Vivienne Westwood’s attention to the female form

Generally one of the most peculiar designers on the runways is Vivienne Westwood a British designer famous for her punk attitude and extravagant clothes . She is normally included in the most memorable, most bizarre and such other lists every season. What is always clear at a Vivienne Westwood show is exactly what has ensured the designer’s longevity: wearability. Today the ruffled-hem wrap dresses; the sexy oversized tailoring; and the embroidered skirts and sweaters  had serious appeal. Vivienne Westwood clothing always  highlights the beauty of the female form, made by a woman who knows exactly the areas that women want, and don’t want, to highlight. We love this attitude!


Choosing the Perfect Motorcycle Jacket

In choosing motorcycle jacket, there are factors to consider as a guide in order to have a good quality leather and comfortable to wear jacket. Deciding for the main purpose is one of the factors to consider before you get to compare the coat.

If you don’t ride a motorcycle or you are living in a place with severe changes of climate you will probably doesn’t want to choose a jacket made from heavy materials. There are many features of a coat that are attractive to non-motorcycle riders. On the other hand, it is invaluable for a rider who is out in the road if his jacket was designed as weatherproof and has zippered-pockets. One better feature of leather made jacket is that it doesn’t look bad in years.

The uniqueness of the leather was brought out as it goes through in years. Without a need of treatment or maintenance the leather becomes more comfortable as it ages. Another feature of leather made jacket is that it was completely designed for any weather which is a good advantage for anyone who wears it.
Several panels that act as a layer of protection are another feature of the jacket that is meant to protect the rider to rein or cold weather. The collars were especially designed so if riding out in the rain the water will not get to the neck of the rider.

Variety of style and design is available for a rider to choose from to fit his unique personality. The leather can be dyed if you want a coat with a distinct color. For someone who likes simplicity there is also a jacket available in a simple design but gives an ultimate protection. The coat has an interior padded lining to keep warm or cold and can even protect the rider from accident.

The leather doesn’t easily catch stain and doesn’t mar easily. A scratch on leather jackets are one of the common issue of leather jackets that occurs if was suddenly dropped on sharp corners. If just in case coat was damage, you can have it fixes on leather shop. To choose your proper leather jacket will give you an option to choose the right piece to use on a specific season may it be informal wear or during riding time.

Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future

It’s time to consider a visit to Brisbane, Australia. Normally known for being the capital of the ‘sunshine state’, it has never been one to rival the fashion stakes of the more southern cities of Melbourne and Sydney. But it has scored a big fashion coup, Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art is set to launch the ‘Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future’ exhibition on August 7 and running through to 14 November 2010. And if you’ve seen the amazing Valentino, The Last Emperor documentary, you will understand the grandeur which will be on show. On a slightly smaller scale of course.

This is one of the biggest high fashion exhibitions to hit the land down under and will see 100 iconic pieces on display in an exhibition designed and realized by Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, with the assistance of the house of Valentino. It will include iconic designs by Valentino Garavani from the late 1950s to his final collection in 2008 with iconic designs worn by the likes of Julia Roberts, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman also on show.

“We are honoured to be the exclusive Australian venue for this extraordinary exhibition that will engage followers of Valentino and fashion lovers from all over the country,” Queensland Art Gallery Director Tony Ellwood said.

“The exhibition explores Valentino’s techniques and recurring motifs such as ornamentation, the use of geometric and animal prints, frills, folds and pleats as well as the creative possibilities of volume, surface and line.”

But it’s not just an exhibition of the past, five recent designs by the house of Valentino”s new creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are also highlighted to show the future of the fashion house.

If you can’t get yourself to Brisbane to see the exhibition, you can purchase a hardcover companion book entitled ‘Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future’ (the same name as the exhibition) will be published by Rizzoli and will be available to purchase on the Gallery of Modern Art’s online shop and at the gallery.

Things To Look Out For In Designer Clothing

Designer ClothingIf you are interested in looking good, then your first instinct would be to head out to an outlet that sells designer clothing and try some of them out. While there is nothing wrong with this idea, you ought to know some of the drawbacks of this so that you not left surprised later on. Listed below are some of the things that you need to be wary of when investing in clothing of this kind.

It is expected that the price is going to be high, but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be astronomical. Have a look out for the prices and compare them at different stores if it is an option. Don’t forget to compare online either, because you might never know what you might be able to find on the internet. At the end of the day, you want to look good and don’t want to spend a fortune in the process.

The quality is going to be extremely high and to your satisfaction. Hence, don’t be worried about that and remember to just focus on buying something that is fashionable. If you are not satisfied with the quality, be sure that you are in fact buying genuine merchandise and that you are not simply investing in something fake. Check out other labels in the store as well and if you are not happy with all of these, you should look at another store.

Designers offer seasonal discounts, which you would want to check out. If you like something a lot but can’t afford it, you should consider coming back during the discount season to pick the kind of designer clothing that you like.

Rodarte Collection for Fall/ Winter 2010- 2011

Rodarte are extremely different from other designers and these two sisters, Laura and Kate Mulleavy are very gifted. They can visualize something that few of us can perceive. That’s how they create such masterpieces they become famed for.

