The Valentino Handbags “Candystud” is back with an emblem.

Season after season, Valentino finds new and exciting ways to reinterpret its now-iconic Rockstuds bags. With its particular studding on soft calf leather, Valentino handbags stand for the ultimate marriage of a luxury handbag and the stroke of genius. The Rockstud luxury leather handbags line in particular unites rock-chic with elegant Italian flair.


For 2018 the Valentino logo VLTN features boldly on the Candystud bag’s front. This style is the star of the new collection, in fact it gas been modeled by the one and only Gigi Hadid for the 2018 advertising campaign. The Candystud bags and the Rockstud sneakers are at present the most famous items of the Italian fashion house. worn by celebrities like Anne HathawayOlivia Palermo and Gwyneth Paltrow.





ICON BAGS: The Puzzle by Loewe

The first masterpiece bag designed by Jonathan Anderson has become a LOEWE icon. With its innovative cuboid shape, extreme tactility and maximum utility, volume is created through precise cutting so the Puzzle bag can be worn in five different ways, from shoulder bag to clutch and folds completely until it´s flat. Now produced in in 4 different sizes sizes and many shades of colors, it’s become a must have bag in every fashionista’s wardrobe. A cutting edge design that matches with any look, it’s a distinctive piece that never goes out of fashion. Impeccably constructed, Loewe’s Puzzle bag is a charming addition to any accessory collection. The concealed zip closure means the intricate composition of leather panels is left uninterrupted, while a cleverly placed pocket to the bag allows for easy access to your essentials. Plus, it can be worn five different ways! Have a look at the new edition in Aqua-Light Blue-Stone Blue shade of colors below:


Valentino Rockstud Collection

Valentino continues his rock  attitude even in the upcoming spring 2016 accessories collection. His succesful Rockstud  collection reinterprets Valentino’s contemporary classics with a new verve for intense and eye-catching bold look. Classic bags are covered with punk studs, turquoise stones and sometime  features an embroidered removable guitar strap. In recent years the Rockstud line of Valentino handbags has become one of the most iconic carryalls on the style scene.

Check Out Some Iconic Fashion Designers

Writing on fashion is our hobby. We are here with one aim to make you fashionable, but we feel that something is missing. Yes, you are thinking write. We miss to discuss briefly on fashion designers who have changed the face of fashion drastically. This write up pays tribute to those iconic designers who have changed the definition of fashion with their designer wears.

Alexander McQueen

The British fashion designer is no more with us, but his designer wears is still getting a great hit in the Paris fashion weeks. From Kate Middleton to Hollywood divas, they love to wear Alexander’s creations. The designer has always been in memory of fashion designers and fashion lovers due to his in-depth knowledge of bespoke British tailoring. Alexander worked as chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001. The great designer was awarded with British Designer of the Year awards in 1996, 2001 and 2003. His designs were truly unique.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Richard Klein is another very famous fashion designer who launched the company that is later known as Calvin Klein Inc. In addition to clothing, he is master in selling a wide range of fragrances, watches and jewelry. In 1981, 83 and 93, he received an award from Councils of Fashion Designs of America. Apart from designing, he is master in acting and appeared in cameos like Episode 15 and Season 3.

Giorgio Armani

The Italian fashion designer is particularly known for his menswear. His clean tailored lines are appreciated by fashion lovers. From 1975 to 2001, he was considered one of the most prominent designers of Italy. The designer artistic style is fresh in the memory of fashion lovers. Armani business is still adding so many giant leaps.

Like them, there are so many fashion designers from different corners of the world that have changed the face of fashion world.

Tips to Buy Designer Handbags at Cheap

Every woman dreams to have at least one designer handbag in their wardrobe but a few of them able to fulfill this dream. Urban fashion elites and divas find designer handbags impressive. Women who are in a tight budget or limited earning unable to purchase these stylish handbags because they know the fact that purchasing one designer handbag is enough to burn hole in their pocket.

But it doesn’t mean that they shatter the dream of having a designer bag. They can buy a used designer bag at an impressive price. Let’s know the tricks to buy used designer bags.

The first tip is to expand your online search to look for the designer bag of your interest. It’s good to find out the off season bags. It means if it is 2012 summer collection, you can do search for 2011 summer or winter collection. Designer handbags do have stocks of previous collection that they sell at a lower price. Choose the one that could be used year-round.

Your local stores can also help find the best deal on handbags. Visit the consignment shops in your local area where you are free to carefully examine the quality of handbags for wear and tear, and request for the best deal. A consignment shop offers to negotiate for the price.

Shopping from online auction sites is one of best idea. Remember, these shops don’t give flexibility to return back the product, so take your time to find the best used designer bag. Carefully read the bag quality, examine the picture and negotiate for the price to get a good designer handbag. It may possible that you will find a brand new bag which was used not more than 2-3 times.

Make Your Own Style Statement

‘Style’ is the buzzword these days. Everybody wants to be stylish… be it kids or elderly. Previously fashion and style was supposed to be more of females but this distinction is no more there now.

You must have seen college guys in funky clothes, weird hair styles, latest accessories and some other trendy stuff… just to look stylish and fashionable.

You must also be looking for ways to be chic. Actually there are several things you can do and see a wonderful change in yourself.

You can change your style of clothes, hair style, and pick up some latest accessories to make way for yourself.

Speaking personally, I usually go for accessories whenever want a change. There are many trendy footwear, designer handbags, stylish clutches, chichi shoes in market to help you out.

There are many top notch brands you can for provided your pocket is greasy. I remember visiting Gucci showroom few days back. It was having very good varieties of handbags for men and women both. Stylish footwear, glossy clutches and other accessories were sufficient to entice me, and of course you also!

Apart from Gucci, there are other brands namely Dior, Diesel, Reebok etc to cater to your ‘stylish’ requirements. Every brand has their own specific features. For example, Dior is known for leather folds in their women handbags. I am just crazy about their leather bags. Similarly, every brand has its own specifications.

But before buying branded products, you need to check the originality of products as many sellers are befooling customers by selling replicas in the name of brand. You need to thoroughly judge the quality of material, finishing etc to make sure that the product is original only.

Visiting the websites of brands can help you out in it!

Tips To Get A Good Deal In Designer Clearance Handbags

There are a few certain things that women are very passionate about. They are their outfits, accessories and make-up kits. When a survey has conducted regarding the most fascinate accessories. Numbers of women have one answer- a designer handbag.

Without a handbag, fashion is considered improper. A beautiful handbag gives proper looks and also enhances personality of a woman. There are wide arrays of designer handbags available in. Companies like Gucci, Prada and Chanel have a big competition in terms of producing highly stylish totes, satchels, shoulder bags and purses.

Although, these brands designer clearance handbags are expensive but there are many online stores offering good discounts. Here are some points that can help you to find the designer handbags for less.

Fashion experts suggest buying cheap designer bags from the internet. It is one of the best platforms to find number of stores offering a huge discount on designer handbags. It gives you ease to compare the price and the authenticity of the bag you want.

Some stores offering 20%-40% discounts for every customer but some offers a huge discount around 50% for regular customers. To enjoy the opportunity as a regular customer, it’s good to take some time to choose your online store. In other words, take your time to read the about us and offers of the online store to be its regular customer.

You can also have to be on lookout for used designer clearance handbags. There are sites which involve in selling used designer handbags but these are in excellent condition. Some fashionable people more likely stars use designer handbags one time and sell them through a site on a huge discount.

Wholesale fashion outlets are also a wonderful medium to buy designer handbags for less. These outlets offer good discounts. But before moving these stores, you should have quality time. It is because there is no special customer service you get there.

These are few interesting steps that can help you to get your choice handbag at an affordable price.

Top Quality Italian Handbags

When it comes to fad, Italian fashion is always on top of the notch. From clothes, perfumes, jewelry, to other accessories, they sure give a tremendous impact all over the world. One of the most talked about and collected are Italian handbags.  Designer handbags such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Sergio Rossi and a lot more are being collected by many because of its uniqueness and extravagance.

Cost and Maintenance

Authentic branded handbags from Italy can costs from $ 800 to $1,500 and above. Expensive indeed but it is really worth the buy. These bags can last longer than you think granted that you take good care of it. There are shops now that offers care and retention for our precious Italian bags. They are like the doctor of fashionable bags.

So if ever your bag needs a minor or even major make-over, just go to their shops and let them do the rest. Having it retained to its original form and making it look brand new again of course comes with a price. Personally, I’d have it done to bring back its beauty.

Italian handbags come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and colors. However, the saleable type up to now are leather and suede. Though leather and suede nowadays can be dyed, the classic look and natural color are still the most profitable because it can easily be matched with any clothing. As they say, nothing beats the classic.

Italian bags are without a doubt classy, sophisticated, and made with top quality materials. Whether you are buying luggage, purse, handbag or shoulder bag, opt for those made in Italy.

Though there are some countries producing quality bags, handbags made in Italy still stands out and lasts a lot longer. So if you want to be sure on the quality and authenticity of the leather, opt for Italian bags.

How to Care for Leather Handbags

Being a woman, you cannot imagine going out to work, shopping or just meet a friend without a handbag. You have to keep numerous of articles into it. These articles may not be necessary for your survival but surely for your living in this world. When you need a handbag so much, you might want to have it the best of the types available. Leather handbags are something which has been on for a couple of decades now, and are still gaining popularity.

If you yourself own one, you might be interested in taking good care of this valuable possession. The present blog suggest you some tips on taking good care of colourful leather handbags. Do it once a week or whenever needed. Turn the bag inside out. Shake it to detach debris and dirt. Now, turn it back the way it was. Take alcohol-free baby wipes to clean the outer side. There are products specifically designed for cleaning and moisturizing leather. Make sure that you use kit meant for the type of your bag’s leather. Follow the instructions on the label of the product.

Always keep your colourful leather handbags resting on a shelf. Avoid hanging it as it might spoil the strap over a period of time. If you have to store it, fill it with papers and put it inside a pillow cover prior to it. It will keep the handbag staying in usable state for long. Follow the tips and advises suggested in the above account to use your possession in good condition for long.

Essential Tips For Designer Warm Handbags

Designer warm handbags are valuable because of the expense involved and secondly and secondly these reflect the lifestyle of the person. In such a case, it is advisable to keep these luxury items clean and in good condition. Important points that will help to maintain designer warm handbags are –

Warm Handbags

1. The bag interior deserves care. Before cleaning, the entire interior needs to be pulled out in a gentle manner. For complete cleaning of insides, you can use the soft brush. These bags are made of nylon material and generally chocolate particles and food crumbs get stuck inside. The stains on the outer as well as the inner surface can be cleaned with the help of soft rag and warm water.

2. If the warm handbags contain zippers, you should maintain it in a good manner.  The fact is that these bags are of no value without zippers. You can keep these away from the water exposure and can be lubricated with the help of beeswax. This material is generally available in the hardware stores.

3. the third factor that is important is the attention towards the handle. Do not put extra stuff in the bag. It can damage the handle. The handle of these bags generally does not have the potential to hold stuff beyond any particular capacity. If there is a stain on light colored handles, lotion can soften it.  I is important to clan the exterior with help of light brush.