantly stylish and beautiful. Perfect with simple tank top tuck in your jeans or flirty floral long skirt. Believe me!!!

I must prefer Saskia bag for its versatility and simplicity and the beautiful color as well. Could possibly one of your favorite bags of all time. A seriously stylish bag with great detail, you can carry everywhere with proud and confidence. So create your style now with this Chloe Saski Bag.

Fabulous Designer Knee-High Boots

Here comes the stylish boots designed for walking to prevent any harmful elements in the environment and of course, in today’s fashion world, it adds your style of fashion. Knee-high boots may not seem like the most versatile of accessories, but you’d be surprised nowadays many celebrities wear it around where they go.

These flashily stylish numbers can pose quite the dilemma when the weather gets atrocious. Sure, your fancy high-heeled suede boots are strikingly beautiful, but one lap around the block on a sleet-filled street can render them dumpster-worthy.

Just take a look at these fabulous designer boots and see what this fashion season is all about.

Fendi Boots

Talk about comfort! This Fendi boots look chic and trendy make this tobacco brown fabric/leather a must-have in your wardrobe!

Vivienne Westwood Summer Pirate BootsLong and slender. That’s how your legs will feel in this kneed high grey brown suede leather boots by Vivienne Westwood Summer Pirate Boots.

If you have too many blacks, then opt for this another Vivienne Westwood Orange/Black suede boots.

The beauty of leather. Knee high. Comes with an almost toe and gripped leather/metal that Miu Miu shoes proud of.

In this fashion conscious day, there are tons of incredible styles out there that are both stylish and nasty-weather friendly. Feel the hot and have yourself a reason to smile with these fabulous designer boots.

Ohh My Chloe…

The most awaited and excited Chloe handbags line are finally set on its first appearance next week and you can see on Chloe’s trendy little sister’s accessory line to be popping up all over the fashion runways. Consist of reversible fabric bags in amazing patterns to pliant and flexible leather bags in an awesome range of colors of rich fall tones. I was drawn to this bag initially because of its colorful value but what made me decide to write about this is that it gives you a lot of things to look at.
I’m sure this will hit instantly in all fashion stores worldwide. It is very affordable that ranges its price from $75 to $795 and will not going to hurt the popularity. How I wish to have this kind of bag this season….

Keep your eyes open for them…Be updated of what is new and what is hot on your fashion world. Visit your online store now!!!

These bags tend to run together but I have feeling that the excellent one will go quickly!!!