Own them till you Bored…

Fendi or Dior … these two brands are in line to the famous brands in today’s fashion market.

An Italian and French fashion houses that best known for there “baguette” of handbags. Famous in producing handbags and wallets for men and women that are superior in quality and happen to be the most wanted due to the way it is nicely structured and are carried by both male and female fashionistas around the globe.

People go crazy on these designer brands.

If you’re looking for Fendi and Dior designer handbags, you can find them worldwide in famous stores. The best option to get these designer products is to buy them from trusted online stores over the internet and other authentic brand outlets so that you can assure to get an original one. I am absolutely guarantee you that these bags are very artistic and interesting, as well as it is durable that you can count on. Browsing through a bunch of Fendi and Dior authentic handbags it made me hurl and amazed.

Trying to wear these trendy handbags, you must know how to match all of them, from top to bottom including its accessories. Keep it simple and you will be a shining star. The creative designers want to express their exotic designs and mystique environment. Let’s go wild on this Fendi- Dior fashion handbags style. They are really great.

Around the World with Designer Handbags: The Real Scenario

From Paris to Italy down to US, it seems that everyone wants a designer handbag for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, famous designer handbags such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Hogan, and Tod’s handbags are not affordable, they are much expensive and we must face this reality. We have seen these bags on most celebrities who can afford to buy even in pairs.

The real scenario in today’s fashion world were people go crazy in all designer brands and clamping down on imitated merchandise and letting high end fashion remain high end. We can’t deny the fact that there are so many imitation products everywhere, anywhere. Some people go for the high fashion copy market and get there Gucci look-alike bags from street vendors. Surely, they look the same, but what about its QUALITY?

We must weigh the consequences that we want lastingness, well-made outlook that is matchless, designed pertaining to traditions and are of superior quality that you could count on. It’s not the matter on how much the price but on the durability and the benefits that could bring it to you.

Louis Vuitton Marked Sex and the City Movie

Luxury French Fashion designer Louis Vuitton, a legendary fashion brand has hit out at the ‘Sex and the City’ movie, branding the movie more impressive. Always take the lead in vanguard of fashion without compromising any traditional craftsmanship of luxury leather goods in the fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton products particularly handbags made their appearances in a few scenes of the movie.

“Louis Vuitton Motard Firebird Bag”

This bag appeared in Sex and the City given by Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Hudson, who plays her assistant as a holiday present.

“Damier Azur Boite Falcons Travel Case”

This Damier Azur Boite Falcons travel case carried by Kristin Davis on their trip to Mexico.

“Limelight Clutch Bag”

This Clutch Bag appeared throughout the film carried by Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Denim Patchwork Bowling Bag”

Jennifer Hudson used this bag during her interview by Sarah Jessica Parker to be her personal asistant.

Sex and the City also featured some designer handbags from different designer labels including Birkin, Chanel, Fendi, Nancy Gonzalez and other vintage fashion handbags.