With their combine talent, the new collection for Autumn-Winter 2010/ 2011 has been created and was inspired by Kate and Laura’s Mexican roots. During the New York Fashion Week the mystery of their masterpiece collection sleepwalking has been unveiled. It was the border town of Ciuded Juárez with its ‘maquiladora workers going to the factory in the heart of the night’ that assure the success of designers idea of sleepwalking.

New to the eyes of the spectators, the collection appears untidy but still it cause a positive impact. The Spring 2010 season by Rodarte having lots in common with the garments. The imagination of designers reveals the dark scenes that elucidate peace and quiet scenery.

To appeal sexy and cozy, it was diluted with red and blue to its nudity. The collection instantly attract customers by its colorful chiffons, fringe, patchworks, ribbon strips, wrap-ups. To complete the perfection of unusual clothing, designers add netted leggings and knitted fabric socks. Nicholas Kirkwood contributed the heels to emphasize its sexiness.

More photos below:

Vera Wang Bridal Collection Spring/Summer 2010

To express undying love, both lovers bring to an end their singleness – to splice and live together till death do they part. And here comes Vera Wang to help bride who start looking for the most beautiful dress she need.
Designers like Vera Wang possessed knowledge in designing special gowns for couples to make them happy. She has an ability to create something extraordinary that makes her wedding gown well known and satisfies her customer’s needs.

Chic and feminine is what Vera Wang used in her new Bridal Collection for Spring 2010, things that every bride deserves for her special day. She has barely credible designs that visualize every curve and sophisticated details that make her creations unique. She has stylish wedding gowns that use extremely light fabrics and pretty colors. Pure white, lavender, peach and ivory are our choices. So, Juliet it’s time to rush up and pick out one of the best wedding gowns!

Britney Spears on Candies 2010 Photoshoot

Pop princess Britney Spears looks hot and glamorous in a pink background for Candie’s Spring-Summer 2010 campaign titled “Britney Spears Through The Lens.” The advert have already featured and published in the net.

Here we are to see the brand’s photoshoot for Spring 2010 for its clothing collection.

Britney looks sexy and glamorous wearing those yellow lingerie, bright pink bathing suit, strapless plaid minidress, sexy hotpants, leopard blouse and other beautiful garments. She looks slimmer and fit, indeed.
The collection looks good, especially those sexy bathing suits and the flower top.

See some of Britney Spears sexy pictures on Candie’s Spring-Summer 2010 Clothing Collection below and Tell us which clothing you like most.

Zoe Saldana Shares her Personal Style on Self Magazine May 2010 Issue

Zoe Saldana does have certain charisma to be the new cover girl of Self Magazine May 2010 Issue. She is pretty and talented, elegant and playful. On the May 2010 Issue of Self Help Magazine, Zoe graces with a wide smile, obviously beautiful and happy.

The May 2010 Issue of Self Help Magazine features the photos of the Avatar star with her stylish summer dresses. Our summer outfits won’t be completed without flower prints as we can see her flower print details of bright colors that play a great contrast with her olive skin.

Zoe shares her personal style in the interview:

Talking about her personal style, Zoe says “Pretty’ is the last word you would think of. Look in my closet and you’ll see things that are elegant, sexy, tomboyish, sophisticated, beautiful, aggressive. It’s harsh. It’s a lot of black. I’ve never really been that feminine.”

Zoe also shares her style on getting dressy for special occasions: “Sometimes you’re sexy confident or you’re aggressive confident. When I’m sexy confident, I always want to wear red pumps. The more disheveled they got, the more I loved them. My mom said, ‘Zoe, honestly, you can wear boots that are worn, but red heels? It just looks wrong.’ But I haven’t thrown them away yet. As long as I’m not out with my mom, I will wear them!”

HERE RULE OF STYLE: “You should never feel as if you’re hiding. My stylist [chooses clothes that] complement my personality, my character.”

Wolford Catalog with Mia Rosing

Wolford is a luxury brand known for its high quality stockings, bodywear, legwear, underwears, hosiery, bathing suits, briefs, mini and hip string panties, thongs and shapewear. Every piece they make create a beautiful and wearable stuff for a healthy and pleasing personality.

The brand has a new catalog that features sexy stockings, tights and stylish pantyhose. The colors are something different ranging from classic black to bold red and innocent white. Mia Rosing, a beautiful Danish model is the new face of Wolford creations.

See some of Mia Rosing’s sexy pictures below:

Dolce & Gabbana Denim for Spring/Summer 2010

The new Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 collection is a tribute to the Sicilian way of life and its reincarnations. Not only the essence of classic beauty of the body and soul , but also the point towards the epicurean beauty of an exquisite suit showing sensuality with the use of laces, crochets and some floral prints.

The conventional significance substantiates and ultimately satisfies the desire for beauty. Transparency is the main element of the whole collection that can be found on most dresses, skirts, camisoles and shoes.
The quest of perfection is a response to look forward into the future and find the ideal concept of an immaculate and timeless gracefulness and good taste.

Dolce & Gabbnana denim jeans represent these characteristics. They are my favorite when it comes to denim jeans. I often wear it with my top when go to work. I don’t have any problems towards my DG denim jeans. I love the design and fabric as well as the style that boost up my personality. This is Dolce & Gabanna, this is Me! This is the season where we can splurge ourselves with Dolce & Gabbana denim jeans Spring/Summer 2010 collection